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tv   ABC 13 News at 11  ABC  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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3 mark plasma tonight damaged lives -sot 12:08..."that's only the 3rd tornado that has been documented in appomattox since records began in 1950."- appomattox in the aftermath of a killer tornado twister turmoil tonight.. the one thing a family used that kept them alive. debate night in america cruz, rubio and trump try to land knockout punches3 3 3 mark tonight- appomattox county is in recovery mode. families are still trying to come to terms with the tornado that brought destruction to that area. the national weather service confirms.. the tornado was a powerful.. e-f-3. 3 mark tight tonight -- we have our crews on the ground bringing you the latest
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courtney wheaton are live in appomattox. and chief meteorologist george flickinger is tracking the latest conditions in the weather center. marissa, let's begin with you. you spoke with one family that's dealing with the destruction first hand. 3 3 marissa live u mark, no matter how many times i visit a home in ruins from the tornado, i can never get used to the devastation. you see these cinder blocks below me? these were once a part of the foundation that someone called home... 3 sheila ferguson, family friend: "there was a large living room on the 3 other side." (shows debris) now in pieces, she struggles to remember what her friend sandy burchett's house looked like just two days ago. her friend's son, jake burchett, didn't see the tornado coming.sheila ferguson, family friend: "his dog woke him upa& and he was asleep in his bedroom."
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it still standing... sheila ferguson, family friend: "and then it threw him against the brick wall there. about, probably i'd say 50 yards." the army veteran was rushed to the hospital for head trauma. miraculously, jake is expected to be okay. but his dog dixie was found underneath pieces of the housea& sheila ferguson, family friend: "she saved his life but she lost hers." she tries to pick up the pieces of her friend's lifea& salvaging what she can.sheila ferguson, family friend: "it's everything she's ever owned....... gone."sandy burchett, tornado victim: "this is kind of a& all my memories, with all my kids. i raised my kids by myself, so this is kind of hard.." 3 sheila ferguson, tornado victim: "i mean she's lost everything. but she has her life and her son's alive. so that's the most important thing." the tornado might have turned neighborhoods into junkyards,
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never take away...sheila ferguson, family friend: "people are out there wanting to do anything and everything they can.. and i think that's so amazing. the lord is just blessing, because the community comes together, and it's appomattox strong." 3 marissa live u there is a gofundme page that has been started to support sandy and jake, you can find that on our website wset dot com. our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected. live in appomattox, marissa parra, abc 13 news. 3 mark one man died in the storm. state police confirm they found 78-year-old edward harris in a field near his home. his friends at evergreen baptist church say.. he lived in appomattox his whole life. he was a farmer.. and had a lot of connections in the community. the appomattox sheriff says.. harris lived in a mobile home off twin tunnels lane. rescue workers found him in a hayfield.. covered in hay. officials say.. every
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accounted for. 3 mark tight state police say 20 homes were destroyed by the tornado. and at least 100 structures had damage in the 13-mile stretch along route 4-60 through evergreen and redhouse. courtney wheaton spoke with one family whose home was leveled. and courtney.. they tell you a mattress saved them.court sat live 3 jared and sharanda totty stand where their house once stood counting their blessings, and losses. sharanda says she was at home alone with her one year old daughter when she got news a tornado was approaching. "at first i didn't believe it" but then.. "im holding her in my lap and i see a tree go by and i said
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husband told her to put a plan in place and she headed to the basement , her instincts kicked in from there.. " god took over me and literally threw me under this mattress over here and i held my baby and said god no please help us."the most unlikely shelter.. the mattress her family was planning to throw in a landfill just days before.. " that's the only thing that saved me because if you look here the wind took everything except that mattress. " everything.. destroyed.except their love for one another. " all this stuff it sucks that we lost it
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can't be replaced i got to keep. 3 court sat live there is also a gofundme page for the totty family. that link will be on our website with this story tonight on wset dot com. live in appomattox, courtney wheaton, abc 13 news. 3 mark tight when the coach for appomattox high school's football team asked his team to get involved.. the young men say.. there was no hesitation. today they spread out to help the community that cheered them on all season. two of their own teammates' homes were damaged. the coach gathered his team.. and they went out in force.. to clear debris and chop wood.sots coach doug smith, appomatox high school "this was an opportunity to give back to a great community that has shown them so much love during the football season. and reach out to them so and they wouldn't want to be anywhere else"drew mann, sophomore appomattox high "thank god for still being here and helping the community and everything."mark tight the whole team
