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tv   Good Morning Virginia  ABC  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> patti: the henry county sheriff's office is look for a missing person. now they are on the search for 62 year old bernie foster. authorities were tipped off to the situation when a call came in yesterday about her vehicle left alone more old liberty
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bernalise is 5-10; 130 pounds. black hair and brown ice, if you know where she is call 911 immediately. authorities don't report foul playful a woman's who's sons remains found this her car years later is facing a murder charge. she was indicted charged with second degree murder in the death of her son quincy davis. he would now be 25. he attended school in middle beach. he was not seenast seventh grade. an arraignment is scheduled for february 25th. >> melissa: good thursday morning, get a live view of the lynchburg tower cam. people are out on the roads. i hope they grabbed a coat because it is cold. the 20s and 30s. look at this.
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25 as you head out. 27 in danville. 33 in roanoke. twine in brooknil. 35 in blacksburg. 23 in hot springs. as you and your family is getting ready, dress in layers. it is a cold start. have the sun glasses ready tell be sun and he beautiful. as we check your school day forecast, you see lots of sun, enjoy it, 26 as we head throughout the 7:00 hour. 42 by lunch. 46 for the high. 50s in the forecast for friday and the 60s we have been talking about all week tell be a picture perfect forecast. there is a look 52 for the high. 63 on saturday and sunday. we'll look at the next seven it is coming up. >> reporter: crews restoring power to people in roanoke they
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tonight or tomorrow morning. things are taking longer because of the number of homes involved. at one point there were 50,000 custody mers without power that is down to 1800 now. crews are working 16 hour shifts and extra help from tennessee and west virginia. >> patti: lynchburg officials say they are keeping an eye on the mud running on the road from the construction site bite mall. morningers are building a residence inn they had to excavate the slope to make a retaining wall. dirt will back fill and the mound will go away. until the ground drys out there is not much to be done but hope the wall be finish indeed a month. >> mona: virginia supreme court considering weather to intervene on landowners fighting the mountain valley high land. case were heard on tuesday.
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to come there land tom look at the path for the pipeline. judge will rule in six weeks. >> patti: a solar farm is coming to danville. danville purchased a six megawatt power plant they will build it and the project will supply 1.7% of the power need for electric. it will reduce transmission and congestion charges. >> mona: a new skate park in danville. they asked for improvements to the danville park. they noticed people 68 nothing other parts of the city. they have 75 thousand dollar to spend to improve the current park or build a new one at the river front park at main street mrauza there is a meeting next thursday so skaters can vote on designs. >> may be not a full skate park
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elements you skate on that will not tear it up but as an urban skating feel. >> mona: getting a new skate park is part of the phi year master plan. it was presented to council yesterday t. includes indoor gym hours. construct dog parks and a spray ground. >> patti: common waling attorney could step in a new position. randy is a candidate for the vaccance from judge black retires. the virginia legislator will make the final decision after going throughout process of selection. in virginia judges are voted on by the general assembly. to be considered is an honor. >> patti: migraines can be debilldebil debill tatding there are other ways to treat it. >> mona: here is a look at the forecast. 25 in lefrn burg.
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we are talking 60s this weekend.
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>> melissa: it is 6.:11. it is cold, you will need the coat. this afternoon mostly sun and he dry will condition. temperatures in the mid 40s. a range of 40 to 50. pinpoint radar looking good. no rain as high pressure will build in today into tonight. but it is cold. 25 the latest in lynchburg. 33 in roanoke. 32 in blacksburg. 27 in danville. 21 degrees now in martinsville. we will warm up into the mid 40s. 27 about the 8:00 hour. 42 by lunchtime. 46 this afternoon. over night going to dip in the upper 20s. here is what we are tracking the high pressure that builds and quiet weather up and down the east coast after an active start. tell be a quiet end to the work week.
