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tv   News 13 5  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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will stafford and whitney delbridge have everything that you need to know but first send it to chief meteorologist george flickinger with the latest. >> george: danner, many of us are below freezing and temperatures will get colder after sunset. looking over lynchburg in the heart of virginia. clouds and the issue how cold it feels with the wind. right now 26 degrees. that light blue number is the wind chill. as well more coming up shortly. wind out of the west at 6 miles per hour. if you have been spending any time outside today, you know the wind is a lot stronger at times. blacksburg down to 20. 24 in roanoke. temperatures cold everywhere. 32 in danville and 33 in south boston. here is what you need to know about. the coldest weather. the coldest hours we are going to see overnight tonight and through thursday is between 1 and 10 a.m. temperatures are actually going to remain below freezing until friday afternoon. for this evening, we will see temperatures in the 20s, falling
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near 16 at 6:00. for an update how cold it feels the wind chill. take to you will stafford. >> reporter: the temperature factor and the wind chill what it will feel to your exposed skin. our computer model what it will feel like, feel like 12 below in hot springs. 5 in lynchburg, 7 in martinsville. and feeling about 1 in blacksburg. you advance forward through the day it doesn't get any better. it will feel like temperatures in the teens. below zero numbers to the mountain use location and bundle up as you are heading out. >> danner: stick with abc 13 to make sure that your kids are covered at the bus stop tomorrow morning. whitney delbridge has more on keeping the kids safe. >> reporter: danner, the biggest factor is the exposure to the cold and most importantly the wind. when it comes to the bus stop tomorrow morning, you definitely
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kids in the car with you or inside the house if possible until you see that bus pulling up. dr. thomas epps tells me that exposed skin can make children very vulnerable so layering is very important. experts say the base layer against the skin should appetiteagainst the skin should appetite-fitting material, polyester, wool and thurmax. avoid moisture because it trapsavoid moisture because it traps heat away from you. a second layer and an outer layer of wind or water resistant material. protection from the body is important, but one article of clothing parents should not ignore. >> the smaller the person, the more of danger. because their body mass exposure in the head is so much more. so for little kids wearing a hat is much more important than it is for us older people. >> reporter: we want to know how cold it will get before schools close. here in lynchburg in the absence
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[inaudible] -- >> danner: let me fill new here. in the absence of ice and snow, we are told the decision is made on a days by case basis. last year students saw cold weather closures when the wind chill was near zero. and keep up to date on the forecast for the next few days at tonight. or you can go like our abc 13 facebook fan page. our weather team will be posting constant updates there as well. the halifax historical society is now working its weekend plans. the crossing of the dan is one of the most important events in the revolutionary war, and now the weather is putting the kink in the annual commemoration. valerie bragg is live in danville with the last-minute changes. >> reporter: danner, four of the past ten years, the historical society has paid tribute to the crossing of the dan in halifax county. but thanks to last week's weather, some events had to be moved indoors and one had to be
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saturday's temperatures aren't supposed to get above freezing, but it is not the chilly air that will keep the crossing of the dan indoors this year. >> this is the dhit was under four feet of water after the rains we had last week. >> reporter: american army troops crossed the dan river to flee from the british. this year -- there won't be a re-enactment. town leaders say it is too muddy and safety is a concern. >> we, of course, are disappointed about that, but we -- we will continue on with the program. >> reporter: we tested the area ourselves. we couldn't get down to the river without sinking in mud, but the rest of the show will still go on. >> the story is here and want the community and the state to understand what is going on here
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>> reporter: what is still happening music, a parade and the wreath-laying ceremony and the cross of the dan will be open >> the fest thrifts go on maybe in an aprevious 1998ed fashion. >> reporter: organizers are expecting people to travel in from all over the state as well as north and south carolina. the event will be held saturday morning at 10 a.m. live in danville, valerie bragg, abc 13 news. >> danner: thank you, valerie. take a look at a two-car crash in lynchburg right in front of ec glass high school. this happened just before 2:00 on langern road. the driver of the minivan was turning left into the high school when it got hit by another car. the van's driver didn't have his license. no one was hurt here but charges are pending. and abc 13 has been on the scene of a three-car accident on wards road in lynchburg today. it happened around 10:30 in front of the golden corral. lynchburg police say the drive
