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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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roads are likely to get even more slippery tonight due to light rain, freezing rain and sleet. take you live to downtown danville. looking live over central boulevard. not too many people are out. those cars that are out, you can see them -- most of the major roads are in decent shapemajor roads are in decent shape. one thing you are going to notice this evening is that the temperatures write below freezing flow going to get warmer. we will be above freezing by morning; however, right now we are below freezing and as long we are below 32 degrees. whatever precip we get is going to stick. right now you can see some of the light, freezing rain, lightthe light, freezing rain, light, freezing drizzle and over mobing. the pink color and over toward roanoke. for this evening, not going to be constant but to he occasionbe constant but to he occasional light, freezing rain and light sleet. this means that a lot of the county roads and neighborhoods will be slippery. coming up a little later, we will let you know how long it precipitation will last before we can enjoy warmer weather returning.
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we have reporters all across our viewing area seeing how the roads are. katie brooke is in lynchburg. suri crowe. and priscilla kaiser has more on what happened when a driver in bedford ended up going into a gas pump. let's go first to you, katie. >> reporter: all right, well, noreen, i want to show you where i am at the intersection of lakeside drive and 501. as you can see traffic is moving at a norm at speed. roads are clear and they are wet and slushy. plow trucks have been going up and down the road dropping abrasives and salt to prevent prefreezing. i am told there are ice patchesi am told there are ice patches. i talked to frederick rusher and traveling concord. he didn't have any trouble on the main roads but the secondary roads were pretty spruv if you take your time, you will be just fine. if you take your time, you will be just fine. just the secondary roads you really need to be careful with.
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taking more time. some tips for you tonight. paula jones at v dot say slowing down is the best thing you can do in these icy conditions. don't break too quickly or make any sudden sharp or fast turns. rain and warmer temperatures are in the future, so jones sayare in the future, so jones says that will work in your father's day favor. i want to lastly show you down here. i grabbed slush off the road earlier and as you can see. this was on the road. it is hard, and it is just very slick, and not good for driving on. be sure you are careful and go slowly and day home if you can. live in lynchburg, you katie brooke, abc 13 news. we want to head to the south side. tola adamson has the very latest on conditions in danville. tola, what are you seeing tonight? >> well, mark, as you guys can tell, it is raining. just started a few moments ago. started pretty lightly and just now picking up right here. as you can tell right now, think of residential street right behind me. it is obvious that the crews have been over to the street,
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bare pavement. danville public works wants people to know with a lot of residential streets in this city are going to look like because they were not pretreated. some of them were not. i am going to move over here to this car right now. this is the problem that danville public works was dealing with, the freezing rain until earlier on today that left the snow pretty hard and as you can tell, a lot of ice right here for them to get through. it made their job a little bit more tougher. i caught up with a crew that was clearing out the city today. and they told me about how they are dealing with this icy weather. >> because once you put the ice on top of it, this kind of slides over top of it. so one of these. >> reporter: how do you guys do it, shovel it? >> shovel it. and then he comes behind us and pushes it away. >> reporter: well, danville public works has made their way through the primary and secondary roads. they say those roads are
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they say they will have the crew working overnight with this expectation of freezing rain. as you can tell right now, it is pouring down rain. they are expect that to get into freezing rain. now danville police will have two crashes to report today. thankfully no injuries. live in danville, tola adamson, abc 13 this. >> all right. state police say treacherous road conditions and speed contributed to a wreck with an overturned suv on route 460 today that happened in appomattox countyappomattox county. and that's where we join suri crowe now live. suri. >> reporter: noreen, three children were inside this suv and fortunately no one was seriously hurt and could have been so much worse according to state police. the scene. state troopers tell us that a gmc suv swerved off of route 46046 0 westbound and likely hit the embankment before turning over at least one time. you can see the skid marks in the road where the suv went off
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down. they removed them from the car and transported them to lynchburg general. the five-person vehicle had six people inside including three children under the age of 13. the two children who were not strapped in where they should have been were ages 2 and 7 say police. >> my understanding is two of the children should have been in car seats but instead strapped in one placebo in the center. all -- seat belt in the center. when i say improperly secured. not following the laws. the children were not properly secured. >> reporter: again, ems officials tell me that the injuries were nonlife-threatening. good news there but certainly very close call. the driver of the vehicle was cited for reckless driving and improperly securing children in a vehicle. mark. >> mark: thanks. a gas station in missing a pump after a truck slid into one.
