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tv   News 13 5  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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site behind me followed all safety protocols. worker are in the process of building a residence in here. the city approved the plan six months ago. they had to excavate to build a retaining wall. the dlirt go into that wall and it will go away and flat spot to build a hotel on. but the wet weather has messed up construction. until the ground dries out, not much more that can be done. we found thought isn't the only trouble spot that the city is dealing with. >> the next few days following stop. >> reporter: if the city gets a quarter inch of rain in 24 hours, building inspectors are required to do an inspection on all commercial and residential sites. there are two building inspectors and currently 120 sites. >> different sites have different things going on with them. so many variations that go into building something as big as a hotel, can't even fathom.
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worst site is on wards road. the building inspector said the construction crew did everything they could to prevent erosion, sediment traps and storage facilities for water. >> all those filled completely up, so anything going in was going straight up. >> reporter: the mounds should have been gone already but the weather hasn't made it easy. >> the main issue getting compact i behind the wall. when dirt is wet and trying to compact it, like squeezing the ball. it spreads out. >> reporter: the wall should still take another months to build. it will be finished this summerit will be finished this summer, weather permitting of course. >> it is really at a standstill until we get decent weather and the soil moisture cracks. >> that is mother nature. >> reporter: building inspector also meet with the site engineers to be sure it this slope is stable, but they say they are confident everything is safe here. they tell me if there were a
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public works to make lane closures and make sure everyone is safe. until then, wait for the sun to dry out the mud. live in lynchburg, katie brookelive in lynchburg, katie brooke, abc 13 news. >> danner: thank you, katie. could be another 30 hours before some families in our area get their power back. annie andersen is live in roanoke with what we learned from appalachian power. annie, people want to know why it is taking so long. >> reporter: well, appalachian power says simply because of a number people that suffered outages during this storm. at one point 50,000 customers in the dark and repairs as you might see take longer than you might think. >> two weeks ago we lost power. a tree fell down a couple of streets back and they got it done within a few hours. so i thought at least by last night we would have it back on. >> reporter: for the furlong family and 16,000 other appalachian power customers, it haven't worked out that way. appalachian power called in
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the power back on in crew came from charleston, west virginia. >> we got here probably around 5:00 yesterday evening. they just said they could work with our computer with the first job and start putting power back on. >> reporter: even with the extra manpower, the work is time consuming. crews spent five hours on this job alone. >> they will have assessors going out and see what the problem is and send out the ticket and get here and ground everything first so they can remove the trees. and pull it back -- pull the wires up and make sure everything is right. remove the ground like you said in with the switch. >> reporter: the outage just haven't impacted homes. five area schools including 359five area schools including five area schools including patrick henry high cancelled classes because of it. nothing. >>reporter: after living in new jersey after hurricane sandy, the furlongs said one way to survive in the storm. >> take it in stride.
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enjoy each other's company, and get through it. >> reporter: now appalachian power says there are still 7,000 people without power in the area. most of them will have their power back on by tomorrow night and for some, it might not be back on until friday morning. live in roanoke, annie andersenlive in roanoke, annie andersen, abc 13 news. dan the weather is clear now and we are looking forward to a much warmer weekend. smith mountain lake from our tower camera. you can't see any snow there on the ground at least from the tower camera. chief meteorologist george flickinger is in the weather center now what you can expect tonight. >> george: danner, the sunshine certainly helps out, melting away most of that snow today. going to take you live right now danville traffic moving along good and it is difficult to find any snow that is left over. tower cam is bouncing around a bit as it is a little breezier. 46 in lynchburg. 53 in danville. 42 in roanoke. we will see a freeze by morning, and i don't think we will see any major travel
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snow have evaporated. 26 at 7:00. we are tracking warmer weather and let you know when temps will be back in the 60s coming up. bedford county fire marshal says two people were you were in the a shed explosion trying to saw off piece of drum carryto saw off piece of drum carrying flammable liquid. if happened on we oxford drive in goodview. a teenager and 22-year-old used an angle slider to cut the drum so they could make a burn barrel, not realizing the spark from the tools will ignite the fumes. both have minor injuries. a big vote by the lynchburg school board to put a cap on students' gpa scores. we are told the decision wasn't an easy one after the group arrived to a 5-4 vote in favor of the measure last night. priscilla quiser spoke with the superintendent and joins us live from the school administration building. priscilla? >> reporter: danner, i am told
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lengthy discussion that took place in the building to the right of me. some board members feel that limiting the amount of advanced placement for ap courses student take will be achievement and others believe that it allows them to take elective courses without lowering their gpa. under the new rules, only five ap course also count toward a high school student's gpa. they can still take seven if we choose, but only the life in actually count. assistant superintendent dr. jay mcclain says this moves the school back to the decades-old way in which the gpa system was intended to work and away from the imbalance that exists todaythe imbalance that exists today. >> what that has created is almost some folks doing an educational arms race where you have students taking as many courses as possible to a point where a number of students take more college-level courses in a
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take if in college. >> reporter: a school board member who voted against the gpa change said that students felt the highest achievers won't be recognized for their full effort and you incentivides to take the most rigorous course of study. those to voted in favor said it will help the health of students. it will go into the fall those entering the 10th grade year or younger. those in 10th wonderful 11 those in 10th wonderful 11th and 12th grade will stay under these old gpa rules. priscilla kaiser, abc 13 news. >> danner: thank you, priscilla. a new skate park could soon be coming to danville. for years skaters have asked for improvements to the skate park, and they noticed people skateskating in other parts of the city. the department has $75,000 to spend on either improving the current park for building a new one at riverfront park opposite of moon street plaza.