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to pass traffic when a car hit a tow truck actually making the turn. the impact sent the car into a speed limit sign and then another stopped car. one person has minor injuries. the drive of the car is charged with passing through a turn lanewith passing through a turn lane. happening today, the virginia senate has passed a by that would prevent some drivers from being charged with reckless driving for going 11 miles over the speed limit. the threshold for charging drivers with reckless from 80 to 85 miles per hour. the current reckless driving law requires those going over 20 miles per hour over the speed limit or 80 miles per hour. drivers going 81 shouldn't face harsh penaltyharsh penalties. opponents think the higher limits are make the road less safe. >> the bedford county sheriff's office said it does care about animals and will respond to animal calls on weekends. this after some concerns of two pit bulls that we told but found bleeding in a forest
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priscilla kaiser spoke with the chief deputy today, and priscilla, he gave you the dispatch report. >> reporter: tive right here, danner. it states that the woman that found the dog told the animal control officer on call that the dog's wounds were, quote, superficial and the officer wrote they did not require attention. major rickey gardner said this is why the officer did not go to the scene. gardner says knowing now the extent of those injuries, they would have responded and cared for the animals. gardner said acted responsibly with the information he had. >> when you own -- when you have limited a amount of information, that is the only information he had to base his decision on. look, our animal control officers love animals or they wouldn't be doing what they are doing now. and i will put our animal control officers up against any animal control officers in the state of virginia. >> reporter: someone else ended up taking the dogs to the
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they are being treated for nonlife-threatening wounds. we should mention the woman who called in told me she never told anyone the dogs' wounds were superficial. she plan continues to filing a formal complaint. major gardner tried reaching out to her and has not heard back. we found out from major gardner that a third dispatcher remember seeing the dogs before they were found fighting each another a nearby parking lot. the dogs are still at the humane society. no one has come forward to claim them. live in the newsroom, priscilla kaiser, abc 13 news. right now the search is on for a new city manager in lynchburg. mayor mike gillette said they opened a national search after getting community feedback and developing a position. it is a tough job that can require someone who can take care of the day-to-day business. prepare budgets and take care of a lot of responsibility.
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retirement after 15 years and it is huge shoes to fill. >> the downtown is a great example of fruits you can develop when off long-term view and you stick to it. that takes discipline. >> danner: council hopes to hire the new manager by end of the term in may and have that person start july 1. get a link at, and more importantly, there will be more of a shake-up when it comes to city decision-makers. more on that on abc 13 news at 6:00. many of you may turn to the experts for help losing weight, but find out why weight loss centers may be steering you wrong. and if dieting and exercise
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approve to let you burn that
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rd-winning you can count on. >> george: let's jump straight to it and we will show where you we will see the coldest weather over the next few days as we are in the middle of the coldest stretch of weather this season. where you see the pink to white color, this is representing bitter cold weather building into virginia. when you wake up tomorrow morning, we are going to see temperatures in the teens. i do want to point out on friday, temperatures will make it above freezing. notice how we are getting into this area of blue that is
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we are still going to be in the 30s, but at least above freezing and then full the weekend, that's when we are going to have the coldest surge of this cold air moving on down your saturday and your sunday. this is sunday morning at 3 a.m. of course many of us are going to be asleep, but this is showing that the coldest air is going to be arriving very early on your sunday morning, and we are going to see temperatures in the single digits for sunday morning. and then for next week, we will start a warm-up by tuesday. we are going to see highs back into the 40s and 50s. so by next week, we are going to see a return to the warmer weather. right now the temperature at 26. light blue number. that is the wind chill. that's how cold it feels. feels like in the teens. watching us from roanoke, 24. danville, 32. martinsville at 25. wind chills everywhere are cold and even colder toward the mountains. virginia tech and blacksburg, your wind chill right now at 9 degrees. there are a few areas of snow flurries for the mountains.
