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tv   Good Morning Virginia  ABC  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> mona: it is after 6:00, it it is a messy morning. good tuesday to you. i want to track satellite and radar. heavy rain moves in the heart of virginia. mechesing in with freezing rain. temperatures around the 32 degree mark. get a check of weather now.
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37 in danville. 32 in roanoke. we will u. you in a bit. pat and he whitney? >> whitney: we are continuing what is happening with the weather. mona is live in bedford with the latest on road conditions and will is in lynchburg. we will send it over to melissa for more on our weather. >> melissa: we want to get to what you need to know, that is weather. i was saying 32 in lynchburg. 37 in danville. we are seeing a bit of a winter mix in roanoke they are at the freezing mark. 32 degrees. 35 in brooknil. 35 in blacksburg. heavy rain in hot springs. visibility is something we are watching. if you head out on the road, conditions are continuing to deteriorate about a mile and a quarter visibility in danville.
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here is what you can expect for tuesday. not necessarily going to be worried about winter mix. freezing reason transitions to rain and heavy rain will be what you want to watch for. and roads, conscience, going to be very difficult out there. please, stay home if you can. and stay with your families. we not thot see conscience improve until this afternoon. i want to take i live out to lynchburg. will? >> will: it does not take long before you are soaking wet. there is so much moisture to be found. we have been walking around the parking lot. the ponding of water on the parking lot. i walked to langehorn road they have ponding there. mona will talk about that in a moment. we have noticed that the snow is starting to melt. last hour our snow from 5 and a
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water is flowing out into the streets. we are having ponding of water issues. we had heavy rain a 10th to 2-10th of an inch of rain is falling per hour. we will give you exactly a rainfall rate report coming up at about 67:00. patty? >> patti: the snow and slow has been causing slick travel conditions in appomattox. road conditions and speed contributed to a wreck on route 460 yesterday. no one was seriously injured. first responders rescued them and took them to the hospital. the children were not strapped in. the driver was cited for reckless driving and improperly securing children in a vehicle. >> whitney: lock at a crash after a tractor carrying
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officers spent hours rounding up the cows. this was yesterday on i-81. police say the truck driver 22 year old crabtree had minor injuries. he is charged with reckless driving. six of the 3 cows on board died. another 6 escaped. >> patti: accidents like those are an example why it is best not to be on the roads now. we will look how the roads are looking. >> whitney: mona is out with the latest on those conditions following an icy night. >> mona: shopping center on -- deteriorating the rain is coming down hard. i want you to look at this road behind meet northbound lanes of 221 and water is backed up on to the roads. flooding the street it is mixed
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three are cause for dangerous road conscience. but all three together can prove to be quite dangerous. now in the last 30 minutes of v dot power truck came by. parking lot is covered in ice. now -- went by and cleared that section which helped drain the water. it was worse early. i want to show you video before the plow truck came by. the water was just standing a few inches poof the road. now -- because it is so dark, cars are coming down quite fast down 221 and they are hitting the water. having to hit the brakes hard. they don't seat flooding this is not unique to this airrea. this is 221 temperature is dangerous. the plow trucks going from snow removal to clearing out of this melted snow.
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>> patti: having audio problems, we will follow this weather throughout the morning. stick with us on good morning virginia. love was not in the air for water at the seattle aquarium the meating with the octopus' was called off this past valentine's day. >> i don't know. staffers say they were afraid the 70 pound octopus named kong was too big for the females. there were concerns that kong would eat mate. this may have been a missed love connection for kong. his wait may have extended his life an octopus usually die after mating. >> may be that is one. the westminster dog show continues with seven new faces. >> whitney: seven new breeds are
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we go behind the scenes of the show. >> reporter: 3,000 dogs competing at the westminster dog show. >> this is like the superbowl. >> reporter: 197 breeds including seven new breds more than ever before am janingo looks like a mop but he is a spanish water dog and another new dog. >> this is our first time. >> reporter: getting the dogs ready for the spotlight is no walk in the park. >> we sham 52 sham 52 for an hour. >> a tough life. he has a very tough life. >> reporter: he is already a champion winning best in his breed. giving him a shot at best in
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>> patti: love it. >> whitney: cute. >> yea. i love my schitzue. still to come, how are your new year's resolutions going? >> whitney: a look outside, it is messy. you want to stay off the roads. in the 30s.
