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tv   News 13 6  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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volunteers and contractors. both need to report to the old thomasville building to register.3 officials say power is on in most of the county-- but is still out in evergreen. if you have an unreported outage, be sure to report that right away. 3 mark tight tonight, evergreen baptist church is sorting through truckloads of donations to help the tornado victims. church leaders say the help is greatly appreciated, but they're overwhelmed. if you're still wanting to help out by making a donation, valerie bragg has more now live on you what you can do. valerie liveu church leaders tell me they greatly appreciate all the help, but they don't want
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so they came up with a plan. one person told me they had boxes and boxes of pizzas delievered last night, but there weren't a lot of volunteers there to eat it, so a lot of it went to waste. and that's what they don't want. if you want to make a donation of toiletry items or water, you can take it to liberty baptist church. they are not accepting clothing donations at this time because they have an entire house filled already. the volunteers at this church say they can't thank the community enough for all of its support in helping the victims. if you know anyone who needs donations, please contact evergreen baptist church.kelsey 3 marshall/volunteer - "we have a surplus of bottled water. we have personal hygiene products, diapers, baby products, wipes, formula. we even have small hand tools if
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you need that as well."valerie liveu we have all the contact information for the churches and what and how to donate. it's all at wset- dot-com. live in appomattox, valerie bragg, abc 13 news. 3 3 3 3 noreen box you can help the victims of the tornado in a variety of ways, including through gleaning for the world. gleaning is collecting tomorrow at the sam's club in lynchburg and the walmart in appomattox from 10 to 6. they're looking for non perishable food items, personal care items, cleaning supplies, pet supplies and other necessities. 3 mark tight as people process what happened, they are beginning to turn to their insurance agents to go to the next step to heal. annie andersen rode along with an allstate agent today and joins us now live. annie?annie
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church is still the main post here in town so that's where allstate's mobile command center decided to stage their mobile castatrophe center. along with that agents also went door to door to start the claims process for people. while policies differ the adjusters i talked to say generally tornadoes are covered under basic policies. corey robinson, has roof damage (:12)"from what i've seen everywhere this is a minor minor sea here, but i wanted to let my insurance company know what was going on. annie robinson has a friend he plans to use for he repairs, but if that's not the case adjusters say people need to air on the side of caution. take sot (same guy from 5) :15 "just so your due diligence. make sure you... never let
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policies differ but people might be able to get an advance payment check which company can issue right on the spot. live in appomattox, annie andersen, abc 13 news. 3 3 3 3 noreen tight 23 liberty university students just finished up a day's work at one of the sites. katie brooke joins us now live with their story.katie liveu noreen, these students signed up for lu send now, the university's emergency response team that just launched this school year. little did they know they'd get the opportunity to help those in need so close to their campus. students spent the day assisting wherever they could- some helped moved belongings into u-haul trucks, picked up debris, and helped secure tarps onto roofs. they say they're scheduled to be out here for the next week as needed. and they're glad to support the school's mission statement that includes helping others. some of the students say it's their first experience
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(:09)kegan shoemaker, sophomore, "a week ago this was a forest and houses were fine and now the houses are torn apart or there's no house, it's just so surreal." katie liveu this is the most local mission the group has participated in. a team just got back from greece-- and another is leaving next week for flint michigan. and they'll be out here as long as needed-- as you can see, there's still much to be done here. live in evergreen, katie brooke abc-13 news. 3 3 3 mark for all our coverage over the last few days on the tornado, head to wset-dot-com. and stay with us throughout the weekend as we bring you the latest updates. 3 noreen when you think of places that house drug addicts, you probably don't think of the nicu. but there is a growing problem - babies born addicted to opiates.mark what can be done about it? our danner
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3 noreen babies born addicted to opiates. it's a dangerous trend a& that medical professionals right here at home are battling right now.mark in an abc 13 special report - our danner evans investigates the problem.. and what this community is doing to help help those mothers and babies. danner intv we have a little over 2-million people in the u-s addicted to pain medication - that's according to the latest stats from 2012. many of those people are women in their child bearing years: your neighbor, your frienda& the woman behind you in the car pool line. and quite frankly, those pregnant, addicted womena&whose numbers are growing a& have had very few resources in our community. their babies are paying the price. 3 these kids don't sleep. they
