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tv   News 13 5  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> george: danner, we really saw the storms blowing up this afternoon around 2:30, especially to the south and east of lynchburg where the temperatures were a lot warmer. we did see temperatures reaching the 60s that direction today, and the result strong and severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings. here is what is going on right now. most of us are in the all clear; however, there is little bit of rain left over in bedford county. could get light brief rain in lynchburg and pennsylvania county forward gretna and chatham and north of danville, light rain, but the bulk of the stormy weather has ended, and you can easily see it. this line of storms off to the east near farmville. also near bugs island lake, east of clarksville and south hill. all these storms are going to move toward the north and northeast, and they are going to be moving away. so overnight tonight, we will see improving weather conditions and a lot of storm damage across the heart of virginia. pictures and video of the storms and more weather info.
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will stafford for more. wilson wilson george see -- >> will: >> will, see if we can pull up the model. there it is. we will see what we can give new the form of a forecast overnight tonight. again that massive thing that developed will be making its way toward the east. not affecting us. we will keep a stray shower in generallygenerally improving conditions as we make it throughout overnight hours tonight. tomorrow look like a quieter day on tap and our seven-day forecast looking a little bit on the quiet side as well. a look at our hour-by-hour forecast. temperatures barely down into the 50s tonight. back down into the 40s. and it will not arrive and already arrived and moving out of the area as we make our way through the rest of the period. we are going to attempt to build some graphics to get ready for our 5:00 show, georgeready for our 5:00 show, george, because we have been wall-to-wall the last couple of hours. take you back down to danner at the desk. >> danner: thank you, will, you guys get to work on that. show you pictures into our abc 13 newsroom.
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these in because you had great video and picture. from jason smith of evergreen. this is the spot where the tornado. the possible tornado went through appomattox county todaythrough appomattox county today. appears to be a funnel. you can see storms strengthening in these pictures as well. the national weather service will have to determine if an actual tornado passes through. they will get a team on the ground there and make that ruling. but by all accord -- all accounts here, it was a significant storm, lots of damage. and according to a company spokesperson, there is damage on the virginia transmission power line that delivers to cooperative. so we have significant outages there tonight. there are more than 3,000 affected members. cvec awaiting restoration work by dominion land assess damage on the distribution system. we are bringing you live coverage. if you know someone in that
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page, via facebook live. if you know someone who has an outage, reach out to them and let them know that we have coverage for them as well tonight. now go live to appomattox where mona kosar abdi is live right now. mona, what are you seeing? >> reporter: danner, the weather conditions are a stark contrast to what we were seeing just 30 minutes ago. if you looked up, you are see blue skies. barely any clouds, and the weather is really warming up here this is not what we were seeing earlier. dark rain clouds hovering over the county. most of the damage east of appomattox and evergreen and that is now -- when you look forward the east where the dark clouds have moved toward. because of the heavy rain we got, some of the rain has backed up into the streets. take a look at this street in front of appomattox county high school. it is quite flooded and most of the cars you seed on this road are parents picking their
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students weren't allowed to leave. they leave at 3:15 usually, but because of the tornado warning school kept them there. i want to bring in jacob a senior at appomattox county high school. jacob, around 3:15 when you were supposed to get out of school. what happened? >> we had an announcement over the intercom that teachers, please do not let your students leave the classroom and we stayed there for about a good hour and a half. >> reporter: did you guys have power in the high school? >> no, we did not. a few lights were still working but other than that, none. >> reporter: did you guys just stay in the classroom or move new a different location. >> they moved us to the cafeteria and the gym lobby into the gym and into the girls rooms. >> reporter: you also said that one school bus left and i saw a few school buses leaving earlier but they brought a school bus full of elementary school students to the high >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: why did they do that? >> i guess they weren't aware of the conditions, and they went ahead and picked up some
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to the high school, they realized how bad it was and unloaded the elementary school kids there. >> reporter: what was the atmosphere there. people panicked, worried? the elementary school kids were scared. us, not so much. we were just kind of making jokes about it. just kind of lighten ourselves up about it a little bit. >> reporter: thank you, jacob, i appreciate it. and we have seen several state police cars with their sirens on driving around. we are hearing reports of downed trees. we are hearing reports of downwe are hearing reports of downed power lines. we will stay on top of this developing story and continue to bring out latest. danner. >> danner: thank you, mona. to the south side live to valerie bragg on the scene of downed trees in danville, and the pennsylvania county area. value re, you have a lot to show. >> reporter: yeah, danner. i got back from a tree that fell near a nursing home in chatham and that tree fell on a power line. that is why you see all the smoke coming from it right
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they left the scene, but they had to wait until the power company came and turned off of the electric before they could go anywhere near it. we do not know exactly how many people in that area are without power right now, but i did speak with a represent 25 dominion power while i was on the scene and he say it is should take a few hours before they can get the power back on. now we also have a crew on the way to another downed tree that also fell on the power lines. that one is on 58 east near mountain hill road. and we are told that one has knocked off power to about 500 customers. i also have been in contact with the danville fire department. they tell me they have not had any significant damage because of this -- this storm. i have been in contact with danville fire department and services department and all of them have not had any injuries because of the storm and that is good news. and i am continuing to gather information all over the south side tonight.
