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tv   Good Morning Virginia  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it is wednesday february 17th, 2016. i'm patty. >> whitney: i'm whitney. >> the snow we saw earlier has been melting away. melissa is tracking the latest. >> melissa: good morning and happy wednesday. tell be quiet for the week. temperatures warming up over the next couple of days. jump to satellite and radar. other than high cloud cover rain and snow over night are history. temperatures not too shabby. mainly in the 30s. you see everybody is on the roads in danville. 30 now in lynchburg. it is 35 in danville. 36 in roanoke. 32 in blacksburg. your school day forecast. make surety children have a jacket. tell be cool. the 30s. we will make it in the upper 40s. have the sun glasses. it will be bright.
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we'll be at 45 for lunchtime. a high around 48 in lynchburg. now, go ahead and look the trends overnight next three days. 48 today, freks tomorrow. 60 for the weekend. i will have details coming up. patty? >> patti: since the snowfall we covered a lot of weather related vehicle accidents and those accidents mean business for repair shops. autobody in lynchburg say drivers think it will be somebody else's car in the ditch. and for that reason drivers under insure their own vehicles. >> we are not used to the snow. it is difficult. driving a car with better tires and better speed front wheel drive. and just stay out of it. but people don't we had dozen of cars towed in.
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cars that are not feksable. they don't have insurance. >> patti: have enough collision insurance if you think your car is a piece of junk. shows bills get expensive. >> whitney: damage from winter weather to consider while the salt is great at melting snow, it can cause serious damage to your car if left there. make sure you get a car wash every other week until the snow and salt are gone from the road. if you don't tell cause damage to the undercarriage where the chemicals get stuck and cause rusting. ask for an undercarriage wash. >> patti: 14 year old basketball player is recovering after a freak accident. >> wisconsin girl fell and partially impailed by a splintered floor board. we want to warn you there is no blood it may not be easy for
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>> there is no reason. >> reporter: a quiet field house was filled with confusion as a player flew in the floor and couldn't get up. >> are you hurt? there is a piece of wood stuck. >> perry was running when the 14 year old player was impailed by the court. the board split and stuck into the player. her mom was quick low by her side. >> it was throw-four inches long and some a quarter and a half inch deep. >> reporter: emergency crews showed up and everyone is asked to leave. >> we thought they would have to remove the board. >> >> reporter: they didn't have to but she was loaded on a stretcher and spent the night in the hospital. no internal organs were hit. he is surprised it happened her
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now a replacement sliver is glued and guarded. should be permanently fixed in two weeks. he is confident the court will holdup and says he doesn't expect legal action against the district. >> it is like a strike of lightning. it was a fluke. >> reporter: hoping the unlucky lightning does not instructor: twice. >> sometimes strange things happen. >> patti: it was a scary situation for the players. the girl who was injured is expected to recover and ready to play in the future. >> whitney: law makers in the house killed a bill yesterday requiring all bicyclists in virginia under 18 to wear helmets. the bicycleing federation says helmets keep riders safe under existing law a county, city or town in virginia may adopt an
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who are 14 or younger to wear helmets. >> patti: senate approved legislation that would reg lute short term rental website. allowing homeowners to rent out their hopes and establish procedures for local tacks. short term rentals were operating in the state and this would help boost tax rev mule. opponents say it would use power from government and hurt the state's hospitality industry. a similar measure passed. an 18 year old arrested second degree of practicing medicine without a license. >> whitney: man was so successful he was running his own medical clinic. terry parker has the story. >> terri: you have been
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cameras were there and they arrested malachi for practicing medicine without a license. giving a physical exam to a female under cover officer. >> you examined a patient today. >> we have been investigating him since january. when he held an opening party for his new medical clinic. and some concerned family members called me and the health department. worried he was posing as a doctor. he told me then he was not. >> you told me you knew the difference with a doctor and not a doctor. youed you are not a doctor, correct. >> these allegations will be cleared up and you will hear from my lawyer. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says he was practicing immediate without a license and slapped him in cuffs. >> you have been practicing medicine without a license. >> that is per what they say. >> how do you feel with the
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thought you knew what you were talking about. >> i'm hurt because of the accusation this is is the not first time i have been accused and i will pursue this. when i do you guys will know, mrs. parker. >> strange. >> whitney: very strange. >> patti: still to come, a study links antacids for a risk in dementia. >> will: dealing with a lot of melting snow. it is warming up. tleks in roanoke. 38 in lynchburg. 33 in danville. we will tell you more when we next "e.t." our l david bowie
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d and no drop off's. send it to and no drop off's. send it to and no drop off's. send it to and no drop off's. send it to and no drop off's. send it to and no drop off's. send it to ad and no drop off's. send it to and no drop off's. send it to and no drop off's. send it to and no drop off's. send it to and no drop off's. send it to and no drop off's. send it to and no drop off's. send it to >> whitney: good morning we saw the snowfall monday into tuesday it was the rain yesterday. here is some of our rainfall totals. 1.14 inches in danville. new record in roanoke. 1.21 inches. 7-10th in blacksburg that helped to melt the snow away. you had the snow and the rainfall. had flood warnings for the dan river at dan virin danville in affect until tonight at 10:30.
