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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 26, 2016 2:35am-4:00am EST

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plans. cecilia vega, abc news, north charleston, south carolina. >> moving on, mysterious nos at all hour coming from a silicon valley complex occupied by apple. neighbors wants to know what is going on there. the speculation is that apple is building its car of the future. but it won't confirm or deny that. and a giant green wall surrounding the complex prevents any kind you have visual clues though it can't quiet the
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>> the noises that we would hear would be clanking metal, grinding jackhammering. >> well, the san jose america can i news reports in 2014, apple received permits for the buildings describing them as auto work and repair areas. another bit of information apple refuses to confirm or deny. more fallout from cheap gas prices. halliburton which provides oil field services is cutting another 5,000 jobs. the company has already laid off more than 18,000 workers since 2014. global oil prices have fallen 670% in the last two years. california drivers could be in for sticker shock. gas prices expected to increase by 30 cents a gallon. tomorrow. that's according to consumer group. it's partially because of a switchover from rint winter blend fuel to the more expensive summer blend. gas jumped earlier on the wholesale market this week. california gas prices are already among the highest in the
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californians, i would take the bus or walk. >> it's going to cost so much to get your latte at the starbucks or the fancy coffee shop 30 cents is a huge jump. >> the term snowbird refers to someone who heads to warmer climates during the winter, then returns home when the weather warms up and this might be the ultimate snowbird story. >> the snowbird we're talking about arrived at a small cage, at an airport north of chicago. she's nadia, the cat. she disappears from the home of cherry and bruce stalker in wisconsin nearly two months ago. >> nadia was found nearly 1500 miles away in naples, fl. a woman found her, had her microchip checked and located the stalkers who are happy to have her back home. >> see those microchips really help, folks. got to get those microchips. i bet she didn't drive. >> i wonder how she did get there though. >> i bet she knew about the gas prices going up.
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>> a sweet reunion. >> yeah. exactly. coming up, toys of tomorrow revealed today. our giz wiz shows us the best best toys at this year's toy fair. >> also ahead, the controversy at this year's academy awards. the african-american superstars in hollywood speaking out. >> and pope francis and his fondness for children. how he's reaching out to the youngest believers and how they're responding. that's after today's forecast. how is it 61 degrees in great falls? how is that possible? look at new york. >> how about new orleans, 61. your heart loves omega-3s. but there's a difference between the omega-3s in fish oil and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body... ...which makes your heart,
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aw... so we use k-y ultragel. it enhances my body's natural moisture so i can get into the swing of it a bit quicker. and when i know she's feeling like that, it makes me feel like we're both... when she enjoys it, we enjoy it even more. and i enjoy it. feel the difference with k-y ultragel. updating our breaking story, a gunman's rampage in a smul community in kansas. police say cedric ford fired on people from his vehicle before
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worked. a shooting spree left more than three dead and a dozen wound bpd police believe something triggered his attack but aren't saying wa his motive was. >> bill cosby has dropped a defamation lawsuit against supermodel beverly johnson who accused him of drugging her back in the $1980. his lawyer says he wants to focus on the criminal case against him in pennsylvania. she says the suit against johnson will be refiled before the statute of limitations runs out. >> turning to history being made at the vatican, pope francis has made no secret about his affection for children into now the pontiff is putting his pen where his heart is writing dear pope francis, the first children's book ever written by a pontiff. here's abc's jesse palmer. >> the book is made up of exchanges between the pope and kids from around the world. >> dear pope francis. >> reporter: sat down with not
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including juan pablo from argentina, natasha from kenya and william from chicago. >> dear pope francis, if you could one miracle, what would it be. >> reporter: the pope's answer, i would heal every child. the book may be for kids but it offers information to readers from all ages will find interesting. the pope says he cries often. he also reports that he loves to dance the tango and he's passionate about soccer. he met with his kid co-authors this week in rome where they presented him with gives from their homelands, maple syrup from canada. >> this is good. >> reporter: a soccer ball from the united states and get there, a pair of uggs, yes, ugg boots from australia. >> oh, thank you very much. >> reporter: seeing the pope see the kids was life altering and nerve racking. > a little bit scared. >> not scared. that's a lie. >> one moment i felt excited but then i felt like, well, this is
