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tv   ABC 13 News 7  ABC  February 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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for all of us here at >> danner: a threat possibly linked to isis at a local school. we are live at hargrave military academy with new developments. and in an abc-13 special report, afraid to defendant. valerie bragg goes to the same training that helps centers make split-second decisions. >> george: i'll let you know who will see the coldest weather across the heart of virginia. >> danner: parents are going to the campus of hargrave military in chatham to pick up their kids tonight.
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threat on social media. tola is live in chatham. what can you tell us new, tola? >> reporter: well, danner, i spoke with the president of the school, general broome, and he tells me this all started at noon on tuesday. he said the school received a threat to one of their social media accounts from a person who purported to be from isis. they said they were going to threaten the school tomorrow. the school contacted the pittsylvania county sheriff's office. they have been investigating and federal agents have been investigating also. classes are cancelled today and tomorrow. they had an open house and athletic events scheduled for the weekend. those have been cancelled too. one parent said he got an e-mail hours ago from the school saying that parents
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they wanted to do because they had an isis-related threat. not all the cadets are from the area. there are still some parents picking up their children. they're not 100 percent sure that this could be a hoax, but they are saying it very, very very, very seriously. >> danner: we're going to have the latest updates on an air and online and on our facebook fan page. and we reached out to the dean of students at chatham hall. she said that they'll not close the schools unless law enforcement advises them to.
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across the nation are force to make split second decisions every day. and they are forced to live with the consequences of their actions for all of their lives. we wanted to learn how officers trained to make that decision. >> reporter: i went to the countless hours of training that law enforcement officers go through. >> shooter. standby. first, target practice. >> let's see where you are. were you trying to go from this dot to this dot? >> reporter: within 20 minutes, my shots were somewhat better. >> just because you shoot
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accuracy because of that, the stress, the heavy breathing, the decision making, it goes down a little bit. >> reporter: i stepped into the shoes of a police officer for just a few minutes. instructors put me through a scenario on a driving simulator in pursuit of a foot suspect. i ran sprints and jumped through a window and got in a fight. it got him off of me and then another foot chase. i had to decide whether i needed to use pepper spray, my gun, or neither in a split second. but it wasn't over yet. the suspect was still alive. i thought i did everything
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notice was the playground in the back. >> is there a school back there? now i've got to angle myself away if i do have to fire my weapon that it doesn't hit these children on the playground. >> reporter: each officer in the roanoke police academy spend six months in training before setting food in the field. and they are put through hundreds of scenarios. there is no textbook answer on when to pull the trigger. >> and recruits ask me if the guy does this, can i pull my weapon and shoot? and i'm like i don't know. can you? you've got to have that decision. >> reporter: i also went through simulated traffic stops with irate drivers, someone attacking with a crowbar and knife. the only time that officers
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are when they fear for their life or when another person's life is in danger. my full investigation is on >> danner: a pretty comprehensive look. >> reporter: i learned a lot. >> danner: an update now on that accident on interstate 81 in rockbridge county. crews are clearing out a mark at mile marker 192. at mile marker 190 in lexingson, you can see the traffic backed up. one witness said the interstate is still closed tonight. avoid the area. warrants in the death of
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they may contain key pieces of evidence in the case. david eisenhauer is charged with the abduction and first-degree murder. and natalie keepers is charged with accessory before and after the fact and with illegally dumping nicole's body across state lines in north carolina. the prosecutor, says they'll consider other charges. there are new three cases of the zika virus here in virginia, according to the department of health. those cases have been confirmed by the c.d.c.
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from bites in mosquito species. a battle is still brewing tonight over what to do with historic slave quarters at greenfield plantation in botetourt county. [singing] >> danner: today the group, friends of greenfield, showed solidarity to keep the slave quarters right where they are. they said that moving to quarters would be a dishonor to the plantations history. >> i would not give up on it. as long as i'm able to have my right mind and know that they are doing the wrong thing -- >> danner: the county plans to move those buildings once the weather cooperates. >> an assault on a veteran in our nation's capital. hear from the victim. >> george: we're cooling down
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skies and dry air. we're looking out live near wards road in lynchburg were temperatures are below freezing at 11:00 p.m., in the
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later, i'll let you know >> danner: a vicious attack left a marine brewed and battered. and police hope you can help find the people responsible. we have the latest on the today. >> reporter: the video of
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a decorated marine was viciously assaulted in downtown d.c. a group of suspects enter mcdonald's. they taunted him, asking him if black lives matter. marquez exited and the suspects knock him to the ground. another suspect kicks him while a third hits. the video left marquez angry, frustrated and disgusted. >> it seems like it's an emdemic, especially in the train stations. you're hearing about people being attacked by mobs and groups of people. >>reporter: d.c. police have
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two people. >> danner: a wendy's work says that a 25-year-old got mad and that's when things turned violent. >> cursing at me. and she said i'll come across the counter. and i said okay. and she came back there. and she tried to come for me, but i defended myself. >> danner: nelson said the woman bit her above the knee, so she punched her. she was able to fight robinson off and police charged that woman with malicious wounding, trespassing, and other charges.