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the flood warning until friday afternoon. flood warning in affect the paces and south boston. the good news is no more rainfall for wednesday. throughout the rest of the week. it is quiet on satellite. high cloud cover that little clip are system that moved through over night. it will push to the east. we have sun in store for youred with. here is what you can expect. see a few slick roads they are wet. not expecting black ice temperatures have been above the freezing mark. partly cloudy today. tell be cool. temperatures in the upper 40s. low 50s to the south side. if you are headed out. 30s. 30 in lynchburg in martinsville. flickings in roanoke. 33 in danville. upper 20s in hot spring. around freezing at 8:00. 45 by lunchtime.
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make sure you have the sun glassings handy it will be bright. that clip are taking that rain pushing throughout carolinas now. we go ahead and look we have the little cold front tell dissipate not impacting our weather. you notice the high pressure behind it. that will build in toward the end of the work week. quiet, sunny and a warm up is on the way for the week and even into the weekend. you can see lots of sun for the afternoon. may be high cloud cover. we will see partly cloudy skies over night and beautiful weather in store for your thursday. highs about 48 in lynchburg. 45 in lexington. 50 in alta vista 46 in roanoke. temperatures drop in the 20s. we will watch for black ice that could develop by tomorrow. quick check of the weekend. 60s, look at that. morning temperatures upper 30s.
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get a check of the weather photo. tell be beautiful. clint sent in this, hello. snow sunrise. sends that with the snow that fell. if you have the weather photos you have been amation. keep sending them to patty and whitney? >> patti: thank you. donald trump appear to be thinking before speak. at least in this case. he is refusing to bark like hilary. >> whitney: during a monday speech he did a small dog immitation and it is viral. internet is barking back at her. >> reporter: worse than the bark. as the internet nips at hilary for or doggie immitation. . bark like a dog. >> reporter: because hilary told
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featured a dog trained to bark at lies. wouldn't that come in handy for following her republican rifles, she said. >> when they say these things like, oh , the great recession was caused by too much regulation. >> her iner terrier. no one donald trump refused to emulate. >> i did do that i would be ridiculed. i will not do it i will not imitate there. >> reporter: as if hilary did not face ridicule. dog barking interruptions was the manies mocking means making the rounds. is that a dog? it is enough to make ensuldog. >> is it true you tried to shut down the government?
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the campaign trail. hilary is in a puppy league. australian retiree went viral after imitating scaring neighborhood dogs. >> they came over. his immitation was remixd and scared real dogs. those psychodog man suffered the same mockery. his dog would make mince meetat of hillary hilary. cnn, new york. >> whitney: come up with that. i have not seen australian guy. that is viral. possible improvements to smart phones that many will be happy about. >> a website that wants
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kind of. get in and have the detail in tek bytes. >> in tech bytes details about a blockbuster phone. >> a video hints the company's next galaxy could be water resistant and have waterless charging. >> unveiled next week. >> a new shopping site sell products last forever. >> every product come with a lifetime warrant. buy me once does not have a big selection it has toys, cook ware and sox. the work of cyclist steven young using his gps app to create drawings riding around cities. >> he guess over the map of the city before plot being the figure he will draw through movements. >> he has time on his hands.
