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tv   News 13 530  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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an iraq war veteran was brutalan iraq war veteran was brutally attacked outside a washington fast food restaurant. plus -- >> mark: afraid to defend. with so many recent shootings, are local officers afraid pull the trigger? valerie bragg gives you a gliment glimpse of a story she has been working on for weeks. and -- . >> danner: it is not without protest. >> i will not give up on it. >>announcer: anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news. surveillance video shows the assault and robbery of a decorated marine veteran in washington d.c. >> mark: we have to warn that you this may be hard to watch. take a look. d.c. metro police released this video in an effort to find the people responsible. this attack happened last friday at a mcdonald's. in the video, you can see a group of people hanging out at the restaurant.
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said when he was eating a group of young people surrounded him and began yelling about black lives matter. marquez said he ignored them and tried to leave. and that's when he was attacked and robbed. police are looking for three people. marquez was in the iraq and afghanistan wars and received a bronze star for his heroism. imagine your self in a deadly situation, and the people you call to help don't help at all. officer-involved shootings are under close watch by the media and the public eye. now more than ever before. our valerie bragg has spent the last six weeks investigating whether all of the recent scrutiny is impacting an officer's decision to pull the trigger. >> reporter: danner, i sent out a survey to our local law enforcement agencies and on the continue of anonymity, more than 150 officers responded. results show the majority of officers do feel the heightened media coverage will affect their decision in a deadly situation.
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scrutiny on law enforcement seems to be at an all-time high. i spoke with the training instructer who spent more than 45 years in law enforcement. he tells me he has been through periods of high scrutiny before back in the 60s and 70s, and every time it made law enforcement more accountable and overall better. >> is there too much scrutiny? i -- you know, people are trying to do their job on both side, public, media, law enforcement. sometimes they clash. >> reporter: there is you a lot more to this story. see the full results of this story on abc 13 news at 6:00. live in the lynchburg studio, valerie bragg, abc 13 news. two deputies involved in the fatal shooting of a teen in buckingham county has been suspended. the sheriff not releasing their names until the investigation is over according to the daily progress. state police say dashon perkins was shot by deputies after he
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state police went to the store after two people attacked two tw two people there. the 19-year-old broke into a house and say theed an elderly couple. perkins attacked one of them. they fired at perkins killing him. appalachian power says most people will have power back on in the next few hours. great way to celebrate. they replaced line damaged in the storm and still 100 appalachian customers in the dark. still a lot less than the 50,000 customers who went without power on tuesday. and they say there may be a few customers who won't get power back until tomorrow morning. we hope those numbers are a few. >> mark: i was without power for ten minutes a week and a half ago and like, oh, my god. >> danner: that is not too bad>> danner: that is not too bad. good news for people in the dark, it is getting warmer. >> mark: a live look at lynchburg this hour from our tower camera. chief meteorologist george flickinger is tracking what you
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>> george: mark, we are going to see a cooler night. before we get into that warm-up for the weekend. today we saw highs upper 40s, lower 50s. 47 in lynchburg and 50 in danville. looking live over danville right now near riverside drive. beautiful night is ahead, but it is going to be a cold night, and your car may have frost on the windshield by morning with lows in the 20s. most of the heart of virginia, 20 to 25 by tomorrow morning. coming up a little later, we will update you on when you will see rain and snow back in virginia. new tonight, efforts to keep the dan river safe. the dan river basin association is looking for volunteers to monitor the water quality in the dan river. if you have never done it before, no need to worry. the group organized the training session for next saturday at 10 a.m. volunteers will learn sample i think mr. and testing methods to monitor e. coli in the riverto monitor e. coli in the river. we have information on where to volunteer at protesting the move. a battle is still brewing over
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quarters at the old green field plantation in bata county. the county wants to move the buildings to another location but some say this will be a dishonor to the plantation's history. annie andersen is live in roanoke tonight. annie. >> reporter: today, the group friends of the greenfield plantation met to discuss solidarity. the group which includes descendent of slave and the plantation own remember facing an uphill battle. dozens braved the cold and gathered at what used to be the greenfield plantation. >>reporter: an ongoing battle. the county says keeping the slave quarters where they are could seep prospective businesses away. >> if a business comes and takes an initial look, and they see something, you know, there in the park that they don't feel is compatible with -- with their intended uses,
