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tv   News 13 530  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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working 12-hour shift until all roads are safe and clear. the bottom line here, if you can, stay at home. we want to show what you we are talking about down here. a little bit of sleet and ice, and as you can see, the snow, there is a layer of ice on top of the snow here, and underneath it, it is really powdery, and that could be very slick especially when it is on the road. so you just be very careful. be sure it not slam on your brakes. drive very slowly, gently and don't make any sudden terms and be safe if you can. the roads are pretty slick out here. live in lynchburg, katie brookelive in lynchburg, katie brooke, abc 13 news. >> danner: all right, katie. route 460 in lynchburg by the candler's mountain exit. travel is slow. not a lot of everyone out there on the roads. you see that one little car with the headlights there. a lot of people taking the advice to stay home. >> not bad at all. and the latest on the show with george flickinger, will stafford, priscilla kaiser and
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george is with us first. what the latest update this hour. >> george: mark, the temperatures will rise and that will continue. a lot of this sleet and snow will melt this evening and the temperatures are going to be rising overnight. this means that when you wake up tomorrow morning, we are going to be above freezing. temps will be in the upper 30s, and into the 40s for tuesday morning. we are also going to see heavy rain moving in tomorrow morning. now right now, we tracking this little area of pink. that is light, freezing rain and light sleet which is -- which is advancing northward toward lynchburg. you can see it in pennsylvania county. bedford county getting it right now. also you can see toward franklin county near rocky mount. for this evening, light freezing rain and light sleet on top of the existing snow. that means that a lot of the roads, the county roads and the neighborhoods are what is going to be getting more slippery. a look at the temperatures freezing. for an update on the sleet,
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>> will: george, out here right now look at our snow board. there is a thin layer of glaze on that as well. to give you a better indication of the glaze, a closer inspection. if you want to zoom in down on that. generally how thick it is right now. we are a little bit concerned because we may have more of that come in during the overnight hours of tonight. the futurecast model paints 0the futurecast model paints $.0the futurecast model paints $.02 of additional ice that and temperatures will rise as we head to the overnight hours tonight. we should also mention that anything over a quarter of an inch could cause power outages out there. and we will be keeping track on that all evening as well. back to you. >> mark: will, thanks. a truck slid into a gas pump. a worker said it was the louder noise she ever heard and immediately turned the gas line off. priscilla kaiser joins us live in that gas station where it all happened. priscilla? >> reporter: the truck turned into this gas station and as
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snow-covered hill, it just slid into where this gas pump used to sit. >> i am guessing 20 tons of truck and couldn't stop. >> reporter: a sight to sea>> reporter: a sight to sea see>> reporter: a sight to sea see. and proof of the danger on the snow-covered roads. >> i thought it would blow up. i mean gas -- i thought gas would pour out of., but i guess it wasn't on. >>reporter: it left behind a mess, a knocked over gas pitch, damaged guardrail and chunks of asphalt, but luckily no one was hurt. >> reporter: daryl tucker know what is it is like to hit ice. his pickup truck slid flight a woman driving a sedan. >> i am just glad that she wasn't hurt. >> reporter: retired truck driver robert hudson says driving trunksdriving trucks is not necessarily safer in this kind of weather even if they are
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>> make sure you make the smooth turns because a lot of weight behind that you can make you shift an ma make the trailer of the truck itself going sliding off the side of the road. >> reporter: after slide>> reporter: after sliding into another car, daryl tucker says he is done for the day. >> if you don't have to go nowhere, stay at home. don't go on there. >> reporter: drivers like tucker say the roads are deceivedeceiving. they look clear, but when it freezes, most of what you can't see has frozen and turned into black ice. experts say when driving, you should leave at least 10 seconds between you and the car in front of you to give yourself time to stop. as for the gas pump, the driver of the truck gave over his insurance information and the gas station says they plan on replacing it in the coming daysreplacing it in the coming days. live in bedford, priscilla kaiser, abc 13 news. >> danner: we had wrecks all
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to roanoke where annie andersen has been keeping an i'm on that out there. annie. >> reporter: right now we are in a lull. the snow has stopped but not seek that freezing rain expected later tonight. as for the roads, they look better but in this case, looks can be deceivecan be deceiving. 581 early this morning. crews were nonstop and the snow was coming so fast that v dot couldn't catch up with it. now that the snow has passed. crews have been able to gain the upper hand. with all the cars driving on them, made slushy mess. v dot expects that slush to turn into ice once the freezing rain starts. because of the cold temperatures, v dot wasn't able to pretreat the roads as much as they would have liked to. >> we have an icing event, we will buy chemicals and add some abrasives to add traction but a lot of times with ice, we have to wait for those warmer temperatures. >> reporter: i know we all keep saying it, but stay off the roads if you don't absolutely have to be on them. it is just too dangerous.