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>> have a great day, everyone. >> patti: in health news there is a new report linking antacids with the risk of dementia. it is causing concern and questions. the doctor has answer in today's health check. >> reporter: reaction to a study. heart burn and forecasts what they fear. the possibility of dementia. >> my entire family take its daily. >> the study look at those over 75. who took prescription heart burn drugs on a regular basis. while it found an increased risk dementia it does not prove the drugs were the kauchlz americans spend 10 billion dollars a year on the two main classesings of heart burn medicine. available by prescription or overnight counter.
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it is on the label. you are only supposed to use it for two weeks the prescription for most people a few months. >> patti: a look at the most viewed news stories. a dirt slope in lynchburg collapsed leaving a lot of mud. many of you are logging on to read about the weather related accidents in the area. president obama vow to fill the open seat lest by scalia who
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log on to 3 tuesday was media day at daytona with the duel qualifiers tomorrow night. one big change for jimmie johnson this season is new teammate chase elliott replacing jeff gordon.jimmie johnson, 2-time daytona 500 champion (2006, 2013)- "i've seen the 24 car on track and jeff wasn't in it and that was weird. but i haven't had full competition against the 24 without jeff and his departure from these meetings that are so vital to the success of the team. i haven't experienced any of that stuff really yet. with all that said, i know that chase is going to do an amazing job and be a huge asset for our company."3 3 dennis the high school state wrestling tournament is this friday and saturday at the salem civic center. among the region champs who'll be competing for state titles are undefeated elijah seayof staunton river and jeffrey allen of amherst, also brookville's reid stewart and austin wilkerson, lca's chad cantrell and mason wolk and christian kennedy of
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3 appomattox raiders linebacker and tight end marquise morgan has signed with division two the university of charleston in west virginia. congrats to marquise. 3 dennis uva pitcher connor jones and catcher matt thaiss have been named to the preseason usa baseball golden spikes award watch list. the cavs open their season this friday against kent state at coastal carolina. 3 nfl commissioner roger goodell took a slight pay cut in 2014. now before you shed tears, the commish is gonna be ok. he made more than 34 million dollars, down from 35 mil the previous year and 44 million in 2012. the only player with a higher salary than goodell in 2014 was green bay's aaron rodgers and a signing bonus. that is a look at sports. >> melissa: here is another viewer photo. frank sent this in the bird houses there. you seat ice sickles hanging with snow.
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throughout the day. no more precipitation. we got dry weather on the way. i wanted to look at satellite over the last 12 hours. we had the clipper move through. the precipitation last night and snow and freezing rain. light rain mixing in. it is out of here. as you head out for your wednesday morning, no weather worries. dry weather for the week. here issed with's forecast. about 32 by the 8:00 hour. 45 for lunchtime. temperatures upper 40s this afternoon. you will need a jacket and glasses we will see a mix of sun and clouds. partly cloudy skies over night. 38 at 8:00. over night lows the upper 20s. woe got through the rain and snow and the winter mess. now turning attention to attaches. 48 for the high. 46 tomorrow. mid 40s.
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and saturday into sunday we got temperatures in the 60s. here is a quick check of the next seven. hi pressure builds in. they return to the forecast and will keep that on the temperatures to make sure whether that falls as rain and we see a winter mix. patty and whitney? back to you. >> patti: coming up in good morning virginia the warm up means melting snow. we will show you where all that extra water is causing problems. wil >> whitney: a nonprofit is
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they are in need of after and going bald, next "e.t." our lady gaga-david bowie >> whitney: attorney general's office for a form are bedford police officer indictod child porn reached an agreement on bond. yesterday issue brian mc alexander got a 20 thousand dollar secured bond with special conscience. mc alexander was indicted by a grand jury on six felony charges
6:31 am
as a former police officer work with the common wealth attorney's office mc alexander was assigned a special prosecute prosecutor from the attorney general's office in richmond. >> when there is a member of the local law enforcement that is charged of a crime. our office has to remove itself from krrz. >> whitney: mc alexanders next court date is this friday. >> patti: one of the people connected to the lion sister's case pleaded no contest. admitted he lieed a grand jury investigating the kaefts missing sisters to protect his sister. her puz is called a person of interest in the case. patricia is charged with pur purgering herself. >> a veteran is recovering after he was attacked outside a dc fast food restaurant. the incident occurred last week
6:32 am
chris says he was eating when a group of teen came up and taunted him asking if black lives mattered. he said he ignored them butt alleged encounter escalated. >> i was not sponding they called me a racist. when i walked out i got hit in the back of the head. it brought back memories of the war. >> suspects took his wallet and credit cards and then used those cards shortly after the attack. no one has been arrested but marquez says he hopes the suspects will be caught. >> melissa: happy wednesday. if you are getting ready to head out, no weather worries for that morning. a live view of the tower camera. everyone has been on the roads. they are wet. temperatures did not drop below the freezing mark not expecting black ice.