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to meet him so i don't want to blow this. >> reporter: the experience enabling them not exactly to touch the hand of god but to tug at the heart of god's right-hand man. jesse palmer, abc news, new york. so sweet. apparently they asked for questions from kids ages 6 to 13, catholics and noncatholics and these were the quesz. >> they received about 259 questions from 26 countries in 14 different languages. very cool there. >> it's due out march 1st. >> i'm sure it will be a popular one. coming up, the best of the best. he always says that and he always delivers. from this year's north american international toy fair. >> our own giz wiz, dick debartolo checks out everything from build your own computers to
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that's next. because all i want to do is have some fun i got a feeling i'm not the only one so we can't stop thinking of all the fun we had at this year's north american international toy fair here in new york. >> perhaps no one had more fun
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>> reporter: it's toy fair time again where kids of all ages gets to play around with the newest toys and gadgets from building your own computers to the world's smallest vacuum. it's great becausely a bagel for breakfast. i'm going to show you a couple of my favorites. >> going to get it. >> you know what, i was just playing my banana. i really was. take a look at this. they have one of the most fun things here at toy fair 2016. and john's going to tell us what we're doing here. so john, why does does my ba an na na play. >> what we're doing with maky maky is you're closing a circuit, flipping a switch. you ground your hand here and you do that. it is not just a banana piano. you can do anything that you can imagine that you can do with a
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can do with maky maky. >> after maky maky i decided to walky walky to megatraxes a cool new twist on the train set. >> what is this? >> megatrax is a whole new rail system with the idea we wanted to let kids create whatever they want and build it wherever they want. we've taken the idea of tracks stud sturdy and said we want them flexible and manipulated to create things in their wildest manuel nation. >> the amazing thing is on the way here, our cab driver drove pretty much exactly the same way. next it's off to another kind of transportation. >> the pocket drone. okay. this is really unique and steven here is going to tell us actually show us what this is and does. >> okay. so the pocket drone was created and meant pore portability. so thing that you can take with you on the go. it comes with a bag. be able to go in there. something easily be able to fit
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you went biking with your girlfriend. something you don't want to carry a nice big drone that has a 720 hd camera and your book bag. you want something you take right out of your pocket. hence we made the pocket drone. >> this is one of my favorite things here. just like that, i was off again. i needed a light lunch break and what could be lighter than not bad. it's a turkey i think and stuffing. what was the flavor? >> tuitt i fruit i. >> okay. i was close. finally to end my day, i can't help but make a quick stop to hang with some old furry friends. >> every year we go by folkmani puppets. there's never anything new in puppets and that's why -- what are you talking about. >> oh, are you new too? >> yeah. what is on my head?
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world's cutest toupee. wow. who are you? >> i'm the brown bear cub. >> can you speak -- who is this guy? >> this is a french bulldog. >> french bull an dog. >> yeah. and that's my buddy the raccoon over there. >> well, you found trash. here i am. and just like trash, it's time to take it to the curb. see you next year toy fair. >> thank you, dick, for that inside look. just anyone can't roll up to the toy fair pop you've got to be a toy insider or media. >> i learned that you can make a banana an instrument. who knew. >> make it play like a piano. >> i'm not sure about the edible bubbles. i don't think i want my kids trying to eat the bubbles. >> i don't know that i can get on board with that one at all. >> i'm not so sure they're organic either. >> this is the 113th year. next year will be the 114th.
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live pictures from l.a.'s dolby theater where final touches are being put in place for sunday night's academy award ceremony under a growing cloud of racial controversy. >> and all eyes will be on host chris rock who's remained quiet about what we can expect from his performance on sunday. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: the buzz surrounding this year's oscars isn't just about who's walkinget. it's also about who's at the academy awards and i won'te watchi. ng >> we're row, all 20 of the nominees in the acing categories are white resparking the twitter #oscar sohite had.
