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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 28, 2016 1:35am-2:35am EST

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you had no right to withhold evidence from me. well, what did you expect? the last time castle tried to talk to you about your mother's murder, you bit his head off. please, lanie. i noticed the wound similarity. i reached out to dr. murray. i held off from telling you until i knew the evidence was rock-solid. beckett, we came to you the moment we were sure. beckett. can i have a word with you? poor man's painkiller. i know your mother's murder was the reason you became a cop. and i know how you almost lost yourself trying to solve her case the first time you tried.
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you'd want to take another run at it. i just never expected her killer to come around and sucker punch you like this. kate, listen to me. you're the finest homicide i've ever trained, bar none. and i want you to stay on this one if you can, if you're up to it. but i wouldn't be doing my job as your captain if i didn't ask... can you handle this? i'm sorry, sir. i can't. (sets flask down) beckett. kate. (bell on door jingles)
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hey, dad. hi. mm. so... what have you found? i don't know yet. but enough to scare you. yeah. i didn't sleep well that whole first year after you got out of the academy. i'd hear sirens in the night and imagine you off in the darkness someplace. i had nightmares where it swallowed you whole. dad, i don't want to lose this one. your mother always said that life... never delivers anything that we can't handle.
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called it johanna's immutable law of the universe. and for years, i thought she was wrong... because i couldn't handle losing her. now... i can almost hear her whisper, "i told you so." four of mom's favorite words. (chuckles) look... she was a devout believer in the truth, and if she were here right now, she'd tell you, the truth can never hurt you. you know, this may be your mother's way of reaching out to you, katie... and reminding you that the truth... is still your weapon to wield, not theirs. (doorbell buzzes) hey. hey. come in. thank you. mm. hang in there, kiddo.
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leftovers in the fridge. upstairs if you need us. please. i will do anything that you need, including nothing, if that's what you want. what i want is to find my mother's killer. well, then we need to break johnny vong. so let's break him. i owe you an apology, mr. vong. apparently in my haste, i forgot to read you your miranda rights. you're free to go. no! i remember distinctly. you read them to me. and i waived them all. you did. she did. you remember, right? sorry, man. it's a rookie mistake. what? no, wait. you can't--you can't do this. if i walk out of here now, he'll think i'm cooperating with the cops. i'll be dead by morning. yes, you will. or you can tell me who you're working for,
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dick coonan. i work for dick. you're telling me jack coonan's brother is a drug trafficker? he comes off like jimmy carter, but it was all a scam to funnel money to the warlords with the poppy fields. sure, he built a few schools, uh, so he had pictures for his donors, but, you know, most of the money funded his cartel. so he had access to all the dope he wanted. he just needed a way of getting it into the country. you couldn't get an aspirin from kabul to new york without somebody knowing about it, not since 9/11. all i had to do was let him package the drugs at my factory in hong kong. he'd pick up the dirty shipments once they cleared customs. and he had the latin kings put it on the street. perfect system. well, perfect until trucho caught a case of stupid and started selling in the westies' territory. and then that's what brought jack sniffing around. jack threatened to give him to the feds unless he quit. so dick killed his own brother. oh, no.
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with the war on drugs these past few years. talk about zero tolerance. the punishment for dealing drugs in their neighborhood is death. but when he tracked down this dealer, for some reason, jack didn't have the heart to kill him. that is so jacky. (chuckles) he always led with his chin. he went through life like he was expecting to win the good sportsman award on trophy night. cut the crap, coonan. we know all about your heroin triangle-- afghanistan, hong kong... new york. and we also know that you hired an assassin named rathborne to kill your brother before he went to the feds about you. (sighs)
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are you okay? ten years since we came home and found that detective waiting for us. ten years since we crossed that yellow tape and went into that alley. and every time i cross the tape at a crime scene, i think of that night. that's what makes you such a good cop. (whispers) what if i let her down? do you know why i chose you as my inspiration for nikki heat? no. why? because you're tall.
