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tv   Good Morning Virginia  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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cold is not going anywhere. melissa is tracking the latest. what should we know? >> melissa: the word is cold blast. we are seeing the coldest air this winter. seeing snow toward craig and floyd and montgomery county. we will see that through the early morning hour. most of us, we're dry and cold. 17 in lynchburg. 18 in danville. 17 in roanoke. 15 now in blacksburg. single digits in hot springs. we are factoring in the wind. what does it feel leak. single digit in roanoke and feels below zero in blacksburg. the family will need the heavy coat and the gloves and scarf am you gotta protect yourself from the cold air this morning into
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the forecast despite sun, breezy west wind funnel in that cold air. we will see temperatures warming up into the upper 20s and the low 30s. you want to dress warm. keep the pets inside. loved ones and elderly make sure they are prepared for the cold. in the 30s today and tomorrow and the 20s for your weekend. patty and mona? >> patti: thank you. if you stepped outside yesterday you noticed how cold it was then and over night the temperatures dropped lower. >> mona: may not be snowing there are important things to keep in mind. courtney has ideas on deeping warm and save in the blistering cold. >> reporter: jennifer knows about braving the cold. she is a runner. bone chilling temperatures never stopped her from hitting the pave am. >> i never ran below zero but ran in cold weather. >> reporter: has advice on what
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>> doable if you have layers. >> reporter: no cot know. pig cool or polyester that draw moisture away. depenlding on what you wear less is more. >> you doent pt ton't want to over dress if you sweat and stop you will get cold you will be wet. >> reporter: always protect your head, core, toes and fingers. dynamic stretches and keep moving. >> i do aloft dancing for people when they come by and ask me to do a dance. report he works at liberty tax service on the corner phi days a week eight hours a day. >> i get on two pair of everything. socks, t-shirts. two gloves, two hats. >> reporter: layers matter.
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and that's the best thing to keep you warm. >> mona: one place feeling the feel is halt fact county will halifax county historyical so society has to change the commemoration of the revolutionary war it draws hundreds. this year to year weather will not allow for the reenactment. the rain flooded the area and is a public safety concern. leaders say not to worry, there will be plenty to do. >> patti: police are looking for a driver involved in a police chase that ended in a crash. at 9:00 left night they tried to pull over a car when the driver took off. the chase crossed to roanoke where the car went out of control and hit another vehicle. nour in the first car were injured the driver ran from the scene. hurt. other driver who ran off may be armed. the four injured were taken to
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no word on conscience. >> mona: charges pending against a driver involved in a crash in lynchburg. the driver of this minivan was turning left on high school when it got hit by another car yesterday. police tell us the driver did not have a license. no one was hurt. we are working to get more information. when we know more, you will, too. >> patti: virginia senate passed a bill that would prevenn drivers charge the with reckless driving for going 11 miles per hour overnight speed limit. it would raise the threshold from 80 miles per hour to 85 miles per hour. the current law applies to anyone going 20 miles per hour over or 80 miles per hour. virginia raised it for highways 70 miles per hour in 2010 and supporters say drivers going 81 should not face harsh pens. oshg ponents say it would make the roads less safe.
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320 dollars in saving thanks to plunging gas price. average price of gas for the year is forecasts to be 1.89 or 1.98 a gallon that is the lowest since 2009. prices will climb. national average will peek at 2. 2.00 during summer. >> patti: the drop out rate in college is rising. there is a theory why. >> children today are far more anxious and they have fewer coping skills. this it is a new phenomenon. >> patti: too many young people don't know how to organize their time and solve problems on their own. college health association showing students showing overwhelmed, stress and anxious. a doctor said families need to spend less time on screens, have
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and schedule home work. help kids too much. >> mona: hard not to forget when steve harvey crowned the wrong miss universe. >> i have to apologize the first runner up is columbia. miss universe 2016 -- >> mona:istry is the not only one dealing with embarrassment. clayon reports on what are calling the worse game show answer ever. >> name another way people say, mother. >> nana. >> reporter: may be the pressure of the cameras. sheila? tell me another way people say mother. >> got the patterson family stuck on repeats. >> didn't you see nana.