2:56 am
>> what are they calling you. >> beast of no nation" idris elba was passed over f an oscar nod only to be nominated and win a screen actor's guild award on tnt. >> welcome to this is that watershed moment when the academy changes becausechange. >> reporter: the now put for new initiatives t o double the number of wom voters by "20/20" and increase diversity on the academy's board of govmic bias that industry. >> reporter: a new university dind 2015 gives f grades to every hollost clear, hollywood is a saight white boy's club. >>eporter: "esnce"se magazine in its march issue,
2:57 am
everybody in hollywood.bout jennifer lawrence, talk to gabrielle union. >> it is going to be an extremely memorable monologue simply becse of that particular topic. >> reporter: in fact, an oscar producers say original monologue and includeroversy. bran sunday nht 7:00 eastern for everything oscars. 4:00 pacific, of course, here on abc and tune in and next monday morning for a full wrap-up. >> you got your tux. >> i got it measured. i'll post a photo on my instagram. >> everyone's looking forward to that. >> we're alletting dressed >> glad you told me. get a dress.
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outfit really. breaking news on "world news now." deadly gunfire in kansas. >> the heart stopping moments at a small town facry where several people are dead. new details overnight about the gunman, his assault rifle and the survivors. >> our other major headline,he at last night's republican debate in houston. did marco rubio steal the show from donald trump? >> airli the jet that slammed into the runway seconds after takeoff. wh investigators just revealed. and later, valuable lessons. the anchorwoman stepping from the news desk to the classroom to sharemportant black history month lesson on this friday, >> announcer: from abc news, this isd morning. on what is really a busy friday morning. i'm kendis gibson.
3:01 am
>> let's get started with the top story that deadlyhooting incident in kansas. 38-year-old cedric ford went on a shooting rampage according to ple and then storming a lawn mow manufacturing business where he worked. >> evers killed by police after taking the lives of three others and woundsing more than a dozen people with an assault style weapon. linsey davis has details. >> four people including the shooter are dead this shooting after a shooting at a company called excel industries. 14 others were injured in the active shooter inside of we have numerous people shot inside the buildi. umber of people killed inside the building. >> reporter: coworkers and equipment is then i seen saying run, pop, po pop, pop, that's all
3:02 am
and i dn't happened till we got outside and i startedng out. >> rorteep officials say he car at the facility where he was an employee. >> he was traveling and shooting from his car. >> reporter: police say the shooter was shot and killed by law enforcement and that they're investigating at least four other crime scenes. >> he was a really nice guy and seemed not this kind of pesh. that'sor sure. >> i heard him yell something. that's what got our attention. turned around. hopped out with an ak-47 it appeared like and fired a few shots before he went in and ducked hesston college was on work through this. there's been so many crime scenes and there's so many people. this is just a horrible incident that's happened here to harvey county, hesston, newton. it's so spread out. please bear with us as we try to get through this. >> reporter: governor sam brownbeck tweeting please send your thoughts and prayers to the
3:03 am
linsey davis, abc news, new york. police say something triggered cedric ford before the spree but aren't discussing a spec motive. ford reportedly had a long criminal record. excel industries will belosed ll ine been ordered to fly at half-staff today to honor all of the victim kansas, look for our updates all morning long and the latest from kansas on "america this morning." now to the other major story we're following this morning, explosive republican debate. cruz tag teamingce to slow his momentum before super tuesday. the candidates took the stage in houston after this poll of florida voters shows trumprubio's home state. abc's bazi kanani has the highlights. >> reporter: donald trump took to the is taken miles ahead of his rivals and trump quickly drew their fire.