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in >> george: we just about made weekend, and i think
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weekend forecast coming up. especially if you have something fun planned outside as we'll see warmer weather. tomorrow is going to be another cool day. not quite as cool as today. it will be a mix on sunshine and clouds with a south breeze. highs in the upper 40s-mid-50s towards southside. sunday and monday, a few small showers are possible. this does not look like that much rain. tuesday and wednesday, rain is increasingly likely and rain will be possible. and the question, how much cold air will be in place with this rain? winter precipitation is possible for tuesday-thursday. stay with us. we'll let you know whether there's any freezing rain,
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direction. route 64 in liberty is clear. we dropped ten degrees and we're now down to freezing at 31. blacksburg, virginia tech 32. roanoke 40. farmville 38. clarksville, south boston, upper 30s and lower 40s. tomorrow in the morning, you will have a light frost. tomorrow afternoon, a nudge warmer than today. we'll see highs in the upper 40s and lower 50s. no travel problems in or out of virginia. saturday, we'll see more clouds around. we'll have a south wind. you'll notice the breeze. not an overly windy day, but 10-15 miles per hour with south and southwest wind. and we'll see temperatures between 60-65. a really nice warmup for saturday and sunday. overnight tonight mostly clear
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light frost possible by morning. amherst low of 22. appomattox 23. alta vista 23. smith mountain lake 23. danville 25. tomorrow, we'll see a temperature reaching into mid-40s at lunchtime. we'll stay below freezing before 9:00 a.m. on friday. we'll see highs nearing 50 tomorrow afternoon. across the heart of virginia, madison county, 49. dillwyn, 51. 51, alta vista. southside, low-mid-50s. and gretna lower 50s. cooler in the mountains toward wytheville or roanoke, highs in the upper for his. for the weekend, saturday, and sunday, temperatures looking good. a few small showers are possible on sunday. next week, a few small showers possible on monday. and tuesday and wednesday increasing rain.
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air, we could see winter precip. >> danner: volunteers are needed to monitor the water quality in the dan river. the group has organized a training session next week at averett university. they'll learn testing and sampling methods. for information is at
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>> reporter: in >> danner: we'll take you live to south carolina tonight where it is round two. g.o.p. presidential candidates donald trump, jeb bush, and john kasich will take the stage for a one-on-one town hall hosted by cnn. this is a live shot. they'll discuss a range of
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anderson cooper. the town hall starts at 8:00. the plan to take in refugees by the end of this year is still on schedule. many law enforcement officers say the lack of information on some of these refugees makes their job harder. >> reporter: in washington, law enforcement officers took their concerns directly to lawmakers and security officials saying there's too many refugees arriving on american shores and too little information about them. basic information that officers already have on american residents. >> generally, law enforcement doesn't have a lot of concerns about refugees coming into the country. all we've ever asked is that they be properly vetted. >> reporter: security experts say that vetting syrian refugees is difficult.
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basic information is hard to come by. >> we've been coming with the state of minnesota to protect our county, but to not much avail. >> reporter: he's hoping lawmakers on the federal and state levels pass measures so police have proper information on all residents living within u.s. borders. republican lawmakers in the state of south carolina are working an a bill requiring a public database of refugees resettled in that state. and sheriffs we talk to stay it's a step in the right direction. >> we didn't enter this job to get thanks. we entered the job because we were committed to service to our communities. and these sheriffs say they just need to proper tools to provide that service. >> danner: let's look at
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you ca >> danner: a possible terrorist threat on the campus of hargrave military academy. let's head out live to chatham. tola? >> reporter: well, danner, we've been on standby for several hours on the campus of hargrave military academy. ten minutes ago, i saw cop cars, the sheriff's office, and state police go through a back office. i also saw a k-9 unit there. they're not giving us many details, but i did see a lot of police presence on campus. this is after an isis-related threat on their social media. all day i've seen parents pick up their children and taking
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at 11:00, you'll hear from the president, general broome, and he's hoping that this is a hoax, but they're taking this seriously. >> danner: and we'll bring you updates at and on our facebook fan page. >> george: lower 20s and upper 40s for your afternoon. liz taylor sent kanye the edge.
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>> plus ad ad ad tonight did kanye taylor swift over the edge? >> you'll want to hear what ea's saying about t now. then blake lively's new york fashion faux pas. find out what has style experts so up in arms. >> and taylor is rocking the new body at almost 30 yeaold. and we have former soprano's star after her c battle. >> we had to ask you if would confirm reports that you are expecting a bab boy. >> plus inside the top secret dating app.
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stars, who's on it? the "e.t" expose. now for february 18, 2016, th "entertainment tonight." >> adele makes a stunning confession about crying, how her grammy performance left her in tears. she is going to tell you about it in jus few minutes. >> but we start with kanye west, is saying more inflammatory things than the imperial rapper, but s on his best behavior when he ran into paparazzi l.a. >> he was an open book about everything from his finances to his feud with taylor swift. >> kanye, do you have anything to say to taylor swift? >> no. >> do you think taylor swift is obnoxious obnoxious? >> the paparazzi grilled kanye about his so-called feud with


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