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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the south eaves of tornado. we were on live showing you where it was located and now that storm has moved into northern virginia. through the rest of our eveningthrough the rest of our evening, our local weather will be much quieter. we could get rain and some showers but the severe weather threat has ended, we have tornado warnings to our east and meteorologist in rich smond track tornado warnings for the richmond area. you can see where those are located and we are finally seeing the rain clear the southern counties looking toward halifax. a few showers near clarksville and bugs island lake and most of the rain has ended. a few small showers are possible for you this evening. but even if you do get some rain this evening the severe weather threat has ended just some rain out there for the next few hours. we are also going to see some strong wind this evening. also a wind advisory for some of you. will stafford has more on the wind. will? >> will: george, the winds will be our primary concern. earlier we were showing you pictures of damage and some of our reporters were actually holding up some of that debris and a little concerned that
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blow around a little bit with winds gusting this high. these are futurecast wind guststhese are futurecast wind gusts. we are looking at 20, maybe even up to 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts overnight tonight especially through the overnight hour on the way for tomorrow where they will tone back down on the way for fridayback down on the way for friday. a lot of this debris is not very heavy and a lot of time wind gusts out toward 40 miles per hour and enough to pick up some of it to blow it around. definitely want people to be aware of that. we will give you a full recap and full forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> mark: all right, will, thanks. this storm went throughout south side first. valerie bragg got reports of funnel clouds come in. what can you tell us about your area? >> reporter: i am in danville and the wind has started to pick up. just a few moments ago i felt like i would be blown off my feet and i have been in contact with all the emergency service coordinators here on the south side. i got off the phone with the
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chad loftis and he tells me that right now 250 people in halifax county without power tonight, and he said there are no downed trees right now in the roads or there is no damaged homes reported because of this. that is the good news. in danville, we did have one report of a tree that hit a home on fair mount circle. luckily that tree did not go into the home, but took a good chunk out of the corner. neighbors on the scene say no one was home at that time. and another downed tree near 58 east on mountain hill road. that knocks off power to another 500 customers. i also went to the scene of a downed tree nearing nursing home in chatham. as you can see, it fell on to the power line and caused that to smoke. crews are working to get power up and running to those customers when i was out there earlier on today. and you know, i have been in contact like i said earlier, you know with emergency crews
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county, halifax county since the storm began. luckily so far no injuries on the south side due to this storm. live in danville, valerie bragglive in danville, valerie bragg, abc 13 news. >> mark: valerie, thanks. this video in to our newsroom from waverly. look at the damage here. state police say three confirmed toconfirmed fatality and at least five trucktures damaged as a result of this storm. there were reports of a funnel cloud in that area but that has not been confirmed. many of the roads.heading into town are impassible and there are reports of flooding and even high water. >> noreen: in our area much of the worst damage in the pamplin and evergreen areas. they had a lot of power outages in that region. we go now to mona kosar abdi joining us now from appomattox. mona, what do you know tonight? >> reporter: noreen, time in evergreen where the storm caused major damages. i am holding pieces of this
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look at this. this tree that uprooted. you can see the ground is very saturated and this is what people are worried about. because the ground so saturatedbecause the ground so saturated, trees are toppling over. now across from 460, you can see the traffic is moving very slowly because crews are currently clearing debris and toppled trees from the roadway. over across the street you can see more damage there. the campbell county sheriff's office is to assist the sheriff's office and state police which have been going up and down 460 dealing with this damage. i want to show you the house that probably got it the worst. check out this house. this side of that house was completely ripped off. you can see what looked like the kitchen, what looked like the bedroom. i mean, you could see inside this home. now this isn't the only home that is hit. take a look at this one next to me. an 83-year-old woman who uses an oxygen tank i was told lives here. she was escorted out.
