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tv   WSLS 10 at 5 PM  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> dawn, we learned from prosecutors keepers helped david daleiden plan nicole lovell's murder for weeks. >> mary pettitt said natalie keepers killed someone she never met. she said this is something the two plotted and planned before carrying out. at one point they sat inside cookout, a burger restaurant, to discuss this plan the plan was to lure nicole lovell out of her house on the lure of a date with daleiden and for him -- david eisenhauer to take her on a date.
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phone and minion blanket. eisenhauer gave her a side hug. then he went back to campus. prosecutors said that's not what happened next. she said eisenhauer at some point killed nicole and keepers returned, helped load lovell's body into a lexus. the details came out at a bond hearing, coming up at 5:30, i will tell you why eisenhauer and keepers went to wytheville and why she and her lawyers argued mental health and food allergies are reasons whyship shouldn't be in jail. >> we do have extensive coverage at in case you're anxious to see what else
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in the meantime the victim, 13- year-old nicole lovell was laid to rest today larks large turnout of family and friends as they gathered to say their final good-byes. the funeral started at 3 p.m. in blx -- blacksburg. >> we'll continue to bring you the latest. >> at 6:00 we'll be detailing the important tip that came from a social media app that helped investigators pin down this case. plus we'll explore the connection between keepers, eisenhauer and the timeline. the former treasurer for the paul monroe elementary school pta has been arrested. jennifer music turned herself in to lynchburg police after being indicted on six counts of embezzle m the investigation -- embezzlement.
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more than $31,000. many descended upon the state capital demanding more action from governor terry mcauliffe. barbara and andy parker came with 3,000 signatures. they opposed mcauliffe's compromise. the governor defended his action saying there's no evidence that anyone with a conceal carry permit hurt anyone. the attorney general's office announced the testing will start shortly on the state's backlog of rape kits. crime labs will begin processing the rape kits, some of which are nearly 30 years old. the testing will identify predators and show survivors that the state stands with them. police release new
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robbery. officers said 25-year-old benjamin cooper used a gun to hold up the bb&t bank. it was robbed about 3:40 p.m. cooper was arrested on henry street. cooper also faces charges stemming from an attempted mugging on february 2nd. plans are moving forward to build an amtrak. >> they cited distance and low projected ridership. bedford out. we have more on a new study and how much it's going to cost. >> several localities and organizations are moving forward with plans of a possible amtrak stop in bedford. this comes have the the department of transportation told bedford it needed more information to share the need
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the town then hired the company for an in-depth study. the company is looking at day that such as ridership estimates and economic benefits. charlie, the town manager said they paid the company $72,000. some of the money is through taxpayer dollars and organizations. >> this is a significant step. we realize it's a long and arduous journey we're on but we're committed to convincing them there's a definite benefit to the region and the commonwealth. >> hopefully it will make the business case for them so it's a good idea and then we'll start talking to amtrak southern and see if this is okay with them and exactly how we should proceed. >> reporter: the study is expected to be completed in mid- march.
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benefit thousands across our area is donating to feeding america southwest virginia. >> so today you have a chance to make a difference. we have teams spread out across the region as part of our wsls10 cares food drive. blases. >> earlier today we were out at cage springs. >> we picked up peanut butter and other goodies but we want to fill the boxes. >> they have taken away several pallets and we focused on -- they give you a list and they really like peanut butter, canned meets, tuna fish. protein is one of the more difficult things to get.
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>> no we continue our team coverage of the wsls10 cares food drive. what test it like? >> reporter: the food drive at the krogers in blacksburg is being called a success and we have several more hours to g organizers say the response has been incredible. one family donated about 80 pounds of food on their own. 3 as of 4:00 this afternoon, the feeding america southwest virginia truck had more than 1500 pounds of food packed in it. the goal was to exceed last year's total of 26,000 pounds of food. now i'm joined by jenny dowd of feeding america southwest virginia. what has the atmosphere been like? >> so exciting.
