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tv   News 13 Midday  ABC  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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for 13 news midday. investigators and bedford county have spent most of the day at the scene of a fire that seriously damaged a house early this morning. it happened on shepherd store road just off dickerson mill road. a resident of the home was there, but did not want to talk on camera. we're still waiting to find out the cause of this fire.we will bring you more details as soon as we get them. right now, the red cross is assisting four people displaced by a fire in roanoke. it happened in the 1600 block of chapman avenue last night around 9:00 p.m. when they arrived, crews said they found fire coming from the attic of the home. no word on how many people were actually home at the time or any injuries. the snow is getting out of here fast thanks to all of that sunshine. this is a look at some of the melting in lynchburg. now that the winter weather is behind us, we are looking weekend. let's check in with melissa le
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forecast. >> melissa: we have quiet weather the rest of the week. a live view of our lynchburg tower cam. everyone out and about at the lunch time hour. snow continuing to melt. as we check out satellite and radar, lots of sunshine and temperatures warming up to the 40s and 50s right now. we're seeing 48 in lynchburg. if they in danville. 43 in roanoke. 89 in brookneal. 39 in blacksburg. a few flurries . temperatures in the upper 40s and even low 50s. get out there and enjoy it. a beautiful weekend in store. the full forecast coming up. while snow may be on its way out, many people in our area have been experiencing more power outages. it is stemming from the night. right now, power crews say they are working hard to restore power to everyone. here is a look at the latest numbers on the aep outage map. aep reported more than 12,000 outages. that is way down from 16,000
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you can see most of the outages are in and around the roanoke area with almost 4000 out in roanoke city and another 3800 in the county. franklin county has 2500 people in the dark. in madison heights, a accident between a car and tractor-trailer sent a driver to the hospital. amherst county deputies say police responded to the intersection of avalon drive in south amherst highway around 8:00 last night. first responders say it was a side collision. the driver of the small car was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. right now, state police still investigating. apple says it will fight a federal order to hack iphones, but these are not just any phones good fbi is trying to access the phones belonging to the couple that carried out the mass shooting in san bernardino. apple 's citing privacy concerns.
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>> reporter: a master key to unlock all phones. that's what apple says the government is requiring them to create and the dangers of that could have future ramifications for all americans according to apple ceo tim cook. at the heart of the issue, recovering information off the phone of one of the san bernardino killers. >> we still have one of the killers phones we have not been able to open. it has been over two months and we're still working on it. >> reporter: the government tried to assess the involvement of isis in the terror attacks that left 14 dead. investigators have been unable to crack the phone used by syed farook. it could automatically erase key data and make the phone permanently unavailable. apple says they cannot just unlock one phone. >> they have to create a whole
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phones. apple says that once they create this is going to get out. as a result, everything we have built in terms of protecting security and privacy is going to be out the door. >> reporter: legal analysts >> whitney: more to come on that. the fda has new guidelines are keeping the zika virus out of the u.s. blood supply. agencies asking people who have recently traveled to affected countries to wait four weeks before donating blood. this also applies to everyone who had sexual contact with those travelers. most people affected by zika do not show symptoms, but doctors say the four-week weight should be enough to clear the virus. zika has spread to latin america, central africa, and southeast asia. virginia handing out $150,000 to help revitalize historic downtown neighborhoods including some right here in our area.
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just over $112,000 is being awarded to main street organizations and bedford, bristol, culpeper, lorraine, marian. the money will go toward programs and strategies designed to boost private investments. organizations in altavista, blackstone, hopewell, and st. paul will receive a total of $37,500 to repurpose old buildings. attorney general mark herring said more than 200 virginians are receiving restitution checks as part of a judgment against a door-to-door magazine sales company. hearing says in a news release that the judgment is more than $20,000 for the lawsuit alleges florida-based klmn reader services sold subscriptions with no intention of providing magazines and lied about subscriptions that have been donated to charities and soldiers overseas. virginia one judgments against the company in 2013 and 2015.
