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tv   News 13 11 Sunday  ABC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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fire at three locations yesterday. this is one of the scenes at a cracker barrel restaurant. the other locations were a car dealership and a townhome community. >> we have multiple people dead. in summary, it looks like we have somebody driving around, shooting people dead in their tracks. >> reporter: five people were shot outside the cracker barrel and four of them died. two people were killed inside the dealership. all eyes are on the suspect in custody, jason dalton, who continued his work as an uber driver before, during, and after the rampage. tonight we're hearing from two lynchburg teens who found themselves stuck on a ski lift along with others at a ski competition at the timberline
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the incident left nine people injured and two people hospitalized. >> i was like not really. [laughter] >> reporter: they can all laugh about it now, but saturday's close call was nothing to smile about. >> i was like oh, my gosh. this is actually happening. >> reporter: jette davidson, and alex showalter were supposed to be competing in the alpine championship. that is until something went really wrong. >> we saw the chair, tower, and safety bar. >> reporter: it left more than 100 skiers stranded. >> they were flung off by the lift over and over again.
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was seriously injured, but first responders say that things could be worse if the lift was further up the hill. >> they could have fallen and hit a tree. >> reporter: on the timberline facebook page, it says the cause of the malfunction is under investigation and that this is the first time something has happened in the resorts 30-year history. all involved say they're grad to be back home safe and sound. >> you're like, thank you. so yes, so grateful. and so grateful. this could have been much worse. >> whitney: resort officials say an investigator and engineers were on scene today. one of the coaches said they will not be skiing timberline
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>> will: fog is setting in. here's a live look from our danville tower camera with reduced reduced visibility. five miles visibility in lynchburg. 1/4 mile of visibility in martinsville. temperatures going to the lower 40s. we're watching the rain south of the houston that will move in the day on tuesday. and behind that we have another system that we're watching for the day on wednesday. the first half of the week is wet. >> whitney: thank you, will. firefighters in brookneal were back at the dan river plant today after a small fire rekindled there yesterday morning. sparks inside the being were
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original fire. officials say yesterday was the first time crews actually found flames at the site since the initial fire. dozens flocked to rivermont avenue for the cavalier cup. today was the last day of the competition. each year the cavs partner with the lynchburg humane society to raise money for the shelter. the humane society also brings in some of their animals in hopes of an adoption. >> we've had pets adopted, and the whole community loves to take part. and donate, they pass the bucket around. they all give money to help the pets, and it makes us really grateful to have such a wonderful supporting team. >> whitney: so far they have
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>> coming up, we continue our coverage of the michigan shooting spree that left several people dead. our sister station got an
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who >> whitney: tonight we're learning more about the suspect in that michigan shooting rampage. jason dalton was working as an uber driver, before, during, and after he allegedly shot eight eight people across kalamazoo county. we hear an exclusive interview from a passenger. >> reporter: the passenger is shaken but grateful. he tells me the minute he got into the car, he knew something was wrong. matt mellen tells me that dalton introduced himself as mimi and had his dog in the car.
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per hour and sideswiping cars. >> a pretty scary ordeal. i'm happy i'm safe. >> reporter: mellen was a passenger in alleged gunman jason dalton's car while he was working as an uber driver before allegedly opening fire on eight people across kalamazoo county. mellen says dalton was acting strange. >> he introduced himself as a different name than what was up as uber. >> reporter: and sitting in the passenger side was dalton's dog. >> he got a telephone call and started driving erratically and running stop signs. >> reporter: dalton allegedly hitting 80 miles per hour while sideswiping cars. >> we were driving through medians and the lawn. and when we came to a stop, i jumped in a car and ran away. >> reporter: that's when
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>> he wouldn't stop, he just kept looking like don't you want to get to your friend's house? and i was like i want to get there alive. >> reporter: he told his fiancee what happened. he posted this warning. >> we posted it on facebook. >> reporter: police believe that dalton opened fire at the meadows townhomes at 6:00 before allegedly shooting seven more people between 10:00 and 10:30. >> i'm upset because i tried contacting uber after i called the police saying that this guy needs to get off the road. >> reporter: another uber user saying that she was scheduled to be picked up by
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by that time, six people had been gunned down. police apprehended dalton at 10:30. mellen says there needs to be a faster response when uber drivers show erratic behavior. >> whitney: we're looking at a
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>> will: we have a trio of sunsets to get to. but a reminder of where we were at last week. and some snow in forest from ken in canada. not currently. that was a week ago. and a sunset shot from lynchburg. and saturday, lauren at the overlook over the city. and earlier today, mike lewis sent in a nice shot.
