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tv   Good Morning Virginia  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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about today and tomorrow tell condition throughout the work week. widespread rain, steady rain move to danville, south boston and bedford buchanan area and western parts of lynchburg. a check of your weather. it is wet and temperaturesummer 30s low 40s. 39 in lynchburg. rain in danville 42. 40 in roanoke. 39 in blacksburg. 34 in hot springs. you will need the rain jacket and layers. tell be cool and of course the umbrella a hundred percent chance of reason today and tomorrow. temperatures will hover in the 40s. cloudy and cool weather. flooding concerns and storms, i will have the latest coming up. whitney? >> whitney: a woman discovered dead on her property saturday night left several animals dead
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some of the video you will see has graphic images. no foul play is expect indeed the woman's death. they are not releasing information. we visited the property yesterday and found a dead alpaca a dead pony and self other dead animals. man who discovered the body is paxton he is feuding with the animal warden the county is not protecting animals and they have not done enough in this case to save the surviving animals. we called the ward 18 for a comment but did not hear back. the sheriff says the states that marion's office will be called. >> patti: paxton has a familiar ring charged with stalking and trespassing by the two ordinance of dogs who are not treated properly. wit with the the owners are not backing down they are bringing paxton to court.
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demands for changes in animal laws. >> reporter: photos of the two dogs and the man trying to care for them against owner's wishes set off a fire storm. terry says he has proof of the dog's frozen water during a snow storm a concern we took to the animal warden. nicky martin. >> dogs eating snow is access to water. >> sure? >> that is acceptable under the law for a dog to eat snow. >> reporter: according to virginia state code it is not. dogs are to have access to fresh potable water. of the drinkable temperature. martin says the dog's owner have not broken laws and in fact chaining dogs in appomattox is not against the law. animal advocates say that is arcake thinking. for an animal to live on the end
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acceptable. >> sandra says, people leak paxton are in the majority. she says the laws in virginia need to change. >> we have many people who are over the top you have the same mind set of folk whos see it as, it is just a dog. and they see them as disposable cree urs. >> sandra agrees. >> i think app mat accident county needs to wake up. i think that appomattox county the way they allow animals to be treated is terrible. >> >> patti: the dogs owner have not been charged. we reached to nicky martin on this case but did not hear back. if you would like to weigh in head to our facebook page. >> whitney: three face break an entering and connected to robberies in danville. according to the pennsylvania
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>> according to a complaint filed in danville. 21 year old jets cab walker admitted to driving a male suspect who robbed two in the city. a woman's purse and her id and keys were taken. when the victim returned her home she told police she saw a female driver in her driveway. sheriff arrested two. milner's mug shot was not available. walker is the only one facing charges in the danville robbery. pam pat abc is keeping track of the latest on the fire that we should know the cause bite end of the week. randall johnson says he spent the day investigating yesterday. piles of debris are causing snaul smaller fires it flair up. they don't have teams staffing the property they are responding as needed.
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debris pile will stay hot. as the wind change its might start the fire back up in the pile and the folks on the street will see it and the smoke will travel through the neighborhood. >> at last check there was a fire smoldering behind the building. residents say yesterday marked the first time they did not smell the smokey remnants. >> police crashed and her baby was thrown from the car. cruz was driving on i 81 in augusta and tried to change lanes. she lost control, over correctd and hit a guard rail. her 10 month old was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. cruz was wearing her seat belt and not injured. she is charged with reckless driving and driving without a license and improperly securing a child in a car seat. >> patti: utah sisters who suzed invet row to get pregnant have
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>> they have multiple sets of twins. >> terry bunker holds her daughter halle and her twin brother coal at the regional hospital. blow being kisses to the twin baby brothers. >> call it twin mania. five sets. 1020s. one family identical twin moms say it is divine intervention. >> we feel they are a gift from god. >> reporter: for both it was impossible to become pregnant. >> we pursued fertility. >> reporter: they both lucked out. twin tuition. >> she has four children five and under i have four, four and under. she did the boy-girl and i did boy-boy we got our bases covered. >> reporter: more like a grand
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kewas first with the two girls and carrie announced she was pregnant with coal and halle. then keri had saddie who looks and dresses like her big sister and kelly, twins again. kyler and kennedy. and again with the come back. terry announced twin boys cash and jays. >> it is unbelievable. i have completed our families and we are not starting to have anymore. >> patti: area woman is using her experience with adoption to help families and doing it on the pages of a children's book. when stephanie began adopting her daughter from taiwan, she wrote a seed of love for adopted children but to help all kids under different family
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journey on what families are all about. >> i wanted something that talked about how loved she is, for other kids to realize they may not go in mommy's belly but they are a part of them. >> patti: we have a link to buy the book on our website. she plans to work on a sequel and her family is planning on adopting again. >> whitney: still to come, work place wellness programs are in. there might be a smarter way to go about them. detail in health check. >> patti: green all over the maps now. 40 in roanoke. 39 in lynchburg. 42 in danville that rain is not
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>> melissa: good morning and happy tuesday it is 6:13 tell be a wet forecast today and tomorrow. here is what we are tracking in the weather department of 100% chance for rain. heaviest arrived wednesday morning.