3:04 am
stage that's ever been fined for your projects illegally. you hired some workers >> i'm the only hired one person. >> he hired work frerz poland. >> the tension made for heated exchanges. >> here's a guy that inherited $200 million. if he 't, you know where he would be right now, selling watches in manhattan. >> marco rubio and ted cruz are fighting for second place and the c main opponent.s is a man who for 40 years has given money to jimmy cartser, >> the gominee mshell returns. >> i want to release my tax relea itmer predeente fox onus his country would never pay for
3:05 am
for the gop stragglers, last hurrah. aesdayould put trump in front for good. >> this guy'sis guy's a liar. he i rest my case. >> bazi kanani, abc news, washgton. no fireworks at all last night. the democrats american voters with the south carolina primary just a day away. llary clinton campaigned at a black church in south carina with new jerse talked about gun control and recalled the charleston church massacre. and former president clinton made several stops across the ate, as well to rally wife. joint appearance tss for bernie sander well, he insists he is not giving up on winning in the south. but he spent the day in ohio and michigan. sanders took part in a forum in flint to discuss the city's water crisis. he said he hopes americans will look at what happened in flint
3:06 am
sanders will turn his attention back to south carolina later today when for back to back new developments in the politically charged battlever the next supreme court justice. the republican governor of nevada says he's not interested brian sandoval's name nominee earlierhis is beyond humbling, he does not want to be considered right now. top republicans in the senate have said they won't consider the president's nominee in any case. let's turn to the security showdown taking place between apple and the federal government. apple has filed aggressive formal response to a judge's order calling on the company to assist the fbi in unlocking t iphone of san bernardino shooter syed farook. the company claims the gornnt is seeking what it calls dangerous powerses. apple's filing also says that the constitution for bids what the government i asking it to do. onapitol hill yesterday, fbi
3:07 am
>> i on the phone or nothing at all. but we oug to be pursue that lead. comey also cntered apple's claim if software the iphone it would put users everywhere at risk of hacking. he said that was not a several companies plano file a brie in support ofnd aext week. jurors in. therial wereith shown she the croom right before the images were testified at least 16 million people had viewed the videos online. andrews is suing the man who shot the v hotel where she was syitaor $75 million. she is expected toake t theweek. police in a gnd jury to consider domestic vionce charges
3:08 am
quarterback johnnynd threatening to kill her and himself. manziel's father says sce fail thab. the browns haves right now and baseball forhat t slides the chase utley ru. you may recall infielder reuben utley's attempt to break up a potential double play. take a look again. from now on, tho banned violations of the flu rule can get both the runner and batte called out. some absolutel extraordinary scenes from the waters off the north oahu oahu. this was knownas the eddy. >> this is so cool.
3:09 am
the competition only tak place in sustained waves of at least 40 feet. organizers said yesterday's local surfer t catching rides on four massive competition in six years. no one knows when the next one will be as the saying goes, the bay calls the day. >> yeah, they block off likeaves are highest there. every day they survey and try to it's going to be big enough for thursday was the lucky day. incrible scenes there. >> incredible surfers. this iargood. >> you're >> wo tly coming up "in the mix" what luses are reall shop. the pstory. >> they're hopin that their
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d when returning
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a deadly w lawn m kansas. the 38ear-old cedc opened went inside and cfordfore being shot and killed by police. police say that s motive a been found not guilico oil spi10 prosecutors said that he anotherig supervis botched a missed cle signals of trouble before t explosion deepwater horizon been handed down by inveigators in the case of a us airways jet crash as it tried to take off two years ago i philadelphia. >> at the time, the airline
3:15 am
but now investigators are blamin pilot error. here's abc's david kerley. >> oh, my >> reporter: it was a scramb the plane is on fire. >> reporter: for the 154 peopl to get off the jet. >> i see smoke down there. we're going to dispatch the emergenc this, a four-secd flight endedy march of014. first reports of a blown tire or landing gear trouble were wrong. it was pilot error. according to the ntsb the according to the ntsb, the pilots didn't input a piece of information into the flight computer. so, as the jet started to take off, warnings. the captain puts the nose down and the jet slams onto that into the air before sliding to rest. procedures and the "captain's the probableauses. the airline says it made
3:16 am
the airlin davikerley, abc news, washington. >> absolutel next half hour, the elaborate hoax played on a high school in pennsylvania. the honor student who turned out 23-year-old. how he fool everyone from student and teachers to re deliverying a an valuable history lesn to students around the country. how this new york news anchor is touching young lives across
3:17 am
now." well, it is the stock in trade of television journalists like ourselves to bring you the news of the day. >> very rarely are we given account opportunity to shine new
3:18 am
change the way we view history. just what one of our colleagues here in new york city is dng with a story black history month. >> reporter: f more than two decades, cheryl wills has been delivering the news of the day. >> hi, how you doing? >> reporter: and every week, she de across the country. know your history. >> what's happening here? this is one of the scenes i >> repter: wil pence a new emancipation of grand pa sand wills," great, great great fanned father, a slave who fout in the civil war. >> can you belie we once fit in these cir my knees are hurting.
