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tv   ABC 13 News at 11  ABC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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which presidential candidates are headed this way. ; anytime, anywhere, award winning coverage you can count on. this is abc 13 news. ; anchor: good to have you with us. we begin tonight with a police force in transition. the lynchburg police department is trying to attract more minorities to the force. courtney wheaton is live in the studio with the new police chief chief's hiring goals. ; reporter: the police chief says the department is making sure the police force better reflects the community it's policing. comes down to 2 components. recruitment and community involvement. ; we need to reflect the community we serve. ; reporter: since sworn in 3 months ago his goal was to always increase diversity within the department.
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black residents make up 30% of lynchburg population. ; with that being said the police department is nowhere close to that representation. ; reporter: as for hispanics. ; that one%. that's other. i assume that's me. that one%. ; reporter: the first order of business sorry getting out in the community to make sure all heard. next hiring more women, local residents and people of color. ; no one should believe that in order to hire minorities you have to lower your hiring levels levels. that's not true. that's a falsehood. ; reporter: chief diaz hire twod african americans to join the team. officer joe tucker. ; i would like to be somebody the community thinks they can upon depend on and count on. ; reporter: empowers diversity in the police force in and the community. ; it's important. people want someone who they can
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somebody who understands them as a person. ; reporter: whether they are white, black or brown male or female when he's with his coworkers. ; you're part of a family not just a police department. everyone cares your growth. not only the person but also the police officer. ; reporter: they're trying to build stronger ties with the community. you may see them in your neighborhood playing basketball, visiting with residents, or plain old hanging out. ; you shouldn't only interact with a community when a crime is involved. ; anchor: the danville police department will have more officers on patrol. hire 4 more officers boosting the number of officers to 135. the move will place one more officer on each shift. danville police chief says the money will come from what's left over in the department's budget. ; reporter: good evening to you.
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late tonight there will be areas that see refreezing. most of the ice and snow has melted away. i don't think we'll have travel issues in the morning. nice warm up today. highs in the mid 40s. middle 50s toward danville. lynchburg at 30. danville 36. and roanoke at 36. all of us in the 20s in the morning. a few slippery spots are possible. coming up later we'll let you know when we're going to enjoy a nice warm up update you on snow. ; anchor: george thanks. crews tonight are working to re restore power to customers in roanoke. hope to have all power restored tonight or tomorrow morning. taking a while because of the number of homes involved. at 1 point there were 50,000 customers without power. that's down to 1800 now. crews are working 16 hour shifts and extra help came from tenessee and west virginia. tonight lynchburg officials say
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running on george road by the construction site by the mall. workers in the process of building a residents in there. they have had to excavate a slope. that pile of dirt will back fill into the wall and the mound will eventually go away. until the ground dries out there's not much that can be done. they hope the retaining wall can be finished in the next month. a woman whose son's remains were found in the car is facing a murder charge. tanya slaton was indicted on february first in hampton. charged with second degree murder in the death of her son quincy davis. he would be 25. davis attended elementary and middle school in virginia beach. he wasn't seen after the 7th grade. an arraignment for the mother's murder charge was scheduled
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lawmakers passed a bill that would allow police departments to with hold the names of officers and deputies from the public even in cases of officer misconduct. it's to protect the safety of officers. others say it would be a blow to trans. ; reporter: the senate voted 25 to 15 monday to keep the names of all law enforcement officers secret from the public. in other words the freedom of information act regularly used by journalists and others to obtain information about cops would no longer be valid in virginia should the bill become law. that alarmed some who think government employees should not be shielded from accountability. ; there are a variety of reasons why you would want to know names of officers or any other public employee ranging from most of accountability. should anything go wrong, there needs to be a name that is
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; reporter: those in support of the bill see it differently. ; we owe it to our police officers to protect them from any kind of whether credit fraud or identity theft or threat of retaliation from someone. ; reporter: despite high profile police murders policing has been getting safer over the decades according to the washington post post. duane martin says he gets the safety concerns but where there are cases of officer misconduct he says the public has the right to know. ; at the same time if an officer is committing multiple offenses against the public we should know how many offenses he's committed. that type of information should be known to us. ; reporter: but mary logwood is all for it. ; they're here for us. they protect us and shouldn't be drug through the mud because somebody thinks they did
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; i stand behind that 100%. ; reporter: suri crowe abc 13 news. ; anchor: protect people who oppose same sex marriage in extramarital sex. prohibit the state those someone who had sex outside of marriage. proponents said the measure would open the door to discrimination. supporters say the state must protect same sex marriage oppon opponents who find themselves under attack by shifting cultural winds. mark herring is partnering with the virginia veteran services and state bar top provide free legal services to low income veterans and their family. ; we are always looking for ways to repay them for the tremendous service they've given us defend defending freedoms in virginia and america.