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you will need the umbrella. pinpoint doppler you see widespread rainfall across the area. takeow a radar tour. rain through lynchburg to the north of 221 up i-81 from buchanan and bedford we are seeing the rainfall indicated by yellows and oranges. the south side we have been watching we expect heavy totals to fall. danville steady rainful south boston boston heavy across the area from north carolina to virginia. just in the next little bit. temperatures holding steady 30s and 40s. 39 in lynchburg. 39 in blacksburg. 38 in martinsville. 42 in danville two system we are talking about the first bringing an inch of rain today. next system developing in central and southern plains. counter clock wise circulation indicating a strong low pressure system.
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coast and heavy and copeius amount of rainfall headed to wednesday. ahead of this the national weather service issued an arial flood watch until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. one-three inches the ground is saturated from the wet weather. we will watch for those flooding concerns. timing everything out for you. cloudy and cool today. classic wedge set up. high pressure to the northeast am stationary front to our south. cloud and he cool with steady rain. the low pressure system will drag a cold front across. that will be the focus for our storms headed to tomorrow. heavy rain could see gusty wind for wednesday. time it all out for you. you see a break here at 10:30-11:00. we will see scattered showers throughout the day. we'll see a break in the rainfall. tell pick back up over night.
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tomorrow and should see stronger storms headed to the afternoon benefit we dry out by thursday morning. how much rainfall are we looking at? one-three inches. watch out for the flooding occurrence toward the south side at dan river am temperatures steady in the mid 40s. over night upper 30s near 40. hang in there thursday all the way through the weekend looking perfect. get a check of weather photo of the day. gorgeous there. look at the rainbow in piney river. carlos sent us that photo. as you are out and about this weekend, send the photos to here is tech bytes. >> in tech bytes the cost of free shipping on amazon went up the minimum purchase is 49 dollars to promote amazon prime
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video and audio streaming. sony unvald innovations. >> new xseries of smart phone includes autofocus promising blur free shots and a battery that goes for two days. >> and the ear piece that responded to verbal commands. >> facebook wants to help you wishior friends a happy birthday. >> launched a new birthday cam allow users to record 15 second message its is available for ios device. can you send them a card snail nail.
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>> have a great day >> patti: in health news work place wellness programs are common to make for healthy employees. initiatives involve giving away something, cash.
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that is at a study. andrew has the details in today's health check. >> reporter:. employers want healthy employees work place wellness programs are hot. more than 80% of big companyers offering a form of financial incentive to give workers to participate. looking at programs how they can be effective. researchers gave 300 people 7,000 step goal to keep up during a 13 week challenge. the participates broken in groups one got a1.40 for each day they hit the goal. second group was enter indeed a daily lottery they win if they met the goal the day before. third receives $42 up front with the calfiot that participates lost a dollar for each day they failed to meet that 7,000 step goal. what did they find?
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with losing money exercised more. it is about how the reward is framed adding that our brains are wired to avoid losing things we like the graft efkz of getting money up front. >> patti: on the sport denied an appeal randy taylor. also many offure logging on to read about a string of crime in pennsylvania county authorities believe could be connected. and students are back in class following threats against military academy in chatham.
