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tv   ABC 13 News 7  ABC  February 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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"gma," first thing in the >> danner: the state supreme court rules in a case of a man convicted of killing alexis murphy. what we know, new tonight. and more on the fire that destroyed the dan river plant in brookneal. why that fire is reigniting. >> george: i'll let you know how much rain we're expecting across the heart of virginia and how long the rain will last. >> danner: this just into our newsroom tonight. the state supreme court has denied the appeal of convicted of killing alexis murphy. taylor is behind bars, but alexis' body has never been found.
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life terms. >> you're taking a look over lynchburg tonight where the rain is moving in. >> george: we're already seeing a few small showers making their way into the heart of heart of virginia. the light rain extends towards madison heights. pittsylvania county, south of brookneal, you can see small showers that way, but the bulk of the rain has yet to come. we're not going to see that much rain in the next few hours. but closer to 10:00-11:00 p.m., you'll see are rain. in the morning, lows in the upper 30s and lower 40s. later we'll let you know how much cooler we'll be by the weekend.
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the board of supervisors is considering funding for a new middle school after the project came in millions of dollars over budget. they are using the forest middle school mobile classrooms as examples of cutting corners. >> if we want to have an attractive school and not have it like a prison. but not have a lot of deluxe features or roof lines and so forth. and we want to make sure it's built at reasonable cost and just a nice, functional, educational school that we'll be proud of in bedford county. >> danner: one supervisor opposed to the higher cost told abc-13 that an expert
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closing arguments are underway for kevin quick, the waynesboro reserve police officer kidnapped and killed two years ago. none of six people on trial are actually charged with quick's kidnapping or murder. instead the federal government charged them with racketeering and violent crimes in aide of racketeering. the defense doesn't deny that four of the defendants are responsible for quick's murder. but the way the charges are, the prosecution needs to move that the gang the six are allegedly members of meets the guidelines of a criminal enterprise. jury deliberations start tomorrow. >> reporter: there should be a cause of the danville plant fire in brookneal by the end
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an investigator says the piles of debris are causing some small fires to flare up again. they are responding to the location as needed. >> as the wind changes direction, it might, you know, start the fire back up in the pile and the folks on the street will see it. and the smoke will travel through the neighborhood and things of that sort. >> danner:there's one fire smoldering behind the building. law enforcement is still on the campus of hargrave military academy after the possible isis threat. classes are back to normal. the pittsylvania county sheriff's office are sifting through leads regarding if threats that came to the hargrave military academy that's week. no one has been arrested. there is still law enforcement on campus.
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through a social media site. law enforcement is not releasing what that message said. an appomattox woman discovered dead on her property saturday night left behind several animals either dead or dying, the sheriff's office says there's no foul play suspected and they're not releasing any information. we visited the property and the found a dead alpaca, pony and several other animals. the woman found was paxton. we called the animal warden for a comment but didn't come back. we also contacted sheriff barry letterman who says is the state's veteran office will be caused. >> we asked you should the virginia localities strengthen
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87% say yes. 4% say no. the virginia general assembly gave final approval to legislation that would allow more concealed weapon permit holders to legally carry weapons in the state. it easily passed the senate with bipartisan support today. the legislation would expand the reciprocity agreements that virginia has with other states. it would also allow other out of state permit holders to carry guns in virginia. it would also require police officers at gun shows for background checks. the governor is expected to sign the legislation into law later this week. >> three people are facing breaking and entering and grans larceny charges, and
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robberies in danville. jessica walker admitted to driving another male suspect who robbed two people in the city. when the victim returned to her home in rinngold, she told police that she saw is a female driver in her driveway. they arrested walker, millner, and pavlive. pope francis is calling for a 1-year moratorium on the death penalty. that push runs through november. he's also throwing his support behind a conference that he hopes brings an end to capital punishment. we're taking a live look in downtown live. lynchburg's mayor and
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progress report on the city in the annual state of the city address. this is a life look at at council chambers. they will recognize seven service. in the crowd. we'll bring you more tonight at 11:00. candidates are announcing their runs for lynchburg city council. mason announced a run for ward three. mason is the daughter of former councilman and mayor thornhill. and albert billingsley announced on facebook that he's running as an independent for helgeson's seat.
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announce that he's running for his seat. a list of nearly 900 hate groups in the united states just released. and in two minutes, the president of one of those groups questions the
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plus why the >> danner: the southern property law center is a self-described private organization that combats hate in america.