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where we
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here is your tuesday, temperatures we are start negligent 30s. heavy rain for the morning hours. we will be dry by lunchtime. we got tricky travel conditionso audio. fors >> you are noticing it is tapering temperatures warm above the freezing mark. as we zoom in, give you a tour of our area. seeing heavy rain through roanoke. steady rain for blacksburg. am zooing to lynchburg. have a bit of freezing rain reported in amhurst and lovingston. heavy rain for bedford. moderate in lynchburg. down towards the south side. danville, south boston the rain moving along twine. henry county seeing that pink
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now, look at rainfall totals, this is the last six hours half an inch in lynchburg. 1.3 inches in bedford. over an inch in buick anbuchanan. we have seen significant rainfall on top of the snow, sleet and ice. we will add to the rainfall throughout the morning. we will have to watch for flooding. a winter storm warning that is the pink in affect until 12:00 p.m. around lunchtime. have aerial flood watches to tell you about. advisories for green here. that will be in affect until 8:45 hour for pennsylvania county issue henry and martinsville. that area flood advisory in affect until 12. . 45. nelson county. flood watch until this evening. temperatures as you see holding
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you see that sharp contrast 38 in danville. we are seeing 34 in farmville. the freezing mark for roanoke and martinsville. your hour by hour forecast. heavy rain will continue. we will see sun later on this afternoon. temperatures will warm up in the upper 40s. that unsettled weather continues as that low pressure system that brought no moves to the northeast am another clip are system impacts us over night. could bring showers but once we get through the rain we'll see things quiet down. notice by len:00 already moving this rain out. and we will see clearing skies for the rest of your tuesday. how much rainfall are we looking at? models calling for half an inch and inch and a half in some areas we'll watch for minor flooding. 40s this afternoon. upper 40s and low 50s to the south side.
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the day. sandra sent this in. scenic snow in halifax. we had great viewer photos yesterday, continue to send them you stay safe. whitney and patty? >> whitney: it is being called an uber for kids. massachusetts zen car hopes to convince parent its is not only convenient but they show us how it works. >> say kids miss the bus or there are days you can't do pick up there is an app. zip car is available on android store. >> this verizon wireless executive and father of 2 created this. compares it to uber for kitched parents schedule trips. >> make it very secure.
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checks hire drivers earn up to 35 an hour. there is video monitoring. >> they need to same pick up and the video starts getting broadcast to the parents. >> riley zip car is coming for you. >> need to tell the teacher or child zip car is coming. record a permission slip. this message will get delivered to the driver and the teacher and the kichldz kid. >> reporter: you pick drivers and keep favorites setting up a trusted circle. who are the drivers? >> nannies. moms. teachers. >> wanted to be affordable and competitive. are parents ready to slip from behind the wheel and ditch baby sitters. >> i will be responsible for my
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>> patti: smart shoes to motivate the way others can't. >> chairs that push themselves in on their own no manner need. candice have the details in tech bytes. >> comcast says all services have been restored. for hours customers in major ecstasy throughout the country could not acsetsz the internet. >> there was no word on how many were affected or what caused the problem. >> a couple of former samsung employees developed the smart shoe. >> contains built in censors to help coaches prepare work outs for the we'rer. >> how is this to keep things tide. chairs that park themselves. >> you need the chairs where they belong? by niszon to promote their intelligent vehicle parking feature.
