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now at five- thirty ... congress is calling the flint water crisis a failure of government. today's discussions into what happened ... and who should be held responsible. plus ... construction is underway for what could be east coast. how it's expected to help prepare local businesses ... in case of danger. but first ... a flash flood watch remains in effect for parts of our area. good evening and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at 5:30 ... i'm dawn jefferies. and i'm john carlin. in the southern parts of the u.s. ... millions of americans are without today... as more than a dozen twisters ripped through communities .... damaging homes ... churches ... and a college campus. meanwhile ... the same system ... dropped a massive blizzard on the midwest ... creating white- out conditions and shutting down major highways -- making travel nearly impossible. here in southwest virginia ... flash flood watches and warnings remain in effect for parts of the area. here's a look at the roanoke river greenway ... where today's rainfall created high waters. storm team ten chief
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joins us now ... hey jeff ... what can we expect into tonight. wednesday was a very wet day with heavy rain and storms as a powerful cold front rolled through the region. we did have some areas of flooding as well. the rain will get out of here by late this afternoon. it was a cooler than expected day, as the wedge was in play for some of us, holding temperatures down in spots. tonight: skies slowly clear, especially after midnight with lows in the lower 40s. fog is also possible too. tomorrow: mix of sun and clouds with highs in the upper 40s to near 50. both friday and saturday will be mostly sunny. temperatures will only reach the middle 40s on friday, but will climb into the low-to-mid 50s on saturday. super bowl sunday will be partly sunny with highs in the lower 50s. so, although all weekend long are dry, we will probably see more clouds on sunday in comparison to saturday. monday will also see a mix of sun and clouds and it will be cooler with highs in the
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mostly cloudy with snow showers possible. at this the virginia tech professor ... credited with discovering the high levels of lead in the flint, michigan water system is testifying on capitol hill. the hearing's purpose is to examine the ongoing water crisis and to review the environmental protection agency's administration of the safe drinking water act in flint. wsls ten's national correspondent mark meredith brings us the latest from today's hearing. the water crisis in flint michigan has been called a human disaster. thousands of people have been exposed to lead in their drinking water - now congress wants to know not only how this happened but who should be held responsible. nats from hearing hostile and impassioned bite a "it's a human disaster, brought on by failures" one by one - michigan and national lawmakers are making it clear: they want answers. :10 bite b "i'm disappointed at the response at the local level, at
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bite c "i never thought this could happen in america, in this day and age" representatives comes nearly two years after the city of flint michigan switched their water system - a switch which entuallyead to dangerouslygh levels of lead to enter's the city's drinkguly. t even with a nationalotlight on the crisis - answsre hard to come by te e"what did they recommend you share, because what happens is they do nothing" while several former city and state officials declined to show up for today's testimony - those still working for the state's enviormental agencies are apologizing. bite d "i want to start with an apology for the people of flint, but in retrospect, the government should have done more" the enviormenntal protection agency agrees - telling congress today - the crisis was avoidable. nat break but while an investigation could take years - it's the people of flint - like leann walters who are still left suffering and with no end in sight. bite f 1:25-1:38 mark tag congress is calling for additional hearings into the flint water crisis but so far no dates have been announced. its not just congress investigating - but also the f- b-i which officials say is working with several other agencies to see if this crisis could lead to criminal
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in washington, im mark meredith. galax police are searching for more information after someone caused thousands of dollars in damage after breaking into the vaughn-bassett plant overnight. tanks storing stains.. paint.. and lacquers were damaged. the furniture plant is closed today and it could take several days to clean up. police say ... this is an active investigation. a roanoke man is behind bars this evening for trying to break into a church. last night... police were called to "roanoke valley baptist temple"... where they found 27-year-old "angelo fuller" trying to use a cinder block to force his way into the church. fuller faces several charges... including breaking and entering and giving false information to police after he tried to give officers the wrong name. he was also served with three unrelated outstanding warrants. a new firing range in roanoke
