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tv   News 13 5  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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came in a facebook message and mentioned isis. they report the threat also mentioned activities on campus this weekend. general groom tells us the threat came in at noon on tuesday. the school now has heightened security on campus. classes are cancelled for tomorrow, and the school is telling us that parents can come right now if they want to pick up their kids. according to the post, the school wanted to give students the option to spend the weekend away if they wanted to. the school also postponed an open house that was scheduled for saturday at that school. sheriff mike taylor told the "washington post" that they are cautiously optimistic this is a hoax, but they are not going to assume there is someone. a crew heading to chatham right now and we will bling you updates as soon as we get them. >> danner: staying on top of this on air and online at as well as our facebook. search warrants in the death of a 13-year-old girl that police say was murdered by a virginia tech student has
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the documents may contain key details of the prosecution's evidence of the two people charged in nicole lovell's death. the warrants were sealed february 1 according to the roanoke times. 18-year-old david ice size charged a -- david eisenhauer is charged with abduction and natalie keepers is charged with accessory after the fact and illegally dumping nicole's body after the state lines in north carolina. montgomery county prosecutor said sheldon consider whether more evidence will warrant a capital murder charge. take a look at this, interstate 81 mile marker 192 is closed right now. this is a mess. both lanes shut down because of this crash. emergency management coordinator robert forsman tweeted out the picture of the scene moments ago. says that the interstate is completely closed so avoid that area. according to the pope, donald trump's detire build a
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christianity. trump called pope francis a very political person. before the pope's trip to mexico. but someone is now coming to his defense. mark spain has the latest in our lynchburg newsroom. >> mark: danner, this is a very unusual election year. donald trump called the pontiff a pawn of the mexican government. pope francis said a person who only thinks of building walls and not building bridges is not a christian. well, today, lu president jerry falwell jr. went on cnn to defend trump. he said he believes trump is a christian, but that's not why he endorsed him. falwell said he endorsed trump because he believes he will be the best president. >> i have gotten to know donald trump very well over the last four years and i have seen his generosity to strangers, to his employees, his warm relationship with his children. and i am convinced -- i spent a lot of time with him on his plane recently and in personal conversations, i am convinced
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i believe he has nate jesus christ. >> an i am a very good christian because the pope said something to the affect that maybe donald trump isn't christian, okay. and he is questioning my faith. i was very surprised to see it, but i am a christian, and i am proud of it. okay, for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i am proud to be a christian. and as president, i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weakconsistently attacked and weakened unlike what is happening now. >> mark: there you heard him. trump calling the pontiff's comments disgraceful. live in the lynchburg newsroom, mark spain, abc 13 news. a lynchburg man will spend ten months behind bars for selling pot on liberty university's campus. 20-year-old thomas wright must pay $61,000pay $61 thousand in restitutionpay $61 thousand in restitution. wright pled goyment 14 felony charges in december. they pulled wright over shortly
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undercover cop on the lu campus back in may. when they searched his home, they found more than 14,000 in cash and more marijuana. we are also getting new information tonight about a reported threat at the campbell county high school, one of them. the sheriff's office said on valentine's day, a footville high school student called the school -- an official to report a threat through a social media app. that threat that someone at the school would be shot. it was not directed at one particular student though. investigators say the sender was actually out of state but has ties to the school. after talking to everyone involved, the sheriff's office said the message was intended to be a prank. again, not a legitimate threat. the commonwealth attorney is now deciding if charges will be filed. there is also stepped-up security at north side high school in roanoke county this morning due to rumors of a threat at the school. school officials say they increased police presence over an abundance of caution.