3:19 am
together right decks >>his used to be really big to me. once upon a time. i felt like the big -- >> reporter: i was tersus. >> see, my story so you can see your own. that's really the other take aw.ay ntasy. it's really a call to action for all kids to aou grandfheat or that exploring and reporter: shert deeper io her history yea srted that d her father's death when sheearnedrapa wills, she thought this could beant also walked through whatever
3:20 am
when i learnrights movement, i need to figure out what was my family's role at that time. >> reporter:he book is really tting home with kids especially these youngsters at ps ou f reading the story. >> reporr: locked in one of the poorest congressional districts in the couny, many of the children here homeless. they wer tv lady abook. >> nice. including 7-ye-old for a second. you don't have to wn. >> tells me i want to fin out to this important take away that fro the book. >> ias kind of disappointed th thought when was lite en aut kindness and all that. nk
3:21 am
when i started reading booksout slavery, it's bad is power. that's the key. power. and tha hold their heads up toup. >> reporter: if yo get them to pull their pants up, we won a big war. >> a gold star book. >> there should be a gold star r it. >> he was just such a pleasure. this is her book, "the of grandpa sandys buffalo, in texas, as well. one of the coolhings about it, there's alsose kids love to about their own ritage in a way that we used toonstruction paper isis
3:22 am
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dissolves fastle. mix." do you remember thatkim kardashian kanye west? remember well, apparently there has for an while now bee an instagram account called miserable ai shops. 's got 200,000 followers on instagram. check out this photo. >> understaable. >> look at thereis every planet lo has a lanto mouth wide open. bored. al not only bored ty're broke probably at some expensive neiman marcus or whatever. y can follow them at miserable men on instagram. >> so many men in that category. re's one guy who is in a great category.
3:26 am
an intramural game. just like practice, he nails it. >> oh. that iswards 3/4 buzze beater. >> never. >> this is georgia wars, the number three player on sportscenter of their top three plays. nba will be calling. >> >> it's the fabulous jalopy theate inrklyn, new york. hey. politics and foreign wars, all the weather all the scores that's the world news polka if you're an insomniac and a good night's sleep you lack do the wod news polka. it's late at night you're wide awake and you're n wearing pants so grab your "world news now"
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anchor guy and galo the world news polka from the beat box band. that's the world news polka who cares what thnetwk --osses think they're a goofy crew and if your neighbors call the cops here's all you have to do. when 3:00, tell them m that's the world news polka they make us work the graveyard shift that's why we go for broke so why not tune in abc and join our little joke everyeek we're here with our tongues and
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yeah. brworld news now."