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snow out there toward i-81 the new river valley some of the mountain peaks, some of the small areas of snow but not expecting any accumulation. when you wake up tomorrow wake up to sunshine. a lot of sunshine for your thursday and we will have a lot of sunshine all throughout the day, and despite the sun, the wind will be coming in from the west and we will have that cold air wrapping into virginia. now on friday, there could be a few snow flurries toward the mountains. not expecting any accumulation, and that area of snow out ahead of the next surge of colder air which arrives late friday night into saturday and sunday. for tonight, we will see lows in the teens. amherst, 16. bedford, 16. appomattox at 18. 19 for south boston and 16 for smith mountain lake. we will stay below freezing the entire day for thursday. it means we will be in the teens in the morning. 20s at lunchtime here thursday. sun will be shinesun will be shining and 28. highs briefly making it for the lower 30s. most of the afternoon for your
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be hovering in the 20s. highs around the rest of the area frigid. appomattox and toward south side. your temperatures may briefly make it above freezing for lynchburg north and west staying below freezing all day. a check on your weekend. your valentine's day weekend. on saturday a high of 27. sunday morning looks to be the coldest with single-digit low temperatures and highs in the upper 20s. the seven-day forecast show us very cold, nicer mornings ahead on monday. does not look like a major weather event. does not look like a major winter storm. light rain and light snow is possible, then that warming trend dmix for tuesday and wednesday. a madison heights native a million dollar richer after winning a scratcher ticket. christopher paris stopped and bought a pair of tickets at the triangle market at n madison heights. when he got home to scratch the tickets, he discovered that one
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must have been that lucky royals hat he had on. he will use the money to pay some bills. the store also gets $10,000 bucks. helping you lose weight now.
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>> reporter: inside a new this just in on i-81, mile marker 167. this is in batatuck county, you can expect delays big time. there is a crash there. a live look from our v dot camera. bumper-to-bumper slowly moving. this is the north right lane that is closed right now. more and more people are turning to weight loss clinics to help them shed the pounds. some on the advice of their own doctor. now a new study is questioning whether these clinics follow strict medical standards to help people safely lose weight. researchers at john hopkins looked at 200 weight loss clinics at the greater washington d.c. area. they found in most cases web sites of these clinics did not include important guidelines from top medical groups involved in obesity management. and when researchers contacted these centers directly by phone, only one in five indicated they were in compliance with these guidelines.
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out are not getting you the results that you want, you may want to try body sculpting. marcy gonzalez has more on that. >> reporter: for millions, this and this and this just never seem to go away no matter how they diet or hit the gym. but now doctors across the country say losing stubborn fat specifically from those problem areas are as easy as this. with some cool new technologywith some cool new technologies. >> ready, one, two, three. >> reporter: heating up the body sculpting injury. freezing and melting away fat cells with no surgery and no pain with procedures so fast they can be done over a lunch break. >> in and out and continue with the daily activities afterwards. >> reporter: natasha lost a pant
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treatment and hoping to be back with more. >> life changing and boost mice confidence. >> reporter: it is only available through september and since then, his patients both women and men have seen huge results that last. >> speed the fat up enough to make the fat cells miserable and kill them, that fat is removedkill them, that fat is removed from the body over a month or two. >> those fat cells are gone for good. >> those fat cells are gone. >> reporter: similar results with a nonsurgical treatment called cool sculpting that destroys fat cells by freezing them. >> they fit into the pants better. that is pretty amazing. >> this isn't just for the waistline. >> this is a really great way to improve the look of your profileimprove the look of your profile. >> reporter: pricing for these hot and cold fraements generally start around 1,000. senior medical contributor dr. jen ashton said since these are
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minimal, and stresses these aren't for weight loss, just for body shaping and urges some caution. >> take your time, do your research, and most of all, have realistic expectations. >> reporter: the patients that tell us their expectations weretell us their expectations were met are willing to trade winter coats for bathing suits with only one complaint. >> like how come this wasn't 20 years ago why we didn't are this. that's what i want to know. >> reporter: marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> danner: sign me. you. sign me up.
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>> we have gotten (man) this is where it all started. i received a call from our dispatch center. smoke was coming from a manhole, and that's not good. we entered the manhole. we discovered that the cables had been melted by the fire. we jumped in, we got to work, and in a little over eight hours, we had the power back on. hi, i'm john snyder, distribution system supervisor for appalachian power. it's my goal to keep the lights on and everything run smoothly, and no one even notices. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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if you are watching us from workwork and getting ready to head out to your car, you are probably not going to want to spend time in the parking lot. cloudy and windy and cold. live at central boulevard. camera bouncing around in the wind. 26 in lynchburg. 32 in danville. breastfeeding mothering through atlanta hartsfield variety their own secluded spot to see their baby. the airport has installed new nursing pods. inside there are benches, a place for diaper changes and electrical outlets to plug in a pump or a phone charger. there are four pods installed so far. they are all located in terminals past the security point.
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"people" magazine named ryan reynolds this year's sexyreynolds this year's sexiest dad alive. it comes six years after the publication declared him the sexysexiest man life. he became a dad when he and his wife blake lively welcomed their
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