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sun and he cool today. tranquil weather continues to friday. 60s by the weekend. no weather worries we take you through future cast. headed to the oomph hours a great commute. mostly clear to partly cloudy over night. another cold one as you wake up for friday morning. more sun with a mix of sun and clouds as we end the work week. 46 in lynchburg. 48 in alta vista. near 50 in south boston and danville. 48 in martinsville. 45 in roanoke. 40 in the new river valley. wind out of the northwest. less than 10 miles per hour. temperatures will drop below freezing. many of us mid to upper 20s. tomorrow morning 24 in amhurst. 25 in lynchburg. 25 in danville. 27 in roanoke. as we check your weekend outlook, enjoy the 60s.
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waking up saturday temperature 36. hive 63 saturday and sunday. we'll see more sun on saturday. a 20% chance for showers on sunday. not a wash out. chance for showers continuing into monday. we are watching tuesday and wednesday. it will be messy. we got heavy rain headed our way. what we will watch is how much cold air we'll see. now we got 43 on tuesday. 46 on wednesday. if we see more cold air. that is where we could seat winter precipitation coming back in the forecast. have to stay tuned toward this weekend and into next week. let's check your weather photo of the day. you see tammy sent this in on beautiful clouds in pleasant view. the rest of the week and weekend and you are out enjoy thanksgiving pleasant weather. send the weather photos in.
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>> mona: when san diego, california a woman is charged with attempted murder. >> patti: the charges stem from an incident that began with a bad haircut. lies a lisa explains. >> reporter: a look at haircut in question. 29 year old adrian is facing murder with a fireman after she allegedly tried to kill a barb ber she was unhappy with the cut. it happened last wednesday. she got her haircut in north park on 30th street. here is her hair before. many seen gave her the cup and design. a style he is known for. she spent time in the shop and seemed happiful returned 20 minutes later with a loaded gun. >> it is a bizarre kachls upset about her haircut and points a gun and pulls the trig are three times.
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she did not rack the which i am ber first. >> she is lucky she pulled the trig are she had intent to hurt or kill this person. we are luck that he the gun did not work. >> reporter: defense asked bail for 250 thousand dollar the judge addressing the deadly consequences had the gun worked raised bail to 750 thousand dollars. >> mona: apple takeoth fbi refusing to help the federal government hack to terrorist cell phones despite an order by the judge. >> patti: the case could impablect everyone who owns a smart phone. >> when apple creates a back door phone is vulnerable. hackers are brilliant if they got a whiff how it was done they'll find out. >> mona: tieed last year's attack in san bernardino.
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the fbi hack in a cell phone. they said, we fear this would undermine the freedoms and liberties our government is meant to protect. >> i understand apple trying to protect custody mers but this is a criminal case. >> it will give the government the right to go to everyone's phone. >> mona: the battle the play out in the courts moving to the ninth circuit court and potentially the supreme court. >> patti: remember the memory crystals in the super man movie. there is a real loaf equal that stored data for opinions of years. researchers created 5 d memory. a sophisticated laser engraves data on disks using nano structures the etching are 5 d they store in 5 dimension says.
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each holds 360 terra bytes of data this is 22,000 i phones worth. >> reporter: scott kelly shares amazing views of the world. the photos show a snow covered region. green and blue access. orange sand and a yellow desert. he is slated to return to earth next month. over to tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes principle not ability. >> apple refusing to break the encryption on an i phone used by the san bernardino shooters. >> how difficult would it be to phone. experts say not difficult. it would take an afternoon. >> google allow ss yahoo and outlook access all mess annuals from a screen. >> soon the nongoogle accounts
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mail they will not say@g mail. >> world's first high resolution, flexible smart phone. >> it is call reflex. allows users to flip through pages by bend itting. it is a prototype for now.
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>> have a great day fat pat this morning's health news if you are healthy by skipping the soda machine and going to star buck. not so fast. a study found flavored coffee drinks contains more sugar than soda a. action on sugar analyzed hot drinks from coffee shops. they found the drenchings can have up to 25 teaspoons of sugar. that is throw times than approximate a can of soda and three times the intake recommended bite american heart
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star bucks committed to reduce added added sugar by 25% by the end of 2020. migraines can take their toll. there may be other nondrug related bays to manage it. jim looks in health check. jim >> reporter: medications aleave aleaveiate migraines but there is no cure. >> not one thing to do to end migraines but there are different options that keywe can offer and hopefully and most likely get to you a better place. >> reporter: doctor bernalstein runs the headache center. a migraine sufferer herself. she is exploreing alternative ways to manage the disease. one thing she's come up with indoor cycling a form of exercise ideal for migraine sufferers it is low impact and
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>> when we exercise we feel better after. we get neurotransmitters going in our brains that can decrease pain levels. >> reporter: in boston for cnn. >> patti: now a look at the viewed news stories on wset. crews work to restore power for thouz annualeds who lost it as a result of the winter weather. many of you are logging on to read about the missing woman the henry county sheriff's office is searching for.