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are >> reporter: some received a
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goal, others paid a penalty if they didn't. pent swaegz was significantly more motivating. it is what the behavioral economy economists say people are most have aed avoid feelings of loss and regret. consider asking a friend to hold you accountable and come up with a penalty so it will cost you to are lazy. a bit of financial pain might pay dividends for your health. >> >> patti: now the most viewed news stories. freezing rain created challenges for snow removal crews. many of logging on to read about the accident that sent six to the hospital. a gas station is missing a pump
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log on to wset3dennis virginia broke open a tie game at the half against n.c. state, outscoring the wolfpack by 20 the final 20 minutes en route to a 73-53 win. one of last year's cavalier standouts, justin anderson, in the crowd to cheer on his old mates. the acc's leading scorer cat barber and the wolfpack started fast, state raced to a 15-9 lead the opening five minutes. tied at 31 at the half, virginia took command with a 13-2 run to open the
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the slam follow. malcolm brogdon led all scorers with 22, 9 of 13 shooting for the night. four of those were 3s and he held barber to just 14 points. virginia's london perrantes drilled five 3s, adding 19 points. virginia wins 73-53 to improve to 21-and-5. 3 the liberty flames are the hottest team in the big south. after starting league play 0-and-3, the flames have won nine of their last 11, including their last seven in a row with saturday's victory at longwood. a.c. reid scored a team-high 20 points, including six 3s. all of a sudden, a team many had given up on is just one game out of first place in the big south. 3 jeb burton of halifax will drive for the king richard petty this season. burton will compete full-time in the xfinity series. he'll debut the 43 ford mustang this saturday in the season opener at daytona. 3 and soccer, the u.s. women needed only a tie with puerto rico to send them into the olympic qualifying semifinals as group a winners. in the sixth minute, mallory pugh finds crystal dunn inside, dunn scores easily, 1-0 u.s. 17th minute, carli lloyd's penalty kick
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2-0 u.s, had it all the way, no sweat! later jaelene hinkle draws the keeper out of goal and dunn will make her pay, second of her five goals. the u.s. routs puerto rico 10-0. 10-nothing. that's what is going on in sports. >> melissa: dealing with active weather. 6:26. the rainfall 7-10th of amp an inch in lynchburg. look down to the south to the north of henry. two.3 inches. the radar estimating we could see over an inch before it is done later this morning. checking out pinpoint radar. most of the freezing rain conditions. tell be with the heavy rainfall. bedford there along 221. heavy rain indicated by oranges and reds. down for chatham.
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rain for the area. martinsville to the north there in henry seeing a bit of that freezing rain mixing in. we got a lot of warnings and watches in affect. latest one i got it influentialing to indicate t. it is all of bedford, parts of county arial flood warning. in affect until 12.:12:. 15. we have it to the west of the viewing area and the purple issue winter storm warning until 12:00 p.m. now we will deal with the rain through 11:00. you see future cast half an inch to an inch. >> patti: we want to let you know we have been keeping our eye on twitter. crews are dealing with downed trees
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up pennsylvania county that will be an issue in a lot of areas. >> whitney: coming up in the next half-hour. v-dot is urging to you be safe. a like look at the roads.
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we have >> whitney: it is tuesday february 16th. now this morning we had team coverage on what is happening with the weather. >> patti: we'll head out later to mona she is in bedford with the latest on road conditions there. also will is out in front of our abc 13 studios in mid town, lynchburg. first over to melissa who is tracking the storm over night. we have gone from one thing to another in hours. >> melissa: that's right. the system are warming above the freezing mark from freezing rain now most seeing the heavy rainfall. live view of danville. people are out on the roads. i hope those are crucial government or city workers going to work. honestly you don't want to be
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check out satellite and radar now. you see heavy rain move to pennsylvania county. bedford, making its way to lynchburg in the next 30-45 minutes. check your weather now. you see, of course, we are seeing heavy rain in danville roanoke at 32. still seeing the freezing rain mixing in. 32 in lynchburg. 34 in brooknil. flurries and snow reported in blacksburg they are there sitting at 33. hovering there at the 32 degree mark. it is 38 in hot springs. quick check of what you can expect. we are not worried about the mix now. we head throughout the morning it will be the rain and tell be heavy at times. that means road conditions will continue to deteriorate. they will be slushy and slippery. add in the ice over night, don't want to be out there if you don't have to which we want to go out to will live in lynchburg. what are you seeing now?
