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tv   News 13 5  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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fatal crash in faquier county. nine disabled vehicles and we have crews all across our viewing area tonight ready to bring out very latest at this hour. before we go live, let's start right over in the weather center with chief meteorologist george flickinger. >> george: danner, we are seeing the foggy conditions as well. this over lynchburg. you can normally see route 460 around liberty, but you can't see it right now as the visibility has been reduced. now want to take you into bedford county where we have seen the heaviest amounts of snow. right noubing see there is also fog that direction. we are going to see increasing areas of light rain, light freezing rain and sleet for tonight and kind of getting a break for tonight and you see this area of pink here. developing areas of light sleet and light freezing rain and this is advancing northward. as this moves on top of the neighborhoods, i think we are going to see the roads getting a bit slicker and county roads and the neighborhoods that haven't been heavily traveled
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on top of that snow which already on ground, so that means that slippery roads are ahead. so between now and 11 p.m., we will see light freezing rain and sleet before it changes over to all rain in the middle of the night. coming up a little later, we will let you know how much warmer it will be by morning. >> danner: right out in main roads around the area are still wet and with all the cool temperatures, that means it could be treacherous. katie brooke is live in lynchburg. talk to us about the drive in right now. >> reporter: danner, icy conditions are the concern right now and in the parking lot right on the intersection of lakeside drive and 5 01. even though the main roads look safe and clear, they are very slick and hazardous. i have seen lots of plow trucks come and go and they are helping give vehicles traction in these icy conditions. i spoke with paula jones at v dot today. tells me every main road is plowed at this time, but they haven't gotten to many secondary roads.
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and icy conditions. those are very dangerous to drive in. she say the best thing you can do is stay off the road and let v dot continue to do their job plowing and treating the roads. as the temperatures warm in the days to come, that will help a lot. >> the rain will certainly help some of the snow go away. that is nice, but we need to be able to watch those conditions as well. it is possible that in some areas, the snow melt could create some small problems with drainage and some minor flooding in a few areas, but we are not expecting any big issues with that. >> reporter: v dot has hundreds of workers working 12-hour shifts to make sure the roads are as safes that they can and doing a good job as you can see. slow down and give yourself space between yourself and another vehicle so you don't slam into someone. right now is in the 20s but thankfully will gradually warm up throughout the night. live in lynchburg, katie brookelive in lynchburg, katie
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county. suri crowe has the latest on what she is finding there. >> reporter: well, danner, the roads are looking pretty good as you can see over here on route 460. it looks like the snow plows have done their job. but earlier today, i did find an overturned vehicle on route 460 westbound, treacherous road conditions and speed contributeconditions and speed contributed to that accident say state police. actually right here at this spot at 460 covering another angle of the weather when we heard sirens and emergency vehicles just blowing past us. they were headed to this scene. take a look at this video. and s uvs off 460 and likely hits the embankment before turning over at least once according to troopers. you can see the skid marks where the suv went off course, and ended upside down. reporting to state police, the five-person vehicle had six people inside including three children, 13 years and younger. two of the youngest children
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the center of the back seat. those kids are age 2 and 7 according to state police, and they should been buckled into individual car seats. a very frustrated fire chief timmy garrett had this to say at the scene. >> we just can't reiterate the fact of having seat belts and children that need to be in child seats need to happen. it is a senseless -- when someone loses their life in a car wreck because they didn't have a seat belt or children not in a child seat, it is ridiculous. >> reporter: he was very frustrated today. now everyone in the vehicle was transported to lynchburg general with minor injuries which is a relief. the driver of that vehicle was cited for reckless driving and for improperly securing children in the vehicle. danner. >> all right, suri crowe live in appomattox county. let's go to the south side now. tola adamson is live in danville with the latest. >> reporter: well, danner, no
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now. it was raining a little earlierit was raining a little earlier, but that stopped just moments ago. what the city is really dealing with right now is the freezing rain from earlier. it is in a thin layer of ice all over the city. walk over to snow that haven't been plowed yet in our parking lot, and as you can hear, it is very crunchy. now that is the ice that is sitting on top of that snow. it has made the job for crews even harder. i caught up with the crews today clearing snow out of several parking lots in the city and this he told me how they are dealing with this icy weather. this is when the shovel really comes into n handy. >> because once put the ice on top of it and it starts freezing, the tractor kind of slides on top of it. one of these. >> reporter: how do you guys do it. shovel it? >> shovel it. and he come behind us and pushes it away. >> reporter: now the public
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through the main roads, the side roads, and the residential streets. with the possibility of freezing rain later on tonight, the city will have crews working overnight as well, and residents should be aware that their residential street may not be cleared down to the bare pavement because that the all their residential streets were pretreated. now danville police say so far only two crashes and no injuries to report tonight. live in danville, tola adamson, abc 13 news. >> danner: thank you, tola. the next half hour bedford county as we take live look at the scene right now. our crew driving through right now. plus, we are going to check in with roanoke officials to see what other parts of the county are dealing with too. now as we get more ice overnight, it doesn't matter what you drive, ice does not discriminate. take a look at an accident that happened today on route 29 near english tavern road in campbell county. let's go over there. experts say the tread on you are tire doesn't matter when it comes to ice.