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swelled to 900 organization nationwide. one group on that list, questions the list and how it defines hate. >> reporter: the s.p.l.c. hate list includes group like the airian nation and the clue -- k.k.k. the president of one organization is crying foul. >> they are targeting us in this smear. >> reporter: for nearly 20 years, the group warned some
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their group to supercede u.s. law. >> we do not support the kind of hatred that islamic sue supremacists give to women and other minorities. >> reporter: our constitutional law allows any organization to define hate as it sees fit. >> people should be free to say whatever they want to say even if their next-door neighbor or we disagree with them. >> reporter: we tried to contact the organization to find out how it defines hate and two funds their organization. we have yet to get a response. >> danner: attorneys for the
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spent the day in court arguing that the state's voter i.d. law is unconstitutional. an attorney for state election officials countered that the law requiring voters to show i.d. at polls is to reduce voter fraud. the trial will not affect the state's march 1st primary. the fight against h.p.v. we look at how the h.p.v. vaccine is causing the disease not to spread. >> george: highs in the upper 40s and lower 50s.
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53 in danville.
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>> george: if you're wanting rain, then you're going to love this forecast over the next few days. rain is heading through the heart of virginia tonight-wednesday. the heaviest of the rain is going to fall on wednesday. there may be thunderstorms, especially across the southside on wednesday. and thursday-sunday for the weekend, we'll have drier weather. if you do have any plans this evening, maybe you're headed out to dinner tonight, there will be a little bit of rain out there. pinpoint south boston, you have some light rain in that direction. we'll zoom you around and show you rain. here's a little bit of that rain and sprinkle activity that was on lynchburg, now on madison heights. and on interstate 81, you can
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and this is a huge area of rain moving from southwest to northeast. and that means it's heading right to virginia. midnight. right now the temperature is 45 and we're mostly dry right now. the temperatures are not going to change very much overnight. a little cool out there. a northeast breeze at six miles per hour and the wind isn't too bad. most of us are not 40s. charlottesville, 47. blacksburg and virginia tech, 42. farmville 49. and upper 40s towards southside. and the timing of the rain, we'll begin the future cast at 8:00 p.m. and look at all this rain moving in during the overnight. it is a 100 percent chance for rain overnight. tuesday morning, everything
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which has already fallen. and we'll be tracking the rain in the morning on "gmv." and most of the rain we're going to see tomorrow is going to fall during the morning. by wednesday, we may see several batches of rain developing. it is possible you could see be hearing some thunder from our thunderstorms. and there could be some strong storms towards southside. but the strongest storms will stay where temperatures are warmer in the south and east. overnight lows in the upper 30s. we are going to remain above freezing. you don't have to worry about any icy roads. tomorrow, most of the rain is going to fall during the morning. decreasing rain during the afternoon. but a few small showers will be possible into the afternoon. highs around the rest of the heart of virginia tomorrow appomattox 44. danville 44. and 42 towards bedford. your 7-day forecast, sunshine and drier weather by thursday.
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coming up, especially in the mornings. we'll see lows in the 20s. highs near 50 for saturday and sunday. >> danner: if you get paid or
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likely that you would >> danner: good news tonight for young women who have had the human papillomavirus vaccine. infection rates are developing since the vaccine was first recommended by the c.d.c. in two 2006. in just six years, researchers saw the rate of infection among teenager girls drop to 4.3%.
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estimate of the cancer risk from formaldehyde in some laminate flooring. the c.d.c. says it could result in six in three cancer cases per 1,000 people exposed to the flooring. >> reporter: employers want healthier employees, according to a study published in the annals of internal medicine. researchers gave nearly 300 people a 7,000 step goal during a 13-week challenge. the participants were broken up into groups. one got $1.30 for every day they met the step goal. the others entered a daily
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the research found the group that was threatened with losing money exercised more. the study says our brains or wired to like the heart of the church, the mission of the church, is to change our world by developing christ followers who love god and love people. everything that we are wrapped up in, everything that we do, everything that ought to drive us, the passion that we ought to have in our hearts is summed up in that statement.
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>> danner: quite a day for a 106-year-old woman. virginia got to meet the president and first lady, and she got to dance with them. look at our reaction there. in 2013, mclauren started a social media campaign to meet the obamas. she was so excited to see a black person in the nation's top jobs. and she showed her excitement by dancing. 106-year-old and dancing with the president. >> george: the weather story is going to be the rain coming in. between now and midnight we're
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it increases to steady rain overnight. bill cosby's wife under oath.
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> kanye b tonight, new kardashian backlash. ffnd out why kris jenner was booed in front of thousands.
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paparazzi brawl. >> wait unti see the crazy way he broke up the fight. plus, we have t first photo of kim and kanye's baby boy. what camille cosby know? "e.t" is on the scene. >> a really star's plastic surge with the "e.t" cameras rolling. plus our weekend with k cuoco and she tells us how she gets that sick butt. >> and billy idol, rick springfield, boy gorge, wear backstage for a fully '80s flash back. >> what do you have to have in your dressing room? >> quite few things in the old days. now f february 22, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight."


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