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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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can rest again. 3 (:19) sheriff mike taylor- "until a name is attached to that crime, then it sort of brings things into focus. so the monster out there, that is a perceived monster, now you know who that person is and how that person had disrupted our community."valerie sat live i asked the commonwealth's attorney...bryan haskins...what kind of charges the person who made this threat could face. he says they do not know at this time. the sheriff's office is being tight lipped tonight about what the threat is...but the school's general told abc 13 last night...they claim they are from isis. live in chatham, valerie bragg, abc 13 news. 3
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3 3 mark tight the potential threat has been the talk the town in chatham. we caught up with folks to get their reactions.gara white "i'm hoping that it is a hoax. i'm hoping it's not for real and that they will clear it all up. but it is kind of scary. but that let's us know we are not exempt from anything." suzanne brown- "what do i think about it? i think it's a shame because what's going on is there is, a copy cat, or whoever is doing this is desperate enough to get attention this way, it's scary to me."dan mclaughlin- "the price isis would pay if they ever did anything like attack our military school here, would be really high and i don't know if they are prepared to do that."mark3 we're staying on top of any new developments in this case. you can get the latest information any time at wset-dot-com.
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3 noreen tight a man accused in a deadly home invasion in madison heights has filed a complaint under the civil rights act. edward marshall filed the complaint with u-s district court in roanoke on tuesday. in the complaint, he cites a judge's decision not to grant him a new lawyer. marshall also requests a change of venue and a diverse jury. he wants the district court to file an injunction against the amherst county circuit court case until these requests are granted.noreen tight marshall is accused of beating 81-year-old norma jean freeman to death in her home last year. his trial is set for february 29th. 3 3 good friday to you!summary:you can expect warmer weather for the weekend, showers on sunday and heavy rain next tuesday. forecast:temperatures will jump this weekend. afternoon highs will reach 60 to 65 on both saturday and sunday. your saturday will be partly cloudy, breezy and dry.
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with showers increasing during the afternoon. light rain will increase after lunch time on sunday, but not all of our area will receive rain. 3 noreen tight two dogs in appomattox have drawn international attention. photos of them chained to their dog-houses during the january snowstorm created such an internet fuss- that emergency dispatch calls have been been getting backed up. so we sent suri crowe to investigate what's behind the photos. suri what is going on? suri nsrm well this is not attention the dogs' owners want at all. and it's created such a firestorm that the man who took those photos is now facing criminal charges. he says the dogs deserve better-but that's not the way the owners or the law sees it. 3 3 terry paxton, "she can't even reach her water. i'm sorry but
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is really upsetting you. paxton: yes! don't that upset you? " terry paxton is passionate about the dogs he calls girl and daisy-they live next door to his storage business and for years paxton cared for them without issue from the dogs' owners john and glenda venable: until january-when the weather grew bitterly cold.terry paxton,"and you can see there for yourself. and the waters were still froze. no food. and so on." and i called micky back. and i said, 'look you really need to do something about this.' he wouldn't return my calls." micky-as in appomattox animal warden- micky martin. micky martin, appomattox animal warden,"they haven't been mistreated and they have not missed any meals." suri-when he says they go 2 and 3 days without access to water-well he's gonna have to prove that to me. when we had snow-they
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martin to act -he took action on his own.paxton,"and i talked to a friend of mine and they said, 'send me some pictures' and i sent them some pictures-of what i was talking about. and people started putting them on the internet." the photos went viral-and soon calls began flooding the county's dispatch and even our own newsroom from as far away as australia. that didn't go over well with the venables: suri to glenda venable, "why did you get the protective order against him? because i did not feel comfortable with this man." county administrator susan adams says she is trying to ensure that the dogs are being looked after - susan adams, county administrator "if there's any evidence that at all of any kind of neglect on our part or on the homeowner's part that will be addressed immediately." meantime, glenda venable maintains that they are guard dogs not intended to be inside. paxton-"these animals deserve better. i was just trying to
