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tv   News 13 Midday  ABC  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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engulfed the building. katie brook is live from the scene right now. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: the rubber is still smoldering. there is still smoke and flames in the flames of rubble. i have seen a few fire trucks come and go, but there have not been a lot crews on the scene. crews worked all through the night to put this fire out and most of them are sleeping right now.i also left a message with the fire chief to find out more details. we will be staying here all day and trying to get more information for you. i just got an email sent to me from tracy fairchild, the campbell county director of public safety. she said that while the facility was destroyed no one was injured, so that is a good thing. this afternoon, i'm going to be interviewing a woman who worked here more than 30 years.
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this fire. live in brookneal, katie brook, abc 13 news. we have just learned prosecutors have rested their case in the trial for ashley white. white is charged with felony child abuse and neglect. her five-year-old son noah thomas was found dead in a septic tank four days after he went missing. in opening statements, prosecutor told the court white admitted she lied about leaving her children at home. there was a lot of discussion during testimony about the septic tank and the lid. investigators testified the lid was on the tank when they look for noah. the defense has motioned lack of evidence. the judge is considering that motion. let's take a quick break and check in with melissa le fevere. it is valentines weekend.what should we know? >> melissa: everyone is going to want to bundle up.
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valentine's day weekend. there's a live you. clouds over liberty university right now as everybody is heading toward the lunch time hour. a quick check of your weather. we're seeing overcast skies with temperatures in the 20s. 26 in lynchburg. 29 in danville. 28 in roanoke. 28 in blacksburg and brookneal. 20 in hot springs. clouds are going to hang tough. we may see a view flurries. we have a clipper system. temperatures only making it into the 30s. as we look ahead to your valentine's day weekend, we are only going to see highs into the upper 20s. overnight lows in the single digits. we will take a look at the weekend forecast coming up. right now, police are on the scene of a shooting at an arizona high school where at least two students have been shot. there is what we know. glendale police say the shooting happened this morning on school grounds near a patio
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the school was placed on immediate lockdown.police say this was an isolated incident and they are not looking for an active shooter. the condition of the two students have not been released. the search is on for the person danville police say fired shots at two people in a car around 2:15 this morning at the intersection of first and abbott. the victim told police someone shot them while they were driving through the intersection. the 21 and to -22 -year-old both expense non-life-threatening injuries. lynchburg police have arrested two men in a drug bust using more than 58 pounds of high-grade marijuana. police say for the past several months they have been investigating a large-scale marijuana distribution operation. as a result, they arrested randall simpson and david johnson. police believe the marijuana was shipped from california. they also seized more than $65,000. a virginia lawmaker is calling out state senators in
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black members. luis lucas, who is african-american, was elected nearly 25 years ago. she directed much of her criticisms toward senate minority leader dick he said he thinks he has done a good job, but admits he could do more. political heavyweights will be in lexington over the next couple of days for a popular mock convention for the convention kicked off yesterday and will go through saturday. washington and lee holds the small convection every presidential election year try to predict who the parties will nominate for president. this year's speakers include dick cheney, newt gingrich, ann coulture. but candidates hope to commit more diverse population
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the democratic nomination. >> let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. >> reporter: looking to keep up momentum in the race, bernie sanders keeps up the charge against the money influence. >> why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it. >> reporter: trying to regain her footing after a double-digit defeat in new hampshire, hillary clinton hammers home details in her responses and pushes sanders for more on his health care plan. >> the american people deserve to know specifically how this would work. the numbers don't add up and many people will actually the now. >> that is absolutely inaccurate. >> reporter: a testy exchange of the candidates relationship to president obama. >> he has called him week. he has called him a disappointment. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow.when the bus ran