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commonwealth ... and possibly on the east coast. local firearms dealer "safeside tactical" plans to work with businesses and law enforcement agencies for training. wsls 10's ananda rochita has more on how it could help agencies and individuals responding to dangerous situations. ananda a job can turn dangerous ... even as a real estate agent it's why damon gettier is encouraging his employees to learn how to use a gun. he says a new firing range at safeside tactical's roanoke location will help them prepare for some dangeorus situations. :20-:28 damon gettier/damon gettier realtors "anything interactive puts you in a more real life situation something you might carry over to a situation you might find yourself in." crews have been working on the gun range for the past few weeks. matthew tyler from safeside tactical shows us around. nat pop 22:52:32 how big is this place going to be? this is a 72000 square foot
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each lane will have interactive targets to train people when or when not to use a firearm. :50-:55 matthew tyler/safeside tactical "they will allow us to program different distances .. they'll allow us to have targets to turn sideways and show one side or the other so we can do no shoot or shoot situations." however what makes this range even more unique is the length ... with some lanes 100 yards long. nat sound 22:54:22 that's gonna make it the longest range in virginia and possibly the longest on the east coast. gettier is getting together a group of his real estate agents to take gun safety classes ... and will be taking advantage of this range when its completed by the end of the summer. in roanoke ananda rochita wsls 10. in news making national headlines ... comedian bill cosby returns to court for the second day in a row. today ... cosby's lawyers asked a pennsylvania judge to throw out the sexual assault charges against him. they say ... there's a decade old promise to not prosecute the comedian from a former
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the prosecutor says no such agreement exists. cosby is charged for drugging and sexually assaulting a former temple university employee. if convicted he could face up to 10 years in prison. the race for the whitehouse tightens as rand paul and rick santorum suspend their campaigns for the republican presidential nomination. today in new hampshire... democratic and republican presidential hopefuls hit the campaign trail hard before the primaries ... now just 6 days away. tonight ... hillary clinton and bernie sanders will field questions during a televised forum with a formal debate scheduled for tomorrow. the next g-o-p debate is saturday. a recent roanoke college political poll places democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders in the lead ... for virginia voters. the poll interviewed more than 500 voters in the commonwealth during the third week of january. it shows potential democratic presidential
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republican donald trump. the poll shows she's statistically tied with republican hopefuls ted cruz and marco rubio. bernie sanders gets the highest favorable rating with 40-percent ... followed by clinton. donald trump has the lowest favorable rating ... with just 22- percent. a virginia senator's bill to eliminate "loyalty oaths" passes the senate privileges and elections committee. a fairfax senator created the bill in response to the board of elections and state g-o-p decision that statements of affiliation are required for the march 1-st g-o-p primary. this is to ensure only republicans take part in the party's nominating process. the bill is now headed to the floor for a vote. in your w-s-l-s ten timesaver traffic report... if you're out and about this evening out for flooded roads and slick surfaces. though there currently aren't any accidents being reported... the wet weather is making evening
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usual. christiansburg gets money to bring more local food to the community. the federal initiative making it possible. but first ... here's a look at how some stocks of local
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here's a live look at our poor mountain sky cam. wednesday was a very wet day with heavy rain and storms as a powerful cold front rolled through the region. we did have now a look ahead to a story we're working to bring you on wsls 10 at six. lindsey from the wsls 10 newsroom, i'm lindsey ward. tonight at six .. vo botetourt community members hope to throw a
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to move two buildings from a historic plantation. that story and more .. coming up at six. tomorrow ... you can make a difference in the community ... by donating to the "10 cares food drive." wsls ten is teaming up with feeding america southwest virginia ... the blue ridge area food bank ... and kroger to make it happen. we'll collect food at the kroger in bonsack... cave spring... lynchburg... martinsville and blacksburg tomorrow ... from 6 a-m to 7 p- m.