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volunteers in to meet and greet with the customers. the virginia tech students have been so generous and all the customers here. >> so you mentioned the generosity. why is the generosity from the community so important to help you accomplish your mission? >> in our region 1 in 8 people is food insecure. it's sad there's so many in our community that need help. with the food drive that we're going today we should be able to feed over 22,000 meals and that includes all the food that will be collected. so that makes a huge difference to the people in hour community. >> absolutely. thank you for joining us. coming up at 5:30, we'll hear from the representative of another organization that will receive much of these donations to distribute back out to the community. reporting live.
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you're looking at a live picture from our airport skycam. you did see sunshine. however, the clouds were pesky in spots. sop this evening we're dry. so we're going to be, i think, variably cloudy. 37 at midnight. your overnight low lower 30s. some folks in the upper 20s. we'll have a very weak disturbance between 1 a.m. and maybe 6 a.m. what that could do is provide us a chance for maybe a very light wintery mix in spots. we'll explain in a second. once this disturbance gets out, high pleasure should rule the roost on friday allowing to us quickly turn sunny. once the sun is here, it will stay with us. by saturday afternoon we see a
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as long as we're under the influence we look to be quiet. tonight, though, does not look to be that quiet. here's the reason why. this is around 2 a.m. we'll have this little disturbance that will be spun off off the coast of south carolina. 2 a.m. could have a few rain showers in halifax county, maybe a light wintery mix over pennsylvania county, including danville and snowflakes flying and allegany highlands. if we do get a lot of accumulation, the best chance in the mountains. regardless, by 7 a.m., i think we'll see the clouds break. as we head by 9:00 mostly sunny. by 5:00 we are seeing a lot of sunshine. as we head into saturday 7 a.m., a ton of sunshine. by 2:00, 3:00, we'll see a little more cloud cover.
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we've had some gusts in excess of 20 miles per hour. the wind also strength. winds out of the northwest between 3 and 13 miles per hour. 49 in lynchburg. 51 danceburg. 31 in galax. are a looking at northern canada. this is where the polar vortex is. it will dip to the south. by tuesday we're looking at some very, very cold arctic air in play and that could combine with a clipper type system, a strong one that could bring us snow, light snow as we head week. for tonight mostly cloudy skies. overnight lows in the 20s and 30s. high temperatures will top out sunshine.
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temperatures in the low to mid- 50s. 20s by wednesday with that chance for some light snow heading into monday or tuesday. we're watching that. right now it doesn't look like this will be a huge deal. >> our wsls10 cares food drive is bringing in a lot of food.
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over the last three decades, the food pat trihas -- pantries has helped by eliminating hunger. >> the food drive is spread out across the region. wsls10's jonathan kegges is at the kroger in bon sack. >> reporter: we got here a half an hour ago. six fresh boxes were brought back in. this is all we've accumulated here at the bonsack kroger. so things are going well. for a different perspective on
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she's been volunteering for the past year. what are some of the perspectives you've seen? >> the food drive is great. hunger hits 1 in 6 people average nationally. it's not a thing that's talked about. this is great because it gives back. >> reporter: excellent. what have you seen specifically in the time you've been at the bonsack kroger. >> it's been great. i've seen a lot of enthusiastic people. one woman said it all adds up. this is just a great example of that. >> reporter: perfect. every little bit adds up. they've collected more than 5,000 pounds, 10,000 total.
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if you have time to spare come on down to the bonsack kroger. reporting live, jonathan kegges. one institution's 30 years in the valley has an impact.
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matters. it is an anniversary for a local school, the roanoke valley governor's school is celebrating 30 years of education. it's based on science and math. dr. john kowalsky is the school directorred has been at the school for 29 of the 30 years it's been open. he said it's the first -- he has seen first hand how it propels students. >> 96% of the students who applied to the university of virginia last year were accept. students going to mit.
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doubled but the curriculum remains largely the same.
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we continue our team dozens are joining the fight. >> since early this morning
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how is it going out there. >> reporter: it's going good. the food is continuing to pull. two hours ago we had two of these big feeding america southwest food boxes overflowing with food. we really need people to come out south side, martinsburg, henry county. something as simple as a can of food can make a difference. so come on out and really help fight hunger in southwest, virginia. in martinsville, reporting.
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