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3 dennis number 3 in the country virginia played at 12th-ranked miami last night. battle for second place in the league behind north carolina. down 5 at the half, virginia gets within two, isaiah wilkins rebound, bucket and the foul! later, uva's marial shayok gets the foul call on miami and 'canes coach jim larranaga can't believe it, he wanted travelling! davon reed had a big game for miami, 21 points. uva's malcolm brogdon led all scorers with 28, but he's the only cav in double figures. london perrantes had nine, but the half-court heave to tie at the buzzer won't go. miami holds on 64-61. 3 odac women's tournament, randolph took bridgewater to overtime but fell short. roanoke lost to virginia
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at eastern mennonite 71-57. 3 high school regionals at e.c. glass, the hilltoppers faced the woodgrove wolverines. the visitors out of purcelville led the entire first half, the baseball pass and bucket ran the lead to eight early second quarter. the hilltoppers clawed back to within two at the half, demel bolden drills a three, 24-22 woodgrove at the break. after foul trouble kept him out most of the first half, malik knox led glass' charge, the steal, shot and the foul to pull the toppers within two. next trip down, knox buries a 3 from the corner to give glass its first lead, knox had 15. tj jones helped the toppers stretch the lead to five after three, jones had 24. e.c. glass broke it open and wins 64-45 and plays at john champe tonight. 3 also william fleming beat kettle run.the fleming girls routed shenandoah, lord botetourt beat turner ashby.2a west girls, chatham edged glenvar 31-30, floyd county routed dan river.and in the vaca tourney, timberlake rolled over faith roanoke. timber leak over faith roanoke.
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>> melissa: 6:25 and your weather for tuesday it is temperatures in the 40s and a 100% chance of rain. remember the umbrella 40 for 8ed:0042 by lunch. 44 in lynchburg. not warming up much from where we sit now. we have been talking about two systems the first we are seeing the next batch moving through the southeast to mid@laneck to bring us up to an inch of rain today. and then our stronger system, low pressure system developing in the southern plains. tell bring us our rain headed to wednesday. as it crosses across the gulf coast, we watch for severe weather. sbc issued a moderate risk for the gulf host and the organ main threats will be tornadoes and hail. we'll watch that headed to the afternoon and evening hours.
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tomorrow the orange is there for parts of carolinas. you see brooknil and south boston and danville a slight risk headed to wednesday. main threats the thunderstorms and gusty wind. tell be something we are monitoring here. a lot of the snow worrying about the flooding. arial flood watch until tomorrow. as we are looking at totals of one-3 inches. we will keep you updated on the latest. whitney and patty? back to you. >> patti: coming up in good morning virginia burglars hit a house in lynchburg.
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>> lynchburg >> patti: good morning it is tuesday february 23rd. 2016. i'm patty martin. >> whitney: i'm whitney. we are off to a rainy start it does not look like that will change. melissa is in the weather center tracking the latest. >> melissa: good morning whitney and patty about 6:30 wet weather will greet you on the morning commute. let's go to pinpoint.
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we are seeing widespread rain and pockets of heavy rainfall for danville, south boston and out toward the buchanan area. temperatures now holding steady. 30s and 40s. above the freezing mark. encountering wet roads as we look at danville. 39 in lynchburg. 32 for danville. 40 in roanoke. 39 in blacksburg. as you guess you need the rain gear. grab the jacket and umbrella. dress in layers tell be cool. got the dreary feel. temperatures steady in the 40s throughout the afternoon, 100% chance of rain. an inch public today and self more everyones as we head to wednesday. 100% chance for rain tuesday and wednesday. we will time it out for you coming up in your forecast. >> whitney: thank you. jury deliberations begin in the kelvin quick case the reserve
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killed two years ago ago 91 of the six on trial are actually charged with quick's kidnapping or murder. the federal government charged them with racket tearing and violent crime where the murder and kidnapping fall. defense does not deny four are responsible for quicks murder. charges the way they are the prosecution does not need to prove murder and kidnapping happened they need to prove the gang these six defendants are members of meet the guide lines of a criminal earnprize. defense says they have notch not done that. >> patti: a neighborhood at the center of a string of break ins. another house was broken into yesterday. there have been 10 burglars. the homeowner says it happened in broad daylight. he was aware of break in's and took precautions to lock doors that was not enough. >> this is where they kick today in here.
