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tv   ABC 13 News 7  ABC  February 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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good night. tos . >> danner: the winter weather is here and snow is sticking for some of you tonight. next, preparations ahead of that storm. >> george: we're seeing a pocket of heavy snow near interstate 81 right now moving into blacksburg and roanoke. we'll let you know how much additional snow you can expect. >> danner: and you are taking a live look at interstate 81. mile marker 114, this is near christiansburg tonight. flakes are flying there right now and in some part of the viewing area as well. george flickinger is tracking the latest. >> george: most of the snow is going to be staying closer toward the interstate 81 area and the mountain. that's where temperatures are colder. in lynchburg, we're getting light rain and the temperatures are above freezing. the roads are going to be wet but not icy.
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get into the higher elevations towards the mountains where there is a light bit of snow which was been trying to stick in amherst and nelson counties. if you're traveling up highway 29 toward charlottesville, the road will be wet. there is slow going right now along interstate 81 near blacksburg. this is very heavy snow and that is causing low visibility near interstate 81 near blacksburg and roanoke. use caution if you're traveling this weekend. temperatures are above freezing for most of us. 34 in lynchburg. above freezing in blacksburg. >> danner: and one of the areas expected to see some of that snow overnight is craig county.
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tonight if they need to. they pretreated the roads. pretreated. many residents are taking this next round of winter in stride. >> a snow day. >> ain't nothing we can do about it. >> it ain't going to be no worse that be what we've already had. >> danner: vdot crews say be patient. they may have trouble getting to all of the roads quickly. and we are keeping you up to date on this weather at and facebook fan page and twitter. make sure that you like those pages so you get the latest real time information. now at 7:00, lynchburg police are investigating a string of larcenies near old forest road. a witness called 9-1-1 after seeing two people breaking into cars and locked cars as
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police confronteded steven locke. he ran from them and dropped a back back with several items inside. they have charged him with with multiple offenses. the woman accused of stealing from folks all over the community pleaded guilty to ten of those charges today just in lynchburg. katie hyatt pleaded guilty to five grand larceny and five burglary charges. police recovered 415 items from hyatt's home, vehicle, and shop. police say hyatt's motive were financial problems proven through text records that showed financial struggles between her and her husband and a former employee. tonight we are talking with danville police about how
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that they saw last night. they went to a call of a man dragging a body in the woods on barrett street. when they got there, they say an armed man was there wanting the police to shoot them. >> reporter: police say the man was mentally unstable. and after two and a half hours of negotiations he was taken to the hospital for a men evaluation. always ready for surprises. >> just because you're given what the call is, it may not be the case is. >> reporter: officers with crisis intervention team training step up. >> training on dealing with mentally ill persons comes up quite often. >> reporter: so far two money officers in the danville pittsylvania county region have undergone the training.
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>> reporter: this is one of the videos that officers watched about people diagnosed with schizophrenia. >> they have symptoms of hallucinations. >> reporter: part of the training is going over situations that have happened all over the state. >> introduce yourself. get that person's name. and reflect back, what are you seeing? and then the fourth one is to figure out, okay, what kind of resolution can we have for this problem? sometimes you can't do that. >> reporter: in sunday's days, after 2.5 hours of talking, police used three less lethal options and the man dropped his gun. danville police say what they want is for the person to get the treatment they need. they say that their goal is to
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training. >> danner: tomorrow a judge will continue to try to seat the jury for the trial in ashley white. she is charged in the neglect and abuse of her son, noah thomas. noah thomas was found dead in a septic tank four days after he went missing last march. we have learned more tonight about a deadly motorcycle crash in lynchburg that we first told you about friday night. carter craft lost his life last night following an dealership. craft was driving in a parking lot when he lost control and entered lakeside drive. last night, the grandson of injuries. in just minutes, the blacksburg community will gath to remember 13-year-old nicole
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nicole died last month after prosecutors say two virginia tech students plotted to slash her throat and dump her body. college avenue. that begins at 7:30. we have a crew covering the vigil, and we'll bring you more tonight on abc-13 at 11:00. two injured pitbulls are recovering the lynchburg humane society and some concerned residents scooped them up in bedford county this weekend. after seeing pictures, many were wondering if they were part of a dog fighting ring. the bedford sheriff's office tells us that because the dog's life wasn't threatening, the center decided not to respond. the department says it's certain the pitbulls were not
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but instead probably fought each other. >> dogs will fight. and the injuries that i've seen and and in talking to animal control officers, it's typical injuries of dogs that fight. >> we've seen dogs that have dog bites or wounds like this all the time. for us, it was a normal day and we made sure they got the treatment they needed. >> danner: the dogs are going well and they are on antibiotics. residents said a boat ramp in pittsville say -- is a big concern. it is forcing them to step on the ramp where there are a lot of rocks. they are hoping to work with appalachian power to build a dock. appalachian power uses leesville lake to generate power along with smith mountain lake.
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you about the agency who could be behind a breach in security. and who could have that data.