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different cry then what you hear in a normal baby ...." "it's an out of control, i hurt, i don't know what i'm feeling, i don't know what i am going through type of cry." the cry of a baby born addicted to opiates -- it now echoes through the nic-u at virginia baptist hospital at an alarming rate.the numbers spiked a year ago - sounding the alarm for neonatal nurse practitioner maureen puckett. maureen puckett, virginia baptist hospital - "we'd probably see one or two patients in the unit going through withdrawal...but we had six at one time."and the spike wasn't a fluke. the mother baby unit was knee deep in the opiate epidemic sweeping the nation a& an addiction that doesn't discriminate. "crystal" - "i'm a soccer mom -- i take my kids to games, i participate in school, i volunteer, i stay at home with my kids..." back pain sent "crystal" -- whose identity we've agreed to conceal -- to a pain clinic for relief. hydrocodone,
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7.5... percocet 10s... oxycodone, roxycodone." "crystal" - "i thought since they were giving it to me it was ok"when crystal got pregnant -- she stopped taking those pain meds cold turkey . two days later she was hospitalized for withdrawal symptoms.doctors told her it was too risky for her baby to quit -- so crystal was put on a dose of synthetic opiate that doctors like andrea stutesman say is safe for pregnant women. stutesman - "you can't just stop it. if you stop the medication abruptly, you have a high rate of abortion. so you lose the baby."crystal "it's really hard. (crying) he shouldn't be on anything. but ... you can lose them. i don't want to lose my babies. i love my children." when her son was born, he went through withdrawal.crystal - "i noticed. not a normal baby after having 5 others.crystal - "shakey. he wouldn't eat
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tight."it's called neonatal abstinence syndrome. "they can't overcome that themselves. and they need medication. and then we have to wean them slowly, hopefully off so that they can go home." nurse navigator shannon miles watched the surge in these nas cases with a critical eye. shannon miles - "we needed to look at this and see what was going on."miles and puckett helped form a coalition of doctors, nurses and treatment centers in the lynchburg region to address the issue of pregnant women battling addiction.we're not doing this because we want to go to cps and break up a family. we want to help you and help your baby. because what we are trying to offer to this mom is stability in her life"part of that stability is taking that synthetic opiate.however, actually getting these pregnant mothers a prescription isn't easy.miles - "most places are full."there are only two complete virginia according to brent mcgraw. the director of addiction services at centra says prescribing opiate
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is not without risk. brent mcgraw -a lot of physicians are just like -- i don't feel comfortable doing that."so dr. stutesman got the training she neededa& and in november a& started prescribing the synthetic opiates.stutesman - one of the things we are also concentrating on is what do we do next. we can't just leave them once they have the baby." that's where places like the lynchburg treatment center come in.david cassise - "this is not a moral failing. this is a brain disease."david cassise and jennifer hudson are working with the coalition too -- treating women during their pregnancy ... and after. david cassis, lynchburg treatment center - "we are one if the first in the state and one of the few in the nation that has really seen the community come together to help tackle this issue." jennifer hudson, counselor at lynchburg treatment center - "my hope is that it will become a statewide issue not just a community the year since this coalition united -- it has made huge strides with a very complex issue. miles - "we are starting to see them earlier now, earlier in the pregnancy. that is a big thing stutesman
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been on the buprenorphine patch -- and those babies have not gone through withdrawal."puckett - don't know if we will ever fix the problem but every body counts." everybody moma& and every baby. crystal is, once again, expecting a child -- this time baby girl.she is finding success and battling her addiction on a synthetic opiate, working with this new network of professionals. crystal - "it's contemplation in your brain every day. what am i doing? but i've learned now it's a lot better than the alternative." and the hope is more expecting mothers will find the help they need these babies have a fighting chance.3 3 danner intv there's so
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from this coalition. just last week i got word that roads to recovery is working with centra to create a home for moms and babies to go to when they leave the hospital - so they can continue treatment in a supportive environment. more to come on that soon, i hope. sadly, these experts tell me they are only getting to about 1/3 of the women who need their help right now. to learn more about this network of support - please look for this my story born addicted - on our website mark, noreen? 3 mark the good news for those volunteers in appomattox this weekend - the weather will not be an issue.noreen george is back with a look at a warmer forecast.
