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tv   News 13 530  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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to protect your family. and ... can the government force a tech company to hacks its own code. that is what a federal judge wants appear toll do. >> once we create this, it is going to get out, and as a result, everything that we've built in terms of protecting security and privacy is going to be out the door. >>announcer: anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news. federal prosecutors presented evidence they say places at least one of the departments in -- defendants in the same area of kevin quick the night he went missing two years ago. >> quick is the waynesboro police reserve captain whose body was found in gootchland county. mona kosar abdi was in a court room where prosecutors wrapped up their case. live in roanoke. mona, their focus was on the cell phone records. >> reporter: danner, fbi special agent jason warren said
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several of the defendant's phone records looking at outgoing calls, texts and data from the phone the night that quick went missing and not only did the record place him in the same vincente as quick the night he disappeared as quick girlfriend's apartment where his family said he was headed, but agent warren said they also led investigators to the wooded area in gootchland where they discovered quick's body. cell phone records placed him in the area shortly before midnight that same night. found the phone that placed her at several atm wrz prosecutors believed she used quick's atm card to withdraw money. the defense is expected to present their case tomorrow. closing arguments have been tentatively scheduled for friday so the jury can begin deliberating as early as mondaydeliberating as early as monday. coming up at 6:00, i will tell you about text messages between the defendants that show that they were trying to leave the state before they were arrested.
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kosar abdi, abc 13 news. good evening to you. if you were headed out tonight, you won't have to worry about too many icetoo many icy roads as so much of that ice and snow has melted and evaporated away. want to show what you it looks like right now over danville. a live look in danville near riverside drive. temps made it into the lower 50s this afternoon further melting away more snow. we are going to see a freeze tonight; however, so dry that i don't think we are going to see any significant problems with icy roads, but it is going to be cold when you wake up in the morning in the mid-20s. coming up a little later, we will let you know when we will see a lot of rain returning to virginia. >> danner: thank you, george. nikki haley a rock star in the tea party movement has endorsed marco rubio. she announced that today and will object on the campaign trail with marco rubio through saturday. republican hopeful donald trump is planning to return to virginia ahead of the march 1 primary.
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appear at an event at regent university at virginia beach. john kasich will host a town hall monday at vcu. and ben carson will be at regent. virginia one of the several states holding a primary contest on so-called super tuesday. >> the red cross is helping those who lost their home in a fire in roanoke. it happened on chapman avenue. crews found fire in the attic. no word on any injuries. some fire officials are calling it the most dangerous room in your house. more than 15,000 house fires start in the laundry room, every single year. april molina show you what you can do to prevent it. >> reporter: the san antonio fire department set up a mock laundry room to simulate a dryer fire. they are sim lighting the lint in the hose that is the culprit for the kind of fire. >> the lint that we use to make our clothes smell good are
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>> reporter: as are laundry baskets full of clothes sitting next to or on top of the dryer. >> things will smolder for a while. it will take a little bit of time to catch everything and heat up. >> reporter: in this case not a quick burning fire, but the smoke came quick and spread fast. >> the fire is generally a very small percentage of what kills people. it is the smoke. the smoke creates sigh needs and gases and stuff like that that just make you not wake up. >> reporter: fire department instructor betty marbry say what makes dryer fires go dangerous is they go unnoticed for too long. >> don't leave them unattend>> don't leave them unattenddon't start the dryer and go to bed or leave for dinner. >> reporter: she and her boyfriend left their dryer unattended. they loaded up the dryer and went to work. >> then i got a call is from my dad while i was at work around 8:30, it was on fire.
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and all in here and we had to wait literally outside for an hour. >> reporter: what salin saw when she was inside, smoke damage to 90% of the home. $60,000 in damage. despite this enormous loss, selena is glad it didn't happen when she was home asleep >> the fire department told my father officer it wasn't -- if we were here -- if it happened at night, we wouldn't be here. >> reporter: something that she knows now that she didn't know then is the number one warning sign your dryer may be in need of maintenance >> the investigator didn't tell us anything about that, but he said whenever -- if we opened the dryer and our clothes are still wet, the number one sign that something is wrong with your dryer. >> what you may experience is a dryer that needs to run a cycle or two, maybe three times to dry clothes. >> reporter: several recommendations.