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it's "e.t" at the big >> danner: for nearly two months the u.s. government has gone about a possible megabreach. the flaw was found by tech giant, juniper which makes net working equipment for several
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>> reporter: the fbi has joined the homeland security department to investigate a back door security breach. that door may have also let foreign spies pilfer sensitive data. >> you just can't create back doors for just the good guys. >>reporter: the fbi sent letters to several agency heads to see if they used the information. >> was it a hack? a flaw? did they get in? did they not get in? there's encrypted data. there's a reason why it's encrypted. >> reporter: this particular system has been in use since
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if we build a back door for our own purpose, other nations could acquire it. >> how many zeros are you willing to put on the end of that budget to go hack somebody? it's time, money, and persistence, and it will get cracked. >> reporter: there are still many questions in this investigation. what the oversight agency hears back from these committees will determine the action. >> danner: chris christie takes a shot at hillary clinton and one of her high-profile backers. the presidential contender responded to comments made by madeline albright when she said there was a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> it's time to maybe let
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or writing books or whatever. they think that you should vote purely because of your gender. >> danner: the new jersey governor is campaigning in the granite state. christie gained some notice after a strong debate showing saturday night. >> george: we saw highs in the upper 40s and 50s.
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52 in danville. >> georg i'm going to jump straight to it and show you how much measurable snow we'll see across the heart of virginia. many of us are going to endup with 0 as far as measurable snow. this is what it looks like through tomorrow afternoon. and where we have the areas of light blue, this is where we're going to see a light
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maybe 1/2 inch of snow. the higher amounts are going to be in the western mountains. you have to get into the higher elevations to get measurable snow. it is largely going to be good news for your travel plans. most of the measurable snow is going to be closer to the mountains and interstate 81. there'll be a few slippery spots possible in the morning. use caution if you're traveling. i don't think we'll see widespread travel issues. in the mountains we've seen snow this afternoon. and additional snow is possible tonight-tomorrow. and 1-2 inch totals are possible with a few three inch totals within reason. some of the rain we've had in lynchburg and danville earlier is moving on off to the north
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not getting any significant travel problems in highway 29, but there has been snow in nelson county. a lot of the snow is melting in the lower elevations of the roanoke valley. it's going to reduce the visibility, even though it's not sticking. temperature right now is at 34. so we're above freezing, but as we go throughout the evening and especially after midnight, we'll see all the temperatures across the heart of virginia dropping below freezing. roanoke, 37. blacksburg, you're at 33. martinsville, 30. and south boston is at 42. overnight tonight, we'll see a mix of rain and snow, cloudy and cold. and tomorrow morning we'll be below freezing. the worst roads will be tuesday morning, but i don't think they'll be awful across
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appomattox 32, alta vista, 31. south boston 33. tuesday, we'll be running colder than monday. 40s and 50s. most of us are going to be in the 30s all day. above freezing at lunchtime and 35. 38 at 4:00. i would take your umbrella with you, especially if you're watching from the interstate 81 area as you're likely to get light rain and snow. for the rest of us, it is going to be difficult for us to see any measurable snow. upper 30s and lower 40s for highs tomorrow. and the big story for the week is going to be cold weather with highs in the upper 20s and 30s. and lows overnight in the teens. >> danner: a cold week ahead. a lynchburg business has been selected as one of the best places to work in virginia. this is the second year in a
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been given the award. marathon consulting came in first on the list. a milestone at virginia tech. the university got a record number of applications for admission this fall. it was a 12% jump from last year. virginia tech says they saw a big jump in minority applications as well. up 13% from last year. student will know if they got in by april 1st.
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to spread, >> danner: new concerns about tonight about the growing zika virus outbreak. today we are learning the
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askinger for $1.8 billion to fight the virus. they say the threat to americans is real as the virus continues to spread. >> what we're hearing that we weren't ready. there's a lot that has to happen before spring and summer comes and mosquitos start spreading viruses. >> anchor: the u.s. olympic committee is debates whether or not the athletes should go to rio. for pregnant women, the zika virus could lead profound defects. everyone seems to have advice for pregnant women as far as what they should do or not do. but dr. stacy aaronburg says two. they should only add 300 calories to their diet.
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he or she needs quite quiet. they need, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and a little bit of fat.
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consume energy efficiency doesn't pick favorites. it should apply to everyone. i'm zach bacon with appalachian power. i'm an energy efficiency coordinator here in virginia. to me, it's all about being able to help our customers learn energy efficiency. this partnership with appalachian power allows us to touch more families in this region that really need it. (woman) when we first moved in, the house wasn't very livable. it had holes in the ceilings. it was very cold. they saved our house. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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>> danner: the votes are in. the baby polar baby here is officially named nora. the contest attracted people from 150 counties. naqua and aurora were her parents names, so they combined their names.
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this week for a polar bear to be comfortable. >> george: it's going to be the coldest week we've seen so far, but not enough snow overnight ton
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whereon say, coldplay lady macy brown. beyonce steal the super bowl spotlight? our exclusive with the stars just seconds afterperforming.
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