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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 28, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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bing, bing. bing, bing, bing. >> all the headlines from an amazing race. breaking overnight -- in the line of duty, a police officer in virginia shot and killed on her first day on the job. two other officers wounded. what went wrong on that seemingly routine call? fantastic finish. >> bang, bang, oh, what a shot from curry! >> steph curry's night for the record books, shrugging off an injured ankle, sinking 12 three-pointers, including an amazing buzzer beater. is this the best game of the season? and countdown to oscar. we're live on the red carpet as hollywood gets set to honor its best. who can pull off an upset? >> and the award goes to -- >> "spotlight." >> and that awards show overnight. will you be tweaking your oscar picks now? >> let's do this. >> and host chris rock keeping everyone guessing how he'll handle oscars so white. and the red carpet looks, who
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we're live at the oscars with everything you need to know for hollywood's biggest night. good morning, america. >> happy oscar sunday. sara and i are in new york. paula rand rob, right there on the red carpet this morning. you guys look great. >> thank you. >> thank you, dan. >> dan, i know it looks like we're going to prom, right? he forgot the corsage this morning. >> we don't have the corsage. my bad. >> we're so excited to be here. so much oscar excitement in hollywood. >> we're at the foot of the dolby steps. 3300 lucky celebrities and power players will walk up those steps later on today. from the fashion to the front-runners, "gma" is your front row seat to the oscars. >> we sure are. we have a whole lot to get to. but dan, you have a whole lot of news to get to. >> indeed.
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for hillary clinton. look at the numbers. she beat bernie sanders by nearly 50 points. powered in large measure by african-american voters. this gives her huge momentum. heading into soup super tuesday. and this raises questions about whether sanders can bounce back. we begin with david wright. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. that is exactly right. hillary clinton is leaving south carolina with huge wind in her sails. and the pressure is now on bernie sanders, who has just two days to make up some serious ground. >> thank you so much, south carolina. [ crowd chanting ] >> all: hillary, hillary. hillary, hillary. >> reporter: this is what a 50-point victory speech looks like. >> and tomorrow, this campaign goes national. >> reporter: compare that to the concession speech. >> in politics, on a given night, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. tonight, we lost.
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campaign is now hoping the voters in 11 states that go to the polls super tuesday will come to their rescue. in south carolina, clinton picked up 39 more pledged delegates, compared to 14 for sanders. she's now well ahead of him. on tuesday, 800 more delegates are up for grabs. >> and we intend to win many, many of them. >> reporter: today, hillary clinton heads to tennessee and arkansas, hoping to continue her sweep of the south. sanders is on to oklahoma and colorado. hoping the huge crowds who have been turning up for his rallies will show up to vote. clinton is right. this is now a national campaign for both of them. up until now, it's been a series of state-by-state contests. but now it goes wide. clinton has huge momentum. ahead in the delegate count, as
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the question for sanders, can he stop her? >> thank you, david. meej,anwhile, on the republican side of this race, donald trump out on the trail and opening fire on his new nemesis, marco rubio. trump is getting help now from his new ally, chris christie. but rubio who had been keeping it positive, until recently, is not relenting. mary bruce is in memphis, tennessee, this morning. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, dan, good morning. with super tuesday around the corner, the attacks are getting supersized. it is getting ugly out here. the republican candidates seem to be using every chance they get to take each other down. >> he's a very nasty guy. >> friends don't let friends vote for con artists. >> this is my country, damn it! my country! >> reporter: this morning, the top republican candidates are eviscerating each other. unleashing some of the nastiest attacks yet. >> but he's flying around on hair force one. >> reporter: marco rubio trying to out-trump trump has launched a personal assault against the front-runner. >> he just came out firing.