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danville. >> danner: valerie bragg reporting live from danville. back out into the field and send it out to katie brooke who joins us live on the phone. she is driving through appomattox. what area are you in, katie? >> reporter: hey, there, danner>> reporter: hey, there, danner. we are stopped at the b p gas station in appomattox. no power. clear skies and sunshine, but really eerie out here. people say that the tornado came through i believe it is over in the evergreen area. about 15 or 20 minutes from here, but we did not -- we wanted to give this live update and we are losing cell phone service out here but appomattoxservice out here but appomattox, wendy's, kroger just completely out. the power is out and cell phonethe power is out and cell phones are not doing that well. we are trying our best to figure out what is going on here. >> danner: thank you, katie. thousands out of power in the appomattox area tonight. over 12 over 1200. again significant outages
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we want to go to facebook where our mere mere is -- our merissa parais in appomattox. >> reporter: i will try one more time. i am here with amy who lives down the road and she was telling me what she saw and what she heard. would you mind telling everybody what you saw from your car and what you were just telling me now? >> yes. just a lot of rain, debris all over the roads. back up the road there were some trees off to the side of the road. i was in contact with my husband on the phone. he was talking to the fire department down by my house. power lines are down all over the road. six trees on the road down a little further from my house a tornado did touch down and took someone's house. there. hopefully they are safe and were not home. other than that, just sitting here stuck in traffic.
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trees are blocking the roads of several parts of appomattox. again, we were hearing a lot of businesses -- seeking shelter -- were you guys seeking shelter or driving? >> i was actually trying pick up my daughter from school and they made her stay in school until the tornado had passed. >> reporter: we are going to continue bringing you guys coverage as quickly and safely as possible. again it seems like that the snaid no longer in the area and seems like right now people are in the recovery efforts. we will be headed down the areawe will be headed down the areas as the tornado did touch down as soon as possible, but first wanted to get through traffic. we wanted to show you guys what we were seeing as we were seeing it. stay with us. >> danner: thank you, merissa. this was handed to me from noreen turyn. it says due severe storm damage in appomattox county, the appomattox field office is without power and phones at this hour. they are not able to receive any emergency calls.
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911 for your emergency until they are able to get the phone lines restored. the appomattox field office for virginia state police is without power and phone service at this hour. they are working to restore it. please call 911 if you need assistance. we have all of the latest at for you as you get your updates on the facebook and twitter pages as well. we will be checking back all hour along this keep you up to
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ng coverage you can count on. >> danner: if you were joining us, we sure did get hit by a big storm coming through our area this afternoon. we have wall-to-wall coverage. you are looking at a picture of 460 in appomattox are we are seeing some significant damage tonight. and then after the storm, there is a rainbow too. yourture sent this now. this a picture of interest that we are continuing to show you. and the video that we are continuing to show you. a viewer sent in. this is outside of appomattox. the town of appomattox near evergreen. and you and i were dissecting what you think that might be. you that i could definitely be a tornado. >> george: let's go back to that previous picture if we canthat previous picture if we can, because that picture was sent in by a viewer in the eversent in by a viewer in the evergreen area and i remember specifically being on
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and showing a large circulation crossing highway 460, and we were saying it is highly unlikely there is a tornado on the ground near evergreen, and then about 15 minutes later, we got this picture and a look at some of the damage which it caused. the national weather service, danner, they will the ones that go out and rate the damage. >> right, and say, yes, this was a tornado. let's say -- george, you come to us from oklahoma, tornado alley. so you have significant made it -- >> george: that you are looking at. what the national weather service will do whether there is -- you look at the damaged pattern. for example, if the damage is everywhere, then it is likely going to be a tornado. if the damage is just blowing in one direction, it will be a straight line wind which is a strong wind pushing out from the storm. and i think we can say with near 100% certainty that this is tornado damage. >> danner: a lot of experience on your widespread this storm.