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no validity to the threat. a method to reduce the manufacture sthais virginia high schools put on standardized testing is advancing through the general assembly. to require the state board of education for critical thinking over critical testing has been approved by a house committee. the legislation failedthe legislation sailed through the gnat on unanimous vote. the bill directs education officials to emphasize internofficials to emphasize internship and technical training. let's take a live look at smith mountain lake tonight. nice and sunny out there. our tower camera. chief meteorologist george flickinger is in the weather center with what you can expect tonight. >> george: danner, we are going to keep with the beautiful weather for this evening with those clear skies, but this also means with the clear skies and dry air, you will want to dress warmly. take your coats where these temps in the 40s will fall into the 20s overnight. lynchburg at 45. roanoke at 44. we are still looking live over danville, and by morning, all
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lower 20s. low between 20 and 25. you may have frost on your windyou may have frost on your windshield, coming up a little later when we will see a big warm-up. a plan for amherst county's future. the leaders got together at sweetbriar college how this map that out increase tax base, maintain investments, maintain current jobs and create new ones as the county prepares for the central virginia trading center to close. >> we know the central virginia training center will close in 2020, both a threat and also an opportunity. what are we going to do with that land when it does close? we don't own that land, the state does, but we can come up with a wonderful redevelopment plan. >> danner: ctvt is the largest employer with 12,000 jobs. the next largest employer in the county has about 300. thousands of active-duty troops suffer from post
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a new study reveals the military is struggling to provide adequate care for them. they reviewed 40000 cases. the group found many troops with ptsd and depression are not getting the minimum number of therapy sessions. according to military guidelines, that is four within eight weeks or at least two sessions to manage newly prescribed medications. officials blame it on a lack of mental health from fetionals and say the military will turn surveillance theoristwill turn surveillance theorists who are available through pentagon contracts. the military says they plan to examineexamine the study and find ways to improve. the top killer here in the united states, we are talking heart disease. and february is heart disease awareness month. katie brooke sat down with a doctor today to find out how you can be sure that you are not at risk. >> reporter: danner, right now doctors are working to bridge the gap between physical risk,
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risk like depression, anxiety. research shows you more likely have a heart attack due to psycho-social issues than typical ones. >> mostly you think of pain in mid-sternum. >> tightness in the chest, arms>> tightness in the chest, arms. the jaw sometimes. >> usually shortness of breath, feeling weak. >> reporter: these are not the only i had caters of heart disease. doctors are saying there is more to it. >> depression, anxiety, anger, pessimistic outlook, poor sense of purpose. >> reporter: dr. justin anderson said these psychoanderson said these psycho-social risks are harder to treat and recognize, that he cause a higher risk of heart disease, even more than having high cholesterol and obesity. >> the awareness of this in the medical community and public is not well known. >> reporter: dr. anderson said it is important to get the conversation started. don't be afraid to discuss any mental, emotional and social
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>> we should not ignore emotional symptoms or a certain mind set such as anger, anxiety, depression, petitions miss am. poor social outlook, low maintenance. all of these are known to contribute to coronary heart disease and should be address with the physician. >> these light stressors might make sense if anxiety is on your radar. >> anxiety can have a effect on heart attacks, heart disease. and the fact that it creates stress. >> reporter: dr. anderson told me that technology is working in their favor. you can use your phone's bill will-in heart rate. and people are becoming more aware of their heart health. you katie brooke, abc 13 news. right out in common cold is popping out. i have been fighting it for weeks. but you may not need to run out to the doctors. in tonight's smart living, there are some myth busting for you.
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you know which days next week
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snow across virginia. bedfoof lynchburg, danville, bedford, roanoke and the new river valley forj gorge finishing up a beautiful day with the sunshine. a little cool out there with the cool air, dry conditions, mostly clear skies. it is going to get cold overnight.
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sunset. we will see patches of frost by morning and we are going to see lows between 20 and 25. so a nudge colder tomorrow morning than what we had this morning. we are looking live over lynchburg. beautiful view toward the blue ridge mountains. great visibility. the mountains have been cleared today. temperature right now at 45. and the air is a lot drier than it has been the last few days. the dew point temperatures are dip into the teens. low afternoon humidity. the wind is light and the wind will remain light overnight tonight. around the rest of the area. most temps are in the 40s. around the university of virginia and charlottesville at 45. lynchburg, 45. roanoke, 44 roanoke, 44. toward virginia and blacksburg at 40 and danville at 47. the weather is quiet across the entire commonwealth, so it is going to be good news if you have any travel plans for tonight and into tomorrow. for your weekend, your saturday is looking good. next weather center that we are watching is toward the west coast. we will start to see a few areas of rain approaching us by late sunday.