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3 good friday to you! we're looking forward to a great weekend ahead. no rain will
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tonight and temperatures will drop below freezing. you can expect mid 20s by saturday morning.3 saturday afternoon will be cool and dry with partly cloudy conditions and less wind. highs will near 50.3 sunday will be warmer with
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mostly sunny sky.3 we will see rain chances returning next week. a few showers are possible on monday and tuesday. highs will reach the 60s. 3 heavier rain is likely by wednesday. looking ahead about 7 days, we could see a chance for snow on friday-it's too early to know specifics, but right now this doesn't look
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3 3 dennis men's top seed lynchburg college faced off against hampden-sydney in today's first quarterfinal of the odac tournament at the salem civic center. the hornets start on a 10-0 run, but it's tied at 32 late in the 1st half. off the miss, odac player of the year alex graves spins for the one handed putback for the lead. then a.j hamilton dials long distance for three!
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12-2 run, capped by lyndon white's trey at the buzzer! in the 2nd, hamilton on the break - the hoop and the foul! graves a double-double, 5 hornets in double figures, lynchburg rolls over hampden-sydney 90-67. 3 the hornets will play emory & henry in tomorrow night's 6 o'clock semifinal. e&h defeated 4 seed guilford 91-81 in today's second game. these are tonight's quarterfinals. randolph-macon and virginia wesleyan are just underway, randolph faces roanoke at 8. 3 dennis college basketball's marquis game tomorrow has number 3 virginia hosting acc leader and seventh- ranked north carolina at 6:30. noone has beaten uva in charlottesville this season. the cavs are 13-and-0, they've won 18 in a row at jpj dating back to last year. tony bennett, cavs 21-6, 10-5 in acc - "you hope you get a homecourt advantage where the crowd gets excited and there's just electricity and i think that's what's happened here and i'm so thankful for that.
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rallied behind the players, you know you have to give them a level of quality. and the fact that we've won that many is impressive in a league like this and certainly there's another huge opportunity in front of us." 3 dennis the tar heels lead the acc at 12-and-3. they're 5-and-2 in road games in the league, the two road losses to louisville and notre dame.roy williams, tar heels 23-5, 12-3 in acc - "they're really, really good. there's not one time this year that i've thought they're slipping or anything like that. i think brogdon has been sensational." 3 dennis sprint cup qualifying is happening at this hour in atlanta for sunday's second race of the season. the season opener hoopla at daytona is over, now drivers take on their first mile-and-a-half track on the schedule.carl edwards, finished 5th in daytona 500 - "atlanta's just fine. actually it wasn't that fast in qualifying trim so we've got to work on that but i'm having a good time. i mean you really drive the racecar here, you dive down into the corner and you're sliding all over the place."jimmie johnson, finished 16th in daytona 500 - "i think this track with the high tire wear
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the fact that you've got to search around for lines really suits my style and suits by upbringing racing on the dirt. so it's been a great racetrack for me." 3 dennis congratulations to liberty u. baseball coach jim toman who earned his 300th career win this afternoon as the flames beat marshall 9-8. and tomorrow at 3, lu women's basketball coach carey green goes for career win number 400 when the flames host longwood. green has a career record of
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seasons with liberty.3 homeowners in appomattox county.. cleaning up what's left of their homes. tonight at 7, a touching story from a mother who says she didn't lose her just son once... but twice.mark at 7, a look at the presidential race where almost each
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tonight, right here, the bombshell endorsement. the presidential race turning personal. the new attacks leveled tonight. rubio going after trump. and chris christie tonight, now saying it's time for president trump. breaking news, the motive in the deadly rampage. the video now discovered, and the notice the gunman got 90 minutes before the shootings. the new head line about the zika outbreak, and pregnant women in the u.s. the miscarriages as well. and the sudden explosion. the little girl grabbing her bag when a hoverboard ignites. the home catching fire. and the countdown is on. the oscars. is this matt damon's year for


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