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3 dennis the hokies lost at number 11 miami last night for their seventh loss in eight games. virginia tech played a strong first half, jalen hudson drills a three to break a 10-all tie and put the hokies on top. later in the half, up four, justin bibbs buries another 3 to run tech's lead to 7. but miami outscored the hokies by 17 the second half. 'canes beat tech 65-49. 3 one of the great rivalries in all of sports, duke and north carolina squared off in chapel hill. 75th time they've met as ranked opponents. bryce johnson gets the early jam for the tar heels. carolina led by eight with less than seven minutes left. but duke stormed back to win 74-73. 3 dennis lynchburg and roanoke made odac history at
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new-odac-record 316 points. unbelievable battle between the home-standing hornets and second-place roanoke, it was 71-66 at halftime at turner gym.this was a track meet on the hardwood if there ever was one. roanoke had five players score at least 20 points, led by cameron smith who led the maroons with 32. down 8 early second half, lynchburg charged back. aj hamilton gets the steal and aj is jammin' to draw the hornets within 3.austen arnold poured in 41 for lc. lynchburg wins in double ot 160-156. conference tourneys finally got underway. amherst county's malik woodfolk nailed a three at the end of period three to pull within 15 of e.c. glass entering the fourth. later, cody lang got inside for two of his 14 to draw amherst closer. but the hilltoppers got hot in the fourth. tj jones drove for two of his 21. glass won 76-55 and plays at l.c.a. tonight at 6. more highlights and scores at
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that's a look at sports. >> melissa: let's look at weather. bus stop weather looking good. clear to mostly clear skies. 25 in lynchburg, 27 in danville. 33 in roanoke. we will see temperatures in the mid 40's this afternoon. enjoy sunny skies at 42 degrees by lunch. a high around frisk in lynchburg. we will see low to mid 40s in western virginia. upper 40s to 50 to the south side. mostly clear to partly cloudy tonight and temperatures dropping in the upper 20s. that weekend outlook we love temperature 36 as you wake up saturday morning. 63 for the high with a mix of sun and clouds. mild and dry for us. 40 for sunday morning. we will see clouds begin to increase. a 20% chance for a few stray showers. not a wash out. over all it is a pleasant weekend. of course, we got cooler weather
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then mild weather saturday and sunday. then turning our attention to next week. we got a lot of rain that is headed our way. the question will be how much cold air make its to the heart of virginia. now tell determine if it is all rain or if we see a winter mix. here is what we are looking at. heavy rain likely with snow. have to watch to see if this will develop in an east coast storm. engi the weather. mona and patty? >> patti: coming up a lynchburg man in jail facing charges after sending police on a wild chase. we have dwell details.
