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tv   News 13 11 Sunday  ABC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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overnight and travel is discouraged. we have a mix of sleet and rain for monday afternoon. after the noontime hour tomorrow, the biggest threat will change to ice and wind. avoid being on the roads if you can to allow the plows and vdot to do their plans. the full forecast, coming up as we break down the complex forecast in a couple minutes. >> whitney: earlier today we spoke with the director of lynchburg public works who says that crews have taken all the necessary precautions. all the plows and spreaders are ready to go and they'll have workers on standby throughout the night.
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$150,000 left in their budget. they're asking the public to be patient as they try to get to all the roads in the next few days. >> we only have enough trucks to work on primary and secondary, so this will be our priority. >> anchor: and lowe's also had all of their snow prep and removal items on deck. they have been in touch with their fulfillment warehouse. in roanoke, officials say that crews have been retreating roads throughout the day. and now that snow is falling,
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hour removal effort. officials in danville say they began treating the roads there with brine on friday. we're told the decision was made to start early because the frigid temperatures we've seen this weekend could have caused that brine to freeze. it takes crews an average of three hours to pretreat the thorough fares. >> just a short time ago, first responderers here in lynchburg had to deal with their first weather-related crash. they say a woman slid off the road and her car burst into flames. it happened just before 9:00 p.m. on route 460 between campbell avenue and chandler mountain road. the driver slipped off the
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the woods and her car caught on fire. the woman was ininjured. the left lane of 460 westbound was closed but all lanes have since reopened. new at 11:00, an explosion in bedford county sent two people to the hospital this weekend. fire crews responded to rexford drive. there was an explosion in a shed there and two people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. the bedford county fire marshal is investigating. >> tonight we're learning more about the campbell county man killed in a single week wreck last night wrong with his girlfriend and son. we told you about david chris johnson that was arrested and
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in relation to a marijuana distribution network. no word yet on when exactly he was released. police say he was behind the wheel of that week when he hit a mailbox and a nearby embankment near the intersection of waterlake, and leesville road. johnson, his girlfriend, my calin white, and his girlfriend's son all died. his 18-year-old daughter was attending a dance at brookville high school when she got the mood. courtney wheaton sat down with her in an interview you'll only see tonight on abc-13. >> i can't really picture this happening. >> reporter: amanda johnson tears. him.
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that at 18 years old, she never thought she'd lose her father that young. >> be at my graduation and wedding. >> reporter: losing her father and brother in the same crash. her little brother will never get to experience the joys of life at all. >> he always smiled and he always -- he always had a smile on his face. and he always gave you kisses and hugged you when he knew you were upset. >> reporter: although she says her dad wasn't perfect, he was her protector, and she knows he's watching from above. >> my mom told me that i should make him proud. >> whitney: a family member told us that the mother of 1-year-old chilin johnson is
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18-year-old amanda has the responsibility of making funeral arrangements. but the problem is her father and brother did not have life insurance. there is a gofundme page to help with the cost. >> reporter: a deputy is in the hospital after crashing his crewser while responding to a call overnight. officer smith was responding to a call about a man threatening to jump off the bridge on greenzville road. on the way to the scene, smith lost control of his car and ran off the road. he was airlifted to roanoke memorial hospital and is in stable condition. the man smith was trying to get to was found later in martinsville and was taken in for a mental evaluation. >> check this out. days after the devastating fire, dan river mill in brookneal is still smoldering.
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corey w. brown. firefighters put out hot spots in frigid temperatures. the mill sat empty for ten years. the fire is still under investigation. tonight we have an update on a robbery at a pharmacy in rocky mount. 26-year-old joshua wayne cundiff was arrested and is being held in the franklin county jail. >> it was a special day for
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we'll show you ho >> whitney: many of you got out to celebrate valentine's day today. that means big business for local stores. bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet designers at lea woods says that people are purchasing assorted arrangements.
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the week, and our busiest day was friday. a lot of people like to send flowers to their significant others on a workday so everybody at work can be jealous. >> whitney: and magnolia foods was also celebrating the holiday. she had a special brunch men and tonight they were booked up for their newly released wine dinner. the folks there said the food was inspired by love. >> our waffles today are pink belgium waffles. and we said love can be cheesy. >> whitney: according to, the average virginian was expected to spend $80 on
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newborns at a hospital were decked out in red hats and tucked in red envelopes just for them. the program is called little hats, big hearts. it raises awareness for heart disease in addition to celebrating valentine's day. how cute! >> will: that is a unique valentine right there. >> whitney: and it's a picture they'll always have. and valentine's day has been
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>> will: >> will: take a peek out from the blacksburg tower camera on this valentine's day.