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>> reporter: meanwhile, the republican front runner shows his confidence at a rally in louisiana already projecting a run for reelection. >> i'm going to be there. i'm going to do a great job. hopefully i get an extra four years. >> reporter: donald trump is changing tactics ahead of the next primary pulling all attack ads from the air in south carolina, but his challengers are not backing down. >> donald trump has zero foreign-policy experience. >> you want an entertainer in chief? >> reporter: the democrats will meet n tonight when they both attend a dinner in minnesota and the republicans face off again in their next debate tomorrow night in south carolina. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. an alternate route for the atlantic coast pipeline that will run through two national forest. in a press release, the company said they have worked it out with the u.s. forest service per the new route will cut through george washington
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the route avoid sensitive areas. the son of a maryland man
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you're watching abc 13 news, award-winning coverage of lynchburg, danville, bedford, valley. an arraignment scheduled for the four people who surrendered yesterday at a wildlife refuge in oregon. it ended a more than month-long authorities. marcy gonzales has the latest. >> reporter: today, the four final occupiers of this
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oregon repairing to face a judge on felony charges after yesterday's tents showdown. >> come out with your hands up. >> no were not! >> reporter: the last occupiers finally surrendered peacefully and the more than 40 day stand off. the tense negotiations with the agents played out over a live screen phone call. the group was demanding the federal government turnover public land to local control. last month, the standoff's leaders were arrested during a traffic stop and the group spokesman was shot and killed when investigators say he reached for a gun following the police chase. in all, at least 20 people now indicted on federal charges linked to the occupation. the wildlife refuge still close to the public, but now free of armed occupiers for the first time in more than a month. >> we said since day one our goal is to end this occupation peacefully. we are grateful we were able to do so.
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teams are at the site making sure no explosives were left behind. the officials say it could be weeks before the refuge reopens. marcy gonzales, abc news, new york. the son of the maryland man who killed two deputies said is not the first time his father shot someone. the confrontation went down in front of a local panera bread. jeremy evans said his father david shot his mother around 18 years ago. in fact, it was his mother that called the sheriff's office to someone. >> being a 68-year-old man, he probably saw the rest of his away. >> reporter: evan said his father was a veteran and heavy drinker. sports illustrated switching it up for its
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we have cold i forecast you can count on from the abc 13 weather we are in the valentine spirit. we are in pink and red. >> melissa: hopefully everyone has red and pink jackets. whatever you've got, break it out. you're going to need it. headlines. today. not expecting any significant accumulations. that are cold for the weekend. you're going to want to bundle sunday. of course, watching for winter weather early next week. checking out pinpoint doppler radar, you can see it showing some snow out there. ground.
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this to fall. we are seeing cloud cover and we are seeing temperatures in the 20s. 26 right now in lynchburg. around 28 in roanoke. 26 in martinsville. 29 in danville and blacksburg. clouds are going to hang tough for the day. the wind pretty much from 3 to 10 miles per hour as we head throughout the lunchtime hour. when you factor in some of that wind, it feels like 19 in roanoke. the wind is really going to pick up as we head later into today into tonight. the clipper system bringing winter weather to the heart of virginia. a clipper system will move through and then colder weather for the weekend. could still see mountain showers in the afternoon. this is going to clear out tonight. we will see decreasing clouds with lots of sunshine for your saturday. cold out there. highs only in the 20s. 34 this afternoon in lynchburg. 35 and altavista.