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>> mona: defense is expected to gwen presenting their case in the murder trial of reserve waynes burrow police captain quick. the prolg prosecution's last witness jason warn analyzed cell
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near the same location the night he went missing. the last record of quick using his cell phone on the same road where his girlfriend lived but quick never made it to her home where his family said he was headed check on his daughter. one of the defendant mercedes cell phone in the same tower minutes before. >> patti: new this morning a lynchburg man is facing charges after authorities in amhurst say he lead hem on an eight mile long chase. sheriff's office arrested lawrence frank junior on a chase that started on river road and ended on windridge drive. the chase did not stop there. foot. he faces a range of charges. one possession with intent to distribute. now in the adult detention facility with no bond, for the list of charged had to
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morning. lite check the live view of the lynchburg tower cam. everyone is out. it is cold. hope everyone has the cold. we are seeing clear skies for many of us. 25 in lynchburg. 27 in danville. 33 in roanoke. 27 in brooknil. more cloud cover to the west. 32 in blacksburg. 23 in hot springs. your hour by hour forecast morning temperatures upper 20s, low 30s. 40 by 11:00. temperatures many of us in the mid 40s. lots of sun to enjoy. and temperatures will drop back in the upper 20s by tonight. of course. we have been talking about that nice, warm up. in the 60s by the weekend. patty? >> patti: thank you. danville police will now have more officeros patrol. tuesday night council voted to allow the department to hire
6:33 am
the move will place one more officer on each shift. the chief says the money will come from what is left over from the department's budget. >> mona: lynchburg police department is trying to attract more minorities on the force. the chief says the department is making sure the police force reflects the community it is policing. >> patti: he is focusing on recruitment and community involvement to make that goal a reality. courtney reports. >> it is very important for police agency to reflect the community they serve. in. one of his goals was to increase diversity within the department. now about 88% of staff is white. only 8% is african-american. black residents make of 30% of lynchburg's population. >> police department is not close to that. >> courtney: for his pan ebbs.
6:34 am
it is me. >> courtney: first order of business is to get out in the community to make sure all voices are heard. next, hiring more women, local residents and people of color. >> no one should believe in order to hire minors you have to lower your hiring levels that is a false hood. >> courtney: chief hires two african-americans one a nayir joe tucker. >> i would like to be someone in the community they can depend of he is proud to work in a department that values diversity in the force and the community. >> it is important because people want to feel they can relate and identify to you. somebody who they think understands them as a person. >> courtney: whether they are white, black or brown, male or female, when he is with his coworker. >>you are part of a family not just a police department.
6:35 am
your growth as a person and as a police officer. >> mona: they are trying to build strong are ties with the community. that means you may see them in your neighborhood playing basketball. visiting with residents or hasn'tinging out. you should not only interact with the community and it involved a crime. >> patti: danville police and medical center want to be sure you feel safe. there is free safe classes next month. at drmc on match 3, 10 and 31. one hospital doctor was shot walking home from work. no one has been arrested. >> mona: cent rais close to opening a medical serb in danville. yesterday a small crowd of nurses and doctors watched as view crews put up the final beams that beam was filled with signatures from community members the 48,000 square foot
6:36 am
doctors. liberty workers physical therapists and other medical service. employees are looking forward to the new location. >> many of our patients were elderly medicare patients. this is a place where they get their chronicle care and all the services that need in one site. they don't have to travel from one office to the next. >> mona: the grand opening is september 25th. >> patti: fda new guidelines for keeping the zika virus out of the u.s. blood supply. people who traveled to the countries to wait four weeks before donating blood. applies to everyone had sexual contact with the travellers. most don't show symptoms the four week wait should be enough for immune systems to clear the virus. it is spreading through latin america and southeast asia.
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board voted 5-four in favor of the measure. some believe limiting the amount ap courses limits their achievement. but others say tell allow them to take electives without worrying about lowering their gpa. under the new rules five ap courses count toward a gpa. they can take seven but they only 5 will count. pam pat still to come, president trip. where he is headed next month in locking ahead. >> mona: if you are just waking up here is your forecast. 25 in lynchburg. 27 in danville. 33 in roanoke.
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the 60s. >> melissa: let's check the forecast am northwest breeze under 10 miles per hour. temperatures mainly in the range of 40-50. many in the mid 40s. on satellite and radar. clear to the east. you have a bit of cloud cover out west of i-81. it is dry. temperatures 20s and 30s. 25 in lynchburg. 23 in farmville. we are seeing 27 in danville. cold spot is 20 in martinsville. 32 in blacksburg. 33 in roanoke. we will warm up today. lots of sun to enjoy. we'll sit in at 34 by 9:00. 42 by lunchtime and heise many of us around 46 for the afternoon will before temperatures drop off in the
6:41 am
tell be quiet all up and down the east coast upon high pressure will build in today and tomorrow. quiet weather. tell be active out to the west. 2 thirds of the country can enjoy a bit of drying out. for your future cast. no weather worries. a day to get outside. you need a jacket. sun and he cool. mostly clear to partly cloudy tonight. mid to upper 20s when you wake up tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds through your friday. a check of today's high. 44 in loving ston. 46 in amhurst, limp burg and bedford. 48 in@a vivasm 47 from rusberg up to dillylan. down to the south where we warm up. near 50 in south boston and danville. 48 in martinsville. 47 in green lighten. 48 in brooknil. western virginia a little low are at 40 in parisberg. 45 in roanoke.