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new river valley. lynchburg, 19, the dew point is 17. visibility reduced at three miles. wind in the south, southeast at three miles. and we're continuing to funnel in that warm, moist air. 19 in lynchburg, 19 roanoke. 23 danville. these temperatures are our low temperatures for the rest of the date. we might go up or down a degree or two. there's one reason why, dew point values are pretty much at the actual temperature. don't expect a lot of change in its temperature. in hillsville patrick county we see a dry spell. we expect that will fill in
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and this should fill back in as we making our way through the overnight hours tonight. and there is moisture upstream that has to make its way here. this area of high pressure provided us some cooler weather over the weekend. but that will slide away. we'll tap into the warmer air. and warmer air will go up and over the cooler air. we'll see a mixture of sleet and freezing rain tomorrow. and it changes to all rain on tuesday. and we finally get some clearing on wednesday. the snow tonight in the overnight hours. mid-daytime, we'll see mixing taking place. the model is not energetic on this idea. not ready to bite on this cookie just yet. it is going to be a pretty
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rain. and we'll see the change to all rain before this system kicks off on tuesday. anywhere from three inches to one-half inch. here's chief meteorologist george flickinger. >> george: we're going to show you a snowfall map of how much snow we'll see by tomorrow. most of the snow that we're going to see at your house is going to fall tonight. when you wake up, there'll be a lot of snow on the ground. we have not made any huge changes. 2-5 inches. amherst, lynchburg, appomattox, bedford county. 4-9 inches as you make your way towards interstate 80 and blacksburg. and most of this accumulating snow falls tonight and through tomorrow morning. >> will: and kudos to vince smith, our director, to the
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snow tonight and continues through monday morning. and a wintry mix on tuesday morning. a change to all rain on tuesday afternoon. 20-19 in lynchburg. 24 in danville. mountainville in the teens. we'll see snow developing. tomorrow, 30 lynchburg, 32 danville. amherst, 30. dillwyn 31. rustburg, alta vista, 30. southside, freezing. 32 in south boston. 31 at the lake. star city, 30. floyd, 28. lexington, 30. wednesday is a cloudier day. 52 on friday.
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>> whitney: here's a special valentine's day story about a virginia beach veteran and his long-lost love. norwood and joyce fell in love during world war ii. a misunderstanding pulled them party. ivan watson has this love story over 70 years in the making. >> i'm going to give her a squeeze. >> reporter: norwood thomas never stopped thinking about joyce morris. the pair first met in 1944. she, a 17-year-old british girl living in london. and he, a 21-year-old paratrooper for the u.s. forces. young love blossoms. >> [indiscernible] >> reporter: their brief romance was interrupted when thomas was transferred to nor normandy to fight in world war ii. he invited morris to join him but she misunderstood his
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already married. she refused his invitation and went their separate ways. they married other people. thomas became a widower and morris got divorced. one of their sons found them online and they reconnected after 70 years. >> and i say good morning to you every morning. and i'll say i miss you. [laughter] >> and i'll say good morning back to you. you broke my heart. [laughter] >> what would you do if i could give you a squeeze. >> oh, it would be lovely. >> reporter: a crowd funding campaign raised enough run to make that actually happen. this week, thomas made the journey from virginia to adelaide. >> you're still [indiscernible] >> let me give you a squeeze.
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first met just before d-day, reuniting seven days later just in time for "v" or valentine's day. >> you're the best thing that could have happened to me. >> whitney: wow. how special is that? >> will: that is adorable. >> whitney: their connection lasted all those years. >> reporter: and he's still got a thing for her. he's like let me give you a squeeze. and how about some warmer weather for sports? and we've got basketball and
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and they face n.c. state. >> reporter: hi there, everyone. with all the talk about snow tonight, let's focus on sunshine. how about 75 and sunny in florida?
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daytona 500 qualifying. the story today is the 24 car, now belonging to chase elliott. he beat kansas. he's the youngest driver to ever win the pole at the daytona 500 at 20 years old. >> it's such an opportunity for the teams to really i feel like show what they've done in the off season and the kind of work ethic they they have. i don't feel like it's about me. it's nothing special i did to earn it. it's about those guys. >> reporter: chase elliott starts on pole. kensit in second. dale jr. led after round one.
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blaknee follow. the cavs thought they had sealed their first win at the stadium in 21 years. and grace and allen, did he travel or not? that's what everybody is talking about today. and u.v.a. says they'll be ready for the next game. >> just refocus. we played a good game today, but we have areas that we can improve in. and we'll come back tomorrow and watch and learn from it and be ready for monday's game. >> i told my guys you battled. and we'll learn and grow from it. and there's things that we've got to adjust. >> reporter: week six of "full court press" is in the books.
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catch it on make sure to follow the abc-13 "full court press" facebook page or on twitter at 13 sports and we will keep you up to date on when your favorite team is playing. the seminole's booker is long range. and the f.s.u. bench going nuts. and rodriguez takes it to the bank for three. and mcellen is going to spot it up from the quarter. he's with 20. and hurricanes win 67-65. and the tar heels hosting pitt today. page will get the slam. and u.n.c. off and running. just before half, the inside
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right here. there it is. johnson with 19. and tar heels, 85-64. and the n.b.a. all-star game. the final one for kobe bryant. and he passed into westbrook for the jam. and westbrook throws it down with authority. and the west won the game 193-173 over the east. and one highlight for the all-star weekend. green shoots 42% from three for the season. and kevin hart makes his way to the line. and hart starts to heat up. and here comes the last shot, and he nailed it. the two endup in a tie.
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height doesn't >> reporter: the projected totals areawide, 2-5 inches in lynchburg, danville, and bedford. charlotte and halifax county, the least amount of snow, but the greatest amount of ice.
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