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3 suri nsrm per this protection order-terry paxton cannot take any photos of the dogs or the venables' property. he says he never posted any of the photos himself on facebook. his court date is set for next wednesday. i'll be following this story closely. noreen? 3 mark tight a bedford county man is facing charges of owning dangerous dogs after his two pit bulls reportedly attacked twin boys and killed their family dog in boonsboro. priscilla kaiser spoke with the owner of the pit bulls and the father of the two boys and joins us live. priscilla?priscilla liveu this is where the brutal attack on the two children and their dog happened while they were playing outside after schoola& the pit bulls reportedly got loose after escaping from their own backyard. the young boys showed us their wounds this afternoona& some cuts were still visible on their hands and well as a few
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shaken up and are mourning the loss of their family dog "scruffy." their father says with the amount of children in the neighborhood, he doesn't want to see the dogs return home....konstantin ostapenko/father: "nobody wants to see these dogs around because we've got so many young kids and so many dogs, i mean, friendly dogs, and everybody know each other and we don't want to see this kind of dog around this neighborhood."john maddox/owner of pitbulls: "i've got a 7 year old little boy that they curl up fright next to every night, sleep with them every night and wouldn't hurt a hair on his head. so, for them to accuse them of attacking two children is just ridiculous."3 priscilla liveu most neighbors i spoke with say they don't want to see the pitbulls return to the neighborhooda& the sheriff's office says a judge will decide during maddox's hearing next month if he will be able to take the dogs home or if they will be euthanized. live in bedford county, priscilla kaiser, abc13 news. 3 3
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tell abc 13 they are involved in an investigation surrounding the failed economic deal for lindenburg industry to come to appomattox county. the china based company was supposed to create almost 350 jobs, with a honeycomb manufacturing business at the old thomasville building. the state gave the company almost one and a half million dollars in state money to come here, but it never happened. a roanoke times investigation uncovered the company provided misleading information to the state. state police will only say they're conducting an inquiry, and say right now there's no criminal investigation. 3 mark history, english, current events.. name the
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covered.noreen3 noreen you can ask a group of high school seniors on the
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academic subject- and chances are- they'll know the answer. mark we're talking about galileo magnet high school's quiz bowl team. for t first time ever, the team made it to the state championships. tola adamson got a glimpse of them prepping for the big day.tola the students have to be well versed in everything form math to pop culture. they say right now, they're feeling pretty confident about winning states, but even if they don't, they're glad they made it this far. 3 (.1)will mclaughlin, "this is the farthest we've ever gotten." time is ticking nat (.2) asking question that means they need to do a whole lot of buzzing.nat(.3) buzzing answering question(.4) caleb cook, "we've been practicing every week and we have mock competitions." the students say it's all about team work. they rely on each others' strengths.(.6) abby schleifer,"i for one, i'm really into theatre and literature, so i'm always reading classic novels. (.3)melissa throckmorton, "i'm really good at pop culture and recent history." and now more than ever they're working on their weaknesses.(.4) will mclaughlin,"we're not all that
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the hardest part for them.. the director's round.(.10) abby schleifer, "that's the one when they have math questions, so you have to do calculations and you have to do 20 or 30 seconds to that." the team picked up first place in the regional tournament- acing questions on biology, politics, history, literature, current events. (.3) will mclaughlin, "part of ace is just having the skill of knowing when to buzz in and knowing when to answer." and there are stereotypes they're breaking along the way. (.3) abby schleifer, "that we're all like really big nerds."nat(.1) buzz(.9)abby schleifer, "some teams always dress in those nice blazers... yeah we're not like that. like on mean girls... the mathletes... yeah that's what i was thinking." 3 tola the galileo magnet high school's quiz bowl team is made up of 20 members. the state championship is next saturday at the college of william and mary. we'll keep you updated on how they do. live in danville, tola adamson, abc 13 news. 3 noreen we have a changing weekend forecast - with the possibility for rain.mark george has the latest details
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3 good friday to you!3 summary:you can expect warmer weather for the weekend, showers on sunday and heavy rain next tuesday.3 forecast:temperatures will jump this weekend. afternoon highs will reach 60 to 65 on both saturday and sunday.