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around there. and you can tell the fog on our lynchburg tower camera outside right now. and if you look close enough, you'll see that river fog. temperature 47. the atmosphere pretty much already saturated. visibility at five miles per hour. any time these two numbers get this close together, it's a prescription for fog. wind is preventing a lot of fog from developing west of lynchburg. east of lynchburg, we have some fog starting to form from danville, south boston, charlottesville. late tonight, early tomorrow morning, allow yourself extra time. >> 53 danville. 47 in the hill city. we're watching the last batch of showers in beckley up north to highland county.
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aside from a stray shower overnight tonight, many areas will stay dry. maybe some drizzle. tuesday's weather towards dallas and houston. and here's wednesday's weather in the pacific northwest. we'll have a somewhat dry day tomorrow. tuesday's weather is getting ready to move in here. and we get a break tuesday night before more rain comes into the forecast for wednesday. and clouds and drizzle overnight tonight. clouds and drizzle for a good chunk of the day monday as well. more rain coming in monday-tuesday. and tuesday morning could be a tad bit on the wet side. a little bit of a break on tuesday night before more rain comes back in on wednesday. and some of that rain could be heavy at times. now-thursday, we could see one inch. two inches in the roanoke
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1.5 inches in danville. we anticipate this will fall as rain because enough warm air is coming in from this warm pressure center. overnight lows in the 40s. 42 lynchburg. 44 danville. 43 roanoke valley. watch out for those patches of fog. looking at clouds and drizzle for tomorrow. 51 lynchburg. 51 amherst. 50 lovingston. 53 dillwyn. south boston 53. lake 52. new river valley be hold to the mid-upper 40s. the first three days in the 7-day forecast, not pleasant. rain tuesday-wednesday. a little bit of a break wednesday night. and friday-sunday we're dry and cool. 44 on sunday. >> whitney: the first couple of days are good for maybe
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that will keep you inside. >> will: tax preparations will be good monday-wednesday. >> whitney: going to the
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dr >> whitney: picture this. you've been a nascar fan for 50 years. you enter a contest to win daytona 500 tickets and you actually win. but days before you pick up the tickets, you find out you have inoperable lung cancer. that's the story of one florida man, but he was in for a surprise. >> reporter: this is where ron springstead is supposed to be this weekend. but instead he has to stay home in holiday. >> what year mustang is that? >> 64 and a half. >> reporter: remembering the days when he used drag race himself. >> you've got your ford and chrysler.
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have been tough, so he decided to try his luck at our daytona 500 giveaway. >> my brother is a nascar fan. i called him because i spoke to him earlier about this stuff. and i said you want to know how my luck is runs? and i told him and he said you've got to be killing me. >> reporter: the stuff he's talking about is bronchial lung cancer. >> i'm trying to breathe on. >> reporter: diagnosed just a few days before he won the race tickets. and for radiation starting soon, his dream of seeing team penske hit the track became impossible. he gave the tickets back. when we found out why, we had to do something. >> we really appreciate you
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in the meantime, kick some cancer rear. >> wow, that's really nice. >> reporter: that's a nascar driver, one of ron's favorites. >> they wanted you to know that they appreciate you and they're sorry you couldn't be. >> >> wow. any way i can get at copy of that? >> of course, of course. >> reporter: a little consolation. >> how cool is that? >> that's unbelievable. >> whitney: wow, how awesome. >> will: i love the connection that nascar racers have with their fans. it's nascar's super bowl.