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virginia for road conditions. that's what i will be doing before i head home tonight. danner. >> danner: thank you, annie. find that on our web dietdiet -- web skit. that has everything on there. >> danner: the ice has slowed down. >> mark: check for closings on our web site as we take a look at smith mountain lake. you can get an alert on youryou can get an alert on your child's school on your cell phone if the school has been closed. like our facebook page and tell us what you are seeing. a tractor-trailer carrying livestock overturned today. officers then spent hours trying to round up those cows along interstate 81. the truck driver, 22-year-old derek crabtree had minor injuries. he is charged now with reckless driving. six of the 33 cattle on board died and another six escaped hand to be rounded up. there is a veterinarian on the scene to help treat the cows
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closed as crews work to move that truck. coming up next, we will update you on the snowfall total and when to expect all these temperatures to rise above freezing. later this afterhour, we go to d.c. over the fight is picking up over who will replace the late supreme court
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california lea the heart of the church, the mission of the church, is to change our world by developing christ followers who love god and love people. everything that we are wrapped up in, everything that we do, everything that ought to drive us, the passion that we ought to have in our hearts is summed up in that statement. we want to change the world.
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river valley. >> danner: i have really enjoyed all these pictures comeenjoyed all these pictures coming into our in box here at abc 13. you are sending us pictures what you are seeing on the snowwhat you are seeing on the snow. if you haven't yet, e-mail your own pictures. i love this one. that is elsa in the snow. >> mark: from "frozen." >> danner: we all went ah. send your pics to or post them on our abc 13 facebook page. >> mark: what we are going to have -- i know, they are very cute. >> danner: very cute. >> mark: she will have to wear her boots a little bit longer because all the snow will turn into water because the rain heading our way. >> george: turn into a slushy mess by the time you wake up this morning. if you want to build a snowman, it will not last very long. some of the snowfall totals. and keep you update and different totals throughout the hour. lynchburg, danville and roanokelynchburg, danville and roanoke, our big three cities in the abc 13 viewing area, 5
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danville an 8 for roanoke. appomattox, you picked up 6 inches of snow. amherst picked up 7 inches and lower totals south side. 3 inches in south boston. on the 6 p.m. news we will show you additional snowfall totals. between now and 11:00, no more snow. the falling snow is done. a mix of light freezing rain and sleet, and in the middle of the night, it is going to change to all rain, but by the time you likely wake up tomorrow morning, we will see heavy rain. the temperatures are going to be above freezing, so you won't have to worry about any black ice; however, a lot of is that snow could be washed into the streets and that could create a slushy mess for you. right now the temperatures at 25. and when you stay with us this evening, you will notice the temperature gradually rising throughout the evening. we will see warmer weather which is going to be moving in from the south. right now we have those slightly warmer temps toward south side upper 20s toward danville and south boston. colder in blacksburg and roanoke. blacksburg, you picked up 9 inches of snow.
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there is no more snow falling right now across the heart of virginia as this area pink. this is a mixture of light, freezing rain and sleet. this is advancing northward into lynchburg. there is more to it to the south in north carolina, and all advancing northward and then for tomorrow morning, this heavy rain which is right now in tennessee, that is right now moving on top of it and you may pick up a half inch and an inch of rain tomorrow afternoon. that will wash a lot of that snow into the streets. now on the futurecast, it is showing these areas of pink at 8 p.m. occasional light sleet and occasional freezing rain. in the middle of the night. notice how the pink gradually disappears as we have the warmer temperatures and all the precip changes over to rain. for your tuesday morning, a 1for your tuesday morning, a 100% chance of rain. if you were commuting to work very early on yours tuesday morning, it is going to be raining. and look at this bucket of red. this means downpours.