6:42 am
temperatures would drop below freezing tonight. mid to upper 20s. 25 in lynchburg. 26 in bedford. 25 in danville. 27 in roanoke. we got two weather stories we will talk b. mid 40s today. low are 50s as we head to friday and then that anticipated warm up, 63 for the high saturday and sent. great weekend forecast. 20 20% chance for a shower sunday and monday. stray shower, not a wash out. today and wednesday tell be a mess. we got wet weather headed our way. what we are watching is our temperatures. 43 forecasting for the high on today. 46 on wchld watching to see how much cold air can make its way to the heart of virginia how that will impact locally. we will keep you updated. mona? >> mona: thank you. well, after a month of waiting the winners from
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dollars power ball have some forward. new multii million arias are dave david smith and maureen smith they came forward yesterday. check was made out to nic oat trust a trust created to manage the money. took one time lump sum of 328 million dollars. other winning tickets were sold in tennessee and california. are pam pat everyone can use 500 dollars except for those winners. sometimes no matter how many pennies you pinch come you will with the kaish can seem him possible. save on lunch. survey show most spend $50 a week on lunch. >> $200 a month in food. >> patti: save by changing your eating habits. make more dinner and say the
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you $5 a day in eeth out once a week at $10. do that for a month you save 90. what about the star bucks you need for an afternoon boost. >> make your own coffee. a whole container for $7 andute lives that for self weeks. >> patti: do that and limit our coffee shop trips to once a week. you save $60. start slow two days a week and workup to it. >> patti: mark warner in town begins day three of his five day travel throughout the common wealth with a stop in lynchburg. will meet with 100 community leaders at community college. sub subject is how to improve the economy in the common wealth. >> mona: obama will visit cuba next month. historic visit to the island nation will be part of a trip through latin america.
6:45 am
reopened ties with cubeasm ending 50 years of tension. an announcement of the trip could come today. last significant u.s. president to visit was coolridge in 1928. >> patti: toyota recalling 3 million suv's because of possible problems with the seat belt. a flaw could cause rear seat belts to fail. vehicles are the ralph 4 and vanguard. most were built between 2005 and 2014 toiletal fix it at no cost. >> mona: enjoy lunch and pets the humane society is hosting food truck bow wow tomorrow 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at center for pets. mama crockets. upper crust pizza and cheesy rider will be on site. after lunch encouraged to visit
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the humane society hope tell bring in new visitors and find more pets a home. >> patti: headlining act for the music festival have been announced. >> my morning jackety. brandy carlisle are some of the names. this we're you can check them out august 26-28. the music festival is at oakridge farm. get the rest at more ahead on good morning virginia. trump with the bush family continue.
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thinks trump will be elected. >> reporter: gunned me used to get people help. newark count forkenye west has many asking, seriously. fans started the go fund me campaign to pay for the rapper's
6:49 am
west claims on twitter he is 53 million dollars in debt. the 53 million representatives his investment dollars that are tied up in music and fashion lines. afrt callod facebook mark zukerberg to invest. as of this morning an account raised throw thousand dollar for the singer. if you would like to donate. [laughter]. kidding. [laughter]. i'm not saying anything. i'm going to mum's the word on this. i will be a nonkenye person and keep my mouth shut. what happens from buying a cd to help them? nobody bias cd's anymore. i do. [laughter] we are not using that not using it. we can use a warm up.