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the rain come down moderate and occasionally heavy upon we are watching that heavy band of rain now in bedford that will move into our area in morning. see if we got a cup out there. we got a cup in the parking lot to give us a measurement of how much the rain rate is. i would say it is a 10-210th of an inch we will confirm that. you will be walking around the parking lot. it is slick and it is a little on the wet side. a lot on the wet side. melting snow and rain. the water has no place to g. it is starting to pond on the roadways. if you don't have a place to be go ahead and stay inside and be warm. patty, back inside. speak of warm. >> patti: v-dot is recommending people stay off the roads until the ice mes. crews have been working 12 hour shifts f. you have to be out
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drive nothing bad weather. take is slow, and allow for extra time of leave time for your car and the car in front of you. no sudden braking gradually stop. something else to keep in mind, it doesn't matter what vehicle you drive am ice does not discriminate. look at an accident on route 29 in campbell county. the tread on your tires does not matter. if you hit a patch of black ice steer it in the direction you want to go. if it rotates steer in the other direction. can you spot black ice on the road, there is mow water running from it. if you are going 20 miles per hour on icy roads you need 180 feet of clearance to stop. that is about half the length of a football field. >> whitney: the ice highways made it dangerous. last check, three fatal crash
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officials tell us two troop ands a firefighter were hit at a crash scene and had to be sent to the hospital. last night. troopers responded to 97 crashes and 14 disabled vehicles across the state. in appomattox there have been seven crashes and four in the salem divichlgz police are asking if you don't have to be on the roads, please, stay put. ism we have the latest on the road conditions. mona is out and about in bedford. she is seeing how the roads look now. >> mona: hey. across the street from the shopping center to 221 in bedford county. and the weather conditions are changing by the minute. the rain has let up a bit. it is not raining as hard as it was. we were getting gusts of wind. we saw lightning a few times. getting the full scope of the weather changes.
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we are dealing with on the roads. look at this parking lot. dealing with ice. we have slush as well. on the roads. and all of this are making for dangerous driving conscience. now along with the rain. the water has backed up on to the road. 221 early was flooded because the drains were clogged up with the snow. right now crews have been coming back and forth trying to clear the drains so the water gets off the road. well is slush and ice on the roads. they tweeted out that they want you to be careful on bridges and over passes. some can appear wet. however, they could be covered with ice. they say tell get to secondary roads there are some untouchd and have snow on them. as you head out you want time to deal with the conditions, on 221 when we were driving up we noticed there were spots that
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had slush. some with all three inform this parking lot i this to tip tow and be careful because it is very ice. even if you are walking tout to the bus stop be aware of your surroundings. we'll send it back to you. i have to be careful as i walk back to the car now. >> patti: thank you. mona. a deputy in serious condition after crashing responding to a call. according to the sheriff's office after mid night saturday smith was responding to a call about a man threatening to jump off a bridge. smith ran off the road as he was headed there. he was air lifted to the hospital. they found the man later and took him in. >> this morning we are learning information about a pedestrian hit in roanoke. police identified the man hit
6:37 am
roanoke county. he is recovering at roanoke hospital. police say he got hit by a vehicle on orange avenue after 8:00 p.m. so far no one has been charged. >> patti: still to come, period obama making spring travel plans in looking ahead. >> whitney: as we have been telling you all morning it is nasty.
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making for a dangerous driving what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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>> melissa: get a check about the rainful heavy rain will fall
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until 9:00-10:00. we are seeing slush and he slick roads. if you don't have to get out the first part of the dame plan to stay home and have a staycasion. if you are getting out you have to use caution. travel was quite tricky this morning. check out the rainfall over the last six hours. using parts of bedford. heavy line moving through 1.3 inches estimated. lynchburg 7-10th of an inch. north of martinsville 2.3 inches is what the radar is estimating. we will add to that over the next couple of hours. check out satellite. we see the freezing rain dissipate. now it is all falling as rain and heavy rain at that. zooming into the line moving from bedford now along 221 and 460. headed to the east. tell make its way to lynchburg in 30 minutes or less.