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health care centers to reduce the carbon footprint is coming to roanoke. carilion is the first hospital in the roanoke valley to take part in the healthier hospitals initiative. the idea is to improve the health of the environment. a hospital spokesperson says ... major changes are needed to make it possible. those changes include out sourcing with more local food vendors to reduce pollution from transportation as well as tracking energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. sara wohoford, rn and program coordinator: "i think we can always improve. i think sustainability is something that you're never done. it's a change in course for our organization. so, at no point do you say 'we achieved that 15-percent recycling rate, we're done now'. there's always more opportunity to improve." once the roanoke campus adopts
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carilion community hospitals will also look into making the positive changes. the town of christiansburg is helping people get better access to local food. the town received a 20- thousand dollar grant through the environmental protection agency for its "local foods, local places" initiative. christiansburg is the only locality in virginia to get the money this year. the grant will focus on the downtown area. it can be used for things like farmers market structure and marketing. randy wingfield, assistant town manager - the farmers market is still young, basically its first year. even though we think it was really successful the first year, we still have a lot of needs. obviously, we don't have structures for the farmers market, and i think my initial thinking was the money could be used for farmers market structures, and i think there's a lot of interest in that. christiansburg will develop a steering committee to come up with specific plans. still to come in a wsls ten consumer watch ... home depot stores across the nation are hiring for spring.
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home depot is hiring 80- thousand seasonal workers this spring. a company spokeswoman says each store across the nation is hiring between 40 to 45 workers. home depot has been hiring the same number of seasonal workers for a decade. about half of them become permanent. the company is also hiring in canada. toyota is discontinuing its scion brand.
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attract younger buyers. the company says ... its decision to kill the brand falls heavily on years of declining sales. toyota says ... model year scion vehicles will be re-branded as toyotas starting august 20-17. however ... toyota dealerships will continue to service scion vehicles. target and c-v-s are teaming up. the first c-v-s pharmacy inside a target store opens today. this is part of c- v-s's one point nine billion dollar acquisition of target's pharmacy business. when completed ... more than 16- hundred target pharmacies will be re-branded as c-v-s. the historic 6-11 steam locomotive is preparing for more excursions this spring.
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traveled with their owners since a pilot program launched in october. the company made the programs permanent on eastern and select mid- western corridor
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amtrak also expanded the program to long-distance trains. only one cat or small dog is allowed in a carrier during trips lasting up- to seven-hours. there's a 25- dollar fee each way. you can soon buy tickets to take a round-trip on the 6-11. ticket sales begin on february 10-th for eligible donors and on february 15-th for the public. one of the trips is called "the roanoker." the excursion will run on april 23-rd and 24-th from greensboro, north carolina to the star city. "the powhatan arrow" excursion will travel from roanoke into lynchburg on may seventh and eighth. walker nelms/virginia museum of transportation: "we are just so excited that 611 is back. we're just over the moon about it. awfully excited we have the excursions set and starting in april and moving through may and into june." some tickets start at 109- dollars. that's all for wsls ten at 5-30.
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continues right now. wednesday was a very wet day with heavy rain and storms as a powerful cold front rolled through the region. we did have some areas of flooding as well. the rain will get out of here by late this afternoon. it was a cooler than expected day, as the wedge was in play for some of us, holding temperatures down in spots. tonight: skies slowly clear, especially after midnight with lows in the lower 40s. fog is also possible too. tomorrow: mix of sun and clouds with highs in the mistake, and we are going to
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botetourt county community members push to stop county leaders from moving two pieces of history. and then.. charise greer: "it's not that i didn't know about it. i really just didn't go into it." as the blacksburg community comes together to remember a 13- year-old girl .. online safety becomes a concern among parents in our region. but first .. the rocky mount police department is investigating the suspicious death of an infant found in a dumpster. good evening and thank you for joining us for wsls 10 at six. the discovery was made after police say .. 24- year-old katherine dellis was admitted to the hospital with signs that she recently gave birth. wsls ten's duke carter explains what evidence led police to the dumpster. duke it was after talking to dellis' family members they learned a relative threw away soiled bed lines at the franklin county dumpster here behind me. when police arrived to the site. they found the baby's body. the discovery has left the community outraged. nats of
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