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been draped over the courtroom doors. scalia passed away at the age of 79. a source close to his family tells media outlets there will be a public viewing on friday. his funeral will be held saturday. president obama is sending a clear message to senate republicans.he said he will name a qualified supreme court nominee. the tough talk comes in response to republicans threat not to vote on a nominee unless it's chosen by the next president. mary maloney reports. >> this will be the opportunity for senators to do their job. >> reporter: president obama bows to nominate a replacement for justice and antonin scalia no matter what. >> l nominate someone qualified for the seat. >> reporter: republicans plan to block any nominee until a new president is in office. >> our next president is not
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replacement for justice clear, but two other supreme court justice is possibly. we know this because three of the justices are near 80 years of age. >> reporter: chairman chuck grassley said he has not made up his mind on whether there will be confirmation hearings for any potential candidate. >> i will wait until the nominee is made before i would make any decisions. in other words, take it a step at a time. >> reporter: several democrats position. hillary clinton fired off at least 11 tweets calling any threat to halt president obama's nominee disgraceful. >> i intend to nominate someone, to present them to the american people, to present them to the senate. i expect them to hold hearings. i expect there to be a boat.
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a historic visit for you're watching abc 13 news, award-winning coverage of lynchburg, danville, bedford, roanoke, in the new river valley. the pope is continuing his historic visit to mexico today. in his first few days there, he shared a tough love message with the country's leaders. today, he is heading to a notorious prison for a meeting of another kind. marcy gonzales reports. >> reporter: crowds streaming across the border. once the murder capital of mexico, today a symbolic side of hope with a historic visit from pope francis. >> i thought i'm jumping out of my skin. >> just having the pope here says a lot.
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>> reporter: the pontiff on the final day of his trip to mexico will meet with inmates here at one of the most violent prisons in latin america and later will hold mass here facing hundreds of thousands of faithfuls. issues of migration expected to be in the forefront of his message. >> is inspirational because he is here for the right reasons. >> reporter: francis is expected to use the ramp to approach the border and offer a special blessing to people gathered on the other side in el paso. >> there's a powerful message, that people do matter, dignity, there were, who they are matters a great deal. >> reporter: immigration such a hot button issue this election year with donald trump proposing to build a wall along the border calling pope francis political and a pond for the mexican government.the bakken spokesperson responding saying the pope's message is not just focused on issues here along
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about the plight of migrants around the world. >> it is going to be good to have pope francis bring light and attention to the conditions here as well as abroad. >> reporter: just across the rio grande from today's mass, thousands of people expected to gather in the stadium to watch on the big screen highlighting the message of unity calling this two nations, one face. yesterday, madison square garden went to the dogs thanks
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we will have a forecast you can count on from abc 13 weatabc 13 weather experts. i hope you're having a
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the snow continues to melt. it was all frozen. this was sent in this morning. paul sent this in from campbell county. the sun continuing to allow snow and ice to melt. as we take a live view of our danville tower cam, it doesn't even look like it snowed. a lot of that continuing to melt. we will see that continuing the next couple days thanks to sunshine and warm temperatures. we do still have flood warnings in effect due to all of this melting. you can see the dan river at paces and south boston that flood warnings are in effect even into friday evening. for the roanoke river at randolph, a flood warning in effect until friday morning. as we go ahead and check out pinpoint doppler radar, nothing out there. we are staying dry over the next couple days. it is going to be a warming weekend. already 48 in lynchburg. 43 in roanoke. upper 30s in blacksburg.
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50 in danville. checking out the satellite and radar. it is quiet across the east coast. thankfully the low pressure system that brought all of that wintry mess has departed. long gone. high pressure is going to build in and that means quiet weather all the way through sunday. a quick check of the surface map. a quick cold front as it apportions will dissipate. high pressure builds in.what are we looking at today into tomorrow? partly cloudy and cool today with mostly sunny skies for thursday. timing everything out on futurecast. no worries as you're heading home this evening from work. we will see mostly clear skies overnight tonight. if you're heading out the door tomorrow, temperatures are going to drop love the freezing mark, so we will have to watch for some black ice across the
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we will continue to see the snow melting, but beautiful for your thursday and more sunshine continuing into friday. a quick check of the high temperatures. 49 in lynchburg and bedford. if they in altavista. 53 in danville and south boston. 51 in martinsville. 46 in roanoke. breezy at times with wind out of the west at 3 to 12 miles an hour. mostly clear tonight. dry and cold. 28 as you're waking up tomorrow morning in lynchburg. 23 in lexington. 23 in the new river valley. mark. be cautious of any slick roads tomorrow. a quick check of what we are seven days. we have been talking about the warming trend. low 50s friday. weather. 63 for the high both days. overnight lows near 40. back to you. if you would like to ride the 611 train as it makes its way through our area, you better act fast.