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loudest noise she ever heard and immediately turned the gas line off. priscilla kaiser joins us live in this station where it all happened. priscilla. >> reporter: if you can imagine>> reporter: if you can imagine, mark, a truck turning into this gas station sliding down this snow-covered hill and into where this gas pump used to sit. the incident left behind a mess, knocked over a gas pump, damaged gavrdraileddamaged gavrdrail and chunks of asphalt but luckily no one was hurt. on our way back to the news station, another incident involving slippery roads. a man driving a pickup truck tells us hate patch of ice, lost control and thousand in a woman in the sedan. retired truck driver robert hutchens says driving trucks isn't necessarily safer in this kind of weather even if they are four-wheel drives. >> to make those smooth turns because a lot of weight behind you most of the time that can make you move, shift and make
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go sliding off the side of the road. >> reporter: the roads are deceivedeceiving. they look clear but with the freezing temperatures most of what you can't see have frozen and turned into black ice. driving experts say take ten seconds between you and the car in front of to you give yourself some room to stop. live in bedford, priscilla kaiser, abc 13 news. >> noreen: thank you, priscilla. now outside will stafford. somehow it looking right now? >> will: the sleet and the wind were picking up a bit. priscilla gave good points. stay a couple of feet away from the car in front of you if you absolutely have to be outside tonight. if you don't, we are discouraging travel through tuesday afternoon. maybe by the time wednesday comes around, we will be okay to get back on the roadsto get back on the roads. if you absolutely have to get out you may be on the way for tomorrow. a good idea if you don't have to be out tonight through the day tomorrow, probably a good
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back inside to you, noreen. >> noreen: has been a busy day for state police responding to accidents. state police say from midnight until 2:00, they had 538 crashes and 347 disabled vehicles. there has been luckily only one fay. that was in faquier county this morning. -- fatality that was in faquier county. in the salem division 68 crashes today. fouv drive, before you leave check the virginia -- before you drive, before you leave, check the virginia. go to 511have a rap isorg. with the sleet and freezing rain coming down means a higher threat for power outage. >> mark: how appalachian power plans to help you when the
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coverato you with freezing rain, power
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>> noreen: annie andersen talked to appalachian power about what the ice could mean tonight. are they wororried about out ages this evening? >> reporter: noreen. the company is telling me they don't know what to expect. it all depends on how much ice we get. 400 people were out power, and i just checked and right now appalachian power is not reporting any outages in virginia, but representatives know when the freezing rain get us to, there is always the possibility of outages. they have crews on alert and ready to go. the power company says they haven't called in crews from outside areas yet, but more people are available should we need them here. south side electric cooperative was reporting 250 customers without power in bedford county earlier this afternoon, but power has been restored over there. if this freezing rain does topple some power lines, remember do not go near them. call 911 and they will have emergency crews come out and deal with it. but if it is just your power
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call your power company directly. >> mark: mark all right, annie>> mark: mark all right, annie, thanks. you can get school closing on your phone. go to go to the weather tab and scroll down to school closing alerts. there you can opt to get those alerts to your phone, and you can choose a specific school if you are calling in a closing. we only except church closings for services on wednesday and sunday. right now take a look at some of your viewer pictures. we have been getting some day. there. i think they got sick of it the last time. you can submit your pictures on our abc 13 facebook page or e-mail them to that is p irk cs, and go to -- that is pics, and go to for comprehensive
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>> mark: all right, we have the snowt the cold. now we have the freezing rain to deal with. >> noreen: not quite over yet. >> george: the freezing rain this evening and i think we should explain what freezing rain is, because a lot of folks don't know. this is what we are getting right now. a look at the weather graphics for you. right now we are getting freezing rain, and mark and noreen, freezing rain is just regular ol' rain. looks like regular lane coming down, but when it hits the ground it starts to freeze on stuff. temperatures below freezing.
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you so they rain coming down, looks like regular lane. this is actually freezing rain. >> noreen: so don't be fooled by when you hit the road tonight. >> george: right, sticking to come of the roads and the temperatures are below freezing. this means we will see slippery roads this evening. tomorrow, i think it will be more slushy roads as the temperatures are going to be warmer. we -- we have also been keeping you updated on the snowfall amount if you were watching us from madison heights. one of the higher local totals at 7 inches. bedford, will stafford's hometown, 8 inches. evanton, 4.5. lesser amounts south side with 2 inches down in chatham in pennsylvania county. now take a look at where we have light freezing rain and sleet ongoing right now. where you see this pink, this is where it may be raining at your house. and temperatures are in the 20s. it may be starting to stick with stuff and will make the sidewalk slippery and some of the neighborhoods slippery.