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veterans aren't able to afford these basic estate planning documents. they can provide people with a peace of mind. ; anchor: volunteers will draft wills, power of attornies, and advance medical directives employ the state is home to many military members with unique financial needs. the goal of the first series of clinics is to serve more than 1 100 veteran his across the common wealth. the fbi wants information from apple. ; we still have one of those killer phones that we have not been able to open. ; anchor: apple is fighting back claiming it's a privacy issue. plus when you're weighing your decisions between coffee and
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want to choose the er, and dennis carter. award winning coverage you can count on. ; anchor: apple is taking on the fbi. it is refusing to help the federal government hack into terrorist cell phones despite an order by a judge. that case could potentially impact everyone who owns a smart phone. ; as soon as apple creates a back door the phone becomes vulnerable. and hackers are so brilliant these days if they got a i of how it was done they'll find out how to do it. ; anchor: following last year's terrorist attack in san bernardino a magistrate judge ordered apple to help hack into the iphone. sending messages to customers
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would undermine the freedoms and liberty that our government is meant to protect. ; reporter: i understand that apple is trying to affect customers over all. ; it's going to give a right to go into everybody's phone. ; anchor: moving up to the ninth circuit court of appeals and potentially the supreme court. major development in the race for the republican nomination in south carolina. governor nicky haley suspect making her preference known in advance of saturday's primary. ; ladies and gentlemen if we elect marco rubio every day will be a great day in america. ; anchor: south carolina's popular governor has enjoyed approval ratings of 81%. tomorrow senator mike lee will be campaigning with ted cruz in the morning and rubio in the evening. donald trump holds a 16 point
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if you add the numbers of his competitors the total is still lower than gives trump the lead. donald trump is heading to virginia ahead of the march first primary. regent university on february 24th in virginia beach. john kasich is scheduled to host the town hall meeting monday in vcu in richmond. virginia is one of several states holding a primary contest on super tuesday. hillary clinton's campaign suspect launching a television ad campaign. her campaign announced it's running the ads in the richmond market. foreign policy, women's rights and other issues are part of an initial 6 figure ad buy. clinton is leading in the polls
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terry mccullough ; forecast you on from the abc 13 weather experts. ; reporter: we've had so many questions from those asking are we going to get more snow? are we going to see a significant winter storm. we're going to be in for quite a ride over the next 2 weeks. show you dates that we're watch watching for you. jump ahead toward next week. 23rd, 24th and 25th. the 23rd heavy rainsome likely. after that colder weather moving in for the 24th and 25th. it is possible that there could be a large winter storm develop developing for the east coast. the question mark, what would this do to us in the heart of virginia? if we do we could see a winter
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meaning a mix of rain, sleet, freezing rain and snow. right now too early to know. colder weather is going to follow to end the month. highs in the 30s then look intog the next week. this takes us into the first of march. another potential winter storm, and winter mess. one of these low pressure areas moving in with cold air in place place. too early to know the specifics for now. those are the dates we're watch watching. let you know what i'm monitoring for you over the next 2 weeks. chances for the potential of winter whether if that turns into anything significant we'll keep you updated and let you know the amount we're talking about. right now the weather is quiet. temperatures at 30 degrees. the wind is light. lynchburg 33. martinsville at 30 and danville at 36. all of us below freeze nothing
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temperatures falling into the 20s. plans. sunshine and quiet conditions. west breeze tomorrow. the wind isn't that strong. cooler tomorrow than upon today. nice day for you. 50s. no travel problems. clouds around on friday. but the weather will stay dry and remain dry for the remainder of your week. 7 to 8 a.m. below freezing. not of expecting wide spread travel issues employ parking lots with the giant piles of snow that melt. there could be slippery areas around the melting snow piles. temperatures tomorrow cooler highs in the 40s. the rest of the area for thursday the farther west the colder you'll be. roanoke 43. apmad ox 48. kingsville south boston and dan danville near 50.
