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tv   ABC 13 News 7  ABC  February 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> thank you for watching live look at the roads tonight. we where sleet some freezing rain following at this hour we have everything that you need to know. >> and freezing vane going
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on into linkberg coming up next i let you know how long you can expect this weather to stick around. . >> award winning coverage you can count on. this is abc 13 news. >> we are taking live look over lynch bevering with temperature are expected to rise slowly overnight but you are not going to see much out there right now. lots of fog, let's get right over to chief meterologist. this is what you need to know. we do have foggy conditions have developed and also we are seeing more rain moving in. is freezing rain. shows up a being pink on radar. this looks like regular rain. but as temperatures near the ground are below freezing, that means that the temperatures are going to cause that rain to freeze to the surface. watch out for slipper which roads tonight. right now we are in 20s where 26 degrees with temperature is going to slowly rise as ge throughout the evening. so this means, that after midnight in towards tomorrow
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just going to be rain. we won't have worry about freezing to surface but for next few hours you can see freezing rain moving in. and then through suicide right through here, we have this freezing rain which will be heavy at times use caution if you are travelling. danville you warmed up to 31. so we are tracking that warmer weather as surges northward coming up i let you know what all of the snow will be melting away >> and now we turn to our reporter live outside linkberg with latest on road conditions tonight. >> well, as you can see, it is no longer snowing. but what you night not be able to see the a little bit of freezing rain it has been continuing off and on for the past couple of hours. it is just now starting to pick up as you can see the roads are still a little bit slushy but they ran icy which good news for everybody we spoke not public safety director of am hurst county who inform so far it has been relatively calm day for them. people have been listening and
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areas where they were most dangerous when they were moment icy and snowy they dispatch also been relatively we. in now the same goes linkberg public works who says that he sigh snow plows right now. they have been resident shal areas since 3:00 pm. . they will continue to ploy through the neighborhood unless the weather turns for the worst. >> we are watching right now, for freezing rain. which will be the worst case scenario for us. we can move snow with a trucks. rain that comes down and then frees on the streets, is not as readily removed. >> it is if fraedzing rain continues, at more for vent steady pace they will have to extricate themselves from residential areas and go back on to primary and secondary roads apply another layer of salt. so again, please be patient that does happen. they don't expect that to happen though because temperature are pending is to rise tonight.
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everybody involved. live in lynchburg. abc 13 news. >> thank you. goings station bed ford missing a pump after truck slid into one of them today. they tem us loudest noise she ever turned off. she immediately turned off the gas line. press cilla was there of what it all happened. >> if you can imagine, a truck turning into this gas station, sliding down this snow covered hill, and then right into where this gas pump used to sit. the incident left behind a mess. knocked over gas pump, damaged guard rail and chunks after luckily no one was hurt. on our way back to the news station, another accident involving split perry roads. man driving pick up truck tells us he hit patch of ice lost control and spun into a woman in the sedan. retired truck driver robert hudson says driving trucks not necessarily safer in the kind of weather.
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>> make sure you make smooth turn because we got lot of weight behind you most time it can make you move just, make the trailer, a little truck itself go sliding off of the side of the road. roads deceiving they look clear. but with the freezing temperaturesing most can't see, has frozen and kurned into black ice. driving experts say you should keep at least ten seconds between you and the car in fronts of you, to give yourself time to stop. . in bed ford. abc 13 news. >> gets danville foe latest on conditions out side. >> well it is raining right now. this rain expected to turn into freezing rain. later on. let me show you red accidents shal street right behind me. as you can tell, crews have obviously been on the street but the street is not clear down to the bare pavement now daniel public works let's people know that's what lot residential streets are going to look like. that's because they were not pre treated.