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right now along i-81. also through south side. we have this area of heavier rain which is moving in, it is freezing rain, and the temperatures right now in danville are below freezing. so use extreme caution if you were driving tonight. because this evening, while we have this rain, the freezing rain and the temps in the 20s, the roads could be very slippery. right now pennsylvania county can see the light rain making its by chatham. heavier freezing rain right now in danville. the temperature is in the 20s, but this is also the warmest that we have been all day, and we are going to keep rising about a degree an hour the next few hours. this means toward midnight we will see temperatures nearing the freezing mark. 26 right now. danville, you are up a degree from last hour. you are now at 20. south boston at 29. 29 in blacksburg and roanoke. here is what you can expect this evening. additional freezing rain. it is not going to be constant, but occasional freezing rain will keep moving up from the south. now notice how a lot of this pink starts to disappear in the middle of the night, and
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of course most of us will be in bed asleep at 1 a.m., but if you were out, no more freezing rain precip. it is going to be coming down as rain. now tomorrow morning, here is tuesday at 6 a.m., we are going to see very heavy rain moving in. you may pick up over an inch of rain in your house by 11 a.m., all that rain clears, drier by the afternoon. so overnight tonight, not really a low temperature. the temps will be slowly risingthe temps will be slowly rising. when you wake up tomorrow morning, we will be above freezefreezing with temps in the mid- to upper 30s. altavista, 38. appomattox, 38. lower 40s toward south side. your hourly weather for tomorrow. you will have those temperatures. you. the temperatures rising above freezing, and by afternoon, we will see highs in the upper 40s and lower 50s. smith mountain lake, 49. and south boston at 52. forecast shows that for wednesday and thursday, drier weather. could see a few small hours on wednesday mainly across south
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see a warming trend kicking in for the weekend. highs in the 60s by saturday. >> mark: all right, george, thanks. thousand in for a town hall tomorrow night at called "your voice, your future: millennials in politics." w syx out of columbus, ohio is hosting this one. the town hall is set to tackle issues like which presidential candidate can best solve the challenges that young people face today. it can be streamed live on our web site from 7 to 8 p.m. back on court tonight for the virginia cavaliers. >> after a rough start, the liberty flames are making big
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nascar will be chasing hi, everybody. after a loss at the buzzer saturday at duke, virginia has a quick turn around hosting nc state. and cavaliers. kansas and north carolina are the big movers, both up four spots. the jayhawks end up with two. the tar heels end up with five. after beating uva, duke is back in number 20. cavaliers seniors fall just short of getting their first win at cameron indoor. >> you are not going to win here again, so that's all i can tell them, but they -- they tried really hard and thet got really close, but, you know, i -- they fought hard, and i felt -- you know, i wanted them to get that -- i said, boy, you could taste it.
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but we will try use it. well, after starting big south conference play 5-3, the liberty flames are now the hottest team in the league. the flames made it seven wins in a row saturday and won for the first time at longwood's willet t hall. ac reid dropped team high 20 points. and the team that many had given up on this season finds itself one game out of first place in big south. >> i think we know who we are. our identity is we are trying end. to be hard to play against. fairly unselfish on the offensive and indicative of 18 assists. last but not least we want our guys to have fun. seen. stay tuned. we are working toward it and we are far from oust best. a lot of room to grow for all of us. chase elliott started his sprint cup rookie season with a bang. the son of hall of famer bill
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coming sunday's daytona 500. at 20, chase is the youngest driver to ever win the you daytona 500 pole. he is level headed to know a big day but a long week.big day but a long week. starting with qualifying races thurt night. >> this is a step -- races thursday night. >> this is a step in the right direction, but very big difference. a long ways to go. we want to make sure that we have this car next sunday. i think that -- that is the main goal is to try to be smart on thursday and know if we can get through those duals, we will -- due l. matt kenseth won the outside pole. kenseth and teammates will try give the owner the first daytona daytona 500 win in 23 years. since dale jarrett took checkers in 1993 >> the biggest stock car race in the world and to be in a big trophy with all those great drivers is a huge honor. so everybody looking forward to kicking off a season.
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everybody wants to win it. and richard petty motor sports jeff burton out of halifax will go full time. burton will debut the mustang this saturday in the season opener at daytona. veteran crew chief will be atop the pit box for burton. so glad to hear that jeff burton will be racing this yearburton will be racing this year.
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has a . use caution if you travel use caution if you travelling this evening. right now light freezing rain. this will be occasional freezing rain throughout the evening. and when you wake up tomorrow morning, it is going to be warmer. we will be above freezing with temps in the upper 30s and lower 40s. and have your umbrella in the morning. heavy rain for your early tuesday. >> noreen: that's it for us at 6:00.
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breaking news tonight. the travel chaos at this hour. a deadly mix of snow, ice and rain. more than 2,000 accidents. major travel delays. and at least six tornadoes reported, as this major system moves through, winter alerts from georgia, all the way up to maine. trump's tirade, taking aim late today at jeb bush and his brother, the former president, who was out on the trail for the first time. >> the world trade center came down during your brother's reign. >> and what donald trump is now threatening to do. and epic battle under way over the supreme court. the death of justice antonin scalia, and now, the fight over his successor. the scare in the air. the passenger jet headed to new york, 252 people onboard. and the emergency in the cockpit. and, going to the dogs. seven new breeds competing at the westminster dog show tonight, and we'll take you right there.


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