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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the far left-hand side of the screen. getting harder to see just after sunset and this small area of gray on the eleven side of the screen, that is the smoke. the wind is still blowing out there and the wind will be weak. that will be good news for the fire fighters, and it will stay touch breeze the evening. in the west and northwest. and very cold out there. the temp at 27. we have a wind chill of 20 for this evening, we will continue falling below freezing. most all of us are below 32 now and by tomorrow morning, we will see temperatures into the teens. tonight's weather will be staying dry. we are tracking sleet and snow for next week. i will have the newest info on that winter precip coming up. to that breaking news we have been following since 5:00. unfolding right now brookneal. >> danner: our courtney whedon live at the fire at the dan river plant. it is raging now. it broke out two hours ago.
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>> we are here with matt vaugner are he is here taking pertures, he lives quarter mile away from this fire. how were you first alerted about this? >> i was at work and a little after 4:00 and someone came in and told us about it and started seeing all the fire trucks and the police cars and ambulances going down the road, and then i stepped outside and i saw what was the biggest smoke i ever seen in my life. a huge cloud. >> reporter: tell me, what does this mean to your community? [inaudible] >> noreen: all right, we are having trouble with that live shot. some technical difficulties. we will go back to courtney as soon as we can get that fixed. of course as the temperature goes down outside, we are hiking it up inside our home. if you were not cautious you could pave the way for a fire. we talked to experts warm and safe. toll stole live in danville.
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first, if you were using your fireplace for the first time this season. have is professionally inspected. it can have an oil build-up that can cause a chimney fire. the danville fire department said get a spark arrester for your chimney to stop sparks from coming up. if you were useif you were using a space heater, it is important to remember space heaters need space. keep objects three feet away from space heaters and remember it is only a temporary heating. so when the room is warm, unplug the heater and never tuesday overnight. the danville fire department says now is a good time get carbon monoxide alarms because the releases -- you can't see, smell or taste carbon monoxide and if the alarm goes off, call 911. >> if you open all your windows and it will escape and we will not be able to find a gas leak. it is going to come from one of these heating sources in your
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tank, your chimney may be stopped off, your gas stove could have a malfunction in it. these are the places where we are going to start. >> reporter: the danville fire department just received 90 new carbon monoxide alarms for people in need. if you need one, give them a call. live this danville, tola adamson, abc 13 news. >> mark: tola, thanks. for the latest forecast in all of our stories with cold weather tips, go to our web site at the bench trial for ashley white took place in pulaski county. she is charged with neglect when her 5-year-old son noah thomas was found dead in a septic tank. suri crowe is live and has moresuri crowe is live and has more. suri. >> reporter: well, mark, prosecutors say they say it is an unsafe environment for 5-year-old noah and.
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the dhurt white admitted she had lied about leaving her children at home this sunday morning and reported noah missing. there was much discussion about testimony about the septic tank and the lid with several witnesses who were investigators say was over the tank when they went to look for noah that day. probably some of the most compelling testimony of the day came from white's neighbor, and owner of the property and a trailer where ashleywhite and her family lived in. that man's name is gary meadows. says noah looked like a grandsays noah looked like a grandson to him. recall placerecall placing a chain on noahrecall placing a chain on noah's beloved bicycle00 times and he began to sob and visibly break down on the witness standbreak down on the witness stand. his depiction of a rambunctious little boy learning to play basketball was difficult to hear and during his tham ashley white began to cry. the last witness was an investigators from the pulaski county sheriff's office. his testimony wrapped up a
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prosecution will continue with the rest of their witnesses. the trial will resume at 9:00. of course i will be here to bring out latest updates. live in pulaski county, suri crowe, abc 13 news. >> noreen: thank you, suri. a man was found guilty of burning down a home where a mother and her four children lived. call the fire at a house on time. days later matthew smith was charged. it came out in court he was angry over a dispute with his girlfriend. the woman and children were not home at the time and they lost everything. the judge found smith guilty of two felonies and sentenced to a later date. two men are facing local charges fooling drug bust. arrested shawn cleg and joseph gouda. they issued a search warrant a little over a week ago in the 3little over a week ago in the 300 block.