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so fortunately, she was fine. and they were able to take her out, but this is damage that the people -- the residents of appomattox will be dealing with for quite some time, and hopefully the worst is behind them, but again what i said was -- if you want to look down here. the ground is so saturated because of that heavy rain that they got, this may cause more trees to topple over as we get in later on through the night and i saw cars that had their windows blown out. that is kind of the weather they were getting in this area. so we will keep an eye out on this. the damage doesn't stop here, but we will definitely be monitoring it and giving you the latest. >> noreen: mona kosar abdi, thank you again. so grateful no reports of fatalities or injuries in our region from this. i got a text from appomattox county sheriff barry letterman. the community center will be open on community lane as a
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by the damage from this storm. again the community shelter in appomattox county is going to be open. as we have said, many reports of damage and people trapped in the county. >> mark: that's right our team coverage with marissa parr a out looking at the destruction. you got stuck on route 460 by a downed mystery there. >> reporter: yes a downed>> reporter: yes a down>> reporter: yes a eded tree and a downed power line which is just more dangerous because a stream. a lot of flooding around here. a lot of moving water and as we all know electricity and water does not make a good combination. there is a lot of -- there is a lot of fear that people might accidentally be stepping into -- into those areas that are dangerous. you can see over my shoulder. this is the church that we were talking about. the church that served extensive damage. this is here in appomattox county is -- it is a state your name. community. it is just absolutely destroyedit is just absolutely
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the roof has been taken off. it mentions the fallen tombit mentions the fallen tombstone earlier. if it comes a little over this way. we mentioned a house over here. luckily nobody was inside of itluckily nobody was inside of it. they had left their homes at the right time it sounds like. it is kind of hard to see through the people there, but you can see the loaf is just completely obliterated and a clearing. you can see where the tornado made its way through this maze of trees. just completely clear -- clear path. and we are, of course, very, very grateful that so far we have not heard anyone has been killed around here. we know that certainly in certain parts of rap is have a that is not the case, and we are very sorry to hear that. and right now, you can hear, there is a lot of chaos and construction going on. there's -- right now, they are trying to clear the path for people to drive on these roads. i mean, look at this tree right here. it is pretty hard to drive
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again, we will continue to bring you coverage. keep it right here on abc 13 news. >> mark: all right, marissa, thanks. we got these pictures in from our kate white is in appomattox, another home with a lot of damage there. now you can just seat destruction. and we do need to correct -- it has not been a confirmed tornado yet. the national weather service needs to make the confirmation, but we clearly got many, many pictures of funnel clouds in here, and it seems likely that it will be confirmed. the state police field office in appomattox like many appomattox, the field office there is without power and phone lines that means the state police are not able to receive emergency calls, but they do ask that you call 911 in an emergency. and, of course, stay with abc 13 for continuing coverage of the weather. we are going to have any updates and watches and warnings on the air and online at we are following some break we are following some breaking news roanoke tonight as well where just minutes ago, we learned that all six
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case have been found guilty. >> noreen: our you annie andersen has been in court and found the six people guilty on all charges. annie right now is getting reaction to the verdict as we speak. we will bring you more on this as soon as we get it. a lynchburg man is in jail this evening after a three-hour standoff with police. >> lakeside drive. we have a warrant for your arrest. come out with your hands. you. >> mark: the scene around 9:30>> mark: the scene around 9:30. police responded to the 2,000 block to execute an arrest warrant for steven elliott. wanted for a warrant for a child distribution charges. they called for his hands up. he came out with his hands up and he was arrested without incident. well, next, we are going to go back to our breaking weather
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>> noreen: sta can count on. >> mark: we want to go back to our breaking weather coverage right now. >> noreen: appomattox sheriff barry letterman on the phone with us. i talked with you right when this was com through the county and you were heading out to some of the trouble areas. can you tell me where the worst you know? >>caller: seems like the most heavily damaged areas was the central church area. and came through from club creek to evergreen to 460. this heavy structural damage. some houses are completely down. >> mark: sheriff, can you tell us how many structures were lost in this weather event?
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you. there are some that are totally on the ground. there is a number of them with structural damage, but you knowstructural damage, but you know, they -- can't give you a total. >> noreen: earlier, sheriff, you said you had heard of a possible injury. have you heard anything more about that? >> we have had some injuries. we had people who were extricated. we have been going door to door checking the residence and there have been people extricated. there were some injuries. and rescue squads, fire department, power company, gas company, v dot and right now we are looking for a elderly man unaccounted for. >> noreen: what did you say somebody unaccounted for? >>caller: an elderly man
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>> mark: what would you tell people who need to travel through that area tonight. call tonight, don't travel through there unless you live on the roads because we will have heavy police presence. if you are driving through, expect to be stopped. people don't need to be on these roads. right now we are in a search and rescue mode, and we don't need people driving by just looking. there is a shelter set up at the community center and you need transportation to get through to pick you up to the community center. >> noreen: do you need any more help in the search and rescue or do you think that everything is pretty much under control? >>caller: we have multiple jurisdictions down here. we have rescue squads from appomattox, campbell, pamplin. >> mark: do off k-9 unit out there.
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so we have -- we are in pretty good shape as far as the search mode now. >> noreen: sheriff letterman, thank you so much for joining us. i know you have a busy night ahead. appreciate you taking the time to speak with us.