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ice, steer your car in the direction you want it to go. if your car starts to rotate, steer it in the other direction. and you can spot black ice. if an area on the road looks wet but no water running from it, that is black ice. also if you are going 20 miles per hour on an iceper hour on an icy road, you need about 180 feet of clearance to completely stop. give you some perspective here. that is about half of a football field. we want to go now to appalachian power outage map four. a live look. no outages to report right now, but we have heard from south side electric cooperative. 250 people in bedford county have lost power. we are also getting reportswe are also getting reports from dominion up to 800 outages for customers south boston. you can now get your school closing on your phone go to go to weather tab and scroll
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there, you can opt to get your alerts to unphone and choose specific schools as well. we will have the latest on the closings and delays along with the forecast as it is getting closer at a lot of schools have already close and check this there and on our abc 13 facebook page for the very latest. and will swill live outside our lynchburg studio. will, what are the odds kids following school toll. i know some people have already cancelled. show us what you are seeing. >> will: well, as katie said, danny, just a minute ago. it depends on the road conditions. go to langhorn road. the main road is not bad, but the secondary road directly across the street from our station a little bit snow-covered. that gentleman is going a little too fast for the road conditions out there. this is what our forecast looks like. travel will be discourage and really we are discouraging traffic by tuesday morning. by tuesday afternoon use caution on those roads and
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will see improving road conditions. >> danner: thank you, will. hope that guy is okay. new half hour, more information on a deputy
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seemeteorologist george flickinger, award-winning coverage you can count on. >> you know i am calling on your cell phone to let you know no school today . >> danner: oh, boy, the
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county schools in kentucky got creative to announce no school today. the snow line bling, a play on drake's song and he did his own song. george, we actually have another sing-along school alert to show you tonight. i have been waiting to see what bedford county schools put together. this one is local. spokesman ryan edwards sent this out today brush teeth and hair and there is no surprise and no tears in your eyes tomorrow is what you hoped for so we are telling you today is a today a snow day too don't even open your door cause we got friends in snowy places where the streets are messy but our news -- [ laughter ] >> george: singing along.
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snowy places. thank you, brian, for sharing that. actually i hijacked ryan's post on bedford county school facebook page. but he turns out really funny stuff. >> i bet you one those things that goes viral too. kind of catchy and fun. >> danner: i promised a lot of snow today and a lot more to forecast in the hours to come george flickinger a lot to get to -- >> george: a lot to get to. lynchburg. some got more, some got less. if you were watching us from south side. danville is two inches. 8 and a half inches for roanoke8 and a half inches for roanoke. bedford county, we are showing you our crews driving through bedford earlier. snow.n bedford. 9 inches for blacksburg and smith mountain lake at 4 inches of snow. now the snow has ended for this evening between now and 11:00. we will see a mix of light, freezing rain and sleet. it is going to be occasional,
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dry weather as well, and in the middle of the night through 3 a.m., a changing over to all rain. this means that when you wake up tomorrow morning, all the precip going to be falling as rain, and some of that rain in the morning is going to be heavy rain as the temperatures are going to be warming up throughout the night. we are going to be in the upper 20s at 7:00, and toward midnight, rising toward freezing. when you wake up in the morning, you will see temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees as we see a warm front dancing forth ward across the area. the temperature at 25. also the wind chill. the light blue number. the wind not quite as strong enough. and you will never get wind chill. very cold everywhere. 24 in roanoke, blacksburg. south boston at 29. and 30 in danville. the next few hours, we will gradually see that warmer weather advanceweather advancing its way northward and by tomorrow morning, all of us will be above freezing. now check.of the radar show this area of pink. this is light sleet and light freezing rain which is
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will see additional slick areas because this is going to be sleet. and also areas of light freezing rain on top of the snow, which is already slipperysnow, which is already slippery, so it is going to be this snow advancing out of greensboro, advancing out of north carolina. then tomorrow morning, heavier rain is going to be moving in from the west and southwest. so this means at midnight, this area pink, this is freezing rain mixed in with the rain. notice how the pink disappears in the middle of the night. that means that all the precipitation will be coming down as liquid. it is all going to be rain. when you wake up tomorrow morning, highly likely that you will have heavy rain coming down. a look at 7 a.m. you can see the pockets of very heavy rain. half-inch, possibly one-inch rain totals and by lunchtime, a look at 11 a.m., you can see the rain moving out, so by late morning through lunchtime tomorrow afternoon, rest of your day, the rest of tomorrow is going to be drier. when you wake up in the morningwhen you wake up in the morning, you will see temperatures in the 30s to
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tomorrow afternoon, all of us well above freezing. highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s. 100% chance of rain tomorrow morning and then dry tomorrow afternoon. could see a few showers mainly toward south side on wednesday and a huge warm-up for your weekend. highs in the 60s by saturday, danner.
