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tv   ABC 13 News at 11  ABC  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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our heal has everything you need to know before heading off to work or school in the morning. nightmare commute. slick and icy roads in other parts of the region. led to traffic back ups like this and more. eyes on the storm. your pictures are helping us to tell the complete weather story. >> anytime, anywhere, award winning coverage you can count on. this is abc 13 news. tonight, freezing rain is falling and making area roadways slick. it means your morning commute could be filled with plenty of slush and ice. right now, we have team coverage iffer you with the neuroest information. melissa the keeping an eye in lynch burg. and george tracking the weather center. george, what are folks looking at during their morning commute? >> well mark, if you see slippery surfaces in the
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it is going to be very slippery. that that's the freezing rain. if you step outside right now, you may notice some of the streets are glazed over. that's because we have light rain and drizzle falling showing up in pink. but temperatures are below freezing, so it is sticking. you can see the freezing rain from lynch burg all the way down through south western virginia. when we wake up tomorrow morning, temperatures will be rising above freezing. so by tomorrow afternoon, you will see much better conditions. but in the morning, you'll see still see slippery areas with that freezing rain and rain in the mid 30s to lower 40s in the morning. we'll let you know when all of us will have warmer weather to melt away the snow. thanks, those freezing rain will bring power outages. but tonight, not many to report. and power companies say they're
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right now, here's a look at the numbers. fcc reports about 15 outages. with a couple in charlie county and bruns wig. there were 50 outages in -- ap has 250 outages in west virginia. and dominion only has about a handful of outages. power companies say they're on standby ready to tackle whatever comes their way. >> very few outages across our surface territory in virginia. the snow that fell overnight and throughout today was dry and white like our last storm, so it didn't stick to or weigh down the trees or power lines. plus we never had any type of strong winds to contend with. with that said, we are not out of the woods just commerciality and the contract crews remain on alert and ready to go out if needed. also, keeping an eye on the outage maps will keep you up to date with the numbers on air and
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tonight, we're tracking what's going on out on the roads. marissa is out on the streets. the weather's been temperamental today. >> reporter: that's right, mark, earlier today, it was snowing. and then in the past couple hours, i've seen clear skies and sleet and as you can see right now. it is currently freezing rain. let's take a look at the ground. the gunshot wound ground tells the similar story. you can hear the crunching. that is the hard surface from where this icy mixture has been falling. but underneath, you can see it is still powdery from where the snow is falling earlier: as for the roads in lynch burg, you will see about 40 snowplow trucks on the road right now. the thing is, they're out on the road and working hard. but you may not see them. and don't be fuelled they're still working hard. >> they don't see us out on the main roads and they don't see us
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they wonder what's going o. but it's because we're in another residential. often we end up in residential, we're only in sight of the people who's neighborhood we're working. . >> reporter: there was a shift change about an hour ago, those that just started their shift will be out on the road until five until the morning. they'll continue to work on the residential roads throughout the night unless, of course, this freezing rain gets a little bit more fervent, a little stronger. and cots throughout the night, in which case, those snowplow struck drivers will have to be pulled off residential roads and back in the primary to apply another layer of salt. all in the name of keeping you guys safe out there on the roads. live in lynch burg marissa paer rah. we wish them a lot of safety too. over on the south side.
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look, how many people out there? crews there working around the clock. they say it takes 24-36 hours. remember, since residential streets were not pretreated, they won't get plowed down to the pavement. and parks and recreation facilities will reopen tomorrow. crews will be working 12 hour shifts to attack the roads. if you have to be out, make sure your car is winterized and safe for driving in that bad weather. they get slow, allow for extra time. leave plenty of room between your car and the car in front of you. give plow trucks the right of way. no sudden breaking gradually, come to a stop. it doesn't matter what you drive, ice does not discriminate. take a look in an accident that happened on route 29 near english town. experts say the tread on your tires really doesn't matter. and they say, if you hit a patch
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you want to go. if your car begins to rotate, steer in the other direction. you can spot black ice in an wet. but there's no water running from it. also, if you're going 20 miles per hour on icy roads, you need about 180-feet of clearance to completely stop. that's about half the length of a football field. tonight state police say the treacherous. as of 930, there were three reported fatal crashes and two troopers and a firefighter hit at a crash scene sent to the hospital. also tonight, troopers responded to 97 crashes. 14 14 disabled vehicles. there have been seven crashes. in slam division, there have been four crashes. again, police are asking that if you don't have to be on the roads, stay put. but if you do have to go out. before you head out, check the virginia 511 website.