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status. channeling rocky in a new highlight reel from the florida performance. there are hundreds of people waiting in the middle of a field to get into this airport hangar to hear donald speak. >> light weight rubio. total light weight. little mouth on him. bing, bing, bing. bing, bing, bing, bing, bing. >> reporter: rival ted cruz is also piling on, blasting trump for not releasing his tax returns. >> by maybe, his tax returns show he doesn't have quite as much money as he says he does. >> reporter: cruz and robe yeo their returns. hiding something. doesn't make as much money as he says he does. >> reporter: now the candidates are crisscrossing the country ahead of tuesday's contest. donald trump alone will be in alabama, virginia, georgia, ohio, and kentucky. before waiting for the results
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rubio's home state. >> big stakes there for him. the discourse is incredible. it's a far cry from the lincoln douglas debates. mary bruce, thank you. let's bring in george stp stephanopoulos, who will host "this week" later this morning. >> i'm sorry i didn't get the formal wear memo. >> the cocktail wear memo. it's oscar sunday. the big headline from overnight. getting back to the democrats. hillary clinton trouncing bernie sanders. does he have a viable path to the nomination? >> it's getting much more narrow right now. that nearly 50-point win in south carolina. huge, huge numbers in the african-american community. she won about 85% of the african-american vote in south carolina. you have six southern states coming up on tuesday. which also have heavily african-american populations. if she sweeps those, bernie sanders is going to win in his home state of vermont. he has to win in two or three other states to be viable. here's the fact to watch. 25% of the voters of the democrat primaries are african-american.
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to do much, much, much better with that community, he cannot have a viable path to the nomination. >> and overnight, in her victory speech, hillary clinton seemed to be positioning inging herself for a run against donald trump. she took on his slogan. take a listen to this. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. >> she also talked about the need for love and kindness and a clear act of counterprogramming against trump. but in a year of so much anger, which trump has really tapped into, is this a winning message? >> that will be the question. she's clearly, as you say, setting herself up as the anti-trump in the general election. will this fire burn itself out or keep on rising and rising and rising? and the question for her, can she harness both sides? and for donald trump, if he gets the nomination, can he find a way to reach out beyond his core base of very angry voters. >> such an interesting year. george, thank you.
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chris christie, ted cruz, and bernie sander graepts lineup. that's coming up on "this week." and no sleep for george. then we're on to super tuesday. he'll lead our entire team at 10:00 eastern tuesday night on tuesday night. let's go to ron for a look at the headlines. good morning, sir. good morning to you, dan. sara, good morning to you. we begin with news of a rookie police officer in virginia who was shot and killed in. officer ashley guindon responded in woodbridge, virginia, south of washington, d.c., respond to a call about an altercation at this was on saturday. two others. a suspect has been arrested. violence erupting at a ku klux klan anti-immigration rally.
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orange county to protest illegal immigration. they were confronted there by counterprotesters. members of the two groups clashed. three people were stabbed. 13 arrested. and day two of the cease-fire in syria. the truce seems to be mostly holding. no russian air strikes since the agreement between the syrian government and rebel forces went into effect friday night. the terrorist group isis, not a party to the cease-fire, launched a surprise offense nif a northern syrian town and carried out a suicide truck bombing. back here at home, police say a drag race on a freeway in los angeles ended in this. a deadly inferno. three people were killed in the crash. one of the speeding cars lost control, hitting a big rig, sending the tractor trailer through the divider and into the oncoming traffic. and will he be back? it's close to decision time for denver broncos star quarterback peyton manning. there are reports that the certain future hall of famer has made up his mind and will retire soon. the broncos saying he's not made a decision. he's expected to meet with
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and finally, steph curry of the golden state warriors showed once again why he may be the best player in the nba. an amazing game saturday. setting one record, tying another. and oh, by the way, winning the game by himself. >> bang, bang! oh, what a shot from curry! >> reporter: oh, what a night, steph curry had a game for the record books with his three-pointer from 35 feet out with the game tied in overtime. >> curry, another three, oh! it's good! >> reporter: the golden state warrior breaking the nba single season mark for three-pointers and tying for the most three-pointers in one game. >> curry, another three, oh! steps and shoots with less than one second left on the clock. sealing the victory for the warriors over the oklahoma city thunder. he hit four in the first half. >> another! >> reporter: in the third quarter, looked like he would be sidelined after rolling his ankle.
8:11 am
and he went back into the game. it's the game-winning shot blowing up the internet. curry tying kobe bryant and donyell marshall for the most three pointers in a game. nba stars past and present tweeting out in disbelief. pretty amazing, huh? >> it's like he would just throw the ball up and it would find its way to the basket. >> he needs to start shooting from the other team's net. >> he pretty much was. >> i used to be able to do that myself. >> to have one game like that in your life. >> but oklahoma was without one of their star players. kevin durant. who know, if he was in the game, maybe a different outcome. steph curry, bad dude. bad dude. >> seeing those shots, i don't think anything could change the evening. i want to know what he ate pregame. >> fair question. >> thank you, ron. let's go back out to paula and rob in hollywood. looking glam rouse there with chris. >> ron claiborne from downtown. i love it.