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as you can tell, the snow is not stopped. it is pretty hard and there some ice that crews have go through. now danville public works says this what's made their job a little bit tougher in i caught up rawering several. >> and asked them how their weather. >> once you put ice on top of it it is not freezing truck slide it. >> so it is one of these >> so how arous guys doing? >> you have holiday. shovel it. >> sthovl and then he comes behind us. and then pushes it away. >> now danville public works says they cleared main roads and secondary roads those are cleared down to the bare pavement. they will have crew working over night with the expectations of freezing rain. and also danville police say they have only two crashes to report tonight. thankfully no injuries. . in danville. . paula adamson abc 13 news with this light freezing rain power outages are always possible. right now the power company not
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this live look at their outage map. power company says they have not call crews from outside of the area yet but nor people are available should we need them here. earlier today about 400 households were without power. lights are back on tonight. south side electric was reporting about 250 customers without power in bed ford county earlier this afternoon. but that has been fixed, too. >> the snow and sleet also caused travel conditions to get really slick today. look at this wreck. say the police say road conditions and speed contributed to if. with overturned s.u.v. on route 460. three children were inside of the s.u.v. fortunately no one was seriously injured. first ferrari respotted and transport them to lynchberg entay certain were not strapped in the way they should have been. the driver of the vehicle was cited wreckless driving and improperly securing children in a vehicle. >> it does not matter what you
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discriminate. take a look an accidents that happened today near route 229. this is near inche lirp tavern road in campbell county. experts say the tread on your tire does not matter either. but they say, if you hit patch of black ice, steer your car in direction where you want to go. if you are a car starts rotate. steer in other direction. could you spot black ice if -- area on road looks wet but there is no walter running from it. also if you are going 20 miles per hour on icy roads, you need about 180 feet of clearance to complete stop, some perspectiver that about half of a football field. >> we asked you on our facebook page if you are ex christed about more snow in the area. here's what you had to say. 30% you said yes, i life snow days. 207% say, no i am ready for spring. . thank you for voting in our poll today. >> and we will tracking latest totals for you all night long we are out on roads so you don't have to be.
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11:00 for new em details. you also follow the latest details on weather p when we were not on the air at seattle site. -- would also constantly update being our social pages. battle for will nominate then supreme court nominee is on. in two minutes, a police actorry weighs in on how things should play out. and, as we head to the break we are taking live look at the for you tonight this is interstate 81 in bed ford you shalls county.
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>> that been drawn between might house republican controlled senate just two days after the death of supreme court justice scalia. president barack obama says he will soon nominate successors. sentiment majority leader says, not so fast. >> we have a report. republicans in the senate, have already pledged to block any replacements that president obama non faith. it is called delay, delay, >> i do not believe the president shut appoint someone. politics takes no rest in washington, d.c.. . but with death of conservative champion on high court, a general election year, and lame duck presidency, the stakes have just been raised in in blood sport. >> my supposed president obama resurrect appoint had him court and mitch mcconnell would say no. preliminaries at experts alan lickman says even white house senate likely use their constitutional authority to secure their legacy, the g.o.p.
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of words because, they will be seen as the party of no. >> if comes through this rejection of any obama nominee sight unseen add to the narrative, there are lot of mayor issues to be tackled in the u.s. supreme court in this term like abortion. affirmative action and gun control. with high court of only eight just tisz if vote split 4-4. the lower court ruling will stands. no new national press accident will be set. which why lickman says president barack obama has the upper hand in his last year as the president >> it is completely within precedent for a president to nominate a supreme court justice to fill vacancy during an eleak year. some pun bits worry battle or supreme court nominee will also paralyze other senate businesses. with already light con gregfall calendar very highly charged election year. .
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i am jeff barns reporting >> you can watch your voice your future town hall tomorrow night at one hour tomorrow on how will looking into biggest most important challenge facing tail's generation of young americans. including what presidential candidate can best solve their concerns. that's tomorrow at 7:00. . tomorrow night we will streaming live at . >> we stay below freezing all day as expected with temperature mid 50 12340z. . so all of these numbers, will be rising overnight. your warmer for cast is next. and as we head to the break here
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spent ins to (man) this is where it all started. i received a call from our dispatch center. smoke was coming from a manhole, and that's not good. we entered the manhole. we discovered that the cables had been melted by the fire. we jumped in, we got to work, and in a little over eight hours, we had the power back on. hi, i'm john snyder, distribution system supervisor for appalachian power. it's my goal to keep the lights on and everything run smoothly, and no one even notices. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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about here all important pictures you been sending abc is three news room today. a little know angel from someone taking sometime to enjoy weather today. and, another little snow angel. .
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that's really pretty one. the blue birds and red birds cardinals look so pretty against that white snow. >> we always fresh sheath getting all of the pictures. >> and we never put bird seed. because p you have snow, covers up what birds usually eat makes harder for find. we lot of bird lovers through. i am sure they have been doing that all day long. soing changes come over night. you know, could make hinges kind of dicy. tonight, the better tomorrow, yes i think the worm roads actually going to be this evening tm morning roads i don't think will be quite as awful as they are going to be tonight. i do want show you how much no has been fallen 123467b8. >> owe five eye 44 lynchburg highest amount, were towards the mountains roanoke, blackberg and also am hurst and bed ford county. bed ford picked up eight inches of snow benton nine and half. westberg at sv.