6:33 am
quick check of your weather. 30 in lynchburg. 34 in danville. 36 in roanoke. 32 in brooknil. 33 in blacksburg. 26 in hot springs. if you notice to the south danville and south boston and martens very well seeing fog reduced visibility. be a little careful on the wet roads. tell be another beautiful day. ed with, temperatures in the 30s. make it in the upper 40s this afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds we got great weather. the weekend we will have details coming up. patty? >> thank you, the winter weather that moved through caused problems on the roads. yesterday afternoon, virginia state police responded to three fatal crashes. monday night police say a trooper and two others on the median of route 88 when they were hit by a vehicle throwing a person into a firefighter. that person was pronounced dead and the trooper and second
6:34 am
hospital with injuries. police say a man died when his suv hit a snow mrau. in loud enen county a woman died monday when her car rear ended a back hoe. >> whitney: accident with a car and trailer sent a driver to the hospital. deputies and police responded to the intersection of amlon in south amhurst highway at 8:00 last night. it was a side collision. driver of the car was taken to the hospital. now state police are still investigate. they don't know if drugs or alcohol were involved and there is no word on charges. we will follow this story for you and bring you updates when we get them. >> patti: the the driver of a tractor trailer is facing charges. john lee was not hurt but charged with reckless driving following yesterday's accident. lost control near kerm. hit a guard rail, street lamp
6:35 am
spill out. >> whitney: a collapse caused a mess in lynchburg. it is muddy by river ridge mall and coming from the dirt slope across from cook out. yesterday, a bedroom broke under the weight of the melting snow and washes mud on to the road. crews say the scene is under control. until it is completely cleaned, expect your car to guest messy. >> patti: temperatures are on the rise. yesterday the melting snow created issue. >> whitney: for a woman it created a big mess. melissa reports. >> melissa: cheryl is tired. in her house she says when it rains or snows it pours. >> i was trying to keep the water from pushing in my basement. it got in my became. it looked like a river. >> her lawn was taken over by
6:36 am
filled up. it was filled up. it is a pipe there and the pipe rung over for awhile. >> melissa: she took action. i called them and i spoke to the highway department. and this is not a new problem. they were like. okay we see you have a ticket. this has been an on going problem. for almost two years. >> reporter: confirms she submitted a complacement on september 29 thth 2015. it was resolved. rosed the flooding shows otherwise. >> this is what seven now. now the problem is worse. it is not fair i pay taxes here. >> reporter: she does not want anything other than the issue to be resolved. >> when i call they tell me that. they give me a work number and say, i promise i will look into it. i hope they will this time. >> patti: a spoke man for the
6:37 am
transportation says they are aware of the situation and will be looking into it this week. >> whitney: some we all have but the most asked for item among the homeless. we are talking about socks. warm street system partnering with many local businesses to get them to those in need. they set up kiosks all over this . is at absolutely brightsed in downtown lynchburg. the project started a few weeks ago and a thousand socks have been donated to local shelters. for a list of locations or if you want to set up a kiosk in your business. check out our website. >> patti: virginia is handing out 150 thousand dollars to help revitalize downtown neighborhoods. including some in our area. grants through the virginia main street program. governor says 112, 500 dollars is awarded to main street
6:38 am
bristol. cull pepper and stanton. the money will go toward programs and strategies to boost private investments. black stone and saint paul will receive 37, 500 in grants to repurpose old buildings. >> whitney: still to come today another one of the winners of the record power ball will come forward. wrchl that announcement will take place in looking ahead. >> whitney: 36 in roanoke. 30 in lynchburg. 34 in danville.