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going to remain dry. overnight tonight into your friday morning, when you wake up in the morning, you will notice a few areas of passing high clouds, but the weather is going to stay dry. you may have frost on your windyou may have frost on your windshield in the morning. a few frosty windshield to begin your friday. your afternoon tomorrow looks good. a nudge warmer tomorrow than we had today as we have a south wind, not overly breezy though. by saturday the south and southwest wind will be stronger.that will help to push warmer air our direction and highs in the 60s for both your saturday and your sunday. probably want to play outside for both says coming up. tonight, lows in the lower 20s. from amherst down to madison heights. appomattox, 23. south boston and charlotte county near 24. altavista, 23. bedford at 23. your hourly weather for your friday show we are going to have a cold start in the morning. 22 at 7:00, and before 9 a.m., the temps will be below
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well above freezing lunch. highs in the upper 40s. barely nudging 50 tomorrow. light south breeze. cool and dry for you. around the rest of the area looks good everywhere for your friday. south wind not overly breezy, 2south wind not overly breezy, 2-10. 51 altavista. and mid-50s toward danville. jump ahead to your saturday. this looks like a great day to play outside. and snow continues to melt awayand snow continues to melt away. at 9 a.m. on your saturday, 43. upper 50s at noons and highs reaching the lower 60s. jumping ahead for your sunday. most of sunday will be dry, and we are not going to see that much rain across our area but a few small showers are possible. slight rain chance for you on monday. then for tuesday, wednesday and thursday, right now, look like most of the preis going to be falling as rain, but as it does get colder the potential to see a massive winter precip for
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tuned with us. hello, everyone, tola adamson here.
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hargrave academy. i got off the phone with general broom, and he told me midday on tuesday, they received a social media threat. someone sent a direct message to one their social media accounts. it was -- they perceive this to be an isis-related threat on campus for tomorrow. so the school said they have hired security. they cancelled all their classes from today. so parents can't get their students today. and they cancelled open house and athletic events they were supposed to have over the weekend. i am heading there now and i will bring you more information as i get it. >> danner: very fluid situation. keep with us on air and online at the common cold is fitting the common cold is fittingly named. 6 62 million cases in the u.s. every year, and separating the fact from the myth may cut down your chances of catching it. here is tonight's smart living. >> reporter: myth number one, cold can only be spread if
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or cause of the near you. the university of virginia study found they don't have to be near you. the cold virus can live on furniture, toys and door handles for more than 24 hours. is hand washing the best defense? that is myth number two. surprisingly, it is not. researchers found that soap and water only removed 31% of the cold virus, but rubbing your hands with a hand sanitizer that had a 95% alcohol content moved 80% of the virus. myth number 3, vitamin c prevents or relieves a cold. there have been several large scale studies testing the theory but no evidence that vitamin c does much for your sore throat and running nose. no vaccine for the common cold, one thing that will drastically cut down your chance of getting it. avoid touching your mouth or nose. the most commonplaces for the virus to enter. if you have a cold, don't call your doctor for a z pack or other antibiotics. the cold is caused by a virus. antibiotics only treat
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studies show taking antibiotics while having a cold can cause some stomach problems. they are ready for the quiz bowl. >> i just know a lot of random
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am able to just if you have travel plans across our air why, no travel issue for weather. flying out of lynchburg.
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driving toward richmond to fly out of that airport. no travel issue at those airports or anywhere along the east coast. quiet travel conditions. that is good news for you. lynchburg is getting an escape room. let me explain this one. you and your friends get locked in a confined space for 60 minutes, and you must find clues in order to get out. many are claiming the experience builds teamwork, offers an adrenaline-filled challenge and brings people together. one way out announced their launch date in spring. new tonight, you can ask a group of high school seniors on the south side of any academic subject and chances are they will know the answer. the galileo quiz bowl team. the first time ever, they made it to the state championship. the school's students say it is all about teamwork. the hardest part for them the director's round. you have 20 to 30 seconds to do calculations for the math
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the 20-member team picked up first place. the state champion is next saturday at the college of william and mary. we will keep you updated on how they do. one group looked at how
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one group ranks nascar higher than football when talking about faith-driven consumer. represents consumers who spend $2 trillion annually released its first score of nascar and its sponsors. the group recognized for safe equality index and more faith friendly than the nfl. the fbi rates on a 100-point how well brands faith. nascar scored 50 out of 100. the nfl did a score of 24 out of 100. next at 5:30, we have
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an iraq war veteran was brutalan iraq war veteran was brutally attacked outside a washington fast food restaurant. plus -- >> mark: afraid to defend. with so many recent shootings, are local officers afraid pull the trigger? valerie bragg gives you a gliment glimpse of a story she has been working on for weeks. and -- . >> danner: it is not without protest. >> i will not give up on it. >>announcer: anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news. surveillance video shows the assault and robbery of a decorated marine veteran in washington d.c. >> mark: we have to warn that you this may be hard to watch. take a look. d.c. metro police released this video in an effort to find the people responsible. this attack happened last friday at a mcdonald's. in the video, you can see a group of people hanging out at the restaurant.


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