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david lovell / nicole's father "it's going to be terrible and i'm not prepared for it. i'm not. how can any father be prepared for it?" now at seven ... the father of 13- year old nicole novell goes to the courthouse searching for answers about
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interview you'll only see to the charges against two virginia tech students. plus ... the trial for a group of alleged gang members accused of killing a waynesboro police officer is underway. selection. and then ... the presidential campaign takes center stage in iowa. a live report from the first caucus of decision 20-16. good evening, and thanks for . police found 13- year-old nicole lovell dead over the weekend. today ... the two virginia tech students charged in connection with her killing time. 18-year old david eisenhauer of columbia maryland is charged with first degree murder and abduction. 19-year-old natalie keepers of laurel maryland is charged with the improper disposal of a dead body and accessory after the fact. both bond. our very own dawn jefferies caught up with lovell's father in an interview you'll only see here in wsls ten.
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appearance for david eisenhauer and natalie keeper. it's was also the first opportunity many people have to see the accused in person and that includes, in this case, nicole lovell's father david. david lovell didn't get to see either as they were arraigned earlier than scheduled. he and his family are wearing blue ribbons in honor of nicole.. blue was one of her favorite colors. what we know so far from police is and according to arrest warrants.. david eisenhauer who is charged with 1st degree murder and abduction.. deliberately killed the 13- year-old... it was premediated. it's a detail davis says it hard to hear but he wanted to be here. 10.38.12 david lovell/nicole's father david lovell "these two individuals took my daughter from this planet and i want to know why and i want all the information i can get." eisenhauer and keepers next court appearance is march 28th in christiansburg, dj, wsls 10. the blacksburg community continues to be the site of a major police investigation
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state police dive teams scoured a pond on virginia tech's campus for the second day in a row. a criminal investigations unit was also parked in the jefferson national forest as police used survey equipment to gather evidence there. tonight ... we're also learning how this investigation is impacting the new river valley. w-s-l-s 10's rob manch spoke with a pastor at lovell's church today. we're here on virginia tech's campus tonight where police have spent the day searching for clues in this pond here behind me. but as you said all of this investigative activity is a constant reminder to passers by of a crime that is tearing this community apart. i stopped by auburn baptist church in riner today, where lovell's family have been members for the past 5 years. lovell's youth pastor josh blankenship says she rode the bus to be at sunday school there every weekend. many people there just learned yesterday of reaction is unanimous. josh blankenship, youth pastor:
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uncomfortable right now. i mean this is home for not only this church, but for a lot of people around here, and nobody wants to see stuff like this anywhere and so broken." meanwhile, police are continuing this investigation, and the facts continue to multiply. in police investigated a site in the jefferson national forest today off of craig creek road scene. tag: aside from lovell's church, we learned earlier the school blacksburg middle school where lovell attended is taking measures to help students cope. guidance counselors there held special hours after school today to consult kids there. in blacksburg, rob manch, w-s- l-s 10. here's a look back at how the investigation into the death of nicole lovell first started. police say the 13-year old was last seen last wednesday at her parents' apartment. news of lovell's disappearance traveled via fliers and across social media. investigators searched for several days using boots on the ground and using drones by
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two virginia tech students were arrested over the weekend in connection with her killing. 18-year old david eisenhauer is charged with first degree murder and abduction. 19-year felony charge of improperly disposing of a body and accessory after the fact. their next court appearances are set for march 28-th. we will of course continue to follow this developing story. when we are not on the air, you can head to our website at wsls dot-com. the first caucus of the presidential campaign is underway in iowa tonight. there's not much more for the major candidates to do but wait for the results to come in. the main contenders tonight are hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the democratic side and donald trump and ted cruz on the republican side. wsls ten's chief national correspondent jim osman is live in des moines at the media center. jim, what is scene looking like there in iowa? we're inside the media center here in des moines where
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gathering and where results will be announced tonight. setting the scene for you... the weather is des moines is almost perfect for caucus day --- about 45 degrees and sunny.... a big storm is expected tomorrow - but it won't hit by tonight... hillary clinton and bernie sanders barnstormed the state of iowa in the final days. hillary clinton was slightly ahead in the last des moines register poll... a good sign for her --- her supporters were more likely to say they wouldn't change their minds at the last minute. iowa is crucial for clinton as the next state new hampshire may be tailor made for sanders state.... if clinton were to lose iowa and nh --- the race could change rather
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becomes a must win for her.... it all starts tonight and she could do herself a whole lot of good by winning iowa.... on the republican side the race is down to donald trump and ted cruz. the key; conservative religious voters which dominate the gop caucuses here in iowa. trump as a of late has polled better with religious voters and it could be the key to his victory tonight. stay right here for the lastest results and our team coverage. im chief national correspondent jim osman at the media center in des moines. the rain continues to come down across parts of the area tonight. for exactly how long the showers will stick around ... ten meteorologist alan auglis. although we began the day with some sun, we did have more clouds and showers move through some areas in the afternoon. it was a warm day before the clouds came in as well, with temperatures climbing into the 60s. tonight:
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with lows in the upper 30s and lower 40s. tuesday: cloudy with areas of drizzle.cooler with highs in the upper 40s. a pretty powerful cold front will impact the region on wednesday, bringing a better chance for showers, even a few storms. it will be a warmer day with highs in the lower 60s. by wednesday night, we will dry things out. and behind the frontal boundary, we will turn cooler. thursday will see a mix about the deadly crash between a train and tractor trailer in roanoke county. the two men involved in the crash have been identified. roanoke county police say ... 22- year old johnny collins of abingdon and 56- year old william lineberry of bluefield were in the truck. rescue crews took collins to roanoke memorial to be treated for serious injuries. lineberry was pronounced dead at
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investigators say ... the crash happened shortly before noon. an appalachian truck was struck by norfolk southern freight train. norfolk southern police along with salem police are working to determine a cause of the crash. jury selection began today for alleged gang members in the murder trial of waynesboro reserve police captain kevin quick. roanoke after a judge declared a mistrial when investigators discovered one of the defendants got a hold of a list of potential jurors and shared it. wsls ten's ananda rochita has the details. on cam: there's a lot of time being put in for jury selection after a judge declared a mis-trial in this case last year. vo: judge glen conrad declared a mistrial after one of the potential jurors and their information. questionnaires were sent out and 87 people chosen for phase one of jury selection. all six suspects are charged on a total of 34 violations. they are believed to be associated
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four suspects are charged with the murder of waynesboro reserve police captain kevin quick while the other two are accused of being the gang's ring leaders in the racketeering conspiracy. fred heblick/lawyer "it moved along reasonably well and there were no obstacles so based on what happen today i would expect the case to remain on schedule." on cam: tomorrow the number of potential jurors will be cut for phase two of jury selection and opening statements are likely to start tomorrow afternoon or wednesday morning. in roanoke ananda rochita wsls 10. new at seven ... alleghany county deputies arrest two men wanted for cutting down active phone lines in the area. sheriff kevin hall says ... more than 300 feet of wire were cut from the lumos network in alleghany county and the city of covington. it happened during the late night or early morning hours deputies arrested jason downey and anthony nicely. they're charged with felony destruction and grand larceny. roanoke city police report city.
