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plus... we take a look at the connection between the suspects... along with the timeline of this murder. good evening, and thanks for eleven. i'm john carlin. and i'm lindsey ward. prosecutors spell out alarming new details about the killing of blacksburg teen ... nicole lovell. while lawyers for natalie be in jail. this was all a part of the testimony leading up to a judge student bond. wsls 10's dawn jefferies brings us the details from today's court hearing. commonwealth' s attorney mary pettitt said natalie keepers killed someone she never even met because she wanted to be part of something secret and special with david eisenhauer. she says the two plotted and planned and even sat inside a blacksburg restaurant to bounce ideas off each other long before nicole disappeared. the plan.. pettitt said was to lure nicole lovell out of her house under the guise of a date
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take her to a remote location where he would kill her. at one point they bought a shovel and picked out the location for the killing at craig creek road. pettitt says eisenhauer met nicole outside her apartment after she crawled out the window with her cell phone and her minion blanket. eisenhauer admitted to police he was there-- saying he gave nicole a side hug and went back to campus. prosecutors say that's not what happened next.. instead... eisenhauer stabbed nicole to death... then keepers helped load her body into the trunk of eisenhauer's lexus to go dump it. pettitt says they drove to a walmart near wytheville to buy cleaning supplies. keepers took the stand as she pled for bail... describing how she thought about suicide in 8th and 9th grade and started cutting. her parents enrolled her in a christian counseling program. as soon as she got to virginia tech... keepers says she sought counseling at the cook counseling center because she had a hard time
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to college. a psychiatrist prescribed medication for anxiety attacks and depression. part of her argument for requesting bail was the jail is only giving her half the prescribed dose. she cited a gluten allergy as well... saying the jail doesn't offer a gluten free diet. keepers parents.. sara and tim keepers offered to bail her out and pay for home electronic monitoring in their home. her father described them as a close, strong, christian family and his daughter as a wonderful role model for her siblings. they stressed education over chores. tim keepers broke down on the stand when telling the court his daughter wanted to follow in his footsteps and be an aerospace engineer. the judge denied keepers' request... calling the case a tragedy in every sense of the word. law enforcement officials call the social media app .. kik messenger...
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lovell's murder. with the murder investigation still ongoing.. the use of certain messaging apps is now the focus of attention. kik enables people to message one-on- one or in group chats and remain relatively anonymous. those who use the app identify themselves only by their user name. adam s. lee / fbi special agent in charge, richmond "i'll tell you the spectrum from cyberbullying to exploitation all the way to overseas terrorist recruiting is happening on applications like this and social media sites." since the lovell murder -- kik has created an updated guide for parents on its website. in addition -- apple raised the app's age- appropriate rating from nine and older to 12 and older. in a statement .. the company spokesman says -- kik is cooperating with the f-b-i during the lovell investigation to quote .. "combat child predators anywhere in the world, either upon provision of a court order, or in emergency
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meanwhile -- the victim in the case... 13-year-old nicole lovell... was laid to rest today. family and friends gathered at the mccoy funeral home in blacksburg to say their goodbyes to nicole one final time. our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the lovell family at this time. for complete coverage and the latest on this developing story... visit our website wsls dot com. new tonight at 11 members on the bedford county public school board held an open house to hear the community's concerns about items needed for the next fiscal year's budget. tonight's. duke -- the budget isn't finalized yet... so what did people in the community say is needed in bedford county schools. parents and teachers who attended the public hearing are wanting to make sure there are more resources, whether it's support staff, more teachers or better textbooks and other learning materials. people who addressed members on the bedford county
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support staff allows students to get that one- on-one help --- while the teacher is going over the lesson with other students. other concerns are --- having additional teachers so students are not combined in large classes. one parent says her child is in the 4th grade but has classmates who are in the 5th grade. some teachers say need updated textbooks. they say some are over ten years old. the bedford county schools p-t-a president is also pushing for better technology in the schools because some children don't have access to the internet at home. 'the statistic is 27 percent, the schools are a perfect environment to give those children access plus, if we make the access in the schools more available then the surrounding communities will have better access to internet services," school leaders say the budget is still in the preliminary stages and nothing has been finalized. but the superintendent is expected to make recommnedations on the budget next month. in
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people whose lives have been affected by gun violence took their fight for tougher gun control to the state capitol. today the protestors... which included barbara and andy parker... came to richmond with a petition of 3- thousand signatures. the activists oppose governor terry mcauliffe's compromise with republicans... which renewed virginia's concealed carry reciprocity with other states. andy parker/gun control activist "the question i would ask is, if it was a meaningful deal, why is it that the nra and their local minions are the only ones who are celebrating?" the governor defended his actions... saying there is no evidence anyone with a concealed carry permit from another state has ever hurt anyone in virginia. meanwhile -- attorney general mark herring says... "we can make real progress to remove guns from the hands of domestic abusers but it should not need to come at the price of dangerous or irresponsible people carrying concealed handguns in virginia."
