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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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last comments to the jury. annie. >> reporter: it was a long day in court today because along with the prosecution, all six defense attorneys were given a chance for closing arguments. one point to make, the defendants are not charged with -- specifically with kevin quick's kidnapping or murder. instead, the federal prosecutor decided to make the racketeering trial along -- they are encompassing a whole list of crimes the prosecution said the group committed. the charges involving quick's death and kidnapping are violent crime and aid of racketeering. and in closing arguments, defense attorneys do deny that their clients kidnapped and killed quick, but even so, they said the prosecutor didn't prove that the 99 gang syndicate met the guidelines. and with the charges that they are, for the jury to find the defendant guilty in relation to quick, they also need to be guilty of being part of a criminal enterprise. jury deliberations are expected to start tomorrow. we will bring you any updates
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live in roanoke, an annie andersen, abc 13 news. >> noreen: thank you, annie. three people are facing breaking and entering and grand larceny charges and can be connected to a few robberies in dan victim. according to a complaint filed in danville, 21-year-old jessica walker agreed of driving another male suspect who allegedly robbed one person and attempted to rob another a woman's purse along with her id and keys were taken in one of the alleged robberythe alleged robberies. when she returned to her home she said she saw a female driver in the driveway. police arrested the two. milner's mugshot was not available. right now walk cert only one facing charges in the danville robbery. mike taylor tell station his officers are sifting through leads looking for any information on who sent threats to hargrave military academy last week.
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covering for you since day one. valerie bragg is live with the very latest. valerie. >> reporter: mark, i have been in contact with sheriff taylor throughout the day and as of case. if you remember last week, there was law enforcement all campus. they set up a barricade out front and not allowing anyone unauthorized to come on to their campus. today looked like any other normal school day. classes were back in session as usual. we did see a car drive through campus while they were there. when i asked sheriff taylor today if they received any leads about this threat, he told me his department is following up on several, and this investigation is still very active. now we are not being told what exactly the threat is. the sheriff taylor did say last week that he is confident his office has to stop this threat, and he assures the community
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about a quarter of hargrave's students remain on campus throughout the weekend with no incidents reported to us. we will continue to stay on top of this case and bring you the latest information as we get it. live, valerie bragg, abc 13 news. >> noreen: thanks, valerie. it is dry right now, but over the next couple of hours, rain will be moving into our area. a live look from our lynchburg head over to chief meteorologist george flickinger for more on this. george? >> george: noreen, already seeing a few small showers and sprinkles over the heart of virginia. a quick check of the roads is they are dry. if you have any evening plans, looking live toward liberty and route 460. the roads are going to get wet from the increasing rain. a little bit of rain showing up now on pinpoint doppler radar. a few more showers and sprinkles. madison height through amherst, bedford and i-81 in roanoke and pennsylvania county a few small showers that direction. your forecast for this evening
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increasing rain in a steady rain after midnight and we will remain above freezing. coming up a little later, we will let you know how long this rain will stick around across the heart of virginia. >> mark: george, thanks. more than a week of a a fire at the dan river plant in brookneal. the fire marshal was out. >> noreen: this as residents are talking about what happened to the tapele in their community. katie brooke spent time in brookneal about the loss of the plant and live now with more on this. katie. you. >> reporter: well, noreen, even though this building was vacant for years, they have come part of the community and people are very sad to see it end like this. although all the people that i talked to today are just so glad that no one was hurt. >> reporter: it was a busy weekend for volunteer fire fighters in brookneal. >> we spread it and watered it down with a bunch of young firemen that took sunday off to
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>>reporter: and town residents say they couldn't be more grateful. >> it was like as soon as the smoke came, the whole community was together. >> reporter: folks at the golden skillet, a you have about nay town for 43 years say it is all anyone is talking about. >> everybody knows everything about everybody. and somebody is sick, we know all about them. i mean we are willing to help out, give a hand, and just to see that come into our community, it just made us stronger. i mean we raced around it. we fought through it. >> mr. guthrie. >> reporter: even though it is a loss. >> i think there is a lot of disappointment that it has been here so many years, and it is sort of like a landmark if you will. >> reporter: they are proud to be a family that sticks together. >> it's a community and that is what brookneal is all about. >> reporter: i spoke to fire marshal ran doll jobson today. he spent the day talking to witnesses looking at pictures,
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to piece together what happened to start this fire here. he tells me his investigation should be complete by the end of the week, and as soon as we know -- live in brookneal, katie brooke, abc 13 news. new tonight, the latest in the battle between the city of danville and mazerata wheels. a jury dismissed a 1.2 million countersuit. he claims the city committed a breach of contract, fraud and gross negligence when the company was given a facility he deemed unsuitable to operate indeemed unsuitable to operate in. last year, the city of danville sued joy after the company got $600,000 from the tobacco commission but filed create any jobs. the judge has not yet set a trial date. more candidates are announcing their runs for lynchburg city council. this afternoon, announced a run forward 3 the seat currently held by zack helgeson.