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a henry county deputy was listed in serious condition while crashing his cruiser while responding to a call over the weekend. just after midnight, vb smith was responding to a call about a man threatening to jump off a bridge on greensboro road and ran off the road when he was headed there. smith was airlifted to roanoke memorial hospital. officials say they found a man the little later and took him in for a mental evaluation. roanoke police have released new information about a pedestrian hit late friday night. they say 59-year-old david lee burnley of roanoke county is at carillon roanoke hospital. burnly got hit by a vehicle
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no one has been charged. virginia's spring fire season is now under way. starting today. state law prevents burning before 4 p.m. each day. if the fire within 300 feet of the woodland brush or fields containing dry grass and other flammable materials. violators can be fined up to $5violators can be fined up to $500 bucks and can foot the bill of snuffing the fire out and any stage.
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in three minutes, what i attempted to build a snow i attempted to build a snowman out today. not snow packing type of snow because of this thin layer of ice on top of it. if you are finding the snow pack today, do that tonight because it won't be here for tomorrow, because temperatures will rebound into the overnight hours tonight. you can see temperature contrasts much warmer in danville than lynchburg first thing tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, temperatures much warmer out there for today. that will melt all of this snow. >> danner: for sure. tonight's mommy monday has advice on losing weight and feeling healthier. if you were looking for motivation look to your wallet. studystudied 300 of these people to see which of the two strategies more likely to meet their daily exercise goal. 7,000 steps. some received a cash reward when they met the goal. others had to pay a penalty when they didn't. the penalty situation was
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it is just what behavioral economists have long claimed. people are most strongly motivated to avoid feelings of loss or regret. so when it comes to your exerciseexercising goals, consider asking a friend or loved one to hold you accountable and come up with one of those penaltyup with one of those penalties. we have got extensive weather coverage straight ahead on abc 13 news at 5:30.
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this is appomattox where energy efficiency doesn't pick favorites. it should apply to everyone. i'm zach bacon with appalachian power. i'm an energy efficiency coordinator here in virginia. to me, it's all about being able to help our customers learn energy efficiency. this partnership with appalachian power allows us to touch more families in this region that really need it.
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it had holes in the ceilings. it was very cold. they saved our house. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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snowy and icy conditions have made the roads very slick. >> mark: and abc 13 is keeping you up to date so you can stay safe on the roads. >> will: we are watching sleet and rain and make driving conditions into the afternoon and overnight dangerous and very quick. >> mark: take you live to lynchburg, bedford, roanoke to get the very latest. >>announcer: anytime, anywhere, award-winning
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there is abc 13 news. we want to find out what is happening right now live in lynchburg tonight, and what you can expect on the roads. >> danner: katie brooke has everything that we need to know new tonight. katie. >> reporter: my abc 13 weather app says it is 27 degreeapp says it is 27 degrees out there right now. and this makes our very slick roads treacherous. take a look over here. main are road at lakeside drive on 501 are pretty clear but does not mean they are not slick. traffic is moving, but i have seen a few people slip and slide here tonight. we traveled all over lynchburg and consistently saw main roads that are clear, but right now the big potential hazard, these wet roads. plow trucks are doing everything they can to keep that from happening. they are dropping salt and abrasives to stay ahead. they haven't gotten to many secondary roads that packed down snow on them question make things slick and hard to drive on.
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working 12-hour shift until all roads are safe and clear. the bottom line here, if you can, stay at home. we want to show what you we are talking about down here. a little bit of sleet and ice, and as you can see, the snow, there is a layer of ice on top of the snow here, and underneath it, it is really powdery, and that could be very slick especially when it is on the road. so you just be very careful. be sure it not slam on your brakes. drive very slowly, gently and don't make any sudden terms and be safe if you can. the roads are pretty slick out here. live in lynchburg, katie brookelive in lynchburg, katie brooke, abc 13 news. >> danner: all right, katie. route 460 in lynchburg by the candler's mountain exit. travel is slow. not a lot of everyone out there on the roads. you see that one little car with the headlights there. a lot of people taking the advice to stay home. >> not bad at all. and the latest on the show with george flickinger, will stafford, priscilla kaiser and


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