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i have forensic accountants digging through your organization, mr. coonan. if there's evidence of heroin trafficking, they will find it. but that's not your biggest problem right now. hiring an assassin like rathborne shows premeditation, and that makes this a special circumstance case, which qualifies you for the needle. now i am willing to take the special circumstance allegations off the table if you give me rathborne. the only special circumstance here, detective, is your complete lack of evidence against me. i have johnny vong. (laughs) the guy with the phony accent and the real estate scam? (laughs) is that the best you can do? are you really willing to bet your life that vong can't hold his mud, mr. coonan?
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for a second-degree plea. when we first met, you told me you'd been on the other side of this. remember? now... could that be why you seem so eager to get your hands on this mysterious assassin? because if i had to guess, i'd say that someone close to you was murdered, and you think rathborne had something to do with it. but i don't have to guess, do i? because it's all over your face. that still doesn't change the fact that you're guilty of murder. maybe not. but for the low, low price of transactional immunity, i can give you the closure you've been seeking. you get rathborne, and i walk.
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(montgomery) transactional immunity, paul, and i'm inclined to give it to him. rathborne has killed five that we know of, including the mother of one of my people. it's one of our own, paul. i remember that used to mean something in this town. well? he went for it. the district attorney is gonna offer coonan immunity if he gives us rathborne. i hope you know what the hell you're doing. describe him. about my height. just so average, he's almost invisible. how did you meet? we were in the service together. they said he'd been killed back in a training exercise in '95. but then about a year ago, i'm sitting at a bar and i glance across, and i'm looking at a ghost. turns out he'd actually been recruited back then, not killed, to do...
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how'd you hire him? he'd given me the number to his answering service in the caymans. and then they provided me with a single-use e-mail address, a numbered account. e-mailed him the name of his target, wired him the money and waited. okay, here's the deal-- you're gonna contact rathborne with a contract on vong. you're gonna tell him that the police are taking him to the d.a.'s office for a deposition, that he can't make it there alive. it doesn't work like that. he wants his money up front. it's 100 grand, nonnegotiable. 100 grand? the city is never gonna agree to that. look, you want to catch her killer, the price is 100 grand. i can't just shoot that kind of money out into space without any hope of getting it back. you can't. i can. this one's on me. castle-- do we have a deal? we do, but my client's immunity kicks in the moment rathborne accepts the contract, once the wire transfer is complete.
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your part is done. and i walk? and you walk. rathborne has taken the bait. now for today's performance, the role of johnny vong will be played by officer clayton lee. we who are about to die salute you. ryan and esposito will escort lee to the d.a.'s office via a prearranged route. we'll have plainclothes in place on every corner and mid-block, and there'll also be air support, for what it's worth. not a whole lot. no one even knows what rathborne looks like. he shouldn't be too hard to spot. yeah, he'll be the one who's trying to kill you. (ryan) all right, let's go, everybody. (esposito) be advised, we are southbound lafayette approaching worth. roger on worth. let me know when you clear the intersection. we're through the intersection. continuing eastbound worth. it's a solid plan. we're entering the parking garage. eyes out.
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be advised. we are now on foot. rathborne's making his move. (grunts) on the ground! drop it! drop it! don't move! what the hell's wrong with you? it's a phone. disregard. disregard. it's not him.
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no, you didn't. rathborne's in the wind. dick coonan's about to walk. i missed something. could've been me. rathborne could've checked the routing number, realized the money was coming from my account, not dick's. i was arrogant. i didn't think you were arrogant, castle. i thought what you did was sweet. and i will pay you back as-- negative, ghostrider. small price to pay for a shot at your mother's killer. her killer? what? coonan said it was 100 grand to catch her killer. and you never told him it was your mother that was murdered. there was no rathborne. that was just a cover. it was you. clever girl. aah! all right. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
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we're just gonna stroll on over to the elevator together, nice and easy. that'll never happen. you make a sound, you attempt a signal, you so much as clear your throat, and i'll put a round in this man's liver. and he will die slowly and in considerable pain. aah. let's go. what, no pithy remarks from the peanut gallery? not so funny facing your own death, is it? i don't know, dick. you tell me. last time i checked, this was a police station. you knew before i arrested you, didn't you? you knew my mom was your victim. it wasn't personal, okay? she was just another job. she was my mother. who hired you to kill her? (scoffs) forget it. you'll never touch 'em.