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a check of the bus stop weather. 25 in lynchburg. 27 in danville. 33 in roanoke. mostly clear skies. you understandel up this morning. tell be a nice day for us. most low sunny. temperatures in the low are 40s by lunch. in the mid 40s throughout the afternoon. mostly clear to partly cloudy tonight. over night lows in the mid to upper 20s. of course, that weekend outlook everybody is talking about this amazing weather. a warm up is on the way. over night lows mid to upper 30s near 40. 63 for the high on saturday and sunday. pleasant, more sun for saturday. more clouds on sunday. could see a 20% chance for isolated stray shower. not a wash out. we have that mild weather that is arriving. enjoy the 60s. looking ahead to next week the
6:51 am
in the 40s for today and wednesday. this is what we are watching as we head throughout the middle part of next week. we have a lot of wet weather that will head our way today, wednesday and even into thursday. keeping an eye on how much cold air will make it into our area will determine what type of precipitation we see. have you to stay turned as we fine tune that forecast. mona and patty? >> patti: the candidates are stumping for votes in the south. several republicaners taking part in south carolina town halls. >> mona: with the primary days awaya and new number the hopefuls swing and punch at one another. ray reports. >> reporter: the clash of the republican candidates going in over drive. the battleground, south carolina. the six candidates participated in town halls across two cable networks.
6:52 am
donald trump all alone on ms nbc he attacked his counterparts and defended his fiery attitude. >> would you like me to be nice to everybody? >> on cnn ted cruise and marco with doctor ben carson got their chance to address questions from south carolina voters. cruise whipping out the hammer on trump after receiving the cease and assist letter. what did you think when you got the letter. i laughed. no one is surprised. rubio with a personal message. smiles from ear to ear on governor hayley's endorse am. >> in my campaign i got the endorsement of a governor of indian decent and tomorrow will campaign along side an african-american republican senator.
6:53 am
hilary and bernie are bags it out in nevada ahead of the caucuses this could with. new poles show the rates at a dead heat. >> the democratic party is provygotskied an unopen deck of carbon dioxides on all locations if there is a tie a card came of chance can break the time the race possibly coming down to a high card draw. abc news, new york. >> mona: still to come, authorities say a man lead them
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
and a lynchburg man is facing charges after authorities say he lead them on an eight mile chase. the sheriff's office arrested lawrence on today after a chase that started on river road and ended in win dollared ridge drive. crank ran for a time on foot. now he is in the detention facility with no bond. >> mona: defense is expected to begin presenting their case in the murder trial of reserve police captain quick. federal prosecutors wrapped up their case yesterday. prosecution's last witness fbi agent ward analyzed cell phone records that put quick and a defendant notoriety same location the night he went missing the last record of quick using his phone was on the same road his girlfriend livid. quick never made it to her home. yesterday his cell phone pinged
6:57 am
a defendant kephone pinging the same tower minutes before. >> patti: lynchburg cool board in favor gpa scores capful limiting the number of ap courses students take limits ash chiefment. others say it allows them to take electives without worrying about lowering their gpa's. >> mona: big news looking forward to the weekend. it will be fabulous. 63 saturday and sunday. go ahead and hang in there. it is cold to start. 25 degrees now in lynchburg. clear and light wind. you will need the coat to start but temperatures in the mid 40s and 50s on the south side. everyone is talking about a picture perfect weekend. unsettled weather. have you to stay tuned for that take away.
6:58 am
6:59 am
th good morning, america. dead heat. a brand-new national poll shows ted cruz and donald trump tied as trump takes aim at jeb bush. >> this guy, why doesn't he just give up, go home. go home. go home to mom. >> and hillary clinton trying to avoid another upset striking a pose in "vogue" just two days until the next big showdown. breaking overnight, president obama will travel to cuba, the first president to visit in more than 80 years and
7:00 am
havana from major league baseball to beyonce. the 18-year-old arrested posing as a doctor accused of treating patients now out on bail speaking out to abc news. the question that made him do this. kanye west caught on a hot mike. the talent's temper tantrum backstage at "snl." >> by 50%, dead or alive. >> what led to this epic meltdown. good morning, america. happy thursday. want to meet a dumb that can keep a secret? take a look at them right now. over a month they kept it. those winners in florida, the powerball lottery, $528 million check. >> even from their children. >> even from their children. >> wow. >> what else are you keeping from mom and dad? >> well, somebody out there is keeping an even bigger secret. search still on for the third winning ticket. >> anyone, anyone?


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