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tv   ABC 13 News 7  ABC  February 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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good night.3 in the hands of the jury.... tonight, the jury continues to deliberate on the murder trial of a waynesboro reserve police captain. plus... protecting your own know to avoid a home break-in.
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3 3 3 danner right now we are under a flood watch... with more raining coming our way. the weather is our top story. let's get right over to chief meteorologist george flickinger with what you need
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3 george3 3 danner pots the fate of the people charged in relation to the kidnapping and murder of waynesboro reserve police captain kevin quick is now in the hands of 16 jury members. the jury is deliverating, after 12 and a half hours of closing arguments today. they have 34 different charges to decide on. the racketeering conspiracy is the big umbrella charge. if the jury finds the 6 defendants not guilty for that... then 2/3 of the charges will go away. the firearm charges can stand on their own though. 3 danner pots we are staying on top of a neighborhood on high alert... we've followed a string of break-ins in the dearington neighboorhood -- 9 so far this year. new tonight -- advice on protecting your own property. lock your doors.
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when you're away. keep landscaping trimmed so it doesn't obscure your windows or doors from plain view. keep a tv or radio on when you're gone, so it seems you're at home. folks in the dearingotn area say these crimes have opened their eyes. (:04)mary jones, lives in dearington area, "i just make sure i know who i'm opening the door for and all of that." danner pots call lynchburg police if you know anything about this crime spree -- tipsters may be eligible for a reward. 3 3 danner pots one man is charged with malicious wounding ... another recovering after a head injury. investigators say the weapon? a baseball bat. 50-year-old benny stone is also charged burglary with intent to commit assault. according to henry county sheriff's office, stone forced his way into the home in bassett friday. they say stone hit scottie rose in the head several times with a baseball bat. 3 3 danner pots right now we are getting a better picture of the uber driver accused of killing six people in michigan
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prosecutors say 45-year-old jason dalton admitted to investigators that he killed people. according to the detroit free-press dalton once worked as an insurance adjustor, is married and the father of a 10 and 15 year old. a michigan gun shop owner claims dalton bought a tactical jacket hours before the shootings in kalamazoo. one of the people he is accused of shooting, a 14-year- old, is fighting for his life. 3 danner pots in the midst of the uber driver shooting rampage... what does this mean for driver background safety? to be an uber driver, you just need to submit some information on the uber app... there's no face-to-face meeting. one driver went through the process just last year and says she was on the road one day after applying. kambiz arsani/uber driver: copy of your driver's license, copy of your registration, copy of your insurance card, picture of the car, picture of the license plate. danner the driver accused in
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undergone a background check. uber says he had no criminal record and there was nothing to indicate dalton was a security threat. 3 3 danner pots we've been covering the blight issue on the southside -- and all of the issues that come with it. well now, danville is one of nine us cities getting some help. city leaders are going to the community progress leadership institute at harvard law school. it's a program that will help them address significant building blight and vacancy challenges. the cities participating have housing vacancy rates ranging between 8 percent and 19 percent. danville's current vacancy rate is 17.3 percent. 3 danner pots a local community college is using black history month to expose its students to a variety of cultures. (((nats- pause))) today, a caribbean band attracted a crowd in the student center at danville community college. school leaders say they want to make these events fun...that way more students are willing to come, and learn a thing or
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abc 13, there's nothing more enriching than exposing yourself to new cultures. kyesha jennings- english instructor- "i think when people hear african american or black people, they think that everyone is the same. but the diaspora of african descendants is broad. it includes jamaicans, trinidadians, dominicans."3 danner pots d-c-c holds several events to expose students to new cultures throughout the school year. 3 3 danner pots president obama sent congress a plan to close the prison at guantanamo bay. speaking at the white house this morning, the president outlined his plan to close the detention facility in cuba. he wants to transfer more detainees to foreign countries and work with congress to find a spot in the u-s to hold other detainees. president obama said his goal to close the prison "is about closing a chapter" in the country's history.pres. obama: keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in the world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding
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of law.3 danner the 9-11 era prison now houses 91 detainees, down from a high of nearly 700 under former president george. w. bush. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and many other top republicans want gitmo to stay open. 3 3 danner pots tonight, nevada voters will have their say in the g-o-p presidential race. this comes, days after nevada democrats picked hillary clinton. scott thuman gives a preview of what's at stake for the g-o-p in nevada. 3 natsvo (trump "we're going to win here and run the table.")vo is donald trump unstoppablea& that's the question - as the businessman barrels into nevada after 2 big primary wins.sotdavid rehr, "it's really hard to stop momentum. so generally there has to be a significant event or a significant change in the number of candidates for people to shift." vobut a
