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tv   News 13 5  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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this is a muddy mess out here tonight. workers we talked to on the scene say the situation is under control, but as you can see, the road is very muddy as cars come and go here on wards road. workers say the collapse was caused by the anniversary melted so quickly and no one was hurt. if you drive downward's road expect your car to be muddy and you can see there are some spots that have colaptioned. that is causing the mud on the roads tonight. danner, we have reached out to city building inspectors. i spoke with the building inspector who said they do do regular inspections on this site. this had to be cut back for the retaining wall, but they are planning to build here and inspector justin starr said he went on the site today meet with the contractor. we will be following up with them tomorrow morning. he says various construction sites all over the city has had problems today due to the saturated ground with all of this snow that we have, but cleanup operations are under way right now.
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visible one on wards road. katie, you have been out on the roads today. low they looking tonight? >> reporter: well, that's right, danner, they are looking really good, very clear. i talked to public works and they told me they have gotten to every road in the city. take a look at this video driving all over. all roads are clear right now. public works say they have gotten to every road and while some water is rushing down the side of 9side of the street there is no flooding. warm temperatures, they urge you to be careful and a possibility that some of the wet roads can refreeze. >> we have a slight possibility of pockets refreezing; however, we have people onwe have people on call and they will be responding to those frozen -- any frozen spots on the road. >> reporter: tonight on abc 13 news at 6:00, what the city is planning to do about the growing number of potholes in the city. live in lynchburg, katie brookelive in lynchburg, katie brooke, abc 13 news. >> danner: let's go live to danville where tola adamson has
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there. tola? >> reporter: danner, the road conditions are looking pretty good right now. i just got off the phone with the city's public inspection officer, and he tells me that all the roads are clear down to the bare pavement. the main concern is what is going on in some of the residents' homes right now. 150 customers without power. now this neighborhood off of piney forest road haven't had power since 1 a.m. because of trees that fell on top of power lines. and an evening near told me a crewcrew -- a crew will be there all day replacing street poles, but one person is thankful that he is prepared. his generator is getting him through tonight. >> about two years,>> about two years, the first time i have used it, you know. and it is a waste of money, but it ain't a waste of money. it is a good investment. yes, yes, today. one day will make it all worth
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>> reporter: now the city says that all customers by midnight. live in danville, tola adamson, abc 13 news. >> danner: there are multiple reports of downed trees today including in my back yard. had this is what i woke up to at my thousand morning. a tree fell on my husband's cara tree fell on my husband's car. thankfully not no much damage and a lot to clean up, getting that layer of ice and snow off of our cars and the trees. a lot of trees came down overnight because of the high wind and that ice was really heavy. that layer of ice on top of the snow. what can we expect coming into this evening? >> george: for tonight, another chance of snow but we are not expecting anything significant. show what you we are tracking. on the radar we are dry, but what we are watching for you, this area of rain with some snow mixed in tennessee. evening. most of us will stay dry, if you live in south side toward
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virginia, we are going to see a mix of light rain and some light snow. most of this is going to stay south of roanoke and south of lynchburg coming up a little later. we will let you know when all this precip will move out. >> danner: thank you, george. police had their hands full responding to two different tractor-trailer accidents. one happened in lynchburg on 29 business at kemper street. our crews at the scene say the tractor-trailer jackknifed causing a bit of a traffic jam here. no one got hurt but expressway had to be closed off. the other ruin route 29 between hurt and altavista. we got these pictures from a viewer as he was driving by. virginia state police have responded to three fatal crashes on icy roads in the state. last night a trooper and two other people were on the median off of route 288 in chesterfield county when they were hit by a vehicle throwing one person into a nearby fire fighter. police say that that person was pronounced dead and the trooper and the second person were
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serious injuries. a faquier county, a man died when his suv hit a snow plow. and in loudoun county, police say a woman died last night when her career ended a backwhen her career ended a backhoe. now to an update on that rollover accident in appomattox we were covering for you yesterday. the driver antoinette jennings of farmville have been released from the hospital for treatment of minor injuries from centra. no word how the three children on board were doing, but first responders said everyone had minor injuries. she was cited for two child restraint violations. a 2-year-old and 7-year-old were sharing the seat belt in the back seat. sharing a seat belt is against state law, and the children should be in an individual safety seat according to policesafety seat according to police. suri crowe was breaking down the laws when it comes to your kids and cars. she is live outside of our lung cancer studio tonight. >> reporter: well, danner,