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speason started earlier this year. started earlier today. as you have known and seen from
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thunderstorms, several which produced tornadoes across the heart of virginaheart of virginia have a. the tornado we were tracking was to the southeast of appomattox and earlier we were live showing where you that tornado crossed highway 460 near the community of evergreennear the community of evergreen. good news for this evening is that for us, locally the severe weather has ended. now you still could get a few showers locally this evening in the heart of virginia, but we are not going to see anything significant; however there are line of storms, and we are seeing tornado warnings right now for the i-95 area. downtown to richmond has had a tornado warning in the last half hour, and also tornado warnings down toward petersburgwarnings down toward petersburg. all these counties you see highlighted here. where the meteorologist in that part of the state are tracking the storms. if you have friends and family who live toward williamsburg or maybe toward the coastline, a few tornadoes will be possible, and tornado warnings. i would give them the phone call. i would give them the heads up and let them know that strong
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direction, but for us we will see much quieter weather. the severe weather threat has ended but a few small showers do remain possible. right now the temperature is at 54 degrees. the wind is going to pick up this evening as the back part of this storm system swings its way on through. one of the big things we were talking about yesterday, we could see some strong storms if we did see temperatures reaching the 60s. and we even bettered that. we saw highs in the 70s today. south of lynchburg toward south side and danville and also near appomattox and farmville. that's where temperatures are in the 60s. so as those storms made their way across the area and encountered those warmer air, the storms blew up and we saw the storms with the warning. the rest of the evening, the weather is going to be much quieter. if you wake up in the morning, no rain. there will be snow on the western mountain slopes, but nothing for us. dry weather for the heart of virginia. now during the day tomorrow, we will have a mix of sunshine and clouds. probably want your coat with you. a breezy and cool day. highs in the upper 40s and 50s
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friday, another cool day ahead. dry weather for the remainder of the week once these few small showers and this evening. so we will see decreasing rain for this evening. by morning, we will see lows in the lower 40s. your hourly weather tomorrow for 8 a.m., 42. mid-40s at lunchtime and highs in the upper 40s. probably will feel cooler to you with the wind and around the rest of the a area tomorrow highs in the 40s. so busy covering severe weather haven't had a time to update the weather maps for you yet. we will have them updated online. the seven-day forecast will show much quieter weather ahead. the rain sending for now and the weekend will see highs in the 40s and 50s. so we will video time to get these -- these weather graphics
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on right back to marissa paraon this weather event. live in appomattox county. >> noreen: i know you were out there talking to the people that experienced this funnel cloud, this potential tornado. what did they say? what did they tell you. >> reporter: right now i am here with somebody who lives around this area. his daughter lives up the road. this is victor lucky. victor, can you tell us what you saw and what you heard? >> me and my son-in-law was standing outside the house. i said if you hear a freight train, then the tornado is
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the alarms on our phones went off and everything, and i told him, you hear that. he said, yeah, and i said look. there it is. and we watched it come over top of trees, for up the people across the street -- i mean nothing left of their house. one mobile home completely missing. one of them moved four or six feet off the foundation. i mean all of them just completely totaled. and i mean it ripped the church up. i mean it just -- it for up everything. it is amazing. >> reporter: but you say that according to officials around here and we have been hearing that no one is hurt at least here in this neighborhood. >> one person they had to get down from a home here that got flipped upside down. they took them to the hospital, but as far as -- that's all i know of tampa we are real lucky on that. >> reporter: what are your thoughts in seeing this damage around here and this community that you call home? >> you better count your blessings because you don't think -- you watch it on tv. you hear about it, but you never think it is going to happen, but it happens.
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everything. >> reporter: of course we are thankful that so far no one has been reported as killed from the damage -- from the suspected tornado here in this neighborhood. we know that somebody is missing in evergreen, but we will keep you updated. >> mark: all right, marissa >> mark: all right, marissa parra reporting live in
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we heard from sheriff a live look at the severe damage caused by this storm as it moved through afternoon. >> noreen: this is in the evergreen area. one of the many homes and buildings damaged there. >> mark: a couple of people upstairs there picking things out. >> noreen: much more live at 7:00. breaking news tonight. we're on the scene of a deadly tornado outbreak.
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a dangerous night ahead from south carolina all the way up through new york. also breaking tonight, the race for president, and donald trump, now marching to super tuesday. his landslide win in nevada. and the major republican now predicting a trump surprise. the abc news exclusive tonight. my one-on-one interview with apple's ceo, tim cook. for the first time, cook on why apple is refusing to help the fbi break into the iphone used by the san bernardino killer. new details tonight on the pilot in that deadly chopper crash. what he was trying to do. and the famous sports reporter, the "dancing with the stars" host, erin andrews, suing her stalker and a major hotel tonight. did they put the stalker right next door? her father tonight, breaking down. good evening tonight from san francisco. and we are here for our exclusive interview with apple ceo tim cook.


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