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establishment is hoping fora& with marco rubio receiving an onslaught of endorsements before the nevada contest.sot tim scott, "i'm 100 percent sure that our best path to the white house is for marco rubio to be our nominee."vothe cruz campaign fired a top aide monday over spreading false information about rubio. the effects of that dust-up on his chances, remain to be seena& but the iowa caucus winner continues to point out one glaring problem for rubioa&sot ted cruz, "you weren't able to win in iowa. you weren't able to win in new hampshire or south carolina. when can you win a statea&" vowhile the other 2 remaining gop candidates - ben carson and john kasich - are just trying to hang on until super tuesdaya&sotlara brown, 3 (covered by vo at first) "i would argue it really is a 3-man race at this point. i imagine that you will see essentially donald trump, marco rubio, and senator cruz really splitting up closer to about 85 percent of the vote between them."on-cam tagscott thuman, (not verbatim) "right now donald trump has 67 delegates. his nearest competitor ted cruz has 11. trump has big lead as nevada with 30 delegates up for
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scott thuman, now back to you."3 3 danner this is a live look at a hillary clinton speaking event alongside five mothers who lost their children to gun violence 3 and police incidents at the "breaking down barriers" forum. 3 danner pots tax season can bring the worry of being audited. in two minutes, you may be surprised to learn just how many people actually to track your pets when they're lost. this may be
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33 3 danner pots tax season is in full swing as millions of americans are filling out the paperwork hoping for a return and not a balance due. but what about the likelihood of getting audited? kristine frazao takes a look at who might get that dreaded audit notice. 3 tis the season for taxesa&and for some, fear of a possible audita& donald williamson, there's an urban myth that the irs is some kind of gestapo and that's simply not the case. 11jean pawlow, the odds of being audited, depending on how much money you make are really pretty low. 22 gfx according to the most recent irs data, those odds are less than one percent for middle income filers. they go up with income level, unless a person reports having no income.and audits aren't as arduous as you may thinka& pawlow, "what you see in the movies is probably the irs agent knocking on your door, but a lot of the times you just get a letter from the irs standupkristine frazao, something to keep in mind - just because the irs sends you an audit letter it doesn't necessarily mean you owe more
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times the irs just has a question. and whether or not you get audited also comes down to your *actions*, not just your *income* -like taking excessive deductions, failing to report all taxable income or taking an early payout from a retirement account - all red flags vothe best way a taxpayer can prepare, in case of audit, is good record-keeping. williamson, the time to do tax- planning and think about your tax return is not in march but in the 12 months preceeding march in washington, i'm kristine frazao reporting. 3 danner pots a creative new way to track your pets... using your phone. in two minutes, we'll show you how it worksgeorge 3 george 3 commercial break 2 3
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fido 3 danner pots there's a new way to find fido when he runs off. fur alert was created cory donovan -- in blacksburg. the virginia tech grad says he thought of it after his own dogd disappeared. you enter your pets information into fur alert, and if your animal ever goes missing... you alert users on that app!cory donovan, fur alert,-"so if we can alert the people that are nearby-quickly and mobilize eyeballs to have people help each other. then we can find an animal quickly before it puts itself in harm's way before it runs too far away." 3 danner pots the app is free. you can get it on your iphone and through the android app stores. 3 3 danner a top name in tech is weighing in on apple's refusal to assist the f-b-i. and in two minutes, it may
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33 danner it's a toss-up on twitter. we asked our followers if you think apple should unlock the san bernandino shooter's phone. 51 percent of you said yes while 49 percent said no. one important voice in the tech industry is saying yes- and is not backing apple. bill gates says the government is only asking for the information in this case.bill gates, business magnate: but it's just like anybody who goes to a bank or goes to a phone company. they may know the password to the bank computer account. ah, and they may resist the idea that a terrorist account should ever be looked at and say "oh we want banking secrecy". or a tax evader, "we want banking secrecy". so, there's no 3 technical issue here.3 danner pots apple has until friday to respond to the federal court order requiring them to cooperate with the f-b-i's investigation. 3
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3 danner a local expert is also weighing in on this issue. today- we sat down with randolph college chief technology officer victor gosnell. he says it's not the fbi that apple is worried about. gosnell says essentially apple would be creating a skeleton key that can be used to unlock any iphone...including yours. and if it gets into the wrong hands.. we could end up helping terrorists ...not stopping them. "victor gosnell, randolph college - it's not really a telephone any longer, it is a data device that carries information about every single one of us. it gives us connections to other people." danner pots3 regardless of the outcome gosnell says the decision will set a precedent. 3 3 danner a live look at our nation's capital tonight where they're under a flood watch and we are too. george is back with what you need to know before you go to bed.
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3 danner a study finds the earth's sea levels rose faster in the 20th century than the previous 2-thousand-7-hundred years. and it said without human-caused climate change, the rise would have been half of what it was, at most. the scientists came to their conclusions after creating a model of changes in global sea levels over past three- thousand years. the study was conducted by a group of 10 climate scientists from universities around the world.
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over peephole court tonight ins an erin andrews court ca >> her most private moments recorded through a peephole. >> why she's now bringing the hotel for the stalking scandal. then inside charlie sheen's
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>> $55,0 a month tax free. texts. >> kloe kardashian getting totally candid about her breakup. jennifer garner after her split, did her faith based message help her heal? >> the most important thing is to be reminded of all that really matters. >> inside the controversial new reality sho it fat shachling? >> i don't want to look at reflection the rest of my life. now for february 23, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." the pain is clear on erin andrews face as the battle began over her $75 billion peeping tom lawsuit.


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