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tv   News 13 530  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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candidates to prove their strength before super tuesday. lauren lister has our top storylauren lister has our top story. >> wow, this is something. wow. >> reporter: republican candidates making a final push with voters ahead of caucuses in the first of the west state of nevada. >> you wake up this morning to the news that the president is planning to close guantanamo. >> reporter: marco rubio this morning reacting to president obama's proposal to close the detention center at guantanamo bay, cuba. >> makes no sense to me. we are not giving back an important naval base to an anti-american communistic dictatorship. >>reporter:. >>reporter: in las vegas last night, front runner donald trump is going after ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. there is something wrong with this guy. >> reporter: and even a protester in the crowd. >> i would like to punch him in the face, i tell ya. >> reporter: ted cruz trying recover from a campaign shakerecover from a campaign shake-up and refocusing his efforts on trump. >> it is easy to say you want
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you can put that. but the question is do you understand the principles that made america great in the first place. >> reporter: the democrats now focusing on south carolina where more than half of democratic voters are expected to be african-americans. both of the candidates are courting. hillary clinton launching a new ad featuring actor morgan freeman. >> she says their names. >> trayvon martin -- >>reporter: bernie sanders enlisting the help of actor danny glover. >> bernie, -- >> danny! >> reporter: and a radio ad with the endorsement of director spike lee. for republicans in nevada, donald trump is leading the polls by double digit, but caucusing tripped him up last title time. ted cruz won in iowa. the gop voters start their caucusing here at 5 p.m. lauren lister, abc news, las vegas. we are tracking a pretty significant amount of rain headed into the area. get to will stafford with more.
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but a few showers from southeastern sections. if we show this, impress sfriv texas to tennessee to the deep south where they are having severe weather out there. we are seeing the rain arrive here eventually pretty much after sunset tonight. otherwise seeing a cloudy night. some fog and a patch or two of drizzle out there as well. headline s include more rain that will arrive tonight. rain will be heavy at times tomorrow. can't rule out a rumble of two or thunder and a dry second half of the week. the full forecast coming up in a little bit. sea levels rose faster in the past century than the past 2700 years according to a study published in the national academy of scientists. scientists say they dime the conclusion after creating -- came to the conclusion after createcreating the models of sea levels within 3,000 years. without climate change, it won't have been half as high as it is now. president obama is calling for the detention center at
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he spoke of his plan to close the facility just this morning. he said the detention center is counterproductive in the fight against terrorism because it uses propaganda to recruit terrorists. the plan does not specify where in the u.s. the current detainees will go. >> for many years, it has been clear that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. it undermines it. >> danner: the plan to close guantanamo bay will face tough fight in congress. goodblatt say enemy combatants need to be aware from our securities and not jeopardize the safety and security of the american people. a woman accused of submitting fraudulent student aid for online classes at liberty university pled guilty. the trial was supposed to head
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guilty instead. she along with two other women would enroll in online classes and put fake information to get student credit refunds when they never intended to take any classes. melinda smith and vanetta johnson pled guilty to multiple charges. johnson will be sentenced tomorrow. a meth lab at a home where a child lives. that is where police found it. they responded to allegheny, they found three labs and guns. the child wasn't there at the time. browning and donna gardner were arrested an face multiple felony charges including child endangerment, possession of a firearm and possession of a controlled substance. identity thieves are everywhere, and you may not realize what could put you at risk. the next time you fly, keep track of your boarding pass. >> noreen: joins us now to show us why. noreen? >> i wonder how many of are you guilty of this, you get on the plane, you take your boarding
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seat in front of you and you leave it there. that could put you at risk. an identity they have can easily scan the bar code on their boarding pass with their smartphone. some airlines don't scramble the information so when the thief scan it is. >> i have the person's name and their frequent flier number. so my next step will be, i will go united airlines web site. their you sign on the frequent flyer number. the user name. i got that. i don't know the password so i click forgot password. >> noreen: some airlines like united don't say if you -- they ask you to do a security question and give you a hint what the answer is. you guess the password and thieves have access to your address, phone number and date of birth. >> it's a starting point. not the gold mine for an identity they have.