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hose. >> hoses are the most common and most flammable because they are made of aluminum and paper. a flex hose is safer. >> the dryer even if it does that, it can ignite that lint that is caught in it. >> reporter: most people know the importance of cleaning out each use. it is the lint you can't see this could do the real harm. >> lint accumulates in the transition hose. it accumulates also in the dryer itself. >>reporter: in addition to cleaning the basket, clean the dryer, the vent hose, and the outside. opinion it is a service that takes about an hour to finish. the cost of this annual maintenance and peace of mind ranges from $70 to $160. >> mark: well worth the price. >> danner: i was going i have never cleaned most of that, the lint, of course, out of the dryer, but, yeah, that is eye
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>> mark: certainly is. apple not backing down. why it is refusing to help the fbi. coming up next, i will show you what days quo see snow
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and we ls and weather with will stafford. award-winning coverage you can count on. >> mark: okay. >> danner: looking at another cold night ahead.
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going to survive this? george flickinger >> george: i think we are going to be okay. if he made it through all the cold weather, we will make it the next few days. >> danner: nothing reoccurring in your seven-day forecast? >> george: we don't want to get into next week. >> mark: sure we do. >> danner: how about, george. >> george: get through this week. people will like the rest of this week. showing all kinds of colors and the colors will show what will happen the next few day. for tomorrow, for your thursday when these blues and purples. tomorrow will be slightly colder than what we have today, and then for the weekend, i think you will really like the temperatures. a nice warm-up. on friday, we get into the light blue at colder air retreats to the north. saturday and sunday are easily going to be the warmest day that you are going too see in the seven-day forecast. on saturday and sunday, a few slivers of green showing up. what this is telling us, the computer model is forecasting highs toward the lower 60s.
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so we will see a mild weekend coming up. next week's forecast is going to have a lot of question marks right now as far as how much cold air we get and the timing of it. now on tuesday, a cold front is going to arrive and we are going to see precipitation, we are going to see rain moving in. the question for tuesday and into wednesday, how much of this cold air is going to be left by the time the precipitation moves in, because there is going to be the potential that we could see a winter mess across the area, but right now, it is trending to where temperatures may be a bit too warm, meaning that the bulk of the precip next week falls as rain with increasing chances for icy and snowy weather out to the west. so stay with us. that is what we will be watching for you for next week. tomorrow's weather forecast looks good. mostly sunny, cool and dry. a northwest breeze. highs lower 40s to the mountains to the lower 50s for the rest of us. 46 degrees right now with a mix of clouds and clear skies as we look toward the blue ridge mountain in the distance. there is a breeze out there. dress warmly if you were headed
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10 miles per hour. if you were watching us near henry county toward martinsville, at 44. charlotte at 49. farmville at 50 and 46 in lynchburg. overnight tonight, we are going to see a freeze and not going to drop to freezing until after midnight. 26 for smith mountain. mobing, 27. south boston, 29. working from amherst, 25 and washington at 26. for tomorrow, lots of sunshine after 9 a.m. temp also warm above freezing land stay above freezing for the remainder of the day. highs reaching into the mid-40s and take you on a tour and show you the rest of the area tomorrow. from nelson county, mid-40 s. buckingham, 48. russburg, 48. and upper 40s and lower 50s from south side. it should be 50 for south boston. 50 in danville and 47 for smith mountain lake. for the mountains, we will see highs reaching the lower 40s toward fincastle and blacksburg
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50s for the weekend and on monday, small showers are possible. on tuesday, mainly rain and stay with us as there could be an icy mix as well for tuesday and wednesday if it is cold enough. folks in flint michigan won't like this news.