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on >> melissa: good wednesday. let's check rainfall totals we saw yesterday. 1.14 in lynchburg. po poin 87 in danville. it was the snow winter mess on monday. reason yesterday and awful that has lead to flood warning ss in affect at danville. a flood warning until 10. . 36. for the roanoke river flood in affect until friday. and for the dan river at paces and south bostonful flood warnings in affect until thursday and friday night. good news no more rain. we had the clip are system that moved through. if you are ready to head out. roads may be wet. tell be dry for wednesday, thursday and friday.
6:41 am
watch for slippery spots. cloudy, cool asknd dry and the upper 40s. we are seeing upper 20s and le30s. 30 in lynchburg. 36 in roanoke. 32 in blacksburg. 28 for martinsville. 34 in danville. partly cloudy. mix of sun and clouds. 32 by 8:00. mid 40s by lunch and like yesterday. upper 40s this afternoon. still cool out there and right about where we should be for this time year. now the east coast can dry out as the last bit of clipper moves to the east coast. we head throughout the next couple of days. have a cold front tell dissipate as it approaches the mid@laneck. high pressure builds n. lots of sun, quiet weather and nice warm up on the way. take you through your future cast. cloud cover today.
6:42 am
glasses we have snow on the ground. no worries for the afternoon commute. a little cloud cover over night and temperatures in the upper 20s over night. we will watch for black ice that may develop tomorrow. a beautiful day in store thursday and friday. highs for today. 50 in alta vista. 52 in south boston. 46 in roanoke. over night temperatures in the mid to upper 20s across the board. it is quiet through the rest of the week. even into the weekend. look at your highs saturday and sunday. lows not bad, upper 30s near 40. 63 on saturday and sunday. we will watch for unsettled weather monday and tuesday. patty? >> patti: opening statements expect indeed a courtroom in fiengs, arizona an alleged isis supporter is going on trial. app dual malik is accused of
6:43 am
isis. connecting him to a terror plot in texas last year. tips alleged co-conspirators were kill indeed a gun battle with police. shot by police outside an event feet urg cartoon drawings of mohammed. they watched extremist videos with kareem and conspired to commit future terror attacks. >> the georgia death row enmate is set to be decided today. pardons and paroles met to consider clementancy for 45 year old travis clinton. he is scheduled to be put to death for the 92 murder of a fellow naval crew man. larceny argue he deserves mers and he very remorseful for his action. f. denied heal be the second person to be put to death in georgia this year. >> now your wing power ball. --
6:44 am
breaking power ball drawing last month worth a billion and a half. the world meet one of the 3 lucky winners. one was sold at a publics in melbourne beach, florida that winner will reveal themselves today. a tennessee couple came forward they took a lump sum of 187 million dollars after tax. a third winning ticket in california that winner has not come forward yet. >> whitney: ride like 007 if you pay for t. james bond ride is set for auction this week. super car was created for the latest bond filmspecter. it is expected to sell for as much as 2.1 million dollars. the car could hit a top speed 190 miles per hour. but you can't drive the carrot road. it doesn't have the necessary road certifications since it was
6:45 am
more ahead, presidential candidates hitting the campaign
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6:47 am
primaries on saturday. >> patti: a german short haired pointer is the winner of the westminster dog show. cj took the prize last night in new york city. the three year old beat 2700 others in the most prestigeous dog competition. >> whitney: check out this guy at that same show. >> dogs have a broad definition -- of edible. and work the pocket. >> patti: that dog let loose and made his treat in his handlers pocket. now looked like darria was concerned with winning snacks
6:48 am
after all, it is a dog. as much as you train them. >> whitney: can't blame them. [laughter]. >> patti: they go through a lot. >> whitney: they don't realize the ordinance go through the work the dogs are getting treats. >> melissa: we got a treat this weekend. that's right. upper 40s today. and throughout the week throughout weekend 60s in the forecast. tell be a great weekend for us. if you are ready to head out it is not shabby. check your radar out there. you see clear skies. we had that rain over night. not expecting any issues for the commute. there will be wet roads temperatures above freezing. slick spots are possible. not expect inging anything. 30 in 11 burg. 34 in danville. cloudy to the south. clear in roanoke. they are at 36.