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thornhill served from 1976 to 19 2 albert billingsly announce and facebook he is the seat. that has some calling for billingsly dismissal from the republican party. councilman parro is set to announce he is running for reelection to his ward 4 seat. and sterling wilder from the jubilee development center has announced he is running for the ward 2 seat that caesar johnson treasurer. in less than an hour, lynchburg's mayor and vice mayor will be talking in the state of the city address. mike gillette will recognize seven people. the state of the city is at 7:00 in the city council chamber. we will have a crew there and bring you more tonight at 11:00bring you more tonight at 11:00. there is a lot of reaction still coming into a story suri crowe brought you friday about two dogs in appomattox county. >> noreen: tonight we are digging deeper into what
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mistreatment of anand audiology count on. a woman from appomattox discovered dead on her property saturday night left behind several animals either dead or dying. now there is a warning here. some of this video you are about to see has graphic imagesabout to see has graphic images. the sheriff office says no foul play is expected in the woman's death, but they are not releasing any more information. we went to the property today and found a dead alpaca, a dead pony and several other dead animals. the man who says he discovered the woman's body is terry paxton. paxton is feuding with the animal warden and said the county is not doing now protect animals and they haven't done enough this case to save the surviving animals here. he called the animal warden for a comment but did not hear back, and we also contacted well. sheriff letterman said the state's veterinarian's office will be called.
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may have familiar name, he is the man charged with stalking and trespassing by the owner of two dogs in appomattox county who some say aren't being treated properly, but those owners are not backing down. they are bring paxton to court. meanwhile, the reaction to our story last week has led to many demands for changes in virginia's animal laws. suri crowe has been on this story for months. suri? >> reporter: our facebook page has blown up with comments about the story mostly in support of paxton. to be clear, the dogs' owners have not been charged with any wrongdoing, but people say maybe it is time for animal lawmaybe it is time for animal laws to change. >> reporter: the photos of these two dogs and the man who said he is trying to care for them against their owners' wishes have set off a social media firestorm. terry paxton says he has proof of the dog's frozen water during a snowstorm. a concern we took to the county's only animal warden nikki martin.
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>> sure. >> reporter: acceptable for dog to eat snow. >> my dog did it. >> reporter: according to virginia state code, it is not. dogs are to have access to fresh potable water of a drinkable temperature. the dogs' owners have not broken any laws and chaining dogs in appomattox county isn't against the law. and animal advocates say that is archaic. >> but for an animal to live at the end of the chain 24-7 is no longer acceptable. >> reporter: people like maxton are the majority these days. she says the laws in virginia need to change. >> while we have many people who are over the top about their animals, you still have that same mind set of folks who just see it as, oh, it is just a dog. and they -- they see them as disposable creatures.
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who lived next door to these dogs for five years agrees. >> i think appomattox county has to wake up. appomattox county, the way they are treating animals and they are allowing animals to be treated, it's terrible. >> reporter: we reached out to the animal warden micki martin on this case as well, but we did not hear back from him. noreen. >> noreen: and we will keep trying, of course. bewant to know what you think about this. should virginia localities strengthen their animal protection laws. you can like our abc 13 facebook page and vote. the umbrella, it is a must-have item over the next few days. >> noreen: maybe some galoshes
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>> mark: gal all right, we already saidit. you got to have your umbrella. >> george: what was it galoshes. >> noreen: galoshes. i was asking during the break if they even make them. i remember my dad wearing them. >> george: dress warmly, a cold main. here is what to expect. wednesday. we are going to have rain. the rain is going to begin for most of us between 7 and midnight. a 1 a 100% chance of rain overnight. this means if you can pick up abc 13 on your tv set, you are going to get rain tonight. tomorrow afternoon, not see that much rain around and rain we are going to see will fall on wednesday, one to two to
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will be common by time we see the rain ending by wednesday night. very good galoshes. noreen, right. a check on pinpoint doppler. a few showers from lynchburg to amherst and much of bedford county looking to south side. rain near chatham and danville and martinsville. halifax county you have light rain. zoom on in and show you this, nothing significant and a little bit of light rain in your highway 29 and amherst county. the bulk of the rain though is right here. very easy to see. this huge blob of rain will be headed out direction. most of this rain will be arriving during the evening and especially after midnight and through tomorrow morning. that second batch of rain for wednesday. right now the temperature at 45. and it is going to be one of those evening where the temperature doesn't change very much. stay in the 40s for much of the evening. a breeze out there. northeast wind at 6. around the rest of the heart of virginia from up near uva and charlottesville, 49 degrees.