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pay meeting norway a new study shows residents and government officials in flint michigan paid the highest rates in the nation for their toxic water. the public interest group food and water watch released results of a national study. the survey looked at the 500 largest water systems in the nation. it found that flint residents paid about $864 a year for their water service. the group says that is nearly double the national average. apple says it will not help investigators break into the iphone of one of the san bernandino killers. a judge in california have ordered the company to help the fbi get into syed farook's phone. a letter from apple ceo tim cook say complying with the
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door to the iphone createdoor to the iphone creating something we consider too dangerous to create. the letter goes on to say that such a move will potential legal render tens of millions of devices vulnerable. rescuer s have farook's phone and locked with a passcode they can't penetrate. farook and his you wife killed 14 people in december before dmiing a shootout with police. the government said it owes it to the victims' familyto the victims' families to investigate every aspect of the te spbing. all of its 4500 stores across the country. the company announced last year it would allow customers to schedule appointments for passport photos. 50 million american passports will expire over the next three years. shared parenting. >> i think there is still the bias in many courts mark mark a
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if you have any tra plan if you have any travel plans this evening out of virginia or maybe one of the neighbors states, not expecting any major issues. right now in lynchburg, we are at 46. maybe if you have a flight out of roanoke you are looking good. richmond looks good, as well the flight for charlotte. new research presented at this year's american stroke conference have women waiting to be moms. researchers at the university of minnesota found women who
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pregnant for the first time had 60% risk of a brain bleed. researchers found increase in risk of heart disease and nonbleeding strokes, but they say the correlationsay the core slayings weaker and maybe due to chance. more research is needed before we can say for sure that these two things are directly relatedtwo things are directly related. only 17% of american children whose parents are separated in a divorce have shared parent happening in according to the u.s. census bureau. most of the research over the past 30 years show kids thrive when they are parented equally by mom and dad. don hubin with the national parents organization is pushing for laws in every state to make shared parenting routine. he says having both parents involved is also better for a child's financial well being. his group would like to see the end of temporary custody orders when parents head to court. >> children get to see both parents in the parenting role, and i think this sort of helps
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role that moms are the parents and dads earn the money and send the child support. i think children should see both parents, you know, cooking dinner, cooking breakfast, getting ready for school, doing homework. >> mark: 20 states have legislation that will push for more equal shared parent bug an equal uphill battle.
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attorneys like the system ju virginia international raceway is in the running for a major national honor and you can help them get it. looked for america's favorite track. they are asking everyone to vote. if they win, they will be featured in a magazine. we have a link at so you can vote there. >> danner: vote often. >> mark: early and often. we have team coverage of the power outage affecting thousands in our areas.
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progress that appalachian power
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anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, this is the abc 13 news. the storm has moved out, but the work continues around the clock for power companies, trying to make sure no one remains in the dark. thousands are across our area. >> mark: we have team coverage with the latest information. annie andersen is tracking the hardest-hit area the roanoke valley. tola adamson has a look at the situation right now on the south side, and george flickinger is in the weather center with a check of the forecast. let's get to annie first. >> reporter: well, mark, appalachian power says because of the sheer number of houses that were impacted, it will take a while to get power back on for everybody. at one point, there was 50,000 customers in the dark.
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they hope to have power back on to everybody tomorrow night, but say some people may have to wait until friday morning for their lights to come back on the power company have people working 16-hour shifts and even brought in extra health from tennessee and west virginia. even with the extra help, they say it is still a long process. >> they will have assessors going out and see what the problem is, and then they will send up a ticket and get here and will ground everything first so they can remove the trees. pull back the profileers up and make sure everything is right and remove the ground. close the fuse back in with the switch. >> reporter: and some bittersweet news for students. five schools to cancel classes today because they didn't have power. now as of this evening, all five of those schools have the power back on, but looks as if the snow day is over. live in roanoke, annie andersenlive in roanoke, annie andersen, abc 13 news. a different scene in danville.


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