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you can't go change ittingbeing the inflection. and naw-naw can't be yours. >> another way people say mother. >> mom-mee. >> right. >> let me askualing smchlual crazy. >> family tried to explain. i had a moment and i think my nerves got the best me. abc news denver. >> mona: still to come, want to keep your brain sharp, a doctor suggests a game. details in health check. pam pat we can't say it enough you need a heavy jacket. it is chilly. teens and we don't see a warm up
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melissa has your forecast coming >> next "e.t." we are invited to the bachelor wedding. but is ben ready to say i do? >> let's celebrate.
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exclusive. >> melissa: good thursday morning to you. let's check your weather across the heart of virginia now.
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for the area. could see light snow showers morning. still have winter storm warnings the pefrng color in affect in western virginia. winter weather advisories in affect through this morning. now temperatures across the board are chilly. we are in the teens. 17 in roanoke and martinsville. 18 in danville. 15 now in blacksburg. 6 in hot springs. wind breezy 10-15 miles per hour. over 20 miles per hour in hot springs. what does it feel like as you get ready to head to work and school? single digits for roanoke and lynchburg. the teens in the south side. below zero in black burg and hot springs. don't want to mess with this wind chill in affect until 10:00 this morning roanoke to the west. once the advisory is expired
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lock at your hour by hour forecast. in the 20s by lunchtime. heise upper 20s. low 30s this afternoon. many of us will not make it above the freezing mark. lots of sun. beautiful but bitter cold throughout the day. looking at clear skies over night. clouds begin to role in as we head to early friday morning. we got a clipper system that will move across the area. could bring the chance for light snow. scattered in nature. not widespread. you see future cast clears out by friday and the weekend. sun and he beautiful that clipper will usher in colder air for valentine's day. highs 31 in lynchburg. 30 in lexington. 34 in appomattox. 30s to the south side. mid 20s in new river valley. wind breezy out of the west
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over nightfalling in the teens. 16 in lynchburg. 17 in south boston. 11 over night in the new river valley. your seven day, two things now. the cold weather will deal with throughout the weekend and talking about a winter storm that will be possible headed monday-tuesday. looking like a rain and snow mix. too early to give you totals you need to stay tuned we will fine tune that forecast. that's a look at weather. let's check your weather foe organism beautiful michelle johnson sent this in of the sunrise. we will have a beautiful sunrise, no clouds. sunday them to mona and patty? >> patti: thank you. this morning a consumer warning about credit card thieves that you don't realize you are paying. >> mona: rebecca has the information and the one step that you can take to avoid such fees. >> reporter: tonight it could be
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>> i'm covered a charge that was mysterious. it was significant. >> reporter: recuring charges and fees. a dollar here. 3 3.99 there. payments deducted from your debit bills for services you are not using. >> mom told us that growing up. check your bills. most of us don't. >> reporter: americans waste 14 billion dollars a year on these charges. now his company and new website offer free services that cut pesky costs for you. you give trim your ash count they scan your statements and text you a list of recuring charges. reply with cancel and they will contact the provide are for you. two common charges, credit card monitoring services and gym. rebecca, abc news, new york.
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smug want or do need like your heating or electric bill. those are recurring charges. >> mona: new this morning the government is offering rights to computers than humans. >> patti: zombie apock lips cited in amazon's terms and agreements. we have that in tech bytes. >> tough times for twit are. >> having twubl attracting new iersz it is rolling a new feature and time line. shows you the most popular tweets first. if you don't like it, turn it off. >> the government taken a step toward a driverless car. now says that the computer that controls the self driving car will be considered the driver. >> good news for google developing that technology. most of us never read terms and conscience here is why you should. >> folks at amazon snuck in a
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are used in case of a zombie apock lips. don't worry it was a joke. >> folks need to get out more.