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for them to mark you off the list. >> reporter: but the group friends of the greenfield plantation gathered to say money isn't the most important thing to consider. >> this is where my grandmother was born. i think that the historical significance the site oversways that and by disrupting it. you are losing a lot and you will not be able to re-create no matter where you put -- you put the cabin. >> reporter: shirley johnson lewis have rell that i was are there. >> doesn't warrant moving that very historic site. it is on that magnificent hill and moving those buildings will jeopardize the integrity of the building and the whole site itbuilding and the whole site itself. >> reporter: the county said the plan is a perfect xro smiz to have entrance to the park where a majority of the other resources are already located. it is more visible to the public. more safely accessible to the public. and also doesn't undermine the development of the rest of the park for economic development. >> reporter: but the group
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>> it is just actually i feel is a slap in the face to the slaves and all their descendents and the citizens, the commonwealth and america. >> reporter: as it stands right be moved. you saw already on flat beds ready to go. the county say it is could happen in the next ten days or they are waiting for the weather to cooperate. mark, danner. >> mark: thanks, annie. wal-mart workers are waiting anxiously because could affect their paychecks. and when rain and snow returns to the heart of virginia. we will go live to tola
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military academy following up coverage you can count on. >> danner: now the rest of that snow. >> mark: let it wash away. >> george: sunshine certainly helps too. the sun and nice temperatures. we are going to try melt away the giant snow piles by the weekend. >> mark: good. >> george: 60s coming up and really nic nice weather to play outside. tomorrow a nudge warmer than today. today lots of us seeing highs around 45. tomorrow closer to the upper 40s and a lot of 50s showing up toward south side. a mix of sun and clouds and a breeze coming in from the south. so if you have something planned outside for tomorrow. take your jacket with you, and
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one thing you may notice tonight that the air is drier than it has been recently. beautiful view tonight. looking live over lynchburg, the view near liberty, you can see the blue ridge mountains in the distance. right now 45 degrees. we have the dry air and the light wind, and the combination of the clear skies, dry air, light wind means it is going to cool down in a hurry after sunset. some of these temperatures just go down as the new data comes in. farmville, at 43 degrees. south boston, 44. 44 in roanoke. 48 in virginia tech and blacksburg. university of virginia at 45. want to show you a color map, which is going to show you the temperature trend over the next few days. what i want to you notice is that for saturday, we are going to get rid of these deeper blueto get rid of these deeper blues and see small pockets of green coming in for seattle and sunday. that means colder air and -- warmer air and that means highs in the 60s. for next week we will start to turn cooler again. monday 10 degrees cooler as we get back into these blues. and the big question mark will
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thursday. how old is the air going to be -- how cold is the air going to be when we see rain move in from the south and southwest. right now it looks like the coldest air will stay to the north, and looks like the bulk of the precipitation next week will fall as rain; however, if more of this cold air, more of the areas of pink, if that starts to make its way into virginia, we could see a mix of winter precip toward wednesday of next week. so that's what we are going to be tracking for you. we know we will have rain. how much cold air we get is going to determine if we do see a winter mess across our area. right now, though, mostly rain. temperatures overnight, falling into the lower 20s. bedford, 23. martinsville at 22. your hourly weather tomorrow after 9 a.m., temperatures rising above freezing. lunchtime looks good. mid-40s. highs in the upper 40s to nearing 50 tomorrow. and take you on a tour around the heart of virginia. if you were watching us from nelson county, upper 40s. madison heights and amherst, 49madison heights and amherst,
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looking at south side, including charlotte county, halifax, pennsylvania county, highs in the low to mid-50s. martinsville at 52. and if you live in the mountains, maybe toward floyd, blacksburg, vinton and roanoke, highs reaching the upper 40s. you will notice the breeze tomorrow and not overly breezy. here is that weekend we are talking about after the cold start in the morning. 63 on saturday. on sunday, we will also see a high between 60 and 65. it a few small showers are possible on sunday but not expecting very much rain. if you have something planned on sunday, you are only expecton sunday, you are only expecting a few small showers. stay with us. we will keep you updated on that. looking toward tuesday, rain likely. if it does get colder we could see a winter mix. we are following up on a
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hargrave military academy. hargrave military academy is investigating a threat that is potentially linked to isis. >> mark: tola adamson is live in chatham with everything we know tonight. tola, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: i just spoke to the school's president general donald broom. he tells me that all of this started tuesday at noon.