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boston and south side. with three inches. now look at these temperatures for this evening. usually expect the temperature get colder overnight. but the temperatures are going backwards. we are going to get warmer as we go throughout the evening as warmer weather builds in for south when you wake up tomorrow morning temperature will be above freezing. likely going to see temperature reaching 40s, early tomorrow morning. but they are going to slick em conditions, that we are going to see as we already have snow on the ground, and right now we have rain which falling this is pink color this rain, but it is freezing rain. as temperatures are below freezing. so this means we have regular rain coming down but starts to stick to you stuff car parked out going start stick you >> take closer look at this. you can see bed ford county lynchburg madison heights.
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much of pennsylvania county. chadham danville charlotte county. halifax county. martinville getting freeze range and also i-81 buchanan towards roanoke watch out for slippery conditions. 8:00 pm tonight we have freezing rain. now, ap midnight we are going to see things improving. as the temperature going to be warming above freezing. so this means instead of freezing rain just going to be regular rain, but going to be heavy rain. we any plans in morning, really probably want take your umbrella with you as we will see soon heavy rain half inch possibly over an inch rain total by noon rain will be ending he dryer weather by afternoon. as rain moves east. and out so overnight tonight really not going to have low temperature as we are going to warming getting milder throughout the night. and then morning, testimony mid up 30s with 40s moving from the south. your hourly weather tomorrow shows near 40 at 8:00 am. and then by lunch time, all temperature well above freezing,
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tomorrow nearing 48 in lynchburg and 50s for highs towards south side. rain going to earlier in morning and then dryer weather for rest of the of the day. your seven day forecast shows on wednesday, we briefly see chance for new showers towards south eyed during the morning main even snow flakes bust no accumulation. and been dryer weather for remainder of the week. lots of meanting snow. highs in 60s. by saturday. >> this severe weather has spread from the midwest to the northeast. >> it is like whip you in back of head. i don't like it. it is like being on roller coaster. seven seven inches snow fell in part after i cents. blame went ter for about of >> and boston yesterday, subder so temperature shattered 60-year old record. and marked cold em valentine's day in new york in 100 years. . >> and if you experience a calm cast age today you were not alone.
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of an issue their slid joe service as of early this dwraf noon they tweeted the temporary network interruption is repaired. and almost all services have been restored. >> australia police say they have conducted the biggest liquid met bus their history we are talking $1 billion worth. they seized drug brought from hong kong. police say the drug was smuggled in silicon bra inserts. art supplies. . investigators first busted part of the shipment in dies. that led them to storageage facility where they found more meth and event lie arrested four people. . >> grahm me are ten tonight.
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that's stranger to gram he ward are tonight. the biggest names music are coming out for the evening. every one from del grande to gaga.
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several artist. garth brook no stranger receiving award. he is the top selling solo artist in u.s. history. selling more than 136 million albums in his 30-year career. and the country star is now celebrating success of noise new album. >> aers eye high. all kind bubbling up. and lots of scared you know lotter nervous us in will the getting back studio knocking rust off. >> brook released man against machine. and november. it is on platinum. and on top of all of that, none at anyed for the academy of country music awards entertainer of the year. tune grammies tonight at 8:00. >> we are taking a live look now it is wars road lynchburg from this v dot cameras one again there is some sleet snow falling out ska right now not lot of
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that's good thing. >> nope build spot network track earthquakes through smart phones. my shake free app for android phones. use censors vin side of phone map earthquake occurring near you. . and all mal goal build world right side mick network use data to reduce the affects of the earthquakes. your phone can do so much for you >> i guess if your phone calls of falls off tame you have earthquake. my phone, i do have weather app on mine you guys send lot of really good information about all any which theyer relateded issue. you get so much information, there. tonight we are going updated on the freezing rain. quick check radar that's pefsh that's regular rain but as temperature are in 20s sticking. so itting it going if your car outside. out o stop sign telephone poles, freezing rain this evening. but all start to meant towards
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last grammy
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wait to see tonight the grammy countdown is >> the awards just minutes away. we are the rehearsal. >> it's like more real and it's obviously the real thing. >> and what we uncovered from this weekend's prepart. >> how long have you been friends? >> forever.
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performers, predicting the winners and what you'll see on stage with adele. >> you'll see songs from her new album. taylor and calvin show up together. >> i don't understand how you cannot fan girl about that. and we go behind the scenes of tayl latest music video. and who will b tonight's style standout? as we look back at lady gaga's fashion transformation. >> you arrived in like an egg. >> my egg rental was available. this is "entertainment tonight." kevin frazier will be along in just a few minutes music history will be made tonight inside the staples center. the stars have been rehearsals and partying weekend long and michelle has


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