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>> have a good day. >> patti: with health news,y woo know the importance of exercise. what about work outs that target our organizance like our brains. you can't grow your brain you can help it keep it sharp as you age with simple steps. holly has more in health check. >> reporter: shell out time and money for games that will make our brain work better. >> brain development start in inute row. there is a time where the brain matours. >> after that it is a downward slide. >> after fully develop today is
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nothing works as well as your 20s and 30s. >> reporter: with brain games there is less forgetfulness and problem solving. >> question that pops up to what degree do the cognitive tasks you practiceol generalize and help maintain cognitive skill in real world tasks. >> reporter: there are things woe can do to make our brians function better. healthy living and exercise of keep your brain strong. >> social interactions you have and broad activities in which you engage are related to many taining that eleven of function optimal levels. >> if you want to play brain game its is not worse thing. don't forget to get outside. see people and try something
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those brain boosters are free. >> patti: look at most viewed news stories on a van crashed dp ended up on its side yesterday. many of you are logging on to read about carly fiorrina and chris kristi ended their bids for the office. two former employees of the bedford country club under
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coach. he's 24-year- old matt allen, who's worked with buckingham county football the past six years. the buckingham native is a 2012 hampden-sydney graduate. 3 college basketball, randolph hosted lynchburg college in odac action. the hornets won the first meeting at lc by 13.last night, randolph used a 22-7 run the final eight minutes of the half to go up 14 at the break. back came the hornets, zack burnett got red-hot from 3-point land, drilling six for the game, 21 points, lynchburg tied the game at 42 midway of the half. zach desgain put the wildcats back on top before alex graves again tied the game with seven minutes left, graves scored 17 on the night. josh freund had a big game inside for randolph, he had 13. lc down 3, final seconds, burnett to send it to overtime, the shot won't go down. wildcats hang on for the 61-58 win. 3 high school action at halifax county, the blue comets battled the dan river
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the break. 2nd half, jimmy smith jr. fires from long range. the comets take the lead. dan river fires back - jaquan durant drives to the basket for the layup, then on the other end, ford morrison's layup is rejected by rodney womble jr. halifax took over in the fourth and wins 54-42, 3 and one-time duke all-american forward gene banks spoke to the lynchburg sports club tonight. the duke hall of famer led the acc in scoring his senior season in 1981, over greats like ralph sampson and james worthy. worthy. that is a look at sports. pat >> melissa: we are talking more cold weather. wind out of the west. this is the reason why we had the low pressure system towards the morgue and the east that was near stationary this week. that's what brought the snow showers out in the mountains.
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west wind usherring that cold air. a clip are system will move in tomorrow it will be colder saturday into sunday. temperatures in the 30s today and tomorrow. only in the 20s as we head to your valentine's day weekend. hour by hour forecast today. lots of sunful beautiful but very, very cold. look at this. 18 degrees by 8:00. 28 by lunch. 31 for the afternoon. 23, it will be clear for the over night hours. clouds will increase. we will see mostly cloudy skies for tomorrow. your weekend outlook if you think about what to do for valentine's day. go ahead and stay in. morning temperatures in the teens on saturday morning. lots of sun. high of 27 on saturday. take a look at sunday morning. that will be the coldest air of the season. eight degrees many of us in the single digits in the upper 20s for sunday. your entire weekend below the
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mona and patty? >> patti: thank you. coming up in the next half-hour, the end of an era for a hart of history that impacted our area. we learned the last of the bedford boys died. we will hear from his best friend of 70 years. >> mona: hearing from the
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they responded to two injured >> next "e.t." we are invited to the bachelor wedding. but is ben ready to say i do?