6:49 am
want the jacket. make sure everybody has a jacket and glasses for the day. we will see sunshine. tell be bright out there. upper 40s and low 50s. 48 from lovingston. fest from alta vista. 51 in appomattox. 50 in dylan. tlan for smith fountain lake. low 50s for danville. 41 in blacksburg. 46 in roanoke. around 43 in covington. wind out of the west three-12 miles per hour. we are talking about as we head throughout the next couple of days is that warm up. low are 50s as he head to friday. and yes, 60s saturday and sunday. whitney and patty, back to you. >> patti: thank you. in the race for the president. new poles show trump holding on to his commanding lead in south carolina. >> whitney: voters are set to
6:50 am
meghan hughes as the latest on the race to the white house. >> meghan: donald trump call in on steven's the late show. >> i can think off the top of my head three things you said on air this is true. cbs will not let me repeople >> meghan: he vowed clean up his dirty language. bush come out and goes -- well i don't think that donald trump can beat clinton but i can. i said why are you not beating me? >> i don't care what trump says the guy is a loser. >> jeb bush making news with a tweet. america with his gun, name on the barrel. the new york daily news going dote 45. latest orc pole in south carolina shows bush, rubio and cruise trailing. trump with a 16 point lead in the palmetto state.
6:51 am
with a 20 point advantage. both appearing on nevada public television last night. >> you cannot ignore the impact of what wall street greed has done to the country and no state hit harder than the state nevada. >> i spent a lot of time in nevada it is the most diverse and exciting place in the country. bernal and he hilary are battling for minority voters. south carolina african-american make up half of the democratic vote. >> patti: in paris a concert come back. >> patti: american band that placed night of the terror attack retissued last night. eelings of death metal played but a different venue and no
6:52 am
night. survivors of the attack were given free tickets and therapists on stand by in case anyone needed them. pope francis is set to finish his visit to mexico today. take a look at frightening moment for him. >> patti: the pope was shake hands when someone pullod his garment and knocked him on a child in a wheel chair. the pope was not hurt and scolded those responsible and today heal visit a border town for undocumentedim grant who is died trying to cross to the united states. on gmv one of the people connected to the lion sister's
6:53 am
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court. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete.
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flonase changes everything. >> patti: one of the people connected to the lion cysters plead no contest. yesterday he admitted to lied to a grand jury investigating the case of the missing cyst are to protect his sister. her husband is called a person of interest in the case. patricia is charged with purjeffering herself before the same grand jury. faces up to 10 jeers in prison. wit >> whitney: accident sent a driver to the hospital. ammufrt deputies and police responded to the intersection of amlon and south amhurst around 8:00 last night. it was a side collision. driver of the small car was taken to the hospital with injuries. now state police are
6:56 am
>> patti: virginia handing out 150 thousand dollars to help revitalize neighborhoods including some in our area. the governor announced that 112,000 is awarded to main street organization in bedford and marryion and stanton. money toward programs and strategies designed to boost private investment. organization in alta vista and saint paul will receive 37,000 total in grants to repurpose old buildings. >> melissa: i'm looking forward to the warm up. even folk who is enjoy the snow. you gotta say goodbye. we are drying out that is good news if you are headed out. grab a jacket. 27 now. mostly clear. could be a few slick roads we will make it in the upper 40s and low 50s. sun the rest of the week even
6:57 am
>> patti: we are back at day, everyone. good morning, america. breaking news, the fbi takes on apple demanding the tech giant help with the terror investigation. are critical clues to more plots hidden on the phone of the san bernardino shooter. why the ceo is refusing to help.
6:58 am
smartphone. teaming up to take down donald trump. ted cruz, marco rubio and even the president taking aim at the gop front-runner. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> as hillary clinton tries to avoid another bernie sanders upset, a brand-new poll showing them in a dead heat ahead of the next big vote. winter warning. a new alert about dangers on the ski slopes. the terrifying moment this young boy slipped dangling 30 feet above ground and the hero bystanders who helped rescue him. the new best in show crowned after facing rough competition from thousands of dogs, c.j., the german shorthaired pointer walking away with the biggest bone of all now joining us live in times square only on "gma." all right, and good morning, america. there he is, c.j., the winner of the westminster kennel club's
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