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thursday at city auditoriums so skairts can vote on design. >> not the full skate park, but future. the park that you can -- won't pair up but has that kind of urban skating feel. >> danner: getting that new skate park is part of parks and rec five-year master plan. it was presented to the city council yesterday. the plan includes extending indoor gym hours, constructing more dog parks, and creating a sante fespray ground. a lot of fun going on there. too much stuff. >> a little overwhelming. >> reporter: how this organize your life. well, we will let you know when the wet weather is going to be returning to virginia next.
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flickinger. award-winning coverage you can count on. we did see the sun again today. a lot of that snow is melting. i don't think anything really in our back parking lot here in the station, and that will be warm temperatures this week to melt off anything else. >> george: will keep>> george: will keep melting away. we will see a a freeze tonight, but as you mentioned so much is melted or evaporated but i don't think we will see too many icy roads or icy parking lots. a lot of good news. it will drop down below freezing and will have too wait until near or after midnight. in the 20s in the morning and a few slip vis spots as we will
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but not expecting any widebut not expecting any widespread travel issues. here is what it looks like for you at pinpoint doppler radar. all dry across virginia. no rain or snow showing up and will stay dry for the remained irv the week. good news if you have outdoor plans. travel plans for the north and east. light snow in pennsylvania and new york state and not expecting any winter weather that direction. beautiful day today. the sunshine and the blue skies. looking live toward the blue ridge mountains toward the peakridge mountains toward the peaks of otter. 46 degrees and breeze coming from the north to northwest at 8 miles per hour. a breeze out there. the wind will diminish after sunset. not much of a sunset after dark. blacksburg cold in the 30s. virginia tech at 37. charlottesville, 49 charlottesville, 49, farmville, 49. and 53 in south boston and also 53 in danville. what to expect as you wake up tomorrow morning. a lot of clear skies and a few areas of passing clouds.
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and amount of sunshine for your thursday. breeze to the north and west and the only change. temperatures slightly cooler and notand not that much colder. a bit more chilly for your thursday. jumping ahead for your friday. warming trend kicks in. all of us reaching into the 50s and as you can see by the futurecast, no travel problems showing up anywhere around the heart of virginia or out of the state. we will see a freeze and the temps will drop below freezing until after midnight. roanoke at 27. smith mountain lake, 26. altavista, 27. pennsylvania county making your county. lows in the upper 20s. appomattox at 27 and amherst at 25. after 9 a.m. on your thursday, we will be above freezing and stay well above freezing during amount of sunshine. mostly sunny. a pleasant day. 43 at lunchtime. highs not quite as mild as today. it is going to be a chilly afternoon. not much of a breeze.
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45 at 5:00 and 30s by 7 p.m. around the rest of the area tomorrow, we will see 50s showing up toward south side. south boston at 50s. watching us from danville, reaching 50. altavista, 48. bedford, 46. and highs the upper 40s. seven-day forecast show highs reaching the 60s for this weekend. 63 on saturday. and 63 on sunday. mostly dry on sunday, a few late. a few small showers are possible monday. then increasing heavy rain for tuesday and wednesday. there could also be winter precip mixed in. stay tuned for the newest info on that potential for the winter precip. liberty university alumnus toby mack won a grammy for best contemporary christian album monday night. toby mckee i can't known for toby mack won for "not this is not a test." he has now won seven grammys.