6:32 am
long are than 30 minutes. my tv was gone. all this stuff was like tht speakers off the wall. $80 on the table. jewelry. all that is gone. pam pat police say it is an on going investigation and they'll not provide details at this time. >> whitney: sport denied an appeal of killing alexis murphy. the attorney anthony marten told her the news about randy taylor yesterday. taylor is behind bars but alexis 'body is not found she disappeared in 2013 from a gas station taylor was sentenced to two life terms. >> patti: class in session at the military academy in chatham law enforcement is not leaving after the possible isis threat. pennsylvania county sheriff's office is cysting through leads look for example information on the threats last week.
6:33 am
has been arrested yet. the threat came through a social media, law enforcement is not releasing what the miscellaneousage said. >> now a woman is behind bars in lynchburg. on february first a grand jury indicted sky are lewis on multiple charges leading gang recruitment in a school zone and assault and battery by a mob. related to the arrest of spinner. pain and thomas back in august. lewis was taken in custody friday night without incident. >> patti: a bill passed in the senate would require local police departments to identify and include officer involved shooting in filing to state police. house approved the bill on february 10th. require any reporting of any such shootings result in a faat that timity or injury and weather they were justified or not justified. reports showed the legislation was prompted by a report that identified case of shootings over the last 15 years that were
6:34 am
involved in the annual crime in virginia report prepared by police. the bill heads to the senate for consideration. >> whitney: assembly approved legislation that would allow concealed weapon permit holders to carry guns in the state. a compromise by the governor and republicans passed the senate. would expand the number concealed permit agreements that virginia has with other states. it would prohibit people subject to a protective order from carrying firearms and require police at gun shows for voluntary background checks. the legislation will be signed this week into law. >> state of our city is strong. [applause] >> whitney: mayor and vice mayor say our city is on the right path. during the state of the city address the mayor looked back on the city's progress. but always sighted the 24%
6:35 am
said that these challenges can't and will not be solved over night but proud of how far we have come. sense the mayor and vice mayor will not seek reelection this address was emotional for the two. >> i'm sure you can appreciate what a bit are-sweet moment this is for he. to deliver my final state of the city address. >> i want to take this opportunity to thank you all. thank you all, lynchburg. from the b. my heart. >> patti: find out who will take their place in july when council mans decide. >> whitney: bedford board of supervisors decide last night to approve forty-four million dollars for a new middle scoot that is 7 million dollars more than original budget. they hope to move forward and break ground in november. the goal is to have it done in time for the 2018 school year. uva medical center is getting a quarter of a million dollars to
6:36 am
the monsecoming from a charity called, alex 'lemon aid stand. they can go after the cancer directly with few are side affects. >> ideas that can really transform treatment. are difficult to secure funding for. the foundations like alsf play a critical role in allowing the new ideas to be tried and moved forward. >> patti: the reason they gotten get fund system because the treatments are not proven but the professor if they work it could make a big difference. >> whitney: dmv looking for transportation safety grants trying to reduce the number of traffic crashes, deaths and injuries throughout the year. applications must support the primary transportation safety goal of the state. which is reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries from traffic crashes. if you want to apply the deadline is sunday.
6:37 am
our website >> patti: still to come, the gop caucus in nevada is today. the latest from the trail in looking ahead. >> whitney: and a look outside it is 40 in roanoke. cooler in lynchburg at 39 and 42 degrees in danville.
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st >> melissa: we are talking wet weather today and tomorrow. 100% chance of rain this morning. headed in the afternoon we will have a chance for a few scattered showers and wednesday heavy rain arrived and thunderstorms developing.
6:40 am
the rain will end by thursday morning. pinpoint doppler. stead tow heavy rain moving through. steady rain moving through bedford and lynchburg. buchanan along i-81 yellow and oranges indicating the pockets of heavy rainfall. along 229 chatham and danville. heavy rain and for south boston. over all the big story wipers on and lights of be careful headed out for the morning commute. you will need a jacket with the umbrella. temperatures upper 30s and low 40s. 39 in lynchburg. burg. 42 in danville. your hour by hour forecast today. attaches around 40 by the 8:00 hour. slow warm up that wedge means the temperatures locked into place. 42 by lunchtime. 44 for the afternoon. talking about two system got the first here bringing the steady rainfall.