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short period of time, half inchshort period of time, half inch, an inch, we can see a few totals over an inch of rain tomorrow morning and by lunchtime tomorrow, we are going to be dry and all of that rain moving out of virginia by tomorrow afternoon. so the temperatures tonight are going to rise. really not going to have a low temperature as it is going to be rising overnight and through tomorrow morning. we will have upper 30s and lower 40s in the morning. morning, heavy rain. then up to 46 at lunchtime on tuesday. we will see a high in the upper 40s, and around the rest of the area tomorrow, a mix of upper 40s and lower 50s. your seven-day forecast show that once the rain ends tomorrow, we are going to see a nice warming trend for later in the week. still a little cool for your wednesday and thursday, and then those 60s by saturday. >> all right, george, thanks. the fight has already begun the fight has already begun. >> reporter: scalia dies and one second after he is dead, they are already starting to fight about politics.
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over who will t a president's day storm coated the white house today on this president he is day. d.c. whether get 4 to 6 inches. >> mark: on capitol hill,
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and who will replace him on the u.s. supreme court. lana zack has more on that fight. >> we also have a big, big deal issue in this campaign now because of the passing of justice scalia. >> we are one justice away from a radical five justice radical that majority report the death of scalia reverb greated. >> scalia dies and one second after he is dead they are fighting about politics. >> reporter: ted cruz is the first with a political ad. >> we are just one supreme court justice away from losing them all. >> reporter: goes continue to lose donald trump saying trump will have a nonpro-life jurist . >> he is a liar. >> reporter: he did hunt at a possible third party run if he didn't win the nomination. >> i signed a pledge and a double-edged pledge and as far as i am concerned, they are in fought of their pledge. >> reporter: outside the supreme court, protesters
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signs saying "fill this vacancysigns saying "fill this vacancy." >> reporter: a certain irony in this debate. justice scalia was known for being a strict constitutionalbeing a strict constitutionalist whether i provide for the president so appoint a justice despite it being an link year, lana zack, washington. >> mark: you can tune into a town hall on called your voice, your future, millennials in politics. the town hall will tackle issues like which presidential candidate will best solve the challenges that young people face today. it will be streamed live on our web site from 7 until 8 p.m. from the terrorism alert desk in washington d.c., i am jonathan elias. a air strike in northern syria killing two makeshift hospitals killing seven and injuring eight others. both were supported by doctors without board hes. they say the group burned a hole in a flight and they
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but they failed. in nigeria, 58 people killed and 78 others wounded after two female suicide bombers blew themselves up at a camp that was supposed to be sheltering people from terrorism. other lives were spared in this attack because a third bomber found out that her family had taken shelter they are and did not detonate her explosives. tuesday. the victims were staying in a
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displaced by bok flying the friendly skies is now the safest it has been in the past five years. airline accidents dropped significantly last year. the international air transport association reported four accidental airline crashes in 2015 with 136 deaths. that is a huge drop from the year before. in 2014, 641 people died. new york may allow the parents of young children to defer a piece of their state taxes to help cover the cost of child care. the proposal was announced by state senator daniel squadron. under it, parents could defer up to two grand a year to help cover child care costs. they would get up to 10 years to pay the deferred taxing interest free or if the child is out of school or school age. child care costs on average more than $10,000 a year in new york. tip of the iceberg. >> yeah, yeah indeed.
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comes to this sno earlier on today we saw some of this in the form of snow. we are seeing some of this in the form of ice. and by first thing tomorrow morning, we will be seeing some of this, liquid rain. here is the reason why, we had rain and that got over to sleet
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anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, there is abc 13 news. a live look at the roads tonight as we have gone from several inches of snow to sleet and freezing rain. right now we are tracking the possibility for the roads to get even more slick as the evening goes on. >> mark: that's right. begin our team coverage with our chief meteorologist george flickinger along with will stafford. george? >> george: all right.
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roads are likely to get even more slippery tonight due to light rain, freezing rain and sleet. take you live to downtown danville. looking live over central boulevard. not too many people are out. those cars that are out, you can see them -- most of the major roads are in decent shapemajor roads are in decent shape. one thing you are going to notice this evening is that the temperatures write below freezing flow going to get warmer. we will be above freezing by morning; however, right now we are below freezing and as long we are below 32 degrees. whatever precip we get is going to stick. right now you can see some of the light, freezing rain, lightthe light, freezing rain, light, freezing drizzle and over mobing. the pink color and over toward roanoke. for this evening, not going to be constant but to he occasionbe constant but to he occasional light, freezing rain and light sleet. this means that a lot of the county roads and neighborhoods will be slippery. coming up a little later, we will let you know how long it precipitation will last before we can enjoy warmer weather returning.


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