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thena ni kendis gibson. let's g he was killed the lawn mower equipment maker where he word but not befo taking three lives and woun dozen other details. >> reporter: g ter:0ement says fordfiret tw lantn hesston,
3:32 am
itself. >> reporte that building aevacted.loyed coworkers and neighbors are in shock. >> he was a really ne guy and seemed not this kind of person. that's f e.can' guy that shot pele up lived riac >> reporter: kansas governor sam brownback took to social media tweeting please send your tonight. the shooting comes less than a week after authoties say a man opened fire at several people in kalamazoo, michigan, killing six. chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york. police say the rampage was not an by one count, this is the 33rd mass shooting so far this year. we'll be updating developments from kansas all morning long.
3:33 am
half hour and any>>nald tru on the defensive came out swinging and ted cruz joined in hittist abc's arlette saenz has in houston last night, but the debate looked more like thed trump show. florida senator marco rubio unleashed attack after attack on donald trump, putting the republican front-runner on defense. >> you're the only person on this stage thas >> no, i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people. you haven't hired anybody.
3:34 am
thousands of people.00 inherited $200 milliow? >> reporter: trump took fire from ted cruz who hopes to win his home state of texas on super tuesday. >> when i was leading the fight ag he was firing dennis rodman on "celebrity apprentice." >> reporter: but trump was unfazed by the repeated >> keep fighting, keephaving a lot of fun up here tonight. >> reporter: that bickering overshadowed the two others on the is taken, ohio governor john kasich and benar please? at the debate withis attacks against donal d p.nough to stop trump's momentum heading into super tuesday. reen a. >> our thanks to arlette there
3:35 am
trump also took aim at former mexican president vicente fox. he used an obscenity to say mexico was promisi not to pay for the border wall trump is promising to build. during the debat isn't is becae trump is known for utrail but apologize for using such a filthy word on tv. cease fires expected to take place within hours. it's the first serious attempt to stop the fighting in years. it could return the syrian government and the rebels to the negotiating table. it ill also allow much needed humanitarian aid to reach remote areas, something president obama is hoping r. >>ful implement implemented and that's a significant if, this cessation could reduce the violence and get more food and aid to syrians who are suffering and desperately need it. >> the president also ordered his national security team to
3:36 am
u.s.-led military campgn against the islamic state on all adamant that the syrian cease fire not impact operations to destroy isis. ean-up and damage assessments from the deadly tornado outbreak are just getting under way in virginia, members of a high rnado the national weather service says packed winds up to abc's gio benitez with the latest. >> reporter: a rare tornado outbreak from texas to pennsylvania. >> it was like the whole house kind of shoo >> reporter: the first ever the month of february. thgovernor there declaring a state including a toddler.or
3:37 am
over, root foundtims, his > reporter: in tappahonick, virginia, an ef-3 tornado juring at least 25 people, including an infant. homes in this community in lancaster, pennsylvania, barreled through. >> the noise was so loud, it was bang, bang. >> repor rockay bawch, seven crew members were rescued from th is fishing boat after 12-foot wes ran it aground. even the could i have thy e all of the devastation here in lancaster, pennsylvania, still no injuries and no deaths. but a schoolhouse was leveled workers believe fire crewsn houston say they've capped a leaking gas line that sent flameshooting
3:38 am
broken water main in an upscale line. that sparked a fire that engulfed the roof of one home. but firefighters were able to put out quickly. se out an alarming letter to n 200 fo been exposed to hiv or s last month for drug tampering accused of stealing morphine and mi transplant in the u.s.atieait year beforenine-hourpe me never been tri ithe u.s. of women
3:39 am
the state of connecticut. a breast milk bank has opened in the town of gilford. >> their surplus to he premature infants whose moms don'same way that blood donors are. >> we're absolutely vigilant about making sure that the moth taking medications that are inappropriate. we need to make sure she's in good health. , of course, that, donated milk can actually be lifence mother's milk reduces the rickknow that was mething that existed, as well. coming up in "the skinny," the "full house" remake is out and we're revealing new deils tat rights activists? to pashimss f off as a high