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exclusive. >> mona: the trial will pick up for the mother of a five year old boy found dead in a septic tank after a two struggle at begins of the week to see the jury for the trial. facing felony child abuse and neglect. on today the judge granted the defense council's request for a change of venue. the prosecutor asked for a bench trial. white and her attorneys agreed. the prosecution is expected to bring in 20 witnesses to testify at today's trial which begins at 9:00 a.m. stick with abc 13s for the latest on this case. >> patti: a sad day, allen huddleson the last of the bed
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>> mona: he was 97 years old, >> reporter: robot said allen was like a brother. >> he was a good friend and a good man. always. >> reporter: friends since 1946. meeting through the military. >> i worked with a brother in bedford to join with company a. that's when we would meet allen and company a. >> reporter: allen was a photographer. >> he had his own photo shop down on west main. >> reporter: allen went to serve in the second world war. allen suffered a broken ankle that kept him from the beaches on d-day. >> say, well issue if i had not broke my ankle two weeks before d-day. i would have probably lost my life on the beach. report report allen was devastate when he rejoined company a and didn't recognize anyone. >> when he told me i saw tierce
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me want to cry with him >> reporter: in 70 years appen was a class act. >> all the year i known him never a cuss word out of that man. he was just a nice gentlemen all the time. i tried to ask god every morning to give me strength to get him through the day. every day. that's how important he was to me. i shall miss him greatly. pat mat in a statement the president of the national d-day memorial said they are saddened by allen's passing and his contributions to the war effort will not be forgotten. you can read more about his life on our website wset com. >> melissa: just after 6:30. temperatures are in the teens for many of us. wind chills in the single digits. ior weather 17 in lynchburg.
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18 now in danville. 19 in brooknil. 15 in black burg. 6 degrees now in hot springs. wind are breezy and gusty. gusts up to 20 miles per hour today wind chills as you step out. five in lynchburg. two in roanoke. teens in parts of south virginia. nothing to mess with, with the cold. everybody needs all the gear the coats, gloves and scarves and layers to combat this cold. temperatures in the teens to start the day. lots of sun but breezy west wind will keep the temperatures cool this afternoon. we will see our highs making it to the upper 20s and the low 30s. a bitter cold morning and beautiful but breezy for your thursday and cold are arrives for your weekend. look at the seven day forecast coming up. patty? back to you. >> patti: thank you. a man convected of sexual
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serve a reduced sentence. howard will serve six month in prison after a witness recanted their testimony. he was originally sentenced to two years in 2014. he was found guilty of indecent liberties with a minor and sexually assaulting a 12 yearly old girl. heal have to register as an sex offender. >> mona: bedford sheriff's department responding to claims it did not properly finished to two injured pit bulls over the weekend. >> patti: yesterday the deputy gave the dispatch report. the woman who found the dogs told the animal control officer that the dogs would you pleaseds were super fish and did not require attention. major says that is yet officer did not go to the scene. gardener says knowing the extent of those injuries they would have responsibledd and cared for the animals. officer acted responsibly with
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>> when you have limited amount of information that is the only information he had to base his decision of our animal control officers love animals or they now. i put our officers up against hen officers in the state of virginia. >> mona: someone took the dogs to a humane society where they are treated for nonlife threatening wounds. >> patti: no one claimed the dogs, for more, go to >> mona: this morning a shocking development about a reported armed robbery on a community college campus. danville police say a danville community college student report he was a victim of armed robbery was fake. they have charged the 18 year old with filing a false police department. police say hall reported the robbery took place on south main. paul was arrested now out on bond.
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bills for weapon holders to legally carry guns in the state. despite criticism from the gun control group. legislation expand the number of handgun permits res pritsity aggravated rapes virginia has with other states allow out of state permit holders to carry in virginia and prohibit people subject to protective orders from carrying firearms and require police presence at gun shows for voluntary background checks. >> mona: that was his announcement to abc 13 yesterday. gillette has been a councilmember for 12 years and mayor for four. he plans on staying and remain involved. vice mayor is the only councilmember who announced he will not run again he plans to run for treasurer instead. >> patti: james riversorption will challenge a permit allowing coal ash wasteist water in the river.
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court appeal of a permit issued last month by the control board. virginia power will discharge 350 million gallons into the james from the power station. dominion is discharging the water as it moves through the coal ash impoundment. >> mona: training the nextent prenurse. students at goej washington high school creating a company and must convince classmates to buy their product its is part of a virtual earnprize class but treat itting as if it was real. coming up with a business plan to shooting a commercial. it is practiced for future careers. >> leadership skills, business skills. communication skills. confident building skills. >> i done a lot of things in the class i didn't think i could do. >> mona: the class won five
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this year's class is invited to the international show. they beat out school in six states. still to come beyonce came to the superbowl half-time show with a message but not getting support from everyone. the details in looking ahead. >> patti: in the teens. 17 in roanoke and lynchburg. we are not going to warm up much.
