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tv   News 13 5  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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bringing 3 you the very latest tonight on a story you saw first here on abc 13 news. right now, law enforcement is all over hargrave military academy... after receiving potential threats through social media this week. valerie bragg just met with the sheriff and the head of the school. she's live now with the very latest. valerie satlive they really are keeping tight lipped about what exactly the threat is... but sheriff mike taylor tells me they will find the person responsible...and they are nearing a suspect tonight. take a look behind me... law enforcement has the enterance to the school blocked off. it's been like this since last night. we have pittsylvania county sheriff's deputies...the guys in green are with the sheriff's swat team...then behind them we have state police. this
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the town out here today. 3 there were a few people earlier on who just drove up..just to see what was going on. the sheriff's office tells me they have been working closely with state police and its cyber crimes unit to find the person behind this threat. 3 (:15) sheriff mike taylor- "as we speak, we have investigators reaching out, shifting through documents. and we're going to identify the people who did this. you 3 can rest assured of that." valerie satlive many of the students here at hargrave are not local, so not all of them were able to go home this weekend. general don broome tells me they still have about 60 students on campus...and for their safety they are rescriting their acitivites this weekend. live outside of hargrave military academy in chatham, valerie bragg, abc 13 news. 3 3
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3 danner tight court has adjourned for the day in the murder trial of a waynesboro reserve police captain. closing arguments and jury instructions will start monday morning in the case of kevin quick. quick was found dead in goochland county. 6 alleged gang members are on trial in connection to his death. 4 for abduction and murder. we will be in court on monday and bring you the latest. 3 3 danner tight a vinton man is now charged after police say he hurt an 11 month old baby. 21 year old preston henry chewning is charged with aggravated malicious wounding, abuse and neglect of a child, and child endangerment. police say on february 11th, they got to fairmont drive for a call about a baby injured in a fall. they say the child went to the hospital with multiple fractures and internal injuries. he is being held without bond. 3 danner tight the former bedford police officer indicted on child porn charges, has hired an attorney and now his trial date is set. brian mcalexander is charged with six counts of
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he had been scheduled for an advisement this morning in bedford county court, but since he has an attorney that didn't happen. however he now has a trial date set for august 23rd. mcalexander became the subject of a child exploitation investigation starting in april of last year. 3 danner tight there's a new effort to keep you safe at the downtown mall in charlottesville after the disapperance of hannah graham. police chief tim longo says he is working to install cameras at the mall, along west main street and the university of virginia corner. longo has been pushing for the cameras for the better part of a decade. the police department is recommending the city buy its own camera system at an estimated 75 to 100 grand. graham disappeared and was later found dead in albemarle county. jesse matthew is charged with her murder. 3 danner the state approved centra's request to add eight beds to the adult inpatient psychiatric unit. right
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virginia baptist hospital. the request was approved at the beginning of the month. hospitals can't add inpatient psych beds without the state's ok first. 3 danner plasma her life revolved around music... but one day, a serious car accident erased all those notes from her memory. tola adamson has her story.tola danner, michelle dick's accident left her with a brain injury ... and significant memory loss. the orchestra teacher at couldn't even remember how to read the music or play. but she fought hard... to re-learn her passion. 3 nat (.4) playing piano(.4) michelle dick, "honestly, if i didn't have music in my life, i have no clue what i would be doing."nat (.4) " is it f sharp or f natural. class: f natural. good job." for michelle dick- teaching music is a passion that she's had to fight for. a concussion from a bad car accident in 2008 almost snatched her first love away.(.16) michelle dick,
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disappeared overnight and as did unfortunately my ability to read music. some of the nuances of playing also went away, so i'd lost some of the muscle memory which was really odd." but that wasn't going to stop her from teaching.(.12) michelle dick, "i would sit there and go mmm, that's an f, mmmmmm, that's a b, and have to literally count each note up the staff to find out what note i was supposed to be playing." the recovery process took a few years.(.6) michelle dick, 'it was all sorts of crazy to have to study at night to be able to help the kids the next day." she's all smiles now, but says the experience was a tough one(.12) michelle dick, 'earth-shattering, devastating, demoralizing definitely, it's the hardest experience i've gone through in my life."(.14) michelle dick, "while it was really sad, at some point it crossed into me being happy. it helped me remember, i'm teaching them music for the first time so i had that comparability with