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42 in blacksburg and upper 40s toward south boston and the rest of south side. at 8 p.m. and through midnight. a lot more rain developing, and this will be the rain. when you wake up to head to work tomorrow morning. everything will be wet from the rain that has already fallen and more rain will be moving inand more rain will be moving in. at 5 a.m., will be showing you a lot of rain. toward lunchtime, you can see the rain decreasing in most of the afternoon and not going to see that much rain and additional rain is going to develop on wednesday morning rolling through wednesday afternoon. and it is possible that you could hear some thunder, especially toward south side. and temperatures will be warmerand temperatures will be warmer. there could be a few thunderstorms rumbling across the heart of virginia before all the rain moves out by wednesday night. overnight tonight, temperatures will be above freezing. you don't have to worry about any icy roads. amherst, 38. bedford, 38. 40, appomattox and smith mountain lake at 38.
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tomorrow, the bulk of tomorrowtomorrow, the bulk of tomorrow's rain and decreasing rain but a few showers possible any time during the afternoon. temperatures going to remain cool all day. not going to change very much. lower 40s for highs toward dilllower 40s for highs toward dillwin. lower 40s in lynchburg. charlotte county, mid-40s. gretna, 43. smith mountain lake at 42. and lower 40s toward blacksburg and roanokeand your seven-day forecast show the rain on thursday and remainder of your week will be dry and cool and highs in the 40s for friday and saturday and the weekend will be cool and dry with highs near 50 for your saturday and sunday. >> mark: all right, george, thanks. poplar forest has an event the past. the girls, bottles and cast. and food and drink thomaseveron and the plantation slaves had during the winter months. the guided tours include tastings. the tours will be on march 25 and 26th. sports is next.
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that amazing finish yesterday in the daytona 500. >> it was amazing. basketball regional tournament action for some area teams, and
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today's hi, everybody. virginia has taken a big jump in this week's associated press basketball poll. the cavaliers are tied for third with oklahoma with villanova number one, kansas two. north carolina dropped two spots to seven. duke is up 5 to 15th.
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miami tonight at 7:00. the hokies play tomorrow night at boston college after earning a much-needed win saturday at home over florida state. tech had lost seven of the last eight heading into saturday, and steph allen scored 17 to power tech valley and victory over the seminoles. with the win the hokies move into 10th in the acc, a half game ahead of florida state. actual let 9th season with louisville's post season ban. the tennessee women's 21 the tennessee women's 21-year run is over. the lady vols streak of 565 straight weeks in the ap poll dating back to 1985 ended today. tennessee lost twice last week to fuel 16. high school regional tournament action begins tonight for a few area teens including the ac glass boys.
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the regional berth with last thursday's overtime win at oca before fueling gw friday in the conference title game. glass gets the home game tonight by virtue of a higher winning percentage. thursday night after the game that was really heartwarming. the sportsmanship and respect shown by some of glass and lca's top player and great to see at the high school left. i am sure you have seen it probably more than a few times and worth a few more looks. incredible finish yesterday in the daytona 500. final round, leader matt kenseth goes high trying to block denny hamlin. goes to the middle between kenseth and martin truex jr. martin on the outside. truex on the inside. neck and neck. i thought truex had won. he had a slight lead, but hamhe had a slight lead, but hamlin in a photo finish nicked him by six inches. the closest finish in the 58the closest finish in the 58-year history of the great
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>> it is the pinnacle of my career for sure. you know, i haven't gotten a championship yet, so this is obviously the biggest -- the biggest win for myself. >> wish we could have won obviously, but just going to have to watch that on the highlight reel for the rest of my career i suppose. know. we all want to win. this is a competition. i wouldn't -- i would be lying if i said i just want to win. four virginia wrestlers won championship. reed stewart won the second state title in three years and jeffrey allen in 56 seconds.
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title and mason wok, the new find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. >> the bedford county school board will vote tonight on a proposed $45 million new middle school.
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officials are so adamant on not -- on not cutting any more costs. plus the southern poverty law center published their findin breaking news tonight in the race for the white house. the major resignation. also, donald trump, is he now unstoppable? rubio and cruz, battling to be the alternative. but with both of them in, does it help trump? >> you're going to say, please, please mr. president. we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning. >> and tonight, has hillary clinton turned a corner? inside the seven hours of terror. court. six dead. and you will hear from the passengers who got into his uber shootings. what he said to them. the storm system tonight, in the south, possible tornadoes, hail and about to move right up the east coast. major snow right behind it.


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