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this process. and as soon as insurance companies give the clear at the two teammates whose homes were damaged.. the coach says they will help them. 3 3 mark it is definitely an
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3 mark tight right now.. there are 2 shelters open in appomattox. one at the pamplin fire department. the other at the appomattox community centernats we got some crackers and some granola bars..thank you so very much, hopefully someone can make use of it.mark shelter officials tell us.. several people have come through in the past two days. right now -- there are just a couple people staying overnight. many people have been dropping by to give.. and pick up donations.. the shelter staff says.. they're very thankful.brad burdett/director of social services appomattox the donations have been like this all day long and the community has just been exceptional.mark tight if you need to go to the shelter tonight- county leaders say to take the essential supplies with you. that means medical items.. dietary items.. changes of clothes.. durable shoes, and toiletries. and make sure you have any special items your children may need. shelters do not allow animals. 3 3 mark in waverly.. the
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a strong e-f-1 tornado tore through that town. forecasters say it began a few miles south of waverly.. and moved fast.. and ended about 5 miles north. maximum winds reached speeds of 100 to 110 miles per hour. 3 people died.. and one woman is in the hospital. there were also 7 non-life threatening injuries that happened during the storm. 3 mark the national weather service also confirmed an e-f-0 tornado touched down in fluvanna county. the storm downed trees and damaged several homes. thankfully, everyone is safe. the power is out.. but crews expect that to be back on by tomorrow. a drone company was able to help come in and survey the land and follow the storm's path. it's believed this tornado traveled for tens of miles.. along route 15. 3 mark you can watch all our coverage on the storm on our website tonight at wset. dot com. we have everything you need to know so you can help as well. 3 mark plasma next -- we're hearing from the governor. he toured the
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tornadoes. and what local organizations are doing to help those affected. how
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3 gov terry mcauliffe spent the day touring the areas hardest hit by the storms. before touring the damage in appomattox.. he surveyed the area in a helicopter. once on the ground, he went to a few homes to talk to people... many lost everything. mcauliffe also met with phil hysell of the national weather s service. he says that this storm had wind gusts of 120 miles per hour.sot- mcauliffe (:12)"we saw a lot of debris in trees. but you see an area with a bunch of cars and you'll see people out on the
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debris trying to find some treasured memento and hoping they can recover something" mark plasma mcauliffe also says they have people on the ground watching out over 3 3 mark tight there are some things to know if you'd like to help out. officials want you to stay away from the impacted areas because they don't want you at risk of getting hurt. avoid downed power lines. and don't eat food that has been out of the fridge. stick by the rule- when in doubt, throw it out. a lot of people have been asking how they can help. financial donations are being accepted at a number of places. we have all of that information online at tight a help line has been set up to provide updated additional and resource information. that number is (434) 3-5-2- 2-6-3-7. we have that at our site for you tonight. 3 mark tight there are plenty of resources available for those who need them in appomattox.pause for nats
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collecting items for the victims tomorrow and saturday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. at sam's club in lynchburg. we also learned they will collect things at the walmart in appomattox on saturday as well. they're looking for non perishable food items, personal care items, cleaning supplies, paper products, and pet supplies. several other organizations are also helping. we have all this information -- including phone numbers - at tonight. 3 mark tight the lynchburg fire department is also collecting supplies to take to appomattox. you can drop items off at any lynchburg fire station. some of the supplies include -- non-perishable food, bottled water, clothing, and cleaning supplies. they're also collecting diapers, flashlights and batteries, and cardboard boxes. right now, the fire department says it wants to do everything it can to help.captain matt millner/lynchburg fire departmentresponding to appomattox means a lot to me - - it's my home, it's where i live, where my kids live, it's home -- i volunteer as much as