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danville regional medical center wants to make the river city safer. alan larson says although police statistics show violent crime is down.. there have been more than 25 gunshot and stabbing victims in the e-r during the six months he's lived there. on monday night.. a double- shooting put doctor randolph neal in the hospital. neal says he was shot several times in the 200 block of mount vernon avenue by two men who asked for money before they took off. a second person was also shot in the 100 block of virginia avenue. that person has since been treated and released. larson has organized a prayer and neighborhood walk tomorrow night at six in front of the hospital. the virginia economic development partnership authority takes the first step to recovering around one and a half million dollars the state lost in a failed deal with lindenburg industries. lindenburg was supposed to set up a 113-million dollar factory in the old thomasville furniture building in the town of appomattox.
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filed an injunction to prevent the transfer of one million dollars of a foreclosure payment to site consultants and development advisors. a judge will hear the case tomorrow morning at 8-30. archeologists were on the greenfield plantation in botetourt county today... searching for unmarked graves that may exist there. people in the county are hoping a discovery of ancient remains could halt the planned move of two historic structures. wsls 10's rob manch has the details for us tonight. rob manch, newsroom: "the county wants to move two buildings that served as slave quarters more than 2 hundred years ago to make way for new construction. while the discovery of remains could delay those plans, some people aren't waiting to fight them. vo nats while archaeologists painstakingly search the ground surrounding the two decaying wooden structures, one man, linnie gregory, says he's contacting people in the county to prepare a protest of the planned move. gregory says there are thousands of people in the
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he wants to show supervisors who are pushing the move that they're outnumbered. sot 03:40:56 linnie gregory "we're still fighting right to the last minute, but we think we're in the 11th hour right now, and we hope we can get a lot of people to show up on a peaceful protest and if we can get a court hearing we intend to fill that courthouse up with people." cont vo gregory says he is planning a "sit-in" for whatever day crews decide to move the structures. he hopes to have more than 1 hundred people there to protest. tag: we learned today that crews have already finished shoring up one of those structures to be moved. we also know archaeologists will be back out there tomorrow continuing their survey of the property. the county has not set a date for the move, but gregory says he has people ready to be out on the plantation protesting at a moment's notice. in the newsroom, rob manch, w-s-l-s 10. the first one- on-one democratic debate is held in new hampshire. hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head to head tonight for the first time since the iowa caucuses. clinton emphasized her similarities to sanders, who's out polling her in new hampshire
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the race between clinton and sanders intensified after clinton only led sanders by less than three- tenths of one percent tuesday night. tonight's debate is the last before tuesday's new hampshire primary. new at 11.. another contender announces his candidacy for the fifth congressional district seat. andrew griffin ... a former congressional staffer.. candidacy. griffin says he would serve as a challenges head on. griffin joins jim mckelvey... republican senator tom garrett ... michael del rosso.. and jane dittmar in the race for the 5th district... which is currently represented by robert hurt who announced he would not seek re-election. our wsls 10 cares food drive was a success! we're still calculating how much food was collected .. but so far we've collected 15 thousand pounds thanks to your help. all the food collected will go toward feeding america
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these donations will help those right here in our community who struggle to put food on the table. we saw hundreds of you stop by each of our five locations... in blacksburg... lynchburg... cave spring... bonsack... and martinsville. customers at the kroger in lynchburg donated shopping carts full of food. one shopper who donated says she knows the importance of what a warm meal can mean... because a close friend of hers struggled for years to put food on the table. bonnie kestner, lives in lynchburg - "for a while she was really wondering where the next meal or check was going to come from. i've been very blessed in my life and i just want to pass that along. i know there's a lot of need in this area. and so, every little bit that i can do gives me joy." in martinsville... boxes were filled beyond capacity. a representative from one local food bank in henry county that will receive some of the food collected says it comes at a good
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charlie tunnell/victory international food ministries - "this time of year has always been slow, feