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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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feels that much colder. wind chill is 20 in lynchburg and feels like 24 in blacksburgand feels like 24 in blacksburg. what it looks like for you this evening. a few snow flurries are possible, but no travel issues. mainly a bitter cold night. temps in the teens by tomorrow morning. coming up a little later, how much know we are expecting and when we expect the snow to begin. now we want to get to the aftermath of that massive fire at the old dan river plant in brookneal. abc 13 was the first to bring you live video from the scene yesterday. >> mark: katie brooke has been out there all day today. katie, 24 hours ago it was a massive fire. >> we have a problem with katie right now -- >> the distribution center because that's where the boxes were stored. >> reporter: pat started working here when she was only 19 years old. she stayed for 32 years. she said she never another job like it. >> we were like family. we knew everybody. all three shifts.
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>> reporter: the factory that employed nearly 500 people have been empty for ten years, but that didn't mean a new business couldn't take over. >> you always whether i have that hope that maybe something else will come in there and it will be a booming town again. >> reporter: a wish that has gone up in smoke. >> closing was bad enough, but then to see it burn was just so sad. >> reporter: still, she remains openful that something new will be built in its place. >> you just feel like it is just -- it is taking away a piece of the area. and -- it is hard on us. you don't think you have become attached to something like that, but you do. >> mark: that was katie brooke reporting. fire fighters say the fire was detained. the fire department sent out a state, i commend all of you who tackled this incident. your efforts made a significant difference in making the community safe. the verdict came down in the last half hour.
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white is the mother of little noah thomas found dead in a septic tank after being missing for four days. suri crowe is just now out country court house and tell us more about the judge's decisionmore about the judge's decision. >> reporter: noreen, a long day in court but pulaski circuit court judge bradley cinch found white guilty on all three felony counts including the most serious class 4 count which prosecutors argued was the knowledge that harm or serious injury and in this case the death of little noah thomas can come to ashley white's son. in his decision, judge finch said the own testimony at times was not credible and found the conditions in the mobile home the children were being raised in were deplorable and filthy, full of cigarette butts and smoke. says the prosecution's evidence that the 6-month-old with a respiratory illness was being raised in that trailer demonstrated neglect. probably the most damaging
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white knew the back yard where noah loved to play was, quote, a disaster waiting to happen to any reasonable person would have considered are likely to result in injury or worse in his case death. and this was really the heart of the prosecution's case that the septic tank what was presented and easy access for the little boy to get inside. some how, some way was the heart of the prosecution's case and family members did not want to speak on camera, but i did have a chance to speak to prosecutor who said it was at their trial that justice was served and was certainly a tragedy and there was no evidence this was a deliberate act but that it was a, quote, open and obvious danger that septic tank in the back yard where the little boy could have had such an easy access there. and ashley white need to be held accountable for her actionheld accountable for her actions. her sentencing date is set for some time in may.
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suri crowe, abc 13 news. right now, danville police are searching for whoever shot two people overnight in a car. this happened around 2:15 this morning at the intersection of first street and abbott. the victims tell police that someone shot them while they were driving throughout intersection. police say that 21 and 22-year-old victims suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. both were taken to danville regional medical center. they are standing in solidarity with their fallen brothers and sisters. deputies in bedford county are now wearing blue ribbons. this comes in response to the death of seven sheriff deputydeath of seven sheriff deputies around the country this week alone. one incident took place in maryland where two deputymaryland where two deputies were shot and killed at a panera restaurant. >> been in this business 50 years and this is probably one of the worst weeks that i have ever encountered with police officers being killed in the line of duty. . >> noreen: the sheriff's office will be wearing the blue
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they held a moment of silence earlier today in honor of their fallen comrades. the dominion has developed an alternate route that will avoid sensitive areas in two national forests. in a press release the company has worked it out with the u.s. forest service. this comes after the forest service told dominion it must find alternatives to its previous proposal. pipeline would go through the monagehela and the george washington national forest. dominion will submit the proposal for the new route to the energy regulatory commission next week. this afternoon, washington and lee university announced its next president. post next month. a provost and philosophy professor in williams. he succeeds big name speakers will be addressing their mock convention. dick cheney and ann cult remember among those scheduled to speak.
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have more tonight at 11, also former virginia governor jim gilmore has dropped out of the presidential race. he does plan to support the gop nominee. new tonight, high schoolers are using their skills to help feed the hungry. george washington high school is partnering with god's storeis partnering with god's storehouse with one of their fundraiser called empty bowls. in one of the art classes todayin one of the art classes today, tola. >> reporter: mark, the class was busy making ceramic bowls for the fundraiser. people will pay $15 for a bowl of soup and get to take the bowl home with them. an international grass-roots movement that is raising awareness about hunger. >> art is the best way to express injure selves. >> reporter: from the art glass to the storehouse. raising awareness about hunger have. >> to help other people.
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teachers are searching more than pottery skills. they are molding their students into citizens that give back. >> i think it is a great thing for the kids to understand the need for something like this in our community. >> reporter: starting from the pottery wheel. >> it wasn't finished. because if it goes crazy, then you can tell because your handsyou can tell because your hands. >> reporter: getting areed it to the kiln. >> smoothing the bowl out so make sure there are no lumps or any holes. and the process is -- because if you have any holes or anything, it will it shall it might explode and the kiln. >> reporter: and grazing. >> gull all the way down. >> reporter: and the masterpiece. >> you will be happy to see it finished because the colors -- and the colors -- it could be bright and happy. >> to were my hands in something that we made.
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to make 200 of those bowls. now last year god's storehouse raised $5,000 for the fundraiser and fed 250 people. this year more local artists helping them mix the bowls and they expect to feed more than 3they expect to feed more than 300 people. for ticket information, head over to mark, noreen. >> those bowls look really pretty. >> mark: it is. have you gotten your flowers to that special someone yet? >> it has been very busy all week and the buildup on friday and saturday will be the day. >> mark: why florists have extra challenges with the
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test testeritaged-win coverage you can count on. this is the best time of
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all those red roses mean lot of green for them. >> mark: annie andersen is in the thick of the valentine's day rush and joins us live. no thorns for you. >> reporter: i was lucky in that aspect, but the phone was ringing nonstop at the florist today. extra people called in and everybody was being. that is good because this year florists in the area have extra challenges. >> it has on gone to delivery>> it has on gone to deliveries and to the shop and we will fill all this back pwawp. this year the rush started earlier. >> with today being the 12th, it will mostly be the busy he was of our delivery day and we are open on valentine's day. >> they expect that day to be
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kind of busy.on that day the heaviest walk-in die have customers come in. but we will be making delivery. >> reporter: that is where another obstacle comes in. sub freezing temperatures are not flower friendly. >> we have to be careful with flowers being outside. our drivers have try to get to the door and hopefully people open the doors fast to flowers don't freeze. >> reporter: not only that, the cold impacts have a start delivery. >> our drivers have to keep their doors shut. they cannot linger long when they are loading. they are loading multiple arrangements until they are 16, 18, 20 items at once. they have to be pretty speedy with it and they have to keep opening and closing their doors so things don't freeze. >> reporter: these just wouldn't be as pretty frozen. now told me that one thing people can do to make sure their flowers look like the ones they order is make sure
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a lot of the online just takes orders and arrange them to florists insaved arranging the flowers themselves. >> noreen: thank you, annie. the feels-like temperatures will stay pretty low as annie
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and prepping snow for it's just going to be cold.