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it will get cold >> melissa: all about the cold weather. low morning wind chills. make sure everybody is prepared. sun and he breezy. temperatures mid 20s in western virginia.
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most of us right around the 30 degree mark. satellite satellite, quiet. watching snow toward the mountains west of i-81. they will tape are off later in the day. have winter storm warning in affect through this morning. winter weather advisory the purple color in affect until 10:00 this morning. temperatures in the teens across the board. 17 in lynchburg, roanoke and 17 for our viewers in martinsville. 18 in danville and farmville. 15 in black burg. single digits hot springs. this is look at gusts. 10 miles per hour in lynchburg. 15 in roanoke and blacksburg. calm toward martinsville. what does it feel like as you step outside? feels about 17 in martinsville. as the temperature is but in black burg where we see the gusty wind it feels one below
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single digits for roanoke and lynchburg. low teens for danville and south boston boston. 16 below in hot springs. wind chill in affect until 10:00 a.m. once this is expired it does not mean we are out of the clear. temperatures will stay below the freezing mark throughout the day despite that sun, breezy windful keep us around 31 for the afternoon. we will see that continue. drop back in the teens for tonight. now no travel issues today. tell be beautiful and cold. see clouds increasing early friday morning. we got another alberta climb are that could bring us the chance for light snow showers. keep in mind the cold air is locked in place. a matter of how much moisture can make it here. scattered. a couple 10th of an inch at best for some areas. this is quick low moving out by friday morning. highs for today 31 in lynchburg.
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32 in lovingston. the south side 33 in smith mountain lake. 36 in south boston. wind could gust up to 20 miles per hour. we could see higher gusts in western virginia. 25 in blacksburg. 31 in roanoke. 34 in rocky mountain. 28 in covington. over night temperatures will drop into the teens and we are talking two stories dry and cold as we head throughout valentine's day. watching monday and today the chance for a winter storm. could see now a mix of rain and snow. more details to come. back to you. pam pat thank you. danville medical center says it will hold a neighborhood walk this week. the hospital organized a prayer and walk after a doctor and neighbor were shot a half mile from the hospital. the ceo says because of the great response they will organize it again this friday. tell begin in front of the boy's
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tomorrow at 6:00. >> mona: city officials of ferguson, missouri will respond to the allegation for the police have been out of control for years. now the feds intend to do something about it. the mayor says the city cannot live up to the negotiateded terms. >> no reason to enter an agreement we know we cannot live up to which financially impossible to live up to. serves no one's purpose for us to fail. >> mona: the justice department negotiated a deal over reform to police and court system. on today the ferguson city council voted change the terps. that prompted the filing yesterday. officials say they have not seen the lawsuit. >> patti: supporters and opponents of beyonce will hold rallies. the boycot beyonce following the appearance on the superbowl
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many supporters say the singer's no song is anticop. posting on event called her performance a race baiting stunt. the posting calls people to gaurth for a protest on february 16th that sparked calls for supporters to hold a counter protest. >> mona: students will get involved donating blood. lynchburg school system partnering with the american red cross. now this is for students at es glass high school and heritage. give students the opportunity to give back to the community and showing hour donations will directly benefit a fellow student. the first drive is ec glass the next at heritage. >> more ahead on good morning virginia the latest on the race for the white house.
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two presidential
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snow but temperatures could affect your car. and a local autoexpert says ignoring this one sign could create danger on the road. autotechnician says the air does not leave your tire when it cold but the molecules move more slowly a small pressure change may affect stability and a big drop could have dangerous consequences. >> i think you should have 35 pounds of pressure and has less than 20 in all four. it is unestablish. go around acorner with a low tire tell roll off the rim and cause you to crash. >> mona: a lot of custody mers making the switch from air to night gent and drivers benefit from the increased fuel economy of three percent. five per tire to switch from air to night gent. it will get down to single digits.