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hash oil, smoking devices and a handgun. no word how much or what the worth of those things found is. right now, state police are combing the area searching for a teen they said led them through a car chase through two counties. the chase started last night in franklin county and ended just minutes later here on route 220 near webb road in roanoke county. a trooper saw a chevy impala speeding through franklin county and when he pulled it over, it sped off and 9over, it sped off and the chase ended a few miles north in roanoke county when the impala lost control and crashed into another car. four people in the impala had to go to the hospital. police say situations like this is why they think carefully before getting into a chase. >> i think with the fact that trooper lynch wasn't directly behind the vehicle pushing it, trooper lynch thought it could be maintained safely due to the time of night, but obviously
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with -- with the driver of the vehicle. >> witnesses identified the driver as a 15-year-old boy. police say he ran off into the woods, is armed but they don't think he is dangerous. >> mark: take a look at this picture. south boston police say this woman is missing since novemberwoman is missing since november. 39-year-old angela owens may have been going by the name of angela tillman. she was just reported missing last week, and they say she is wanted on numerous or is on, i should say, time in russ medications and should be in danger. if you have any information on her whereabouts, call south boston police. >> a bill before the general assembly inspired by the zoo did not make it out of committee. sponsored the bill that some called asha's law that would make it a felony to use any dethat inflicts pain or physical injury. a first-time offender will be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor, a subcommittee tabled that bill today.
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warm bed at sight in really important this time of year, and that way rick hughes has make it his mission to help whatever he can. hear from one veteran of what their health has meant to him. plus, why vri says they will have to temporarily close tomorrow time this year. >> next "e.t." we are invited to the bachelor wedding. but is ben ready to say i do? >> let's celebrate.
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exclusive. >> noreen: we want to show you this video just into our newsroom of the fire that is raging right now at the old dan river plant in brookneal. this was sent to us from sage white. we are working to get our live shot and we will bring you updates on this fire as soon as we get them. the frigid temperatures are especially tough on those who live on the streets. >> and homeless veterans at least are getting permanent homes thanks to a state programhomes thanks to a state program. and this saturday, a local vet is getting new apartment keys. katie brooke joins us with morekatie brooke joins us with more. >> reporter: warm streets
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every homeless veteran off the street. you have to put it all togetheryou have to put it all together. the homeless advocate have partnered with close to 20 local organizations and this weekend will be the collaboration's second straight successfulsuccess story. >> and i end up being homeless. >> reporter: army vet carlton woodruff has been staying around different shelters around the city in the past 8 months. >> i think when you first get home off empty feeling. >> reporter: woodruff got kicked out of his a last apartments. he was left with no place to go but shelters. >> people have attitude. and a lot of times you video to count your chicken and look in the refrigerator and your cranberry juice is down. so you have to four out. and too many things going on. >> reporter: but not for long. warm streets just joined hands with my guys moving that donated space in the warehouse for donated furniture.
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furniture for free to carlton's new apartment in weekend. >> seeing people get off the street and get their own place is just -- it is an indescribable experience reallyindescribable experience really. >> reporter: an experience that carlton is so thankful for and the first thing he is going to go when he gets settled is cook his own food. >> i can have cheesewakes>> i can have cheesecakes and is miss that. >> reporter: they plan to move a third homeless veteran into her new place in a few weeks. if you know of a homeless veteran who needs a home, we will have contact information at they can get in touch with the right people. live in lynchburg studio, katie brooke, abc 13 news. >> mark: all right, katie, thank you. trouble along the track, virginia raceway will have to close temporarily because paveclose temporarily because paving job gone bad. they had their track paved in 2013 and since noticed some problems there. leaders say those problems have become irrepairable.
