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tv   ABC 13 News 7  ABC  February 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> and much m >> danner: the old dan river plant is burning in brookneal. we'll take you life to the scene in just seconds. >> george: we have colder wind chills headed in our direction this weekend. and i'll have new information
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>> danner: a massive fire is burning right now in brookneal. a breaking story that we have been on top of all night long. courtney wheaton has been scene all night long. >> reporter: i just talked to a firefighter and he told me 15,000 gallons of water is being used every five minutes. imagine that number multiplied by the number of trucks out here. that's a lot of water and the fire is still going strong. i asked him what it was like down there, and he said luckily the smoke is going up, clear. it has now gotten darker which was caused some difficulties. they could be here all the way until tomorrow sometime, but they are determined to get this fire out. we don't know a cause yet, but
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he'll talk to me as soon as we gets a chance. >> danner: earlier you were hearing explosion sounds from the site of that fire. are you still hearing that now? >> reporter: no, it's a lot calmer. i just see three main areas but i do not see the explosions anymore. >> danner: i want you to step away from the picture so we can get a live look at the fire. we've been watching this thing grow all evening long. you can see those flames flickering there. this is the old danville river plant in brookneal. we're going to stay on top of this and get an update from courtney coming up in this half hour. >> george: danner. at times we've seen the winds gusting up at 20 miles per hour.
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lynchburg. we have seen the wind diminishing. there is still going to be a breeze, but not as windy as earlier today. and we still have a breeze coming in the from the west hour. and the air is extremely dry. 25 in roanoke. 44 in blacksburg. 30 in southside. this evening, we'll see temperatures falling below freezing and into the teens by morning. coming up, we'll show you coldest. >> danner: and as the temperature goes down outside, we are pumping up the thermostat in our homes. but the way you heat your home could put your family at risk. tola adamson spoke to experts on how to keep warm and safe. >> reporter: first things first. if you're using the your fireplace for the first time
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be sure to check it out professionally first. you could have an oil buildup that could cause a chimney fire. the firefighter also advises you to get a spark arrestor for your chimney. and space heaters need space. keep objects three feet away from space heaters. and it's only a temporary heating source. when the room is warm, unplug the heater and never use it overnight. the danville fire department says now is a good time to get carbon monoxide alarms because carbon monoxide can be released from heat sources. they said you can't see or smell carbon monoxide, so if your alarm goes off, call 9-1-1. >> it's going to come from one
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home. your water tank, gas stove. >> reporter: the fire department received 90 new carbon monoxide alarms for residents in need. if you need one, just give them a call. >> danner: and this is just dangerous weather. frostbite can happen in a matter of minutes, that's why it's crucial to keep your skin covered. all of it, as much as you can. experts say if you feel pain in your appendageser -- appendages, you need to warmup. and we have the latest on the weather conditions, including school delays and closings at
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19-year-old christian riddle was charged with dui, influence. driving on a suspended license charge against him was dropped. he was accused of crashing a car in forest in a neighborhood in october. state police are combing the area, searching for a teen they say led them on a car chase spanning two counties. the chase started last night in franklin county and ended on 220 near webb road in roanoke county. that's where the car lost control and crashed. four people had to go to the hospital. the driver was a 15-year-old boy, and he ran off to the woods. the police say he does have a gun on him but they don't think he's dangerous. >> i think we have a scared kid. and i don't want to make
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he's in the woods right now. i think he's found somebody or called somebody to come get him. so i don't think we're looking at a desperate person. >> danner: police have searched from hours from the air and ground. so far they have not been able to find that teenager. and the albemarle police department is facing a series of malconduct allegations. three lawsuits were filed today against officer andrew holmes. they accused the officer of searchs. two on vehicles, and one on a home. attorney jeff fogle says that the searchs targeted african-americans. the police department sent out a statement that says in part that we want the community to
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department takes seriously any allegation against our police officers. a proposal to allow security guards in virginia schools is making its way through the general assembly right now. for years bills like this have failed, but this one is different. this is one is saying that the security guards would have to be retired police officers. the defense league still thinks that permit holders should be able to carry on school grounds and believes this that bill is a stepping stone in that direction. not everyone agrees. >> everyone they allow to permit holders to carry is a success. >> if you can find an opening to crack open the door and next year you can add more things.
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that this idea is already working in a higher education site, liberty university. folks who smoke cigarettes in cars with children would be wit with a $100 fine, that is if legislation proposed by the virginia house becomes law. the house has given preliminary approval that would make it illegal to smoke in a car with a child under the age of eight. drivers could get the fine if they're pulled over for reasons other than smoking.