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fire department asks if you want to donate money -- make donations to the red cross, gleaning for the world, or god's pit crew. 3 3 mark the rest of the week and your weekend is looking pretty quiet.. chief meteorologist george flickinger is back with the
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3 3 mark this is another look at the devestation in appomattox from the s central virginia aerial solutions shot this footage. you can see all the damage- trees knocked over- even uprooted in some cases. authorities say.. the tornado
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3 mark next -- a look at some of the other news of the day.. inlcuding a deadly shooting in kansas.. and tonight's gop debate in
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3 mark tight a workplace shooting in kansas left 5 people dead.. including the gunman.. several others were wounded. authorities say it happened at the excel industries plant in hesston. the suspected gunman, described by police as an excel employee, was later shot and killed by authorities. police say there at least 4 crime scenes. it includes the plant, the facility parking lot, and 2 roadway intersections. federal, state, and local authorities are investigating. 3 mark box with 3 double- digit wins in a row.. donald trump is the undisputed leader of the republican presidential pack. there are 5 hopefuls left.. they met tonight in houston for the last time before super tuesday.rubio: here's the guy that inherited $200 million. if he hadn't inherited $200 million, you know where donald trump would be right now, selling watches
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so wrong. that is so wrong. sot cruz: " ... this is a man for 40 years has given money to jimmy carter, to joe biden, to hillary clinton ...." mark the tension made for some heated exchanges. marco rubio and ted cruz are fighting for second place.. and the chance to become donald trump's main opponent. for the gop stragglers.. super tuesday could be their last hurrah. a strong showing could put trump in front for good. 3 dennis tight sports is next...we've got high school regional hoops from magna vista, including the brookville girls. the lu men go for a road win at
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peterson has a record-breaking 3 3 dennis the liberty flames were looking for a big road win tonight at unc-asheville. down 16 at the half, the flames tried to rally, lovell cabbil with the nice drive for two of his 10 points.knocks down 3 from the corner, but lu's hole just cabbil makes the nice pass to caleb finishes. a.c. led the flames with lu 73-56. 3 at vmi, the keydets faced
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could not be stopped tonight, the senior poured in a new vmi school-record 46 points, adding team-highs of 9 rebounds and four assists. peterson had just one turnover. vmi beats mercer 91-82. 3 dennis the lynchburg college women won their odac tournament opener today in salem. the top-seeded hornets beat number 9 virginia wesleyan, the team that beat lc in last year's final. after falling behind 11-4 early, lynchburg ran off 10 straight points to grab the lead. charmaine hairston out of franklin county buries three of her 10 points. caroline naumann and chaney forbush led lynchburg's scoring, naumann had 17, forbush a game-high 20. lynchburg wins big 73-51. 3 lynchburg will face washington & lee saturday at 1 in the semifinals, the generals squeezed by eastern mennonite. number 2 guilford rolled over randolph-macon. and three seed emory & henry edges bridgewater 88-87.
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lynchburg men battle hampden- sydney tomorrow at 1 in the quarterfinals. tonight, lc senior forward alex graves was honored as player of the year, roanoke's page moir coach of the year. lc's zack burnett also made the first team, along with randolph's zach desgain and roanoke's joey miller. 3 dennis high school hoops at magna vista featuring our number one in our full court press top 13, the brookville girls. hannah young and company squaring off against spotswood in the 3a west semifinals. the bees strike first, tiffany rixey dials up the three from the corner for the early lead. then kiala marshall beats her defender to the baseline for the layup. in the second, brookville comes out firing, chelsie moran's 3 circles the rim before falling in! however, spotswood beats brookville 50-42. the bees, though, have already qualified for states. 3 in the opener, the hidden valley titans faced off against the magna vista warriors. 4th quarter, warriors down 7, moriah hairston gets the running jumper to fall. then off the inbounds pass, hairston
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team high 18 for hairston, magna vista down just 5. but hidden valley staying one step head. yessena garay swivels past the defender for two. then off the fast break, hailey singleton drops in two more. hidden valley wins it, 53-44. 3 girls scores tonight, altavista wins by a point, fleming wins and will face carroll county for the region title. blue ridge semis, v.e.s. lost to carlisle, miller school a winner. boys 3a west, northside wins a close one, cave spring falls to spotswood. 4a west, gw knocks off loudoun valley, byrd loses to john champe. and vic boys semis, hargrave rolls, north cross beats
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