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security number, but i have pretty good information, your name, address and date of birth you. >> noreen: bottom like, make sure you take your boarding pass with you. don't post a picture of it on social media. a lot of people do that when they are really excited about the trim they are taking. mark, danner. >> mark: a lot of times you can take the boarding pass and load it on to your phone so it is there anyway and not carry it around. >> danner: that is what is fwhis technology today. we are looking forward to hollywood's biggest night. the academy awards. one of the big winners could be a fan favorite. we will look at how sylvester stallone got back to the top 40 years later. a new program for kids thanks to pbs.
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next "e.t." inside charlie sheen's custody
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>> it all went , drd, roanoke and the new river valley. wilson wilson this watt the scene -- >> will: this was the scene in texas. the storm system. they had a plethora of hail along with high winds, very strong storms with that entire system began moving into our general area. >> danner: going that be strong when it hits here thoughstrong when it hits here though? will it lose the momentum. >> will: will lose the punch because the 60s, 70s, even 80s there. our temperatures stable in the 50s. we could still see bumpywe could still see bumpier
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nothing to that effect. >> mark: how much rain? >> generally under two inches of rain. so nothing -- nothing that we can't handle, but as you mentioned it is still a lot of water coming up from the sky. a look from the blacksburg tower cam from earlier today. kind of a cloudy day, foggy, dreary, occasionally a shower or two will pop in from occasional spots during the day this afternoon. an indication of rain there as you can tell the rain bopping on the camera. 43 our current temperature. the dew point at 42. humidity at 97%. visibility at 10 miles. and the pressure right now holding pretty much steady. we have an east-northeast breeze. kind of banking a lot of this up the mountains. no visibility in hot springs. a two-mile visibility blacksburg. two-mile visibility roanoke. five-mile visibility in martinsville. 47, danville. 46 right now over in the farmville. the entire area because of the amount of rain that we are going to see over the next few
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tonight and through a good chunk of the day tomorrow. dry. more rain out toward the south and west that will be moving out through the overnight hours tonight. and here is the real big bull of course of the rain from around memphis back to jackson. very nasty weather earlier on today through new orleans where we have tornado watches out and can kind of make sense of a little bit of severe thunderstorm warning and tornado warnings for that general area. all of that is moving into our direction, but will weaken before it gets here. we are anticipating still somewe are anticipating still some bumpybumpier storms for tomorrow afternoon. as the entire system rides the spine off the mountains. can see nasterer storms east of the area on the way for tomorrow. snow possible even on the back side by the time thursday comes around we will generally see clearing conditions. clouds and drizzle toward the overnight hours of tonight. maybe the occasional heavier shower or two bumping in from time to time. tomorrow morning can be a little bit of a wet commute,
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real bulk of the rain gets herereal bulk of the rain gets here. some of this can be on the heavier side and could see a rumble or two along the south side. once the once moves through, start the clearing process and turn on the upslope snow machine for thursday. before it is all said and done get about an inch -- between an inch and a inch and a half generally less than two inches between now and thursday. we are not anticipating a widewe are not anticipating a widespread barrage of severe weather but could see some storms that could have wind and also the heavier rain will be our main concerns for the storms that would develop on the way tomorrow. generally the worst of the weather tomorrow will be to the south and east of us. travel plans toward the coast of north carolina tomorrow, you will want to keep that in the back of your mind. overnight lows dip back into the 40s to around 50 degrees along the south side. tomorrow's daytime high temperatures on 60 on the south side and a little bit concerned for nastyfor nastier weather down that direction. 51 in for lexington. the next seven days are pretty much dry as we get past
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shower on the way for thursday but the weekend is looking good. >> mark: all right, will, thanks. he is the ultimate underdog in the rocky movies. >> i never thought i would see
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>> danner: this week we are counting down to the 8 8th annual academy awards that you can see onlyer whoonly here on abc 13. >> mark: one of the big headlines is the sentimental favorite looking for his first oscar. it is a little hard to believe. brandy hit has whether sylvester stallone has a rocky chance. >> reporter: rocky balboa with heart. created by a man known as one of the most humble in hollywoodof the most humble in hollywood. >> sylvester stallone in "rocky." >> reporter: back in 1977, stallone did not win the oscar for acting or writing "rocky." after shadowboxing with muhammed ali. he was still appreciative. >> something i will treasure