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the acts for the lockin' center. fish wing, my morning jacket and gary clark jr. are some of the big names in career. you can check out bands from august 26-28. every year it is held at oak ridge farm in nelson county. you can get the rest of the acts right now at injure spring cleaning starts tonight. >> you haven't used it in six
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>> d are you in a battle against clutter? well, you are not alone, 25% of americans with two-car garages have so much stuff they can't even fit their car in. this is according to the u.s. department of energy. lana zack consulted with the experts, and tonight, she has tips to start decluttering. >> reporter: humans adore chaos because we seek to produce order in our lives. >> oh, my goodness, we are make>> oh, my goodness, we are making this difficult. >> reporter: perhaps the number one and two best severals in the "new york times" self-help list is by a japanese organization guru. we spend 2700 hours rummaging
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items we misplaced. >> i tried very hard to have hooks and places for things to be, and yet it is where is thisbe, and yet it is where is this, where is that. >> reporter: lisa struggles to keep up. >> a little overwhelming, school papers, bills, actual work stuff all in the same teeny, tiny space. >> reporter: a message heard again and again. >> i tend to keep the other people organized and forget about myself. >> i get too tired. the -- i don't do anything for, like, three days and i wake up in my house. >> reporter: i enlisted the help professional organizer amy dobson with her expert secret. >> if you haven't used it in six months to a year, get rid of it. >> reporter: amy said the first tip, don't overthink it. sort everything into a keep pile, donate pile or trash recycle pile. next, know what you use. >> turn your hangers around and that way you can see what you actually wear and don't wear. >> reporter: third tip, design systems with the whole family in mind. one parent couldn't get her
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>> they just had a lot of bins and get the close into the pinand get the close into the pins. they weren't folding and it didn't matter. this wasn't in the living room anymore. >> reporter: one of the biggest pillfalls when one person sets up the organization system and the rest of the family doesn't move along. avoid this. if you need more motivation, by decluttering your kitchen, you can decrease how much you snack by up to 44%. lana zack, abc news, des moineslana zack, abc news, des moines. >> danner: a plus there. once you have gotten your house organized time to get your bank account organized. >> we live in a society where
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>> tonight, let's jump ahead to your weekend. if you have something planned outside for your saturday, the weather will be dry. highs reaching into the 60s after a cool morning, and on possible. the west. we will also see highs in the lower 60s. everyone can use an extra $500 bucks, but somehow no matter how many pennies you is possible. the first place to help you save extra money is lunch. a visa survey show more people lunch. >> that's $200 a month just in
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>> reporter: mindy mcintosh say start savestart saving by changing your midday. make more dinner and take leftovers the next day. do that and it will cost you about $5 bucks a day. if eating out just once a week at $10. do that for a month, and you have saved $90. but what about that starbucks college that you use as an afternoon boost? >> make your own coffee. a whole container for $7 and utilize that for several weeks. >> danner: sage advice. if we do that, the majority in the week and limit our coffee shop trips once a week you save another $60 a month. two days a week and then work up to that. that is a lot of money that you can save.
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reason to cut down on your starreas
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eating healthier by skipping soda machines and chocolate, think again. some flavored coffee drinks can contain more sugar than soda. analyzed 131 drinks from coffee shops in the uk including starshops in the uk including starbucks and they found some of the drinks can contain up to 25 teaspoons of suinger. that is three times more sugar than in one can of soda and more than three times the maximum adult daily intake recommended by the american heart association. starbucks say it is has commitstarbucks say it is has committed to reduce added sugar and indulge in drinks 25% by the end of 2020. abc 13 is live in roanoke to get the latest on the murder trial of a waynesboro reserve police captain. plus ... we show you the most dangerous room in your house. >> the smoke -- cyanide in our gases and things like that that just put you to sleep and you don't wake up.
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to protect your family. and ... can the government force a tech company to hacks its own code. that is what a federal judge wants appear toll do. >> once we create this, it is going to get out, and as a result, everything that we've built in terms of protecting security and privacy is going to be out the door. >>announcer: anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news. federal prosecutors presented evidence they say places at least one of the departments in -- defendants in the same area of kevin quick the night he went missing two years ago. >> quick is the waynesboro police reserve captain whose body was found in gootchland county. mona kosar abdi was in a court room where prosecutors wrapped up their case. live in roanoke. mona, their focus was on the cell phone records. >> reporter: danner, fbi special agent jason warren said


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