6:41 am
for today. turn your attention to the west, impressive system counter clock wise. strong low will move to the southwest of us. head to the great lakes. it will pack a punch today into tomorrow. look what we are tracking for today. wedge of high pressure to the northeast. classic set up. stationary front to the south. cloud and he cool with the steady rain. as the low moves strong storms throughout southeast. head toward the great lakes tell drag a cold front across the area. we could see scattered thunderstorms headed to tomorrow afternoon. so the story unsettled weather continues over the next 48 hours. you see we get a break from the action at lunchtime. could see scattered, light showers and we will seat coverage increase later on tonight in time for the over night hours. wednesday morning commute and watching for stronger storms
6:42 am
afternoon. before we dry out by thursday morning. one-throw inches we will watch for flooding concerns as the ground is so saturated from all of the wet weather we already seen. flood watch in affect until tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. in the 40s today. over night upper 40s. >> patti: thank you. today white house officials the submit the out line to congress concerning obama's plan to shut down guantanamo bay. vowed close the facility. it is used by a recruiting tool by terrorists and is too costly. the proposal transferring detainees to other countries or a detention facility in the u.s. >> whitney: deadline to submit
6:43 am
you have until 5:00 to get a ballot by mail for the match first election. they have to be returned by match first to be counted and vote in person until february 27. >> patti: it is g. o. p. caucus day in nevada. republican republicans front return trump has two big wins and he is hoping if air third one a week before super tuesday. >> whitney: tonight a town hall for the democrats for the south carolina primary. kenneth reports. >> reporter: caucus time in nevada. woo we will make america great again and keep winning. >> reporter: donald trump rallied his biggest crowd in las vegas. he is basicing on a hot streak that will carry him through super tuesday to the nomination as he attacks his rifles. this guy cruz lies more than any hu human being i ever dealt w. the fight getting navy.
6:44 am
director for spreading a false rumor that rubio disparaged the bible. >> rubio focused on trump who is leading in nevada by 26 points. >> appeared rise has the republican establishment rallying around rubio. >> donald has big support and the majority of our party does not want his nominee. >> democrats were on opposite sides of the country in the university of massachusetts. bernie sanders hit clinton on her wall street connection. >> we don't representative corporate america. we don't want their money. >> reporter: clinton spent the day fundraising in l.a. in the middle of scandal. the set. sitting next to tony goldwin who playings the fictional president on the hit show. >> clinton has a lead against sanders in success suggest the two worked the black vote.
6:45 am
used in a clinton tv add. abc news, washington. >> patti: an event for anyone who likes taking in the past. the barrel battle and tour returns next month. they are focusing on food and drink that jeff are son and the slaves had during the winter month. tastings and the tours on match 25 and 26. >> whitney: engineer's week your kids can take part in the seismic shake up challenge. they are hosting it to go with the launch of the new location downtown. students and families will design and build structures and test them on earthquake shake are tables. the event is free but preregistration is required. there are two sessions get the information at >> patti: more ahead, we are hearing from the family who lost
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>> whitney: battle with the heart of the church, the mission of the church, is to change our world by developing christ followers who love god and love people. everything that we are wrapped up in, everything that we do, everything that ought to drive us, the passion that we ought to have in our hearts is summed up in that statement.
6:48 am
>> patti: here is a way to wake up with a faceful of snow. toronto zoo posted this video of giant panda. according to the zoo he woke up to see the snow. got excited. came out and tumbled down the snowy hill. and liked it so much he climbed halfway and did it all over again. he was excited. >> whitney: think you roll down a hill it is an accident. he is like, no. [laughter]. >> melissa: somebody liked the
6:49 am
here but snow is not what we are worrying about it is rain. think about it last week we were talking about all that snow now we have seen all four season in a week. now we are talking about heavy rain and possible flooding. the ground is saturated from the winter weather. we will add to it. leetsz take you hour by hour for your tuesday. attaches, upper 30s and low 40s. that's where they will stay. we will make it to the mid 40s. 41 by the 11:00 hour. 44 this afternoon but you will be battling the rain. widespread rain for the morning. scattered showers possible the rest of the day. we are talking about a break later on this morning in the afternoon hours. you see clearing in between the two system a bit of a quiet spocht first system bringing an inch of rainfall possible today. and then of course, the low pressure system is going to pack
6:50 am