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cloudy, breezy and dry. sunday will be mostly cloudy with showers increasing during the afternoon. light rain will increase after lunch time on sunday, but not all of our area will receive rain. monday will be "mainly dry"
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highs near 50.3 on tuesday a cold rain moves in during the morning. the rain chance will be near 100%, and heavy rain is likely. temperatures will be in the upper 30s and lower 40s which should be too warm for us to get winter precipitation. we'll keep you updated on how much colder air gets pulled into virginia, but right now, current data suggests our local precipitation will be "all rain" with snow possible for the mountains. rain tapers off on wednesday and completely ends by thursday. tuesday thru friday will be cold with highs in the 40s, lows in the 30s and 20s.3 3 mark sports is next. one of the drivers looking for that first daytona 500 win is carl edwards, we'll hear from him.noreen it's a busy night of conference title games for full court press.
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to 3 despite winning the outside pole for the daytona 500 last sunday, matt kenseth will now have to work his way from the back of the pack. kenseth was caught up in that final lap crash in the second 125 last night when jamie mcmurray moved up the track to take a run at leader kyle busch. jimmie johnson was there, though, hit the wall and spun collecting several others including
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a.j. allmendinger. kyle busch got the win. dale earnhardt, junior won the first duel, leading 43 of the 60 laps, picking up his 17th career daytona win on the 15th anniversary of his father's death at the track. 3 dennis carl edwards is one of today's top drivers who've never won the daytona 500. his best finish was second in 2011.edwards will start 10th this sunday.carl edwards, 12th daytona 500 (best finish 2nd in 2011)- "from a guy who finished second here one time, you know that's a hard one to have to move on from because you think man what could i have done to do a better job and win that race. so i mean the last lap of this race, if you get the chance to win it, you want to take it right then because it's once a year and it might be once in a lifetime." 3 dennis3 week 7 of full court press is tonight at 11:15. we'll have hilites of conference championship games from across the region, including lynchburg, altavista, chatham, ringgold,
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hilltoppers are taking on the g.w. eagles in the conference 23 title game. glass advanced to the championship and locked up a regional tourney berth with last night's overtime win at l.c.a. we hope you can join us tonight at 11:15. 3 dennis after knocking off second-place roanoke in that record scoring game wednesday night, lynchburg college has another huge game tomorrow. the hornets host first-place virginia wesleyan in their regular season finale on senior day at 2. with a win, lynchburg can tie the marlins for first place at 12-and-4. a roanoke win over randolph- macon would make it a three-way tie at the top. austen arnold, hornets senior forward - "i've never beat virginia wesleyan so i mean it's really exciting. we came close a few times and we played 'em close at their place early in the year." hilliary scott, lynchburg college head coach - "they are the measuring stick of this league. and you know in order for you to have some success, you've got to play well against these guys." 3 3 dennis pittsburgh
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uva standout heath miller retired today after 11 years and two super bowl titles in the steel city. the 33-year-old had one year left on his current contract. miller holds steelers all-time records for catches, yards receiving and touchdowns by a tight end. 3 dennis another former cavalier chris long was released today by the l.a. rams, along with star linebacker james laurinaitis it appears to be a salary-cap purge as the team moves from st. louis. long has been the rams' top pass rusher for most of his eight seasons in the
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3 nfl and 3 an accident caused a middle school orchestra teacher in danville to lose the gift of being able to play music. tonight at 7..
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ability to play.noreen plus... bernie sanders may appear to be winning the hearts and minds of many voters, but hillary clinton is winning with superdelegates. we'll explain tonight, the showdown in the south just hours away now. donald trump after taking on the pope, taking on another giant, apple. apple firing back. the showdown in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and this evening, the early gift for clinton. inside the rescue, one
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and the dramatic fire whorls, the whipping winds in chicago. >> your money tonight, are you passing up free money? and america remembering harper lee and her work, read by generations of american students. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. we begin with the showdown just hours away in the race for president. and breaking developments on both sides tonight. in south carolina, the republican rumble, and the new poll. donald trump at 28%, but his lead not as large as before. cruz five points behind. rubio in third, with 15%. and tonight, donald trump at the center of another headline. telling people to boycott apple until they help the fbi break into the terrorists iphone. we have it all covered. tom llamas leads us off from


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