3:40 am
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and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oiabsorbed by your body... ...which makes your heart, well, mega-happy. happier still, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 day the differences easy to absorb. from seaworld. the company used employees to pose as animal rights activists up oosed
3:44 am
protecthe safety of its receivinghat it calls credible threats. park officials are promising to d e practice. >> a bill being new mexico would make sexting between teens legal. right now teens who shared nude imagesarents think the new law is a good idea so their children wouldn't face criminal cha the new mexico governor hasn't said whetherhe will sign the billnto law. arking outrage amo parents at a high school in harrisburg, pennsylvania, a young man who apparently fooled everyone. >> t hed out to be a 23-year-old man who overstayed his visa and changed his entire identity in order to hin plain sight. posed with a state rep, she tweeted a picture, #goingplaces. going to jail, it turns out. asher potts is actually a 23-year-old ukrainian
3:45 am
overstayed his visa. police in harrisburg say samarin made up a phony identity, complete with a social security card and a pennsylvania driver's license. he enrolled at john harris high school as a freshman four years ago. and was just a few months shy of graduating. >> i was surprised, i thought he was like 17 or 18. >> reporter: classmates describe the student they knew as a straight arrow. >> i knew him since last year when he was in rotc. he was nice. >> reporter: parents are horrified. >> you have beautiful girls in this school that are minors, that are underage. and you have, basically, a grown man in here, you know, misrepresenting himself. >> reporter: police say a tip finally led them to discover the hoax. the question now is why? david wright, abc news, new york. it's amazing. he really didn't fly under the radar. he had a 4.16 grade average, he was inducted into national honor society in 2014. >> he was a star student. >> he was a star student and he was 23. >> because he had a seven-year
3:46 am
other than that, he was -- >> it's scary he was able to totally change his identification and get into school and he was seven years older. >> desperate times for this kid i imagine. >> when we come back, the day that "full house" fans have been waiting for, it's finally arrived. >> and what sylvester stallone says was one of the lowest points in his acting career. is that the one with estelle getty, was it that movie, "stop or my mom will shoot"?
3:47 am
3:48 am
the "skinny" next.tt2w rr)]@eo j# [zt tt2w rr)]@e!!*n +z< tt2w rr)]@e4!j# ]lh tt2w rr)]@ex#*&`:zb< tt2w rr)]@et#j'`:nbx tt2w rr)]@et#j)`:e"< tt2w rr)]@ep#j*`:r9 tt2w rr)]@ep#j,`:3c@ tt2w rr)]@el#*.`::jl tt2w rr)]@el#*0`:!\$ skinny, so skinny hey, time now for "the skinny" and topping our headlines this morning, the day that "full house" fans have been waiting for. >> early this morning netflix releasing the 13-episode sequel to the '80s classic "fuller house" which centers on widowed mother dj candice cameron burr and moving back into the iconic san francisco house. >> this morning we're finding out why the olsen twins are not involved in the new series. executive producer bob boy yet says ashley olson told him the timing was bad for them, that she also wasn't comfortable having not been in front of the camera for 12 years. >> they also pointed out that they're both too busy with their fashion and business careers.
3:49 am
fashion career has taken off. their line is pretty impressive. >> they're really rich. >> would have liked to have seen them. >> you would have been nice. >> so next up, the veteran cover girl throwing a whole lot of shade at "sports illustrated." >> cheryl tiegs slams them for ashley graham's history making cover claiming the magazine is promoting figures that are unhealthy. speaking candidly about it to "e! news." >> actually, i don't like it that we're talking about full figured women because it's glamorizing them and your waist should be smaller than 35. you know. >> you heard it. >> that's what dr. oz said and i'm sticking to it. no, i don't think it's healthy. >> so there you have it. so the 68-year-old tiegs may have jumped the gun on that 35-inch number since graham's waist reportedly measured in at 30 inches. tiegs also took to twitter to clarify her comments saying, "i want all to be as healthy as they can be."