6:41 am
down to the south pennsylvania county and halifax count and he henry, city of martinsville. heavy rain will sudden. seeing snow, most us dealing with the heavy rain as attaches above the freezing mark. we have been talking about flooding. arial flood warning for parts of bedford, rockford and rockbridge and campbell. parts of henry and pennsylvania county and parts of franklin have an arial flood watch in affect for nelson county. you will have to watch for that ponding on the roads. you have that winter storm warning for the viewing area in affect until 12:00 p.m. temperatures we have been talking above freezeings. 32 in lynchburg and roanoke. 33 in blacksburg. 38 in danville.
6:42 am
and low 50s for the day. rain will move out and we will see sun later on this afternoon. that low pressure system as it moves to the north and east will take the rain, gotta get through the heavy line. the 8:00 hour. most of rain tapers. clearing skies by lunch. we'll be dry for your tuesday. how much rainfall could we add to what we have seen? future cast calling for an inch and a half in lynch bufrmg an inch and a half in danville. temperatures this afternoon 48 in lynchburg and bedford. 50 in alta vista 52 in danville. 46 in roanoke. increasing clouds. showers possible as a clip are moves through. the 30s. after we get through today. i promise things will quiet down. 60s this weekend it is not the 60s outside. will, what are you seeing in lynchburg. >> i'm not a fan of warm weather.
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we got enough of a breeze to make it feel misable. we have been out since time:00. the rain is the lightest we have seen. that is about to change as the massive area of rain will come in here as you said over the next 30 minutes. reason coming down by the buckets in bedford and back to the town and that is as you said moving here. we got a break i have a feeling it the not be that way for much longer. whitney? >> whitney: u.s. airlines will win routes to cuba u.s. carriers have 15 days to submit applications to the department of transportation for those cuba routes. now the development brings airlines and travellers close to scheduled flights between the two countries for the first time in over 50 years. u.s. and cubar expected to sign
6:44 am
soon of the >> patti: president bomal make his first visit to vietnam in may after the president met with vietnam's prime minister at a summit. the president's vietnam visit be a side trip for the group of seven summit in japan. the president will be the third president to visit nation. tonight tune in for a town hall, your voice your future. oust columbus ohio is hosting this. it is set to tackle which presidential candidate can solve the challenges young people face tell be streamed live on our website 7:00-8:00 p.m. >> whitney: we are not the only
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>> melissa: tell be a 50/50 day. tell be sog and he second half all right. what are we tracking. above freezing. at the 32 degree mark. some of us in the upper 30s toward doneville. heavy rain for this morning. we'll watch for the slushy, slick and slippery roads. be careful as you have to get out on the roads. we will see conditions improve as we dry out by the lunchtime hour. pinpoint radar deposit a lot going on now. still have a bit of freezing rain indicated by the pifrpg here and there. over all heavy rain through bedford and moving through pennsylvania and halifax. and got snow coming in on the backside where we have the low frsh system that will track to the north and east our area today. time everything out on future cast upon 7:00 heavy rain moves east am look at this.
6:47 am
if you want to go out for lunch. we will see dry conditions. tell be quiet throughout the afternoon. we have another quick clipper system that will impact our area. may see a few showers over night. will light in nature. future cast to the south saturday. not expecting flooding or snowfall. if you are out don't be surprised if you see sprinkles. we are dry in time for the wednesday commute and looking good throughout wednesday. dry are weather. we could add half an inch to an inch over the next couple of hours. watch out for ponding and flooding on the roads. patty? >> patti: thank you, freezing rain can bring power outages and companies are monitoring what is going on which here are the numbers and they are going up. fcc reports 100 in this part of the state without power.