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and sunday. may see showers around on sunday as well as monday. all eyes on next week. we are at least going to see heavy rain and if enough cold air gets pulled down we could see winter precip. ; anchor: if you think you're healthier by skipping the soda machine and going to starbucks. flavored coffee drinks can contain more sugar than soda. 31 hot drinks from coffee shops including starbucks. they found some of the drinks can have up to 25 tea spoons of sugar. 3 times the sugar in a can of soda. starbucks says it is committed to reduce added sugar in indulg indulgent drinks 25% by the end of 2020.
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; i believe everybody deserves ; we told you about all the sugar in some of those flavored coffee drinks. if you need to work off those coffee drink calories you should try kangaroo finance. a low impact high energy bounce and burn class. mitchell says it burns 50% more calories than a work out like running. mitchell is also the author of the sisterhood of sweat. sweat stands for strong women empowering achieving together. ; i love the camaraderie of all the women. i get excited to come. and i had a baby almost 8 weeks ago. being able to come back in here after being gone still feeling comfortable around everybody. even though my body is not in
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every minute of it. ; anchor: one of the reasons mitchell wrote the book to help women overcome the all or nothing idea when it comes to get back into finance. you can watch the kangaroo classes online as well. the winners from florida of the 1.5 billion dollar power ball jack pot came forward today today. 5 5 years old david cow submit submit and smith. that's a trust created by the couple to manage the money. they took the lump sum of 328 million dollars. other winning ticks were sold in tenessee and california.
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sports is coming up next. ; hi everybody start with the hokies going for the upset on
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virginia tech played a strong first half. put the hokies on top. justin bibs burries another 3. 21-14. miami wentop a 7-1 run to pull within 1 at the break. outscored the teches 17. ma'am pewins 65-49. one of the great rivalries in all of sports duke and carolina squared off in chapel hill. brice johnson got the early put back jam with the heels. carolina led by 8 with less than 7 minutes left. the devils stormed back to win. duke edges carolina 74-73. o dack basketball history tonight at lc. combining for an odak 316 points yes in one game. unbelievable battle between the
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place roanoke. this was a track meet on the hard wood if there was one. roanoke had 5 players score at least 20 points. down 8 early second half. lynchburg charged back. hamilton the steal. drive the hornets within 3. lc took the lead. around's dunk put the hornets up 8 with 6 minutes left. john caldwell drives the length of the court with 2 of 22 to tie the game at 126. down 1 final minute. bobby ford burries a 3 to put the hornets up 2. 2 over times around scored a career high 41 points. lynchburg pull its out for double overtime. 160 to 156. wow.
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battle for 5th in odak. the faculty and staff at half time. eddy hits 3 of 13 points late in the half. scored randolph by 9 the second half. 'emmery and henry ran off 61-58. after 2 days of cancellation we got high school hoops tournament action tonight. hill toppers hosted amherst county. lovington to woodfoe who nailed it at the buzzer. amherst made a run. lang got inside for the duce. lang's trail the deficit to a dozen. jones driving 2 of 21. bolden dialing it up from long range. pull away 76-55. hill toppers play at lca
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conference 44 girls in alta vist vista. the colonels battled campbell. general start on a 15-4 run. the colonels fire back with a big one of their own. downtown from 3. goggins spins inside the hoop and the foul. going up 46-4 run.
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; anchor: it's going to be cold cold. ; reporter: that sum its up for tomorrow. going to be refreezing on some of the sidewalks and parking lots with that melted snow. not expecting travel issues. should be a nice day for you.
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>> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, megan fox, from "gotham", ben mckenzie,
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with cleto and the cletones, and now, like last time, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. to those visiting, welcome to los angeles. possible future home of the 2024 summer games. the olympics -- do people outside of l.a. know that? do people inside l.a. know that? the olympic city picked post to host the olympics but the people of boston said, no, thank is. we can barely find parking spots


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