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common wealth. just go to 511 you can now get school closings on your phone. go to our website. there you can opt to have the alert sent to your phone and you can choose a specific school. we'll have the very latest on the closing and delays on the forecast as be sure to check there and on our abc thirteen facebook page for the very latest. severe weather isn't only affecting us tonight. a tornado touchdown in florida. and left this mess behind. the national weather service confirms a twister. hit close to the town of century near the alabama border. officials say a (indiscernible) county was hit especially hard and there are many damaged tunnels there. there are three minor injures reports and 100s of people without power.
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around to check on the people that live there. >> everybody okay in here? everybody accounted for? all right. good to go. it's a good thing crews are working removing debris caused by this tornado. several schools closed due to the storms. we are checking the latest on the road conditions. we're checking back in with marissa on what she's seeing. and there's a chance some of you could lose power tonight.
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tonight wooer staying on top of the conditions on the road. let's go back out to marissa with an update on how the roads will be taken care of tonight. >> reporter: mark, i am driving live through lynch bring. and let's take a look at what the roads look like right now. they don't look too bad, as you can see, v dot and public works have been working really hard to keep the primary and secondary roads clean. now, amherst county public safety director tell mess there have been four wrecks since 6:00 p.m. due to people being too wreck less on these roads. don't be fooled. this is as close to bare pavement in these conditions.
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you can't go fast on the roads. don't get too comfortable in area that is don't look icy. they can be deceiving. >> a lot of problems as well because it's not ice. but you hit slush going to fast, it'll throw your car and make you lose control of it. so we encourage people as you get back out, to please take it slow and be aware of the road conditions. just because the temperatures are above freezing, be aware of the slick spots out there. >> reporter: now he informs me that flooding is something they will be looking out for tonight as well of course we had some rain tonight as we mentioned earlier. and as a warmer temperatures come through tonight, as he has pointed out, we're expecting some of the snow to melt. and again, turn into water. so that could cause some flooding. we'll be monitoring closely. and for those of you who are just as sick as the rest of us of all the mess and problems
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remember, spring is only 33 days away fe. live in lynch burg. something positive to keep in mind. thanks. we're keeping you up to date of those outages in our areas. the look at the latest numbers. as you can see, no big changes. fcc reporting about 15 outages in bedford. 50 outages in dim whitty. but overall 200 aep has 1400 outages in west virginia. dominion only has a hand full of outages. but 130 out annals throughout virginia. even if your power hasn't gone out. it's a good idea to be prepared. be prepared by putting together an emergency kit. also, if you just stocked up on grocery and you lost power, consider this, most meat and dairy power need to be tossed if they've been rested at 41 for more than two hours. report your out able.
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appliances which make circuits over load. and your cell phone charge, have a car charger handy just in case. if you don't have to go out tonight or tomorrow, officials would like for you stay home. roads, still slick and covered by ice. chief meteorologist george
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he's up next. is. on snow days, many of us use it as an excuse for cheat days. we're talking hot chocolate to junk food. you name it. and that goes for first responders as well. they use this by grilling some
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if you've ever had a meal with those guys and ladies, they cook with good stuff. >> getting hungry looking at the images. even at this time of a night. >> everyday you want to be a cheat day with food like that. we're on this weather sea saw. >> a little bit of everything. sleet, rain, we had the snow, we're going to get warm. >> and just go dre cray psi in the next few days watching the temperatures go up. i want to tell you how much snow we've seen. official total is 5.4. a little more or less at your house. and dan (indiscernible) at two. bedford county had higher amounts of snow. seven-inches for madison heights. eight-inches in bedford. mcadam at two. and towards uniany vista, seven-inches of snow. the snow has finished. there'll not be any more falling snow tonight or tomorrow. we do have freezing rain. and freezing rain is just regular looking rain. we step outside and see some light rain coming down, that is
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hits the ground, whatever it touches, it's freezing because the temperatures are below freezing. we're still in the 20s. you can see this area peak, which is the freezing rain. it's advancing north ward, and we will have additional freezing rain moving in tonight. i don't think we're going to see any huge accumulations of it. the temperatures will be rising above freezing after midnight and towards tomorrow morning. right in here, the low pressure area, that's going to bring heavy rain by the time you're headed to work in the morning. and ahead of it, it is going to pull up warmer air from the south. that main it is freezing rain is going to be ending tonight. and by the time you wake up. we're going to have regular rain in the morning. sop of that rain is heavy. right now the temperatures at 29. the that is the warmest we've been all day. and we'll continue to see the temperatures rising overnight. and 28 in roanoke, and 30 in blacks burg. you have to head out the next few hours, please use caution as the roads are slippery.