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they have run into situation all the twrim children are not safely strapped in, and it is so frustrating. and in the back of their car, yes it takes a couple of extra minutes to strap safety seats in, but bottom line is that car save lives. yesterday's crash at route 46 was just such an example ems and police officers say as kids not being restrained safely. state law says any child under the age of 8 has to be in a child safety seat. under the age of one in a rear facing child seat and the officer i spoke with recommends rear facing car seats up to the age of 2. here is what he is looking for when he makes a traffic stop involving children. >> first if i see a child that may not be any properly restrained or in any type of child seat, the first i ask the child's age. depending on what seat they may be in. say off 2-year-old and a parent
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booster seat with no back to itbooster seat with no back to it, a child may still be too small to be properly restrained in that type of seat; whereas, where they may require a car seat with a harness. >> reporter: the rueful thumb, remember that seat belts operate differently on kids so the bottom belt has to go across the pelvis in order to be safe and across the chest area in order to make it safe. if it is not doing that for your kids, you might want to consider useconsider using a booster seat while after the age of 8. and fines for violating those rules are up to $50. so keep that in mind. send it back to you, danner. >> danner: thank you, suri. one of the people connected to the lie ons case in bedford county has plead nod contest to perjury. leslie ingle king sr. admitted in court he lied to the grand jury investigating the case of the missing sisters to protect his sister patricia welch. she is the wife of richard welch. she was being called a person of interest in the case.
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perjurying herself in front of same grand jury. her trial is in april. a judge did not convict ingle king today and had a presentence report and will have a ruling in june. he faces up to 10 years in prison. >> the attorney general's office and the defense council for a former bedford police officer indicted on possession of child porn reached an agreement on bond today. brian mcalexander got a $25,000 secured bond with special conditions. mcalexander was indicted on six felony indictments on possession of child porn earlier this month. as a former police officer possibly having worked with the commonwealth offer or icac. he was assigned a special prosecutor from the attorney general's office in richmond. >> when there is a member of the local law enforcement that is charged or even accused of a crime, our office has to remove itself from consideration.
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court date is this. what you need to know to
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and there could be a breakand there could be the new river valley. >> danner: you have been sending us your weather pics and we love seeing them and sharing them. the snowman slipped and fell
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sent it in. and this one had little boa on -- i can't seen spell them and some future forecasters there. >> george: i think future weather watchers. >> danner: send us your or post them on our facebook page. sunnier weather. that snowman will not standing by the end of the day or wearing a bikini on the ground. >> george: frost le have a bad weather. we will see a little bit of snow tonight, mainly for the southern counties. don't think it will cause any huge accumulations, but, yes, not what you want to hear after this snow weather. >> danner: yeah george flickinger this evening not a big snow event but a clipperbig snow event but a clipper-like system. light snow and light rain is side. by the time you wake up on wednesday morning, it is all going to be east and out of our area.
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and zoom down to lynchburg, appear maddox, amherst. weather. the rain and snow we are tracking for as primarily in tennessee. you so they little swirling area near nashville. this is essentially going to move straight to the east and that means that the bulk of the precip is going to stay toward south side and we will show that you shortly. right now the temperature at 45right now the temperature at 45. wind chills about the same as the temperature as wind is light. around the rest of the area, all of us warmed up nicely. a lot of that snow with 40s and lower 50s as xhmented toward south side. south boston at 52. danville, 51. colder in the mountains where there is still a lot more snow on the ground. blacksburg at 38 and lower 40s toward roanoke. here is what we can expect this evening. starting with future cast at 8 p.m. at 8 p.m., all of us will be dry. the closer we get toward midnight, we will see this area rain and light snow moving into the heart of virginia, but you will notice that the bulk of
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staying near roanoke and near lynchburg to south. this means if you are watching us from pennsylvania county, henry county, martinsville, halifax, charlotte county, brookneal where the bulk of this light rain and light snow will occur. at 4:30 in the morning, most of us are asleep and if you were traveling across the area south of lynchburg down 29 and maybe heading south toward brookneal, watch out. there could be a few slippery areas in that direction. wednesday morning, when you wake up and get going at 8 a.m., we will be completely dry as all that moves away. and during the afternoon no more precip showing up and temperatures will be well above freezing. so overnight tonight, increasing clouds and a few showers in the area of light snow are possible. by morning, we will drop below freezing but for the evening hours, we will remain above freezing and by morning, amherst, 29. appomattox, 31. appomattox, 32. danville at 34. we will be the low freezing tomorrow morning through 9 a.m.