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it is our hope that we can get resolution to the stated issues in a timely fashion to mitigate any business interruption to our renters and local community. >> get your hats, scarves and gloves. everything. you need all of this when you
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>> mark: it is over the next few days, you will literally want to stay
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keep you updated on the new information for the weather for next week. let's jump straight to it. next week, wintry precipitation is likely. we are watching two days, monday which is president's day, the 15th and tuesday the 16th. now looks like on monday, this is not going to be a big deal for monday. it is going to be snow flurries and light snow. there could be a small accumulation and a few slippery spots, but the main thing that we are watch something going to be on tuesday. a mix of rain, sleet and snow for the heart of virginia. right now our first forecast on this, our preliminary forecast, zero to 3-inch snow totals for most of us with 3 to 6-inch totals toward the higher elevations including roanoke and the mountain. now there is a lot of forecast uncertainty right now as far as the a's of the precipitation and due to the exact storm track well as the temperatures as there is going to be some ice mixed in and any time you have ice, which ishave ice, which is sleet, any
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means there could be big differences in the precipitation amount. so stay with us. and we will keep you updated on the new info. right now we are in the middle of a cold and very dry night. we are at 27 degrees. the wind isn't quite as breezy as it was earlier and still very cold out there. roanoke you are at 27. blacksburg, 25. we are seeing lower 30s and you make your way toward south sidemake your way toward south side. here is what it looks like as far as wind chills. 16 in roanoke. 18 in blacksburg and wind chills in the 20s toward south side. wind will decrease tonight, and for tomorrow, you are going to notice some changes. we will still have a breeze, but not as breezy as we have seen the last few days. when you wake up in the morningwhen you wake up in the morning, you are going to have areas of clouds moving in and notice that during the day tomorrow, there will be some small areas of snow, which move across the heart of virginia. now we are not expecting any significant accumulation tomorrow, but don't be surprised if you do see some light snow or snow flurries. out in bulk of the snow is going to be in the mountains and toward southwestern virginia, but it is be into
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flurries for tomorrow before that much colder weather moves in for the weekend. here is your forecast for tonight. weather is going to stay dry, clear and cold, lows in the teens. amherst at 16. appomattox, 17. danville at 19. your hourly weather for your friday show going to remain below freezing all morning. 18 at 7:00. lower 20s at 9. near 32 by noon. temperatures briefly trying to make it above freezing during the afternoon. light mountain snow possible tomorrow and a few flurries are possible anywhere for the rest of us. highs around the rest ofhighs around the rest of the area appomattox, 39. altavista, 36. and bedford at 35. here is the weekend, on saturday, not only are we going to be below freezing. it is going to be windy and cold. we will see wind chills feeling like below zero on saturday. the coldest night will be saturday night and sunday morning. then we are going to monitor for you very closely chance for
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and especially tuesday. >> mark: all right, george, sports is next. changes in nascar's overtime for this season.
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a special night hi, everybody, nascar is revamping its overtime procedure moving to an unlimited green machine white checkered finish and also establishing an overtime line
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if the race leader passes the arbitrary ot line on the first lap under green before a caution comes out, it will be considered a valid attempt. if the caution flies before the leader hits the line, a race goes on, they keep trying until the leader makes it pass the overtime line. brian vickers is expected to replace injured tony stewart for the daytona 500 a week from friday. haas racing will discuss the plan tomorrow. vickers is expected to run daytona. stuart haas is looking at options after the 500. vickers ran two races before suffering a recurrence of blood clots. health issues have sidelined him four different times since 2010. a big spring for logan thomas of lynchburg. thomas who had his basketball jersey retired by brookville tuesday night said he is sitting on number two on the
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develop that backup spot behind starter ryan tannehill. >> i kind of know where i sit. i got to compete every day like i am the starter because the nfl is a crazy kind of league where one day you could be sitting there and the next day you are starting. four former hokies, two flames and one cavalier on the list of invitees to the nfl scouting cam wine. later this month at lucas oil field inform indianapolis. kenneth fuller, luther mattie. and representing liberty are and more than three hundred players are invited to the combine that runs february 3 through 29. william them froming will retire former guard troy daniels number 30 jersey tonight during halftime of the home game against north side. daniels now playing with the nba charlotte hornets starred for fleming since 2006 through
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colonels for a state title in 2011. dan else will be at the game and recognized. randolph pulled out thriller over crosstown rival lynchburg. the wildcats that hit key buckets the final minute. lc pulled in a game high 21 but randolph got the win 61-58. in the nba golden state heads into the all-star break with a 11-game winning streak. warriors seth curry 26 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists beat phoenix 112-104. golden state is 48-4 on the season. best record of any nba team in
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th we want to take you back live to that breaking news in brookneal tonight. >> noreen: courtney wheaton is on the scene where fire has been burning at the old dan river plant for couple of
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now. courtney, bring us up to speed on what has been happening out there. >> reporter: noreen, i spoke with members of the virginia department of forestry and they tell me they are on standby in case that fire reaches the nearby foodsnearby woods that are just a mile away. they said earlier today, that fire did reach those woods, and fire crews were able to take them out. now after the fire, i have been here since 4:00, and it has not let up. it looks pretty much the same as it did earlier. crews were using water to get this fire down but again with wind and the temperature, it is just not working. plenty of other fires were started because of that, and we will have more at 7 tonight, the race for the white house and donald trump's bold prediction. the republican front-runner and what he said is coming, if he wins south carolina. just as his feud with jeb bush takes a new turn tonight. hillary clinton set to face off


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