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that everybody wants to know. what are the stars eating before the oscars? sara, we're going to ask. okay? this is another game. it's all going down here on the red carpet. all the action will be here today. the stars came out saturday for a big laidback beach blast at the film independent spirit awards in santa monica. >> and the ambiance couldn't be different than here. but it's traditionally been a good oscar predictor. chris connelly took it all in. good morning, chris. you had a big night. >> i sure did. it was kind of an afternoon, really. movies produced outside the major studios. made with minimal funds and maximal passions. sometimes a harbinger of the oscars. sometimes a fun day on the beach. sometimes a little bit of both. >> independent film making is not about making a profit. it's not about breaking even. it's about definitely losing money. >> reporter: located at the pacific, the film independent spirit awards hit the beach, to honor the year's best.
8:13 am
and performances. >> the people that are making them, on a shoestring. and there's a -- a sort of a grass roots vibe to >> reporter: plenty of midday dash and glamour. why would you wake up early on a saturday morning? >> because it takes a lot of time to look like this. i had a lot of help. >> they literally just yell at the women as they walk by. >> reporter: "carol's" rooney mara. a nominee willing to play >> i'm getting over the flu. i don't want to further infect anyone. an on-stage squeeze from co-star cate blanchett. as the drama would earn a cinematography mod. >> reporter: in supporting female, maya taylor. the first film shot on an iphone. win major award. talent. you better get out there and put it in your next movie. >> reporter: "beasts of no nation" doubled up. in the acting category. idris elba winning supporting male.
8:14 am
with abraham. an amazing talent. never done it before. this is for you. >> reporter: and young abraham atah winning male lead. >> thank you, thank you. >> i enjoy getting to go on the stage. that's my favorite part. >> reporter: "room's" jacob got on stage. >> brie larson. >> reporter: and as co-star brie larson took to the stage, she got an unscripted shoutout from her beau. >> i love you! >> thank you, i love you! >> reporter: the afternoon's big winner. >> "spotlight." >> reporter: with five awards. acknowledgments to the real-life activists and journalists. >> they are what journalists used to be. and they don't need or want the attention. they were about getting the story right. >> reporter: and that is a huge win for "spotlight." if you can beat such outstanding films among the indie crowd, you are doing well. >> i loved "spotlight."
8:15 am
the categories. you're like a magic 8 ball. we're going to pick your brain later. >> it's all just a lot of red carpet. a lot of red carpet work. trying to give you information. >> great insight. great to have you here with us. all eyes on chris rock tonight. everyone wants to see how the comedian will handle the biggest controversy the academy awards has really faced in years. a lack of diversity among the nominees. >> rock has promised he'll not shy away from this sensitive issue. >> let's do this. >> reporter: tonight, millions are eager to see how academy awards host chris rock will handle the oscars so white discussion. >> i might curse. >> reporter: but the notoriously sharp-tongued comic is keeping silent on his plans. >> chris rock. >> reporter: rock is making his return to the oscars stage as host for the first time since 2005. >> a great night tonight. we have four black nominees tonight. so cra. it's like the def oscar jam
8:16 am
>> reporter: there have been calls for rock to join a boycott, sparked bay second straight year of no nominees of color in any of the acting categories. >> why are they doing this? >> reporter: will smith, predicted to be a best actor nominee for his role in "concussion." >> tell the truth. >> reporter: -- was among the first and biggest stars to speak out. >> we're part of this community. at this current time, we're uncomfortable to stand there and say that this is okay. >> reporter: director spike lee telling george in january, he'll be at the knicks game instead. >> we know what you're going to be doing. what should everybody else do? >> here's the thing. i have never used the word boycott. >> reporter: in a "gma" exclusive interview, the show's producers promise a more diverse >> we want to get the biggest, that was what the biggest, best talent we could get looked like.