3:50 am
i understand why she wants them to be healthy. but a large percentage of american women are not a size 30 waist. >> key word being large percentage. >> kenny g. >> sorry, you're making a valid, serious point. >> i'm making a serious point. women like to see a reflection of themselves. i thought it was impressive, and i know a lot of men and women did purchase that "sports illustrated" magazine. >> thank you. >> you're one of them. >> off the soapbox. >> two days away from what could be his first academy award, a stunning admission by sylvester stallone. >> sitting down with our robin roberts, the actor nominated for best supporting actor for reprising his iconic role in creed" told robin before "rocky," he was an out-of-work actor who couldn't make ends meet. >> i couldn't even get cast as italian. >> i'll never forget there was a party scene. 300 guests. i said no. they go what part of me didn't make it past the italian
3:51 am
they go, i don't know. you just don't fit in. wow. god is telling me something. >> you don't fit in? come on. >> not italian enough. >> you can see much more of her interview with sylvester stallone on "journey to the oscars" during the special edition of "20/20" tonight 10:00 p.m., 9:00 central right here on abc. lots of people and lots of details that you didn't know about their careers. >> interesting show. one of my favorite people now as our friends at espn put it, we are clearly in the dog days of the offseason. >> new england patriots quarterback tom brady with apparently a lot of time on his hands posted a photo to his facebook page introducing the new dog fluffy. >> standing on a rock with the family's two other dogs at his feet, he holds the pup high up in the sky as "the lion king's" "circle of life" plays. the sound track there, the video has already racked up more than 70,000 likes.
3:52 am
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we belong together so come on, come on and don't you say never >> okay, so we have reached the end of another week. jam packed with news headlines. >> from accusations hurled on the campaign trail to the 106-year-old american who finally got her chance to dance at the white house. here now is your "friday rewind." >> we won the evangelicals. we won with young, we won with old. we won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> we can't just elect someone that's angry. we have to elect someone that will make a difference and someone that will win. >> the truth of the matter is if donald became president, nobody knows what the heck he would do. he doesn't know what the heck he would do. >> i think the last time he was asked about his taxes he said it's going to be months. look, people have a right to know if there's a problem in
3:56 am
>> as i understand it, we actually won the latino vote yesterday which is a big break through for us. >> you know, that's not just what our analysis shows. >> keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in the world. >> if we knew a way to get the information on the phone that we haven't already given, if we knew a way to do this that would not expose hundreds of millions of other people issues, we would obviously do it. >> shots fired. we have one confirmed victim right now. >> how do you go and tell the families of these victims that they weren't targeted for any reason other than they were there to be a target? >> god let us be okay. let us get through this. we did not know it was a tornado, but we knew something was going on that wasn't good.
3:57 am
for his approval or not. i can feel that he's telling me to zip it. and start singing. >> i am so happy. >> we are happy to have you. >> a black president. >> look at him. right there. >> a black wife. >> that's me. >> yes. >> to be so lucky. 106 years old, still just sprightly, have so much energy and to get to the white house. >> the quote from her after that, i can die happy now. >> i love that. she was so excited. she was so excited. >> busy week ahead of course, south carolina primaries for the democrats on saturday. >> oscar sunday night. >> yes, and tuesday super tuesday. and next thursday is a community concert. you know where. great falls.t. you know where. great falls.acommunity concert. you know where.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
rural economy including new projections for prices in 2016. in agribusiness...what do those forecasts really mean. this is nothing more that the usda's best guess as of past conditions heading into what will be the 2016, 17 marketing year. plus, how could la nina impact weather and prices for farmers here and in south america. a popular tv show touts sorghum as the prefered grain of the zombie apocalypse. and apple growers in washington prepare to roll out a new variety. agday-brought to you by the dependable, long lasting chevy silverado. good morning i'm clinton griffiths. headwinds continue to mount for the rural economy. but ag secretary vilsack telling congress this week, it's not the 1980's farm crisis. at a hearing of the house ag committee, secretary vilsack, telling members a slowing global economy and particular china, will reduce demand for u.s. goods. he adds that a strong dollar is


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