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(gun cocks) no. no. no! sir! i need him alive. that's right. you do need me. now back him off or castle dies. sir, back off, please. you know i can't do that. hey. (gun cocks) you want to learn who ordered the hit on your mommy? you better make sure i make it outta here. roy... please. that's right, roy. nice and easy. nice and easy. ugh! ah! (pearl jam's "the end" playing) what were all those dreams we shared (beckett) come on! come on. ...many years ago (voice breaking) stay with me.
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no. come on. stay with me. one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. (grunts) more than friends i always pledged 'cause friends, they come and go people change as does everything i wanted to grow old i just want to grow old slide on next to me i'm just a human being i will take the blame but just the same this is not me you see oh. montgomery's post-incident evaluation. you come off like steven seagal.
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(chuckles) both. or buried beneath the stones i didn't know what you felt like, so... i got sushi, i got some italian, got some thai, and i grabbed some hot dogs. it wasn't your fault, you know. there's such a thing it's my fault, now i... i overstepped. i came down here to say that i was sorry and that i'm through. i can't shadow you anymore. if it wasn't for me-- if it wasn't for you, i would've never found my mom's killer. and someday soon, i'm gonna find the sons of bitches who had coonan kill her. and i'd like you around when i do. and if you tell anyone what i'm about to say, there's gonna be another shooting,
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i have a hard job, castle, and having you around makes it a little more fun. ...hears before i disappear your secret's safe with me. ear give me something to echo in my unknown future's ear my dear the end comes near i'm here
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>> are you ready? >> our time with the nominees, bracing for hollywood's biggest night. inside sly's big come back and jitters. >> it's a hard hole to dig yourself out of. >> plus brie larson. we get secrets from her stylist. >> there is some black in her future. >> also jennifer garner breaks her silence on her crumbling marriage. telling all about ben and the nanny. would she take him back? find out why they are still living on the same property. >> she's like, look, i don't hate him. you don't have to hate him. let's not beat the guy up. >> then -- >> behind the scenes of celine dion's emotional return to the stain after stage after her husband's death. mid song, she stopped.
2:06 am
>> a reality star's plastic surgery with the cameras rolling of the bandages, the tears. . >> billy idol, boy george, we're flashback. >> and our home improvement reunion, with tim allen flashing back nearly 25 years. >> i look like my younger brother. >> now, in our 35th season, this is entertainment tonight. everybody. it is oscar weekend. the academy awards are finally here, and we've seen a few oscar tars out and about before the big show. >> and this is what it looks like on the road to hollywood's biggest night. >> best supporting actor? >> best supporting actor. i'd love for him to do it. >> that's matt damon, dressed down, talking oscar odds moment
2:07 am
thursday night, a pre-oscar bash with a bunch of stars, including jennifer lawrence at the dinner for equality hosted by patricia arquette to support equal pay for women. then jennifer garner made news with the release of a cover story. did ben's affair with the nanny break them up? >> we had made the decision long before the nanny was hired. i think they just couldn't do did anymore. >> unsavory, cliche and bad judgment. that's how jen refers to nannygate. but her biggest loss reveals why they live on the same property. i lost the dream of dancing with ben at high daughter's wedding. you love someone so purely and
2:08 am
>> she said, when brad and jen broke up, i was desperate to see that they got back together. you're sucked into it. you're drawn in. but at the same time, you know, her next sentence was that you can't let my life become a soap opera. >> jen looks somber but still stunningly beautiful in the vanity fair photo shoot. >> she had like a come to jesus one morning, and there they pop up, the head heine pops up, and she realizes i can't go down this rabbit hole. care? she said it's the opposite. i care too much. it's too painful. >> but this is one minute jen confesses she laughed at. >> shethe only person ben hasn't been unfaithful to. >> she says i don't hate him. >> she did. she says he's the love of my life.