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freezing, and by lunchtime tomorrow into the mid-40s. a little breezy tomorrow if you want your coat, a wet breeze and cool and dry in the afternoon. highs in the upper 40s. near 50 in appomattox. south boston, 53. and altavista at 50. your seven-day forecast show we will see a gradual warming trend through friday and the warm-up gets going for your weekend. on saturday and sunday highs in the 60s. watching rain increasing by monday. we could see some snow on tuesday. we will keep you updated. the shortest line for your
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get let's check when the flights in and out of lynchburg and roanoke. out of lynchburg, one arriving flight was cancelled with a look at the hill city. that was the 10:45 flight from charlotte -- from charlotte not in roanoke, everything is on time and moving along just fine. once your friday is on time, we have tips to make your journey easyeasier and cheaper whenever you fly. you how. >>reporter: on average, monday than 8 million people travel by plane every day that can make
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hassle at some airport. you may be able to save time by going to the checkpoint farthest to the left. research shows that most people are right-handed and go to the line on the right. if you want to get a big bottle security, freeze it. frozen food and drank are allowfrozen food and drank are allowbring an empty water bottle and fill it up once you get past the checkpoints. instead of a fancy bow, try technology and a luggage tracker. some let's you track your luggage on your firestone anywhere in the world. and to be the first to hit your conveyor. request a fragile sticker. those marked fragile rill put on top of the rest. if you want to avoid commercial flight, jet suite and jump seat let's you know who else is flying to your destination and you can split the cost of a private jet. a flight for four people from
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be as low as $499 which means each person only pays $124.
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next, what a top d want to jump ahead for your weekend. if you have planning coming up saturday and sunday, we are looking good on saturday after a cool morning. we will see a high of 63. on sunday, a few showers are possible.
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are not expecting that much rain now on sunday. and we will see a high in the 60s. tonight, there could be a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer. researchers at seattle's fred hutchinson cancer research center announced a potential new treatment base and what is called immunotherapy. that helps a person's immune system fight off cancer cells in a way similar to fighting off a virus. in the treatment take white blood cells called t cells from cancer patients and genetically modify them. the cells are put back in the patient to multiply. it could protect against cancerous evasion and it eliminated all symptoms in 94% of participants with acute lymphatic leukemia. other blood cancer showed response rates greater than 80%response rates greater than 80%. i talked to a cancer doctor. he thinks this is the future of how we fight cancer. one in 86 kids have autism spectrum disorder. parents are often on the lookout for it, but do doctors
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a top advisory group today issued new guidelines saying not enough evidence to support routine screenings for autism and in apparently healthy toddlers. autism affects beflavor communication. the u.s. preventive task force makes recommendations for america's doctors and existing research of you a nichl children age 18 to 30 months. what we found not enough research for the experts to recommend for or against screening in all healthy toddlers for autism. a new study suggests eating fish more than three times a week during pregnancy could be associated with an increased risk of child obesity. the study's author analyzed data for more than 26,000 pregnant women and their children. researchers followed up with the children at two-year intervals from birth to age 6. the study found pregnant women who ate fish more than three times a week gave birth to children with higher bmi
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the fd a & e pa say women should eat no more than two to three servings per week. speaking of fish, you have
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florida coast r take a look at this insane aerial video. this is going to make you stay out of the water i think. see all those black dots -- all that black stuff in the water. those are sharks, ten of thousands of black tip sharks are swarming the waters off the florida coast. researchers say that is part of their annual migration pattern. downed power lines, downed trees leaving crews a huge mess to clean up. >> we have got our line assessors and line mechanics out in the field. they are feeding information back us that is giving us a better idea how long it is going to take to restore power. >> reporter: we have the latest
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and an investigative report. could your tax refund be taken right from under you? >> does it look like a real w 2 to you. looks legit. >> the format looks legit. >> mark: we go online to see how easy it is for scammers to take your money. anytime, anywhere, award anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on. this is abc 13 news. >> mark: downed trees popped up around lynchburg. check out this scene on leesburg road. lynchburg police stopped traffic in both directions after that tree took down power lines. people in that area said they were without power for two hours. >> danner: that problem affect aid loft our region including roanoke. >> mark: annie andersen found a lot of that damage. annie, walk us through what you came across. >> reporter: you couldn't walk a block without seeing a downed tree out here. one neighborhood this them at


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