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accounts, and that was the person purported to be with isis. now they said that is when they contacted the pennsylvania county sheriff's office. they were investigating and they also got in contact with federal agents, and both agencies are investigating. he says the threat was for tomorrow on campus. and this has been a busy week, and this will be a busy weekend for hargrave as they have an open house scheduled for seattle and athletic event scheduled. they have cancelled all of those. they also cancelled classes today. i spoke with a parent from roanoke who was picking up his child. he received an e-mail from the school a few hours ago saying there was an isis-related threat to the school for tomorrow and parents could pick up their children if they wanted to. it says in the e-mail it also said that it could be a hoax, but the school is taking the safety and security of their students very, very seriously. they have heightened security on campus, and as i came to campus and looked around, it seems kind of eerie.
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walking around, but there are a few cars with parents picking up their children. now i will keep you updated as i get more information. live in chatham, tola adamson, abc 13 news. >> mark: we will continue to update this story on our web,, and also the very latest coming your way tonight at 6, 7 and 11. a lot of updates on our facebook page as well. so be sure to like us.
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>> now you don't all right, the weather will be dry across virginia for saturday. great news for your outdoor plans. the rain that we watch on sunday is going to be coming from the west coast. this is where it is now. small areas of showers, a little too early to tell right now the timing of the rain on sunday. if it does make it. if it does arrive, it is only going to be light rain for your sunday. more than a million wal-mart worker also get a raise saturday. the company said it will boost its minimum age to $10 from $9.its minimum age to $10 from $9. the change applies to all hourly workers including some supervisors. toyota is recalling 3 million suvs world wide because of possible problems with the seat belt. a flaw could cause rear seat belts to actually fail. the affected vehicles are toyota rav 4, ed, and the toyota vanguard. most were built between 2005
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toyota dealers will fix the problem at no cost to you. ford motor company is tout ford motor company is touting pothole detention technology on the sports sedan.
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city ofens when they we have an update on that breaking news why chatham. the pennsylvania county sheriff's office is investigating a possible terror threat. tola adamson is live in hartola adamson is live in hargrave with the very latest. plus it has split public opinion for the past week, should president obama be able to nominate the replacement for supreme court justice scalia. we asked senator mark warner about he thought about the
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count on, there is abc 13 news. ryan. >> noreen: we begin with a developing story we are following out of chatham. >> mark: we have two crews at hargrave military academy. the target of a possible terrorist threat. local and federal law enforcement are investigating this threat right now. the school's president general bloom say that someone sent a direct message to one of the school's social media accounts making what the school perceives to be a threat linked to isis. now according to the "washington post," the threats came in a facebook message and mentioned isis. they report the threat also mentioned activity on campus this weekend. general broom said that threat came in at noon on tuesday. the school has heightened security on campus. classes are cancelled for tomorrow, and parents are being told they can come and pick up their kids if they would like to. according to the post, the school wanted to give the kids the option to spend the weekend away. they have scheduled an open
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>> noreen: the sri riff told the post they are optimistic that this is a hoax but not assuming that it is. we have crews on the scene. we have done an interview with general broom, and we will bring you more all throughout the evening. >> mark: live updates at 7:00 and tonight at 11. to a abc 13 special investigation. scrutiny involving our law enforcement appears to be at an all-time high. >> noreen: is all that pressure making our local officers defend to -- afraid defend them selves and the community they are sworn to protect and serve? our valerie bragg is getting frank answers from local law enforcement and joins us now live with this story. >> reporter: noreen, i have been investigating this story for the past six weeks on the conditions to remain anonymous. we asked some of our local law enforcement if all the scrutiny has made them his tight pull the trigger in a deadly situation. some of the answers may shock you. boston police commissioner bill evans talking about an officer-involved shooting in


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