storm prediction center issued a moderate risk for the gulf coast. look at damaging wind of tornados and some could be on the strong are side this afternoon. into the evening hours. the orange color you see is the enhanced risk. yellow is a slight risk. that is today. for tuesday. looking to tomorrow as the low pressure system heads to the great lakes risked for north carolina looking for our area, brooknil and south austin and danville and henry county in the yellow indicating a slight risk wednesday. we are looking at gusty wind and we'll be watching flooding. totals one-throw inches possible. have that flood watch in affect until tomorrow night. whitney? >> >> whitney: jason dalton is held without bond after slooting
6:51 am
michigan killing six. we are hearing from family of the victims. a michigan man is morning the deaths of his wife and sister. mary lou and mary joe were among the six killed on saturday night. they were getting ready to loaf a restaurant when they were struck by gunfire. christopher night says he and his family are trying to cope with their loss. >> i got the best end of the deal we were married for 40 years. i figured if my wife passed she would help me deal with the stuff. >> investigators have no motive for the shooting the dalton is charged with six counts with murder and other charges. >> patti: update on the helicopter crash in hahat teen who was injured in the accident has died. the 16 year old boy was one of phi on board the chopper when it went down in front of by standers last thursday. he was pulled from the water strap indeed his seat. two family members remany in the
6:52 am
a third has been released. crash happened near the uss memorial in hawaii. >> whitney: latest in the battle with the city of danville and maslow rata wheels. yesterday a judge dismissed a 1. 1.2 million dollars lawsuit. the city committed a breech of contract, fraud and gross negligence when the company was given a facility he deems unsuitable to operate n. last year to year city of danville suedast county got 600 thousand dollars if the tobacco commission but failed to create jobs. >> patti: new consurment alert volving lumber liquidate office issued a warning over kemp cats used in the laminant flooring once sold to customers. >> living in a space that has the potential to make me very sick. >> patti: cancer risks are three times later than original
6:53 am
officials predict the floors could cause 60-30 cases of cancer per 100,000 people. she isset going 3-1/2 times the gentleman recommends exposure to formaldehyde. they are telling abc news they believe the cdc over stated the health risk. and offered custody mers free air quality tests. 10% of tests have come back with concentrations of formaldehyde greater than recommended. >> whitney: a woman found dead
6:54 am
6:55 am
a >> patti: a look at top stores an appomattox women dead on her
6:56 am
dead or dying. the sheriff's office says no foul play is suspect indeed the woman's death they are not releasing information. we visited the property yesterday and found a dead alpaca and pony and several others. we called the warden for a comment. and the sheriff who says the state vet office will be called in. >> whitney: a neighborhood at the center of a string of break in's is not in the clear. another house in dearington was broken into yesterday on york street. there have been 10 burglars and the owners say it happened in broad daylight. police were at his house yesterday. tell us it is an investigation and they will not provide details at it time. >> patti: lynchburg's mayor and vice mayor say the city is on the right path. they looked back on the city's progress saying the change he has seen downtown is remarkable. listen burg is not without
6:57 am
rate. the mayor says it will not be solved over night but proud how far we have come. the mayor and vice mayor will not be seeking reelection. we will find out who will take their places in july once city councilmembers vote. >> whitney: good morning america is next here is robin with what they are working on. >> coming up on gma we are learning about the suspect in that deadly rampage in kalamazoo. the uber driver picked up passengers throughout the shooting. police searching for a motive. this morning the suspect's best man speaks out about the man behind it. gm alive on sa far neafrica. you don't want to miss it here on gma. see you then. >> melissa: a rainy start. hate to start the day like that. i know it was cloudy and gray yesterday, heavy rain today and tomorrow. at least thursday, friday,
6:58 am
good. yesterday. >> melissa: we have seen patchy fog. encouraging people to watch out on the roads. could see the fog. 39 in lynchburg. we will deal with that rain. remember, wipers on, lights on. you can see that rainfall moving across the heart of virginia. it will continue today. a 100% chance of rain. tomorrow watching for rain and flooding drying out by thursday pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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good morning, america. donald trump's vegas-size rally last night. his harshest words yet for ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. >> and a protester. >> i'd like to pump him in the face, i'll tell you. >> as cruz is forced to fire a key staffer after new allegations of a dirty trick. severe weather alert. a large tornado outbreak expected to hit the gulf coast. damaging winds up to 70 miles an hour and golf ball-sized hail. 21 million people in the threat zone. flooding rain and storms from texas to maine. snow hole emergency. this 10-year-old girl falls ten feet below the surface. her father desperately tries to pull her free and we have the rescuers who got there just in time. and are you ready for this?


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