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33 in the new river valley. overnight, temperatures will drop into the teens. wind will shift out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. we go ahead and look and we do have a windchill advisory that goes into effect at 11:00 p.m. tonight.this is in effect until 10:00 a.m. sunday morning. here is the reason why i showed you the gusty winds earlier. if you're heading out for a saturday brunch, it will feel like free degrees at 11:30 tomorrow morning. zero in roanoke. 4 below in blacksburg. it is going to feel like the single digits to near zero throughout saturday. temperatures will make it into the 20s, but when you factor in the wind, dangerously low wind chills. the weekend outlook is about 18 degrees as you're waking up tomorrow. 27 for your high saturday. lots of sunshine. remember, bitter cold. try to limit your time outside. if you are going out, dress warmly. waking up sunday morning for valentine's time outside. if you are going out, dress
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waking up sunday morning for valentine's day, 8 degrees. we will be in the single digits. clouds begin to increase later in the day, 28 for your high sunday. we are watching as we had monday into tuesday. we have some chance for winter weather. this is running through lunch time.we're going to be cold with temperatures in the low 30s for monday.we could see snow showers transitioning to a wintry mix. we will continue to fine-tune the forecast for you. cold, but sunny as we head throughout the weekend. prepare for that cold. you're going to have to stick with us and check the forecast because we will try to narrow down those totals. it's going to be dealing with winter weather through the middle part of next week. back to you. now to another unprecedented event. sports illustrated is changing the game with this year's swimsuit issue. and ad will include a middle-age beauty and 2+ size models.the oldest woman ever to appear will be sporting a
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plus size model ashley gram and precious lee will also be featured. >> this is a big step for sports illustrated because we all have an understanding of what the swimsuit issue looks like and it is changing the face of that look in a positive direction. >> mona: ashley gram was named sports illustrated rookie of the year. coming up on money talks >> stacy: i'm stacy johnson.
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comes to our dietby audiology hearing aid associates dental lynchburg and heritage funeral service and crematory. >> mona: and eight-year-old
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in the last month of his life has died. david passed away at home in chesapeake with parents and friends by his side. the little boy be cancer three times, but the disease always kept coming back. his parents finally gave up on the treatments. with just months to live, david found the love of his life, a classmate named aliah. would you cheat on your taxes? money reporter stacy johnson revealed some of us probably cheat without realizing it. >> i think everybody cheats. >> i don't claim everybody for skipping here and there for their taxes. >> stacy: you can't cheat death, but taxes is another matter. >> you will get in big trouble. >> it is your duty to pay taxes.
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treasury survey, 86 percent of americans said it is not at all acceptable to cheat on your taxes. ignorance or dishonesty, a lot of americans probably do. let's say you buy some doodad for $11 and you sell it and you sell it for $50. >> i probably would report that. >> stacy: you are supposed to. profits are taxable. every dime you make, however you make it, is supposed to be reported as income. bottom line, a lot of americans may not think it's okay to cheat on their taxes, but they might do it anyway whether them they mean to or not. for money talks news, i'm stacy johnson. want to pay less taxes next april? check out my new course mastering your taxes.
12:23 pm hello. i'm mark heiman. the u.s. and european union have a new agreement on data privacy. the issue is data storage by giant u.s. technology companies such as facebook, google, and others. u.s. companies prefer data stored on their own servers, but eu laws require the data to be stored on european servers. this is because the eu has stricter laws than the u.s. when it comes to protecting personal data. this bears repeating. the eu has stricter laws than the u.s. when it comes to protecting personal data. under the new agreement, the u.s. will not conduct indiscriminate mass surveillance of the data on as many as 500 million europeans that stored on u.s. servers. here's the irony. europeans will have greater protections from u.s. intelligence and law enforcement agency spying on them than do u.s. citizens.
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agreement ends mass surveillance and establishes a program. europeans who believe their data is at risk can use it to represent their interest. there is no equivalent for americans. in fact, federal law treats data such as email, calendars, and location data older than 180 days as abandoned. this allows data to be searched and email read without a warrant. this underscores that mass surveillance is less about protecting the u.s. from
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about keeping tabs on forget playing dead or fetching a stick. boogie. this dog is named ginger rogers for a reason. the one-year-old lichen white charmer showed off her dance moves at the florida shelter. she was found roaming the streets. after the video went viral,
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for a dancing dog and adopted her. a valentine's love story. i love her little dance moves >> melissa: she does a better than i do. >> melissa: it's like and hits where you have to keep it right here. it is cold if we go outside right now. we're going to see temperatures feeling like single digits tomorrow throughout the day. the wind is going to be gusty out of the northwest. be prepared for that. digits. back in the upper 20s sunday. keeping an eye on monday and tuesday.we will have the
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