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nascar race >> reporter: hi there, everyone. the daytona 500 today had a little bit of evening.
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closest finish ever in the 58 year history of the race. chase elliott was on the pole today. he won the xfinity race yet. lap 18, elliott gets loose on turn four. he's done in 37. and turn four claims the second victim. dale jr. loses the control and hits the wall nose first. and dale was okay, but dale jr. fans, not going to turn out as well. and kensmith in the lead. and hamlin running up the side. a little touch. and that 2-man race to the line. hamlin and truex junior. it's a photo finish. and take a look by 1/100 of a second. hamlin wins. it's the closest finish ever in 58 years of the great american race.
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on matt and i was hoping that he knew i was there before he closed the door. and i hated that he got a bad finish. i'm beside myself on what happened, because it happened so quickly. i didn't have time to enjoy it. >> reporter: take some time, my friend. hamlin, 1/100 of a second. johnson, 18th. what a ride it was. the liberty men's basketball squad coming off a different sort of ride. after a 7-game winning streak. the flames lost to radford and presbyterian.
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pointed to a lackadaisical defensive attitude. >> we're being complacent. when you win seven games in a row, you become a target. >> complacent, if that's the word they used. it's hard to be complacent when it's emphasized so much in conference. so this week, we didn't pass that test. >> reporter: the o.d.a.c. tournament gets underway tomorrow. lynchburg and roanoke have first round five. roanoke awaits the winner of w. and l. and randolph's game. and on the women's side, roanoke hosts virginia wes lay
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and we'll have the schedules for this week's region playoff games at, which get underway tomorrow. the national champs on the road for coastal carolina. no score for matt base. and haysley comes around to score. virginia down 2-1, man on first. haysley takes it the other way. and a two-run homer. bottom seven, coastal down 4-2. and michael pieyas to left field. the runner comes around to score. coastal carolina pull us off
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the cavs play tuesday against v.m.i. the diplomats tied at nine in the fourth. and stewart rolls into the slot. hornets on top, 11-9. and mcguire beats stewart again. and stewart is a sock trick. and the hornets rolling wait. and mcguire is falling down and gets a bouncer to go in. and the hornets win their first of the season. final, 13-10. and 4-a regional track and field yesterday in lynchburg. this is salem's culling. the lancer down to the line. they get edged. and it's a got a meet for e.c. glass. and davidson turns on the
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wins it by nearly seven seconds. [unintelligible] >> it kind of made up for the slower laps in the middle. >> reporter: l.c.a. claimed the overall boys title and e.c. glass claimed the women's title. and boxer clumplin moved to 5 and 0. he defeated simmons in louisiana. we finish now with what happened next? why is the pittsburgh penguin making that face? stack, sink, stack? it's stick. he gets the stick knocked out of his hand. i'll just take that one there. you can't do that. you sit in the box. and he got four minutes of penalties.
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go with the >> will: we're looking at fog tomorrow. and some drizzle tomorrow afternoon.
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watching at 11:00. red line train... (man continues indistinctly on p.a.) (sighs) (indistinct conversations) they're fixing the green line at petworth. connecting red line trains are stuck waiting at fort totten, which puts the next train to shady grove
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(man continues indistinctly on p.a.) (train horn honks) (train arriving) look at that. just like you predicted. are you here tomorrow? every day. coffee's on me. (doors hiss) (doors hiss) look up. look down. good. everything looks good. if everything stays looking this good, you can go home in the morning. hey, is that guy bothering you? i can kick him out. (chuckles) (chuckles) this is such an honor, sir. i voted for you. well, thank you
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yes, sir. wow. yes. (door opens and closes) stop. liv-- please stop. liv-- i hate you. i know. (lowered voice) you left me all alone. (lowered voice) i'm sorry. i was wrong. i didn't know how-- i was hurt, and i was wrong, and i'm sorry. i don't forgive you. you are not forgiven. livvie, please-- no. you can't do this to me. (voice breaking) you can't say these things. you can't treat me like i'm some whore you got off the street. i love you.


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