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everything? >> george: we are in the all clear for now. everything will improve which is really good news. if you have friends and family in eastern virginia toward richmond or feet erstburg and southeastern virginia. those storms will be headed our direction. tornado warning still in effect that way. we will take that you way now. this is just out of the abc 13 viewing area. there are storms with tornado warnings that are going to be making their way toward richmond. these are the same storms that we had to deal with earlier. so a tornado warning here. that storm -- meteorologist in richmond will be tracking that one and other storms located across south side. this storm is generally near bugs island lake and just east of the lake. these storms will continue moving to the north and east. eventually crossing i-95 and they are moving away. now it is be into you still could get additional rain this evening, but it is only going to be a a few small showers. also point out of interest there is a wind advisory in effect for the mountains as there is strong wind that direction.
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possible this evening and the strongest storms have ended. right now we are live looking out over lynchburg where we only had rain come through. the stronger storms stayed it our south and east. the temperature that warmed all the way up to 60 degrees and really the key today would we see the temperatures reaching into the 60s because the warmer the weather the more likely you could see severe storms in danville. i saw you as warm as 71 today. right now you are in the upper 60s. so as these storms moved eastward and encounter the warmer air. they really fired up as they moved across lynchburg and especially east of lynchburg and across south side in future. cast is going to look much quieter to you. for tomorrow, we will wake up to sunshine and as we go throughout the day, a mix of sunshine and clouds. we will not see any rain locally; however, there is going to be snow in the mountains. generally along the western slopes where the temperatures will be cold he. we work our way into friday, we will have sunshine ahead and cooler weather for all of us.
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ending other than a few passing showers. lows dropping down to near 40, and then for tomorrow, our temperatures are going to be cool all day, highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s. we have a much quieter sevenwe have a much quieter seven-day forecast ahead for the weekend. near 50 on saturday. near 60 on sunday. and slight chance for showers next week on monday.
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damage on . gel to marissa paralive on the phone. she is live in appomattox county tonight. you have seen a lot of damage. >> reporter: danner, right now i was able to get my facebook live. so viewer can tune in online to see the church i am looking at. the central baptist church just destroyed by the tornado that was here not too long ago. my photographer tony. you might be able to see them in the distance over there. the tomb stones are flattened to the ground in several parts. the damage is extensive but what i have heard, no one was injured. which is mir lack russ. crews are out trying to fix the damage and looks like a long way to go. >> danner: there were on the
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it was very backed up as far as the traffic was concerned. tell me a little bit why the traffic was backed up. the clearing trees. what was happening. >> reporter: right. when we were driving we hit traffic and we ran a little bit ahead of the traffic and with he saw downed power line -- a downed power line from a tree that had fallen on top of it. apparently that is the case everywhere. i am walking around right now and unfortunately my facebook feed just cut it, but you can see where the tornado's path was. each tree just completely flattened. you can imagine that causes a lot of havoc on a lot of roads. 460 at one point was closed. it has been reopened. man, i almost got -- flipped over. it is just -- just so much destruction out here and people are kind of walking around aimlessly to figure out how to put it back together. >> danner: did you talk about
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storm in was anybody ever to take shelter her in. >> reporter: we have not been able to find out. we heard rumor that people trapped in several buildings around this area, it has not been confirmed. saw some emergency crews on the road. i tried to make calls to appomattox sheriff's office and the fire department. i called emergency services coordinator and they said they are swamped right now. right now, we saw a couple of fire trucks out on the way. no doubt to rescue if they were in fact trapped like we heard. we also heard that somebody was -- might have been in their car when a tree fell on top of it. we do know that a tree hit a car. we don't know whether or not anyone was in it. we don't know whether or not they were injured. of course we will continue to keep you updated as those detailsdetails come in. >> merissa, we will let you gather more information and talk to people. we will get back with her. three people in in virginia have died from this storm.
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fisheryfisheries say two people were killed in the town of waverly. could not provide their identities and how they died. state police say no death reported in appomattox as of right now. this weather has been hitting all across the country though. >> 35 people here, working employees and people just working out.
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definitely a scary s i want to jump ahe wetterbetter news for you for the weekend. if you don't have any plans for saturday and sunday. the weekend will be cool and dry. on saturday, a high near 50, and sunday a nudge warmer. temps near 60 and remaining dry through your weekend. at least three people have died after more than two dozen tornadoes reportedly for through the gulf coast. this rr park at st. james parish in louisiana obliteratedparish in louisiana obliterated. entire neighborhoods in pensacola florida destroyed. and folks inside this gold gym ruined when a twister ripped off a wall.
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anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on. this is abc 13 news. >> danner: more team coverage


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