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learn how to read music." 3 tola on top of teaching music, michelle dick is also a member of the chamber music ensemble where she plays the viola. you have a chance to see her perform on sunday at patrick henry community college. live in danville, tola adamson, abc 13 news. 3 danner plasma3 she's one of the most beloved authors of our time. tonight we remember harper lee after she passed away.// georgetracking sunshine and warmer temperatures. details are next. danner plus.. kids in the pediatric wing of
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spe3 3 good friday to you!summary:you can expect warmer weather for the weekend, showers on sunday and heavy rain next tuesday. forecast:temperatures will jump this weekend. afternoon highs will reach 60 to 65 on both saturday and sunday. your saturday will be partly cloudy, breezy and dry. sunday will be mostly cloudy with showers increasing during the afternoon. light rain will increase after lunch time on sunday, but not all of our area will receive rain. monday will be "mainly dry"
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highs near 50.on tuesday a cold rain moves in during the morning. the rain chance will be near 100%, and heavy rain is likely. temperatures will be in the upper 30s and lower 40s which should be too warm for us to get winter precipitation. we'll keep you updated on how much colder air gets pulled into virginia, but right now, current data suggests our local precipitation will be "all rain" with snow possible for the mountains. rain tapers off on wednesday and completely ends by thursday. tuesday thru friday will be cold with highs in the 40s, lows in the 30s
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3 danner plasma a bedford county man is facing charges tonight after the sheriff's office says his two pit bulls attacked two children and killed their family dog in boonsboro. priscilla kaiser spoke with the dogs' owner, and the father of the two young boys who were attacked and joins us live from where it all happened. priscilla?priscilla liveu residents say it happened here... in front of this house. the two children were just outside playing with their dog "scruffy" after school when they were all attacked by the pitbulls who escaped from their backyard. the young boys showed us their dog bite wounds this afternoona& some cuts were still visible on their hands and well as a few puncture wounds on their faces.
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shaken up and are mourning the loss of their family dog "scruffy." their father says if it weren't for "scruffy" it could've been much worse.3 konstantin ostapenko/father: "she save life for my boys, because they were so busy these other pitbulls because they were fighting this dog. because she try to protect boys."priscilla the owner of the pitbulls says he is devastated at the loss of the dog and is also upset that his dogs are quarantined at the bedford county animal sheltera& he says they have never shown signs of aggression and may have been defending themselves at the time of the attack.john maddox/owner of pitbulls: "i don't feel like it was their fault, i mean as sweet as they are i feel the other dog initiated it and they just did what their instinct tells them
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a few neighbors i spoke with say they don't want to see the pitbulls return to the neighborhooda& the sheriff's office says a judge will decide during maddox's hearing next month if he will be able to take the dogs home or if they will be euthanized. coming up at 6a& more from the owner and the father of the victims. live in bedford county, priscilla kaiser, abc13 news. 3 3 3 3 3 danner in 3 minutes -- we look back on the life of
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managed to stay out of the 3 "to kill a mockingbird" author harper lee has died at age 89. anderson cooper looks back at her remarkable life. 3 3 ats - "you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view."a life lesson delivered by the fictional alabama lawyer, atticus finch, in the 1962 film to kill a mockingbird.nats - "she kissed a black man."the movie addresses racial injustice of the 1930's through the eyes of finch's young daughter, scout. these characters were first brought to life by famed author, harper lee, in a novel that would become a classic for all generations.nelle
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28th, 1926 3 in the small town of monroeville, alabama.lee's father was a lawyer and served as inspiration for her book's civil rights hero.following in her father's footsteps, lee studied law at the university of alabama and became editor of the school's humorous and literary magazine.but by age 23 - she'd abandoned law and moved to new york to become a writer.there, lee reunited with her childhood friend and fellow writer, truman capote, assisting him in the research that led to his famous novel, "in cold blood."their unique friendship played out on the big screen in the award- winning movie, "capote."nats - (from sony pictures classics) "you're the only one i know with the qualifications to be both a research assistant and a personal body guard."lee's first novel, to kill a mockingbird, was published in 1960 and received the pulitzer 2007, president george w. bush presented lee with the medal of freedom. (pres. bush/ no font needed) "all of us are filled with admiration for a great american and a lovely lady named harper lee." (clapping) but for most of her life, she