8:17 am
including kerry washington. the weeknd, and john legend and common. 2015 winners. and ava duvernet won't be there either. she'll be at an event to raise awareness of the water crisis in %-pflint, ichigan. but chris, a lot of people expect chris rock to be no holds barred. any idea what chris rock will do? >> he's just going to put the first ten rows on blast. and by extension, the hollywood community. i don't think he'll focus so much on the nominations but on the power structures. that make it that so few stories of people of color get told. >> don't go anywhere. we're going to pick your brain. about your favorites. and guys, if you wonder why rob and i have an extra glow, we cheated a little bit. we'll tell you why next time we see you. just a little teeny bit. >> we went all glam. >> beauty secrets from paula and rob. just what america needs. that's coming up. things we need to know. news you can use. let's check the forecast now with indra.
8:18 am
california, gorgeous out there. i was very jealous yesterday. i was rocking the beanie. had the uggs on. the midwest, 20 degrees above normal. today, finally. the warm air. spreading into the east. we started off the morning wind chills below freezing. hello. like 20 degrees warmer by the afternoon. temperatures 10, 15 above average. keep it going tomorrow. don't say i said so, but make it a long week end. take off work. beautiful. down into the south. not to say there's not something out there. we have a clipper clicking on through. bringing high winds and a few light showers. i'm not looking at that. temperatures above normal.
8:19 am
with just a couple of d >> so we're looking for a whopping 58 degrees today. you think that's enough to get a little tan here in new york city? >> new york city? 58? i love it. >> you have to head inside. it's oscars. my favorite. have you seen the hysterical new promo from chris rock and jimmy kimmel? take a look. >> they're letting me do things my way this oscars. here's my solution when someone talks too long. >> i never dreamed. ah! >> get ready for the shortest show in history. >> join chris rock for the oscars and jimmy kimmel after the oscars. oscar sunday, live on abc. >> i could have used that at family dinners.
8:20 am
>> and for the first time ever, this is interesting. nominees had to submit a list of thank yous beforehand. all winning speeches will have a scrolling list of those thank yous at the bottom of the screen. this is the 11th "jimmy kimmel live" special after the oscars. >> he's got a huge lineup. no tasers on hand. >> that would make it more interesting. >> might be hard to book guests. don't forget, the oscars air live right here on abc tonight. the excitement starts with our red carpet show at 7:00 eastern. don't miss our big "gma" post oscar party blowout right here tomorrow morning. and we have much more on "gma" this morning, including the aforementioned beauty secrets from paula and rob. >> oh, i can't wait. and your oscar forecast from the favorites to the long shots who could go home with the hardware tonight. plus, the red carpet on the runway. from mild to wild, what to expect in the way of fashion on hollywood's most glamorous night.
8:21 am
why it's easier than ever to see the red carpet from your favorite actor's point of view. we're going to be right back with all things oscar. and possibly beauty regime secrets from the one and onld rob marciano. >> i think it relates to cucumbers on the eyes. >> i want to know how long they lasted.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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i'm not looking. >> today it's hometown trivia time. we're saluting bakersfield, california, affiliate. kero, channel -- >> she's looking? >> were you looking? bakersfield is renowned for a cuisine from a region of spain. where the local people speak a language totally unrelated to spanish. here's a hint. where the running of the bulls takes place in pamplona. >> bask. in hemingway's book. >> you got it, man, you got it. dan's on a roll. >> he rose his hand. i thought we had to wait. >> this is it. for the big ball of wax. this bakersfield native is famous for his 1969 country hit song "okie from muskogee." >> i should know this. >> an anti-hippie anthem of the time.
8:28 am
>> come on. i'm disappointed. >> i'm disappointed in myself.