6:48 am
bedford more than 600. 350 in campbell and 500 in carol. dominion says a thousand customers on the southed side don't have electric. we are watching the outage maps and keep you up-to-date on air and facebook. >> whitney: if your power has not gone out it is good to be prepared. it is wise to have an emergency kit ready. and if you just stocked up on groceries and lose power consider this. most meat and dairy products need to be tossed out if they were above 41 for more than two hours. aep say its is important you report your outage and turn off major apliances to prevent circuits from over loading and all cell phones are charged. >> patti: continuing to track out well on the roads. >> whitney: mona is out and has the latest look on the
6:49 am
conditions. >> mona:. we got all this morning we had heavy down pours, wind and light rain. going forward we are not getting that heavy down pour like earlier. now it is raining. but not like before am as for the road conscience v conscience v v-dot has been working there was a mix of slush and iechs now the traffic picked up and roads are cleefrm going forward. v-dot will focus on keeping the drains clear. they will look for trees bought of the rain. they will focus that. give yourself time if you are headed out this morning to get to where you are going so you don't hit ice spots on the roads. back to you guys.
6:50 am
snow is make for dangerous driving conscience before a warm up. >> abc meghan has more on the weather and the hardest hit states. >> cleaning up the area in city hall so nobody slips. respect report slippery sidewalks, on the roads the ice last drivers scrambling to get traction. down route 29, he went off the road just missing this tree. >> i'm trying not to hit the guy in front of me. i kind of came off the road. >> north carolina mix caused 1500 car accidents in less than 24 hours. the 1200 mile long winter storm is creating trouble at airports. red dominated the board at charlotte international. 1600 flights were canceled on monday.
6:51 am
>> i'm ready for summer. >> the snow, ice and rain are matching north up the east coast. 17 states seeing alerts with a warm up in many places by later tonight. the wild weather stretching to the south with reports of tornado touchdowns. in mississippi the house destroyed. the high school catch us damaged. and louisiana wind whipping apart this car wash and pizza hut. sending debris noticing. >> i seen it coming at me. it is scary. >> reporter: weather after a weekend that shattered cold record in new york and boston. today temperatures in some places are expected to rise in the 50s. meghan hughes abc news, washington. >> patti: still to come update on henry county deputy injuryod his way to a call.
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urging when heartburn hits fight back fast
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the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums >> patti: back with the top stories. this morning a henry county deputy listed in serious condition crashing his cruiser over the weekend. just after mid night on saturday smith was responding to a call about a man threatening to jump off a bridge. smith ran off the road. he was air lifted the hospital. they found the man and took him in for a mental evaluation. >> whitney: a story day the conditions of the roads. we learned that police responded to seven crashes since 1:30 this morning. now they are urging you to use caution if you have to be out on the roads. as you see, we have a live look on v-dot.
6:55 am
crews are working around the clock to plow and sand the streets. they say it takes 24-36 hours. remember since the streets were not pretreated they will not get plowed to the pavement. now head out to will. >> hello we are seeing rainfall out here. it is getting heavy. there is heavy rain to the west of us that will move in. if you are out this morning, watch out for ponding on the roadways. the occasional slick spot, toochlt allow extra time orreen better. stay in place. back to you. >> whitney: come inside. [laughter]. >> patti: and as we saw they were stand nothing a messy weather there. >> melissa: it has been heavy rain. quick check of the drive we are seeing mostly cloudy skies. we have a winter mix. will and i were watching. now see will the transition in lynchburg.
6:56 am
slick roads. use caution. could see freezing rain mixing in with heavy rainfall. temperatures today will make it in the upper 40s and low 50's and dry out. stay safe the heart of the church, the mission of the church, is to change our world by developing christ followers who love god and love people. everything that we are wrapped up in, everything that we do, everything that ought to drive us, the passion that we ought to have in our hearts is summed up in that statement.
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good morning, america.
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a wild swing in temperatures and slick roads spark major accidents. a massive pileup overnight. 17 reported tornadoes in the south destroying homes, businesses, and cars. and a new batch of bad weather moving in right now. just four days until the next showdown, jeb bush calling on his brother to charm voters. >> i've been -- misunderestimated most of my life. >> as donald trump unleashes a tirade against the bushes and ted cruz. >> aye never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz. and he goes around saying he's a christian. >> now threatening to take cruz to court. donald trump is joining us live this morning. stunning revelation. the wrestling superstars now speaking out about the secret they kept for so long. why wwe star daniel bryan's wife agreed to keep quiet about her husband's concussions, the ones that eventually forced him to call it quits. everybody and the grammys rocking all
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