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>> mark: a matter of how cold it is going to be. >> noreen: we saw suri crowe down there. the wind was picking up in pulaski county. >> george: she looked miserable out there. if you have any outdoor plans dress warmly. not a friendly wind chill for tomorrow. show what you we are expecting for tomorrow as far as the wind chill, because that is really going to be the big story for your saturday. here is a look saturday in you are up and about at 8 a.m. wind chills in the single i think its. and toward pulaski and lynchburg, will feel like below zero. we will have temps in the teens with a gusty northwest wind. take a look at your lunchtime wind chills. feeling like single digits to near below zero for most of us and the warmest we are going to feel is 0 degrees. the wind chills go down the hill again for saturday night. then we are going to see snow moving in for next week. the changes in the forecast is that it does look like we will see accumulating snow on
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2 to 5-inch totals look to be the most common. as we look to go throughout the weekend, we will be able to narrow this down. 2 to 5 is the most common with 4 to 9 toward the mountain. monday night into tuesday, transitioning to a mix of sleet and rain because the temperatures are going to be getting warmer. here is a map of what we are seeing as far as the forecast amount. most of us are in the 2 to 5most of us are in the 2 to 5-foot range and 4 to 9-foot totaling to i-81 southwestern virginia with zero to 3 to the east. what we are watching to see if this line of zero to 3 will move slightly farther to the west if we are seeing more sleet in the storm. 2 to 5 inches is the most common and we are expecting the know to begin monday morning. that means we could see travel issue business late morning and afternoon. below freezing. we have been below freezing for 70 straight hours. and temperatures 28 and feels
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and tomorrow, it is just going to be very cold all across the heart of virginia even though the sun will be shining for your saturday. on valentine's day on sunday, this area light and gray, these are the clouds moving in and we will see increasing clouds and then when you wake up on monday morning, we will be waking up to light snow moving in, the snow is going to be moving in from the west. so this means southwestern virginia will be receiving the snow first. tonight, no travel issues though you may see a few snow flurries. temperatures falling into the teens overnight. amherst, 16. appomattox, 18. south boston at 20 and bedford at 17. your hourly weather for tomorrow. the actual temperature looks combed enough. then when you factor in the wind chills, single digits to feeling like the lower teens. 24 at lunchtime for the actual temp tomorrow and 27 for your high in bedford. smith mountain lake, 28. 31 for south boston. 26 for amherst, we will remain below freezing for the entire weekend.
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morning will be the coldest. lows dropping. on monday, we will see the snow bein the morning with the heaviest snow falling monday afternoon into monday night. and transitioning to that mix of sleet and snow for tuesday. then drier weather and finally a warming trend for the remainder of the week. >> mark: george, thanks. sports is next. a big daytona week ahead for
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>> hi, everybody, number 7 virginia tryvirginia tries to end their 16virginia tries to end their 16-game losing skid tomorrow at 4:30. the cavaliers won seven in a row haven't won in durham in 21 years. january of 1995. >> excite>> exciting to play. and it is a big deal and being a senior, our last opportunity to go in there and hopefully go in there and get a win. a place i haven't won at. i won at every other arena in acc beside indoor. and we are looking for a good game and it will be a packed environment and it is going to be fun. the liberty flames have never won at longwood's willett hall. 0-14 of all time. the flames have a chance to end that drought tomorrow afternoon at 2. liberty after a slow start is now playing their best basketball of the year. the flames won six in a row
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improve to 8-5 in the big southimprove to 8-5 in the big south. longwood is 4-9 in league play. hope you can join us for week 6 of full-court press. in addition to game highlights, players and cheerleaders of the week. our new top teams and the trifecta and the initial list of 20 boys and girls finalist for first team all full court press honors at the start of the season. brian vickers has been tabbed as tony stewart, replaced in the 14 chevrolet for the sprint unlimited. and vickers ran two races before the recurrence of blood clots kept him out of the car. the rest of the year he has been sidelined four different times since 2010 for health issues. won three career cup races. the most recent in 2013. the broncos are celebrating sunday's super bowl win and today, north carolina representative robert pittinger
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delivered bow jangles fried chicken to colorado congressman mike cough moon gladly accepted saying it doesn't get better than this. nba all-star festivities get under that by toronto as the league celebrates its past as well as top players this year. finalists for the class of 2016finalists for the class of 2016. leading the list, shaquille o'neal, yao ming, allen iverson and lefty brisow. the class will be announced this wednesday in houston. >> wilt chamberlain and developed my own style and later month career, people start comparing them to them. ifif compare me to the greats, i have to represent with grace and honor. >> we may be seeing you later this summer, you never know. >> later, where? >> springfield. >> oh, i hope so. [ laughter ]
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grabber, run, hide, fight. tonight at 7:00, the split second decisions you can make to help save your life in an active shooter situation. plus a gun shop owner said she was targeted by the federal government. at 7:00, why she said her business was the victim of a government program shrouded in secrecy. these stories and more coming breaking news tonight. what donald trump just threatened to do. trump tonight saying he might sue ted cruz over being born in canada. and on the other side, bernie sanders is asked, is he standing in the way of history? the first woman president. how he answers.
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attack at an american accident. and, temperatures not seen in almost 100 years. silence broken. >> could you have prevented what happened to columbine? and tim tebow is here tonight. hard to imagine he had trouble at the prom. tonight, how he's helping thousands. good evening. great to have you with us on a busy friday night. breaking news in the race for the white house. donald trump's threat late today. the primary in south carolina,


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