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winter. we had a couple of days it is consistently for weekend -- everybody will be out. go ahead and think about that. i remember last winter i got mean put in after work. >> you were headed to work and realides -- that is something you gotta keep in mind. also remember your loved ones make sure everybody is prepared. the furry members don't leave them out. it is sticking with us. the next couple of days. to today. another one we have a clipper that will bring us light snow in the mountains tomorrow. tell ush are in colderary for saturday and sunday. for today upper 20s. low 30s. beautiful and sunny but cold. 18 degrees as we head throughout the morning.
6:42 am
31 for your high and temperatures dropping in the teens once again tonight. here is a look at the valentine's day forecast. saturday morning temperatures in the teens. high of 27. waking up sunday morning only looking at 8 degrees. many of us in the single digits. high's 28 sunday afternoon for your valentine's day weekend is looking below freezing for our area. we are talking about the cold thursday through sunday and watching the chance for a western storm that could bring tuesday. looking like a western mix. we will fine tune those details and give you the latest. mona and patty? >> patti: a murder investigation in north carolina has taken a new turn in henry county. the sheriff's office says 18 year old martin of martinsville and zachery are charged with
6:43 am
kidnapping. bench min baker was found dead on january 15th. the henry county sheriff's office arrested the sense. >> mona: maryland is mourning the death of two deputies they were shot during an endent at a panevera yesterday. one deputy went in the builds and encountered the suspect who had a gun. he fired at the deputy hitting him and took off. 's second deputy tried to medicare contact and also shot. two other deputies opened fire killing the suspect. the officers who fired their upons with have been placed on leave as part of standard profit cal col. one department had 15 years on the force the other 30. >> patti: field narrowed the republican candidates fit on the stage. >> mona: the fight is headed for south carolina this as democrats
6:44 am
lana zach reports. >> we may have to stage a phony protest. that is the only way they show the size of the crowds. this crowd is amazing. >> reporter: trump with more spring in his step following his major win in new hampshire. forcing two more candidates crist and he fiorrina out of the race. trump said he is ready to take on hilary clinton. >> we will beat her and honestly women don't like her. >> in new hampshire collecton lost female voters 44-50% and lost young people 16-83%. nationally clinton has the advantage over bernie who tells abc he has work to do. >> if the election were tomorrow do you think you could win south carolina and nevada. >> no the election is not tomorrow. >> reporter: another grateful for time jeb bush who conif he weres his brother will join him
6:45 am
after his fourth place finish in new hampshire. >> he is an entertaining person. unless you are a woman and his pan being and pow, unless you are a disabled person. >> john caseeck says he is unlikely to go on the attack. >> i will not know a pin cushion but i will not spend time trying to trash other people. >> reporter: back in casic's home state of ohio a controversial bill to defund planned parenthood and support for aids patients and domestic violence victims passed. casic will sign it. abc news. washington. >> patti: still to committee mother of a boy found dead in a
6:46 am
>> mona: saying goodbye i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee, and it was a real easy
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>> patti: look at top story says. in a couple of hours the trial will pick up for the mother of a five year old boy found dead in a septic tank. after a two day struggle to seat a jury for the felony trial. the judge granted the council's request for's change of venue. the prosecutor asked for a bench trial. white and her attorneys agreed. they will bring in 20 witnesses to testify today which begins at 9:00 this morning. >> mona: allen the last of the bedford boys passed away. following his passing abc talked to his best friend inform the 70 years he knew allen heed he was a class act. ment president of the d-day memorial spoke to yous about
6:48 am
saddened by his passing. his contributions to the war effort will not be forgotten. huddleson was a member of the u.s. national guard 29th infant real division. he was 97. >> patti: mike gillette will not run for council in the election elections. he has been a councilmember for 12 years and mayor for four he will remain involved. johnson is the only other member announced he will not run again he will run for treasurer instead. >> patti: it is cold. that is not the right wofrpd understatement. the over night lows will be tough. >> melissa: single digits saturday into sunday. that is the coldest air. i don't think i put a single digit on my forecast before. five out west. 17 as you head out. clear, breezy and colted.
6:49 am
lower 30s for many of us.
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monday headed to tuesday. good morning, america. deep freeze. a bitter blast brings the coldest air in a decade with windchills reaching 30 below. already two feet of snow? the east and more on its way.
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