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leaving from roanoke just went on sale. officials say about 70 percent of the tickets to radford are sold out. about 60 percent of the tickets to lynchburg are also gone. the excursions and put together by the virginia museum of transportation. to learn how you can get tickets, check out our website, more than 3000 dogs competed to become best in show
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sticclosed brought to you by ideology hearing aid associates danville-lynchburg and heritage funeral service and crematory. pay attention to the bylines if you read the huffington post today. catherine, duchess of cambridge, will be a guest editor. she is publishing a blog about her initiative called young minds focuses on mental health of young
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duchess catherine writes into health problems are still a taboo even though and resolve mental issues among kids can devastate their lives later. the blog will be followed by a series of articles about children's mental health. now to the best in show. cj, the german short haired pointer, feet out thousands of pooches for the prize trophy at the westminster dog show. jesse palmer has a look at the highs and the rough spots from this year's canine competition. >> may we have this sporting group in the ring please. >> reporter: the german shorthair pointer fetching the coveted title. >> the german shorthair pointer cj!
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from seven groups across the nation chasing the dream, but only one can become best in show. >> he knows what he is supposed to do. this is the show to win. i have dropped about it since i was 10 years old. >> reporter: cj, best in show at westminster. it was not a walk in the park. this year's competitors proving to be a rough crowd. among the seven finalists, rumor the german shepherds, bogey this morning and, lucy, charlie the sky terrier, panda, and annabelle the bulldog. it was cj taking the title of top dog. this german shepherd a crowd favorite. while she didn't win, rumor certainly has it. >> a great attitude. there is like the icing on the cake. she loves it. >> reporter: other favorites like chloe may not have taken home the gold, but just shook it off. many dog stream and rule at the idea of becoming best in show.
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coming up, we have our own best in show. we will meet our danville pet of the week, this little guy named elliott. stay with us. hello. i'm mark heiman. it has been said crime doesn't pay, but soon it will in our nation's capital. i would like to take those of you who live in reality on a little trip through the corners of the washington city council. d.c. is where the most violent cities in the nation. according to neighborhood scout, 97 percent of u.s. cities are safer than d.c., so it is expected city officials would consider programs that might reduce crime.this is what they decided is a good idea. first, they're going to identify 200 people each year who may be prone to criminal activity. the group is going to take part
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idea is to dissuade them from a life of crime. in exchange, they will get paid $9000. they get to remain anonymous. what could possibly go wrong? the estimated cost to implement the program is $25 million over four years. it could begin as soon as this summer. a bit of irony, the city will seek volunteers to help run the program. the workers will not get paid, but that would be criminals will.
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city councilmembers today is wednesday and that mean it is time for our danville pet of the week. paula deen joins us with the pomeranian mix named elliott. >> elliott is really playful and a happy little dog. >> whitney: we can see that. how old is he? >> about nine months old. he did come to us as a stray. very sweet little dog.
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children. >> okay. he has a beautiful coat. does that require additional care? to does he shed much? >> he would not shed a whole lot, but i would suggest daily brushing. >> he looks like he would enjoy being with the family and some kids playing out in the yard. >> definitely, yes. >> whitney: we will have the number on your screen if you like to take elliott home. paulette, thank you so much. >> melissa: elliott is the cutest. >> whitney: i love when they are excited and can tell he is a sweet guy. >> melissa: he is going to love the weather to get outside. >> whitney: i will, too. >> melissa: i think we are all ready for a break from the weather. 40s today and tomorrow. low 50s friday. 63 for your high saturday and sunday. we will be monitoring some unsettled weather next week, so
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