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one of the few interviews lee ever granted, she offered a glimpse into her thoughtsa& saying:"i want to do the best i can with the talent god gave me... all i want to be is the jane austen of south alabama." nats - one of the most widely anticipated books 2015, the literary world was stunned by the discovery of a second harper lee manuscript titled "go set a watchman" would be published.completed in 1957, watchman was actually written before to kill a mockingbird - and features scout and atticus some twenty years later.nats - "this is really the publishing event of the decade."nats - "whoo hoo!" that excitement lit up the small town where harper lee grew up and lived in her twilight years.(mos) "to ve another book? we are charmed!" but many fans were disappointed in the portrayal of the characters they knew and loved.(pamela brown, cnn) "a couple of the tweets really echoing the devastation of fans out there. the idea of atticus finch being racist is like spielberg doing a sequel in which et punches eliot in face and steals his lunch money!""watchman" still became
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selling book in harpercollins' publishing history.through all the fanfare, harper lee remained quiet - rarely seen or heard from.buta& forever remembered for inspiring the world through her written words. 3 danner plasma it's a landmark study.14:50 - there were some significant benefits for those patients. what men need to know about the
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only isolated showers and highs near 50.on tuesday a cold rain moves in during the morning. the rain chance will be near 100%, and heavy rain is likely. temperaratures will be in the upper 30s and lower 40s which should be too warm for us to get winter precipitation. we'll keep you updated on how much colder air gets pulled into virginia, but right now, current data suggests our local precipitation will be "all rain" with snow possible for the mountains. rain tapers off on wednesday and completely ends by thursday. tuesday thru friday will be cold with highs in the 40s, lows in the 30s and 20s.3 3 danner plasma there is a new study that could affect the more than one million men taking testosterone. the landmark study shows it can increase physical fitness and libido. but there could also be some possible risks. abc news chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser says researchers looked at a specific group of men over the age of 65 who had documented low levels of testosterone and complained of decreased sexual function and physical fitness, and had feelings of depression. these men were put on testosterone for a year. and they say the results showed testosterone did help
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6:06 - an important thing to know is when they started this study there were 50k men who had symptoms that might be linked to low testerone but of those men when they tested their blood only 15 percent had low testosterone. so it's really important if you are in this age group and you have these symptoms that you have your doctor measures your testosterone at least twice before they put you on testerone bc there are possible concerns of possible heart and stroke and questions about whether it leads to prostate cancer.3 danner dr. besser says addiitional studies are underway looking at younger men... and he encourages people to wait for those studies before deciding if this is right for you. 3 3 danner plasma some little kids in the hospital got a special visit today.... ... after the mill mountain
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be the best medi3
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people have to go to the zoo to see animals... but not today.( that's because today, the zoo came came down the hill to carilion roanoke memorial hospital. it's part of a program with mill mountain zoo. today the kids got to see a guinea pig, a trantula, a snake and a chinchilla. surprisingly, the kids loved the creepy crawly animals. the parents - not so much. zoo staff says this is a chance for the kids to smile and have fun.(bambi godkin, education manager, mill mountain zoo) "that's one of the reasons i think they like us to come. just because it does definitely i think brighten their day. give them something to look forward to. they're stuck here, maybe kind of bored."danner tight3 this program is just for pediatric patients, but coming up at 7 we'll let you know why everybody might want to bring crayons to the hospital the
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3 mark trying to ease the water crisis in flint, michigan."our data that we got from consumers are the only legitimate point of comparison right now." we were at virginia tech today as they sent more supplies to people in need.// and..sot - josh earnest / white house press secretary - this is an opportunity for the president to both pay his personal respects tthose who love justice scalia, but also pay tribute to the outsize impact that he had on our country and on our legal system.danner justice antonin scalia lying in repose. what his son said about his passing today.// and must see video.. student sound: it was kind of scary mark ...a school bus got a little to close for comfort next to this speeding train.// 3 3 mark3 a group from virginia tech is being hailed as heroes for its work on the flint water crisis. last year, the team took it upon itself


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