8:29 am
>> merle hagga get ready for gold. it's almost time for oscar. who's going to take home the awards on hollywood's biggest night? will leonardo dicaprio and sylvester stallone finally win? and it's a big night for fashion. we'll have the celebrity looks to watch for. "gma" live on the red carpet
8:30 am
to the oscars. and good morning, as we head into the 88th annual academy awards which will air right here on abc. >> from new york to l.a. and around the world, all eyes will be on hollywood's dolby theater. that's where paula and rob are right now. >> hey, sara. good morning again. dan. ron, indra. paula faris. how fabulous does she look? >> amazing. >> thanks, guys. thank you. i appreciate it. keep going. >> she's not the only one that will be dazzling tonight. the stage will dazzle with over 200,000 swarovski crystals. along with seven different shades of gold. >> that's a lot, a lot of bling. >> check that out. >> it's beautiful. all eyes will be on the winners. chris connelly back with us with a look at some of tonight's front-runners. can't wait to hear this. >> this is so true. this year, the oscar producers say they're shuffling the order of the awards. just one of the things to watch for tonight, including kudos for
8:31 am
film. "star wars: the force awakens" may not be up for best picture. but with five nominations and a newly imagined running order of oscar categories, you're likely to hear it shouted out throughout much of the night. you'll hear performances of three nominated songs. by lady gaga, returning to the oscars for the second straight year. the weeknd. and sam smith will be singing to one audience member in particular. >> i'm going to sing directorly to leo. only leo. this is for you, babe. >> reporter: this, figures to be for leonardo dicaprio, too, a best actor oscar. for "the revenant." and brie larson has a chance to take home the academy award for best actress, thanks to her work in "room." >> that's the cool thing about life. it hands you these opportunities. you get to decide how you want to handle it. >> reporter: sylvester stallone wrote himself the role of rocky
8:32 am
could it bring him a best supporting actor oscar in 2016? >> you're going to get knocked down. and you're going to get up. and you're going to see if you have the right thing. >> reporter: best director looks to be wide open. with a sentimental favorite, george miller. who steered "mad max, fury road." and an outside shot for adam mckay. nominated for his work on the unexpected hit "the big short." >> no one is paying attention. >> we really broke the number one rule of all film schools, which is show, don't tell. and we just said, nah, we're going to tell. >> reporter: and no matter who wins earlier, best picture will be a nail-biter. "the revenant." "spotlight." "the big short." even "room." they all have a chance to make history tonight. >> i want a different story! >> no, this is the story that you get. >> reporter: still a chance for a big surprise in a major category. no surprise that you're terrified by the bear. >> i saw the bear, i had to turn around. that is still one of the most terrifying scenes.
8:33 am
after seeing "the revenant." other films. the bear is very castable. i see maybe a sitcom for him coming. you can't say for sure? >> do you think leo is a lock? >> i think leo is a lock. beat leo is steph curry. >> he deserves it. that whole film is amazing. the cinematography. the nonstop scenes that were it's up for best picture. do you think it's a lock? "spotlight" has the wind in its sails. >> i love you. because i am betting the ranch, i'm betting the farm, i'm betting everything on "spotlight." i think dan and i both are. >> it's a wonderful film. it could very well win. "the big short" is still a contender as well. >> dan, i think we actually agree on this. you love "spotlight" as well. >> one of the few things we agree on. i absolutely loved "spotlight." i know ron felt the same way. we all loved it. >> i concur as well. >> she said that with an accent.
8:34 am
>> it's so unusual that we journalists would enjoy "spotlight." >> exactly. >> we do important work. an important film. >> thank you, guys. we'll be back for you for much more. let's check the weather with indra. >> notice how cozy they look. the temperatures are already in the upper 50s for them. we're hoping for that for a high today. and yesterday, we saw temperatures just in the 30s and 40s. the big jump for us. it will be rough for them. paula, rob, they'll sweat it out. 79 degrees the high for oscar sunday in los angeles. show time, 73 degrees. i don't think there's any problems on the red carpet today. absolutely gorgeous. meanwhile, that is the west coast forecast. let's look at ours. this is so depressing after looking at that. chance for snow. looking at showers. across the country. a chance for rain, snow, wind, all of it coming up.
8:35 am
coming our way. >> this weather was brought to you by walt disney world. very appropriate. the nor'easter, tuesday in through thursday. the first system. another one behind that one. >> i would take our forecast and wake up later in the morning. these guys, it's the middle of the night for them right now. >> i'm not giving it to them. nope. not happening. for the oscars. paula and rob. you heard that correctly. they wept together to get pampered just ahead. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? artoo, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away...
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talk to me baby we're back live in hollywood, it's the countdown to the oscars. on the red carpet here at the base of the dolby theaters. 40,000 square feet of this red carpet. the stars maybe only seen for a few minutes here. the celebrities spend hours primping and preening for the big night. >> and so did this guy. as rob and i found at the cure salon and spa, it doesn't only apply to women, right, rob? >> that's right.