2:09 am
that? >> besides that, it seems that jen won't be taking ben back. it's heartbreaking as she still calls him the most brilliant person in any room. the most charismatic. when his sun shines on you, you feel it. when his sun shines elsewhere, you feel cold. >> she says i failed at this twice. what did i do? where's my part in this. she knows how hard this is. ben had been through a very public broken engagement and a string of high-profile romances. she was very clear about it. make no mistake, i did not marry the movie star. i married him. and i would run down that beach and marry him again, and i have no regrets about that. next, oscar prep and security. michelle turner was on the oscar red carpet. >> the academy released video and instagram sketches of what the oscar stage would look like
2:10 am
there will be a total of 37 set scenes. but there is serious breaking security news. >> the highest security here of any awards show ever. >> news editor was with whoopi goldberg who won an oscar and hosted the show. >> we're in a high-security kind of groove. i'm sure people are expecting a lot of stuff, but i don't know that this is, anybody has the right to expect anything but a good show. >> "e.t." has learned the academy is definitely stepping up security this year. it was just announced that vice president joe biden will be introducing lady gaga's means. the secret service will be here. in addition to metal detectors, bomb- bomb-sniffing dogs and cameras,
2:11 am
>> plus there was the luncheon thursday. matt made a not so -- >> be funny two or three other times throughout the show. if you get off on the wrong foot, though, it's a real hard hole to dig yourself out of. >> and once again, we exclusively inside alfred woodard's suare. >> and getting an honor of her own. she will be recognized at the 2016 power women summit along with vanessa williams. >> you may not realize that brie larson who starred in "room", as soon as a hollywood newcomer. she's had several tv and movie roles. >> this isn't a red carpet movie.
2:12 am
josie talked to brie's stylist about her incredible transformation. >> you know, keep the shoulders back. feel it, feel it. love it. >> literally tried on five dresses. this was the first dress we tried on. and i have just seen it in paris the sunday before. >> i didn't have a dress until i got in at 6:00 this morning. >> did stru to get it altered or did it fit you closely? >> i kind of wanted to close the blueberry a little. i'm a little more modest than runway models. >> we are in the hotel right next to the elevator. we like dominated their hallway, we set up basically like a table, literally. >> you guys are in a hotel hallway. >> we had three different people sewing the details. >> the best part about brie's oscar style transformation is
2:13 am
behind each dress. the stylestist used this mood board. >> calvin kline designed this for me and sent sketches. >> when i was the most blown away, i saw this beautiful blue thing they had worn, and to wear a dress that heavy being supported like a halter neck, it's a commitment. >> we're sitting here with a floor full of shoes. >> that's nothing. we cleaned it up. i was like, they aren't going to be able to walk in here. >> what's interesting, is it's rare for brie to come meet christina in a showroom like this. she was on scene in australia. christina had to improvise. >> i'm spending my days running around notice junkin the jungle. >> how do you get going? >> you get on a plane and fly to australia for 24 hours.
2:14 am
we just had to keep the party moving. >> braking down her fashion, brie is a fashion risk taker, definitely eclectic, back in 2004, 14 year old brie styled herself and had hopes for more. >> designers are giving you clothes and everyone wants you to wear their stuff. i think it would be awesome. >> more than a decade later, brie's style dreams and oscar dreams are finally coming true. christina was dropping a hint about what she will wear on oscar night. it was picked out in december. >> brie's not wearing black to the oscars but maybe soon? >> there is black in her future. put it that way. >> she met stylist christina at a fitting for the met gala. >> it's this big celebrity exstraf beganexstraf began sa. >> and they've never really
2:15 am
>> until now. >> it's a little like devil wears prada. >> only one person decides who gets in, though editor in chief anna wintor. >> can you not be on your cell phone? >> was she talking about justin bieber? about 600 walk that red carpet. a table of ten could cost a minimum of $175,000. a single ticket? $25,000. and check out this e-mail. do you have time to chat about rihanna's budget? do they have timerouble affording rere's performance? they seem to have worked it out. "e.t." has always brought you the red carpet glam. >> i love being shouted at by 500 people. >> i'm riding your coattails. >> that's right, baby.