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>> danner: major preparations are underway for the lynchburg regional air show, even though it is three months away. organizers want to make sure the missteps from the show three years ago don't hapappen again. they're expecting 40,000 spectators again. it will feature the blue angels, aerial performance, and other displays. at the last show, parking was a problem for a lot of people. >> this year, we're going to offer parking to first come, first serve from the airport. and they'll be able to walk show. >> danner:head to
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tickets to the show. the danville housing authority is expanding to this building on franklin street. there'll be workshops, programs. appalachian power says that it is working to improve the reliability of the network in the roanoke valley. they started construction on a project to improve the grid. the $35 million investment will bring upgrades. the work is expected to be done by fall in 2017. we are taking a live look at the fire in brookneal. you can stay with us for a live update on air. >> george: i'll let you know
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feel this >> george: we're going to take you live to brookneal. and you're looking at that fire in the distance. and we're going to move the camera around so you can view it. and you can see the smoke is moving from right to left. that's indicating that we're north of the fire in this view. and we have a west and northwest breeze. and the wind isn't going to be quite as strong tonight. and let's take you over to the weather computer. and the air is extremely dry. and that can mean when the fire spreads it can spread easily. and 26 degrees right now. the dew point temperature means that there's extremely dry air.
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fire to spread in the grassy areas. we have wind chills in the teens. saturday and sunday, saturday is going to feel miserable. we're going to be below freezing. sunday will be between 5-10. monday does not look like a big event, but on tuesday this could be a significant winter storm for virginia. monday, snow flurries and light snow. there could be a few slippery spots. on tuesday, it looks like a mix of rain, sleet, and snow will be possible. our preliminary forecast, 0-3 inch snow totals with 3-6 amounts in the higher elevations and the mountains. but that number could go up or down.
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temperatures. and it looks like we'll see a mix of precip which means a large range of totals across the area. and stay us for the newest information. tomorrow you may see light snow or snow flurries. we're not expecting any significant or accumulating snow. the breezy weather and drier air moves in for saturday. amherst tonight, 16. appomattox 17. 17, alta vista, and brookneal. danville at 19. tomorrow, 30 at lunchtime. highs in the mid-30s tomorrow. 36 toward buckingham and dillwyn. gretna, 38. in the mountains, you'll have more clouds around. a better chance of seeing snow in the mountains and highs in
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windy and cold for saturday. sunday, we're staying below freezing all day. increasing chances for rain, sleet, and snow for late monday and especially tuesday. >> danner: the lockin' music festival has changed dates from august 25th-28. every year the music festival is held at oak ridge farm in nelson county. this year's lineup has not been announced yet. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders are less than two hours away from their sixth debate of the election
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in two minutes, we'll take you >> danner: following bernie sanders' win over hillary clinton in new hampshire this week, the presidential
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six in milwaukee. >> reporter: good evening to you. yes, we're here on the university of wisconsin, milwaukee campus, where they have transformed a concert stage. we know the polls have hillary clinton in the lead, but that lead is dwindling over bernie sanders. and the latest poll puts the candidates in a dead heat. while the candidates come to a frozen milwaukee, the battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders continues to heat up. the stage is set for fireworks after a narrow loss by hillary clinton and a win by sanders. the candidates find themselves
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expanded 10-debate schedule. clinton's lead dwindling month after month. >> i'm going to have some work to do to reach out to young and first-time voters as they evaluate who should be our president. >> reporter: on wisconsin campuses, people are familiar with clinton but are curious about sanders. >> sanders says he's not in it just for politics, he's in it for revolution. >> i don't know much about bernie sanders but i like what hillary clinton has to offer. >> reporter: what better place to make a case than a college campus in front of a national audience. >> it is too late for
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>> i believe that what i'm putting forth in this campaign has a far better chance of actually producing results. >> reporter: on the heels of bernie sanders' big win earlier this week, look for the clinton campaign and hillary clinton tonight to reenergize her campaign and sanders is hoping his momentum will continue. the debate gets underway in an
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public televisi >> danner: we are taking a look at that fire that continues to burn at the old dan river plant. this is in brookneal off of 5001. the plant closed around mid-2006, 2007. and it has been empty and a little piece of history is burning to the ground in
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we'll continue to bring you live coverage on >> george: it's not as breezy as it was. the air is dry, and that's a concern because sometimes you can see other fires sparking in grassy areas. >> danner: and they said that the fires kept popping up in other places. and we were hearing from witnesses that this were big, huge popping, possibly explosion type of sounds. we haven't been able to confirm that. lamar odom walking.
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kris jenner only told told tonight lamar odom walks. we have the exclusive first video. kloe kardashian's ex just months after his overdose. >> what motivated the nba star to board the plane. >> kris jenner gives us an update. >> are you at all concerned that this was too much too soon >> and a hot can couple. breaking news from bieber's rumoredgirlfriend. are kate hudson and nick jonas taking it the to the
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the four-hour candle lit dinner. >> and the onset exclusive. since mcdreamy exited the show, could meredith be next? and "e.t" is invited a bachelor wedding. >> placed a ring on ta finger. >> are where anything can happen. but is ben ready to say, i do >> let's celebrate. now for february 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." lam more odom just a few months after overdose is walking. >> cameron mathison in new york as kanye arrive at the new york fashion show with an exclusive sit down interview with kris jenner for what she's calling lamar's mare kl. >> we have seen the photos of lamar getting on the plane


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