8:40 am
take a look. i need a red carpet glow. >> yes. >> is that painful? >> no. >> what about some manscaping. maybe his chest needs to get waxed. >> what? um -- let me see. >> oh, kelly clarkson! >> i don't think so. not today. thank you for offering. >> you've never had a manicure. >> no, no. >> they call it a man-icure. not a woman-icure. >> that looks like a medieval torture device. what is that thing? i think dan harris would be proud of me. dan, you'll always be more man than me, no matter how many manicures you get. >> time for the facial, rob. >> i'm digging this. i'm lying down. this is not as scary as the nail thing. >> just wait until they extract. >> what? >> oh, my word. your face. >> it's my wine mask. so mean. this is the relaxing part? it's making me hungry, actually. >> rob, rob, you're not supposed
8:41 am
>> it's a snack. >> we're not done yet. >> no. >> time for some spray tan. >> yeah. >> look how pale i am. that, i can use. this is crazy. this is crazy. this is crazy. >> rob's totally taking one for the team right now. i'm taking a photo of it. >> rob, you handled that manicure like a champ. you have the best cuticles on the west coast, i'm sure of it. >> oh, they're blinding. you should see these things. >> the question was, how many manicures have you had? >> zero. doughnut holes. >> this week? >> paula? his cuticles look pretty amazing from here. >> never had a manicure. i promise you. claiborne? >> never had, never will. >> i'm sensing a group activity. next time, guard your cucumbers
8:42 am
>> it was a long shoot. it got hungry. it was a bonding experience. not that paula and i needed more bonding. it was a good time. any way. thank you, dan. there's a manicure in your future. >> i'm going to go. coming up on "good morning america," we're talking about the oscar fashions. the big trends this season. and looks that could dominate the red carpet. see you in a bit. but now he's taking osteo bi-flex, and noticing a real difference in his joint comfort. the feeling originates in this area... spreads throughout the body... to here, inducing hilariously high levels of embarrassment in his son. he knows it's working by that look of abject humiliation on his son's face. you were made to dance, phil. so dance. shows improved joint comfort in just 7 days. osteo bi-flex.
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talk to me baby one of the best parts of oscar night is seeing the drop-dead dresses. everyone trying to outdo one another.
8:46 am
fashion expert june ambrose. >> good morning. >> what are we going see tonight that came from the runway? >> i'm hoping to see color. every other award show was a warmup. i'm hoping for more color, more glitz. i'm hoping it's not a somber night. i hope it's a celebratory night. we see the runway trends hit the carpet. i'm looking for high necklines. there was a lot of that. the cutouts was a big trend. you know, i'm just praying that the girls stay on trend. >> i always rely on black. but i love when i get to see color. what kind of designers do you expect to be featured? >> we have seen a lot of middle eastern designers. it was interesting. i'm hoping we get some of those american designers out there. the vera wangs, the oscar de la rentas. marchesa. i feel like they'll return this year. >> the classic go-to? >> the classic go-to? >> we love the look of the celebrities. but are any of these dresses comfortable? >> comfort, fashion is never comfortable. i love the drama.
8:47 am
lawrence fall on the staircase. that became the moment we all talked about and remembered. the dress was stunning. it photographed well. that's what matters the most. as fussy as the dresses can be, i don't think the actresses are complaining. >> i always tense up when they go the take the stairs on the way up. i'm like, please, don't fall. thank you so much for being with us. we'll all have our eyes peeled on the red carpet. coming up, a special oscar edition of "pop news." why some of the statues may wind up homeless tonight. song: "that's life" song: "that's life" song: "that's life" that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise,
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8:51 am
all right. time for an oscar-themed "pop news." with the one and only, irrepressible sara haines. what you got? >> i'm dangling some sweets at the end of "pop. if you act properly, i might give you one. >> that's a big if. >> big if.
8:52 am
the start of the oscars, but the celebrations have already begun. famous faces like lady gaga, chrissy teigen, bryan cranston. some of my favorites gathered for harvey weinstein's party. zendaya was there to entertain the crowd. and derek hough was there to perform from "singing in the rain." i'm happy again i'm laughing at clouds so dark up above >> he's starring in the show opening on broadway next year. just one dance with that man. i love a guy who can dance. >> so true. and sing. together? come on now. >> i would just take him for one twirl around the dance floor and turn him back in. >> i guess i'm out of the running. >> you were out of the running awhile ago. >> you lost her at hello. >> and this year, it will be easier than ever to experience the oscars from your favorite celebrity's point of view.