2:16 am
first monday in may which opens at the film festival gives you up front drama on the inside. more oscar coverage straight ahead with sly stallone's academy awards come back nearly 40 years after rocky. and tina fey's words for chris rock. >> and how tina's co-star ended up in a dad, can you help me with this? sure, riley...uggh...ah-choo! oooh! disgusting!! eeawww! so gross! germmmmssss!! great, this is just great! guys, it's alright! when life gets messy, get clorox. it cleans and kills germs. and now bring home disney pixar's inside out. your future just got more beautiful. now there's simply ageless liquid makeup it helps you look younger in three ways. so in the future when you're older you look younger. simply ageless from olay...
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welcome back to the show, everyone. let mow take you back to 1997 when giani versace's murder shocked everyone. nearly 20 years later, the hotel. and we look inside. ten bedrooms, 11 baths, 23,000 square feet of mediterranean decadence. >> this is the villa suite. and this was giani versace's -- >> okay. this is the biggest bed i've ever seen in my life. >> and what celebrities have stayed here? >> oh, all sorts. this is where kim kardashian stays. >> the kardashians rented out the entire hotel once. scott having a rowdy moment outside. >> he wasn't actually staying during that particular period of
2:23 am
>> they hung out. and this is where they all hung out. you see them all thrown across the bed chitchatting and hanging out. >> the suites run from $1,000 to $4200 per night. worth it. intricate mosaics on the floors. gold on the fixtures, in the bed, in the pool. kylie jenner swam in that beauty, so did the biebs. >> i hope justin bieber was clothed. >> partially. >> justin stayed in the venus room at $3,000 per night. >> he kept our room service busy round the clock. >> this is a very sizable bed. >> yes. >> was it just little justin in here by himself? >> well, you know, i don't know exactly who was on the bed. but i know there were quite a lot of people in the room.
2:24 am
in 1992 and spent a whopping amount for improvements. >> elton john went for the cheaper room? >> he brought all his a-list pals. and since 1997 and versace's murder, his spirit is still felt on the premises. >> the whole place really is an homage to mr. versace. quite a lot of people who believe in the supernatural who feel that he literally is still here. >> the spirit of versace? >> they claim they've seen spirits and go into certain rooms and doors open and close and things of that nature. >> and back to bieber, we're told he booked a room after seeing a girlfriend there. he had an entourage of people with him, stayed up late and had spa treatment by the pool. nice, actually. still to come, remember this reality star? she made headlines for marrying a 51-year-old when she was 16 years old. coming up we're with her as she
2:25 am
>> i'm not wild about the bumps on the side of my nose. then our '80s flashback. >> when the fans are screaming, what is it they're saying most? >> get off. first, in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which celebrates his birthday the same as his younger dad, can you help me with this? sure, riley...uggh...ah-choo! oooh! disgusting!! eeawww! so gross! germmmmssss!! great, this is just great! guys, it's alright! when life gets messy, get clorox. it cleans and kills germs. and now bring home disney pixar's inside out. when my doctor told me i have age-related macular degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula
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travel considerations provided by look at all those famous faces with birthdays this weekend. kate meara is 33.
2:31 am
age the broadway mama is celebrating turning 68. take a final look at your choices, which singer celebrates his birthday the same day as his younger brother? that is josh grogan who is 35. and his little bro chris. "e.t." at the oscars with josie breaking down the best and worst dressed, monday only on "e.t.." we are almost out of time. but for all the late breaking hollywood news, go to our website. >> but front man jonas with the official live version. >> they will be opening for selena gomez. >> enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone. >> good-bye. waste time with a
2:32 am
you should be with me you're my real life fantasy but you move so carefully
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dance with me baby >> "ring of honor" is brought to
2:35 am
please call. >> historic auditorium in nashville, tennessee. fans along -- i am kevin kelly. we have one tremendous main


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