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>> reporter: now 40 years late>> reporter: now 40 years later. >> i never thought i would threshold -- cross this tlevsh hold again. >> reporter: he is rocky in the sequel "creed." >> everything i have got is moved on, and i am here. >> reporter: his daughters by his side, the hollywood heavyhis side, the hollywood heavyweight won his first golden globe last month and reflected on being absent during his quick rise to fame. >> then i realized that family is everything, and that is the greatest award you can get. you have one chance at life, and you better fight to keep itand you better fight to keep it. >> people seem to be cheering for sylvester stallone. they want to see him win because he is somebody that worked so hard and for such a long time. >> reporter: when "rocky" won best picture the producers were seen pulling stallone on stage. >> i want to thank you for sharing your dream of rocky. >> reporter: he may be climbing the stairs for his own oscar. sylvester stallone's star on
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been here 30 years. "rocky" was a huge success. a billion dollar worldwide. check your candy the heart of the church, the mission of the church, is to change our world by developing christ followers who love god and love people. everything that we are wrapped up in, everything that we do, everything that ought to drive us, the passion that we ought to have in our hearts is summed up in that statement.
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just a small chance e on the way for tomorrow for a nastyway for tomorrow for a nastier thunderstorm or two locally and slighty better chance. the worst of the weather will
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and raleigh and wilmington and south carolina. on the way for tomorrow, storms that will feature rain and flooding. that tornado threat is not there at all, and we are drying out toward the weekend. 48 on saturday. nearing 60 on sunday. big recall tonight from one of the world's largest chocolate makers. mars is recalling candy bars in 55 countries after plastic was found in one of their products. they did not release which product the plastic was found in or what uk countries affected. the voluntary recall affect products made in the netherlands. >> pbs is setting up a 24-hour television channel and web stream. the channel which has not yet been named will expand on its existing pbs kids franchise which includes daytime and on demand streaming service. the broadcaster focuses on reaching low-income families that may not have high speed internet access and will
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over the public airwaves.
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president and first lady again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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it has been a memorable week for a woman from d.c. who is 106. now she is talking about her experience at the white house. >> danner: we introduced you yesterday to virginia maclaren who had a dance party with the president and the first lady this weekend. >> come on! >> danner: virginia talked to your sister station wjla about her experience. she said she always wanted to meet the first african-american president and wasn't sure how it would happen. the dream came true when one of the leaders helping to restore the building she lives in. >> it was a happiest time of my life that i got a chance to shake hands with the president.
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that the meeting came during black history month only made it that much more special. >> mark: she will be 107 next month one of our producer said. >> danner: 107. the trial of the six people charged with being involved in the murder of that reserve police captain. annie andersen is live in roanoke with what came out in court today and when expect a verdict. lpd is offering advice on
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anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on. this is the abc 13. a live look in lynchburg in snow flex where most of the i can't is under a flood watch. >> mark: we are checking the rain and the thunderstorms. george, we will not see a break in the rain until tomorrow some time. >> reporter: that's right were we will wait until tomorrow night before all the rain ends.
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for this evening areas of drizzle and light rain. no flooding threat for this evening. the heavier rain arrives tomorrow. we will see occasional heavy rain. we may also see a few thunderstorms so you may be hearing thunder during the day tomorrow. as far as rainfall totals, you will pick up an additional half inch to just over an inch and a half of rain. that is on top of the rain that has already fallen. doppler radar showing a few small showers across the heart of virginia. and in tennessee and all that rain will advance toward virginia and that is the rain that will be arriving tomorrow. any evening plans, the temperature is not going to change very much. we are going to hold in the low to mid-40s. coming up a little later, we will show you which parts of virginia could see strong storms. >> mark: george, thanks. the fate of the people charged in relation to the kidnapping and murder of waynesboro police captain kevin


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