8:53 am
video channel so you can find the most buzz-worthy bits all in one place. look for actors, stylists, photographers to all post clips. the academy will snap shots of the nominees and presenters as they step out of their limos. it used to be a show you used to watch on tv. now, it's like, what's left by the time the tv steps in? we have seen it everywhere. >> multiscreen experience. see how distracted you can be at all times. >> it only feeds my problems with a.d.d., so i'll be there. and plooefr believe it or not, nearly two dozen oscars could wind up homeless tonight. this is something i probably should have figured out but never knew. the academy is never sure how many gold men they'll hand out, since categories like best picture, original songs, and original screen play have various amount of winners.
8:54 am
the minimum, 32. the maximum, with no ties, 54. it would be fun to take a leftover, but when you don't earn it -- >> you have a lot of explaining to do every time somebody comes over. i have one. i didn't win. >> what did you win that in? >> rob and paula, grab us some. >> they put it in a vault. it ends up being part of next year's show. they'll be put to good use. for all those environmentallists out there. >> they recycle them. >> yes. i was concerned. these are the sweets i promised. a sweet night for the oscar winners. you're guaranteed a sweet night of your own with these cookies and cup cakes. we found these in new york. at lenny's. a celebrity favorite for almost 20 years. the cookies are like edible masterpieces. almost too good to eat. but not. they have goodies crafted with the pictures of the best actress and actor nominees. and famts movie lines. >> i love how ron is selecting
8:55 am
>> i got leo dicaprio. >> what happened with sharing is caring, ron? >> i'm going to eat eddie redmayne. he looks delicious. we need to save one for paula and rob. >> i know rob wants this one. i'm going to eat it. >> their day in l.a., maybe they shouldn't be eating cookies. >> rob, put this on your eyes instead of cucumbers next time. >> i would devour that too. no cookies for us? >> we have had way too much fun. all under the guise of work. and sara, i know you like man that can sing and dance. so i'm going the leave you with this. >> no. i can tap. >> well. >> it's still working for me. >> the bizarro world river dance from rob. >> you're welcome, america.
8:56 am
have great oscar sunday. good morning, america. max and the coach here with you. if you didn't stay up saturday night and watch golden state and oklahoma city, shame on you. game of the year so far. in the nba. this one went all the way to the final second. literally. golden state down two. they trailed by double figures in this one. kevin durant turns it over. look at klay thompson. he'll find andre iguodala. durant compounds the mistake with a foul. iguodala. both free throws made. tied at 118-118. steph curry. his 12th three-pointer. he had 46. third straight 40-point game. warriors continue to roll. virginia-north carolina. malcolm brogdon. one of the top players in the nation.
8:57 am
time will tell. he gets some voters' attention with the game he had at home. it's crowded at the top of the acc. 26 points for brogdon. nothing they could do. north carolina kept in touch. isaiah wilkins double-teamed. and it's devin hall for the slam. a lot of teams at the top of the acc jockeying for position. virginia and north carolina right there. >> it will be a lot of fun to watch down the stretch. that's going to do it for us. he's max. i'm the coach.
8:58 am
8:59 am
enjoy your sunday, everyone. starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump takes command. just two days till super tuesday. the billionaire front-runner rewriting the campaign playbook. >> we have a really good chance of winning.
9:00 am
>> i'm proud and happy to be part of this team. >> while his rivals hit back harder than ever. >> worst spray tan in america. this is a scam. donald trump will never be the republican nominee. >> we're covering all the week's stunning surprises. and looking ahead to super tuesday. with chris christie and ted cruz here live. plus, hillary's lanslide victory. >> tomorrow, this campaign goes national. [ cheers and applause ] >> is this the start of her big move? bernie sanders responds here live. from abc news, a special super tuesday edition of "this week." here now, chief anchor george stephanopoulos. >> as we come on the air this week, it's getting harder and harder to describe the presidential race sounding more and more like a grade school playground.


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