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murder, rape, robbery have remained the same. comparing 20-14 to 20-15 ... officers responded to an increase of malicious shootings -- which fall underneath the umbrella of violent crimes. in 2014, police investigated 34 shootings, one of which was deadly. in 20-15 ... there were 37 incidents. eight people died. chief chris perkins, roanoke city police department "let's talk about violence, let's talk about danger, i'll show you roanoke per thousand has a better violent crime rate than a lot of cities in our area, in our state, and in our region." the police chief says ... property crimes are down, but this can be driven by drug activity which can also effect violent crime rates. still to come ... danville ymca is accepting water donations in place of membership fees. how this effort is working towards helping people across the nation. but first... alan.
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wythe county wants to warn people living in the area of water disruptions this week. customers living along old bank road in speedwell could experience temporary disruptions starting tomorrow until thursday. this is because of ongoing road work to improve route 6-19. v-dot crews will be replacing and relocating waterlines. wythe county's water and waste director says ... the work should be completed by thursday evening if the weather permits. more than 300 donated cases of bottled are now in the hands of a danville organization that will help distribute them to people in need across the country. the danville ymca started collecting the water for god's pit crew for about a month and a half now. today ... workers loaded the water into one of god's pit crew's trucks.
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its 50-dollar joining fee for those who donate a case of water. god's pit crew's operations manager says he was excited to see all of the water and all of the people who showed up to help load it. john cline / god's pit crew operations manager "we knew they had probably three hundred cases or so. so, it was exciting to pull up here not just to see the water but so much help to load it and carry it back to the warehouse." some of the water could go to flint, michigan next week. if it's not needed there ... god's pit crew will use the water to help with the next disaster around the country. now a look ahead to stories that will be making headlines later tonight and tomorrow... brie tonight at 11, crews continue to investigate a dedly crash between a train and a commercial truck. we'll have details tonight at 11. jenna the american heart association says more than 20-percent of people with high blood pressure.. don't even know. what you can do so you don't become a victim of the silent
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join us tuesday morning on virginia today from 5-7 a-m... right here on wsls 10. jeff will have another check of your storm team 10 forecast in just a few minutes. but first, we want to remind you of our very own "10 cares food drive." wsls ten is teaming up with feeding america southwest virginia and kroger to help fight hunger. you can drop off donations this thursday at kroger locations across the region. the food drive kicks off at six a-m and runs until seven at night. head to our website at wsls
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more clouds and showers move through some areas in the afternoon. it was a warm day before the clouds came in as well, with temperatures climbing into the 60s. tonight: showers end with lows in the upper 30s and lower 40s. tuesday: cloudy with areas of drizzle.cooler with highs in the upper 40s. a pretty powerful cold front will impact the region on wednesday, bringing a better chance for showers, even a few storms. it will be a warmer day
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wednesday night, we will dry things out. and behind the frontal boundary, we will turn cooler. thursday will see a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the lower 50s. friday will be mostly sunny and cooler still with highs in the middle 40s. the weekend is not looking bad at all. both saturday and sunday will see more sun than clouds and will be dry. temperatures will top out in the upper 40s on saturday and the lower 50s on sunday. early next week also looks dry but
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near 40. next tuesday could be our next best chance to region. cindy crawford says she's why the supermodel says she's leaving the runway. get wsls ten updates even when we're not on the air. like us on facebook ... search for "wsls ten" for updates. also .. you can find news, entertainment, traffic and sports videos on your smartphone or tablet .. with the "wsls ten news app." and for your latest weather information .. including radar and future forecasts ... download our "storm team ten weather app." just search for wsls in your i-
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she tells rhapsody magazine she can't keep re- inventing herself after more than thirty years on the runway. crawford says ... she plans to retire when she celebrates her 50-th birthday on february 20-th. the supermodel is known for her work with diet pepsi and working with the industry's top photographers. crawford is married and has two children.
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following in her mother's footsteps on the runway. remember you can always let us know what you're thinking while we're not on the air. search "wsls" on facebook. thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at seven. don't forget to join jeff, john, and me back here for wsls 10 at
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