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the road from the freezing rain. for the overnight hours, we're going to stop this at 2:00 a.m. notice there's still a little bit of pink at two. but by the time you wake up and really get going tomorrow, all the freezing weather will be over. but we're going to see heavy rain. if possible, you can get an inch of rain at your house tomorrow. as we'll have temperatures above freezing and heavy rain during the morning. now by late morning, 11:00 a.m. and lunchtime, all the rain is going to end. and by tomorrow afternoon, we may even see some clearing skies. so what this means for you is that when you wake up tomorrow morning, you will likely see a few slippery roads. i don't think they'll be quite as bad as tonight. obviously, use caution, but at 8:00 a.m., temperatures are going to be above freezing at 38. and then by noon, dry weather. mid 40s at noon. and highs reaching into the upper 40s during the afternoon. around the rest of the heart of
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and mountain lake at 49. 100% chance of rain early in the morning. and dry by lunchtime and the afternoon. on monday, there's actually a chance that we may see some snow flurries or light rain, this is not a big deal. possible. and here we go. week. 60, melting snow by saturday. >> the weekend forecast. something. at least once in our lives. but it probably doesn't compare to this. >> detail for something that large is unbelievable. now he's hoping to send his
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now he hopes to find the presidents a new home where they will be appreciated. sports is next. we'll see if the cavaliers will be able to bounce back tonight after saturday's near miss with duke.
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the liberty plains. virginia broke open the tie game at the half against nc state. out scoring the wolf pack by 20. the final 20 minutes around to a 73-53 win. the last year stand outs justin anderson in the crowd to cheer on his old mates. the acc's leading score kent barber and the starting pass. the opening five minutes. tied at 31 at the half. virginia took a man with a 13-2 run to open the second half. anthony gill was a slam fellow. malcolm would land all scores to 22.
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and he held barber with just 14 points. virginia's london drove 5-threes adding 19 points. virginia wins 73. 53 to improve the 21 and 5 calves don't play again until next monday night at miami. >> now we have a week to prepare. we look sluggish. you just don't know how the young guys are going to respond. we talked about not doing it. but talk is one thing, and doing it is another. they're playing one of the hottest team in the big south. after starting 0-3, they've won nine of the last 11. including the last seven inform a row. the saturday victory of long wood. they scored a team of 20. including six threes. all of a sudden, the team has given up on is just one game out of first place in the big south. >> i think we know who we are. our identity is trying to be good on the defensive end and be hard to play again. we're fairly unselfish on the
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that was indicative of 18 assist. and last but not least, i want our guys to have fun. >> so i mean, (indiscernible) working towards it. but we're far from our best be. and there's a lot of room to grow for all of us. at 20-year-old, chase elliot is the youngest driver ever to win the daytona 500 pole. and that's a great accomplish ment, chase knows it's a long week. starting with surviving the qualifying racing, thursday night. >> this is a step in the right direction. but that's one lap vs. 500 miles next sunday. very big difference. just rah really long way to go. i want to make sure we have the car next sunday. that's main goal trying to be smart on thursday, know that if we can get through those duals we can start regardless. that's very orbit. jeff burton of halifax is the king richard petty this season. he'll compete full-time. he'll debut the 43-40 mustang
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join ed by crew chief drew. and saturday night, u.s. women, routed puerto rico ten-nothing to win the eighth division. they are looking mighty good in
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>> 100. 3mark we're taking one last
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right now -- not looking too bad. our crews out there say roads are slippery in spots -- and there is a lot of slush on the roads. vdot crews are working around the clock to get these roads looking sharp. but they do say if you don't have to go out -- stay at home. we are monitoring the latest for you -- on air and online.
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on >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- david spade -- derek hough -- and it's mashup monday with music from "panic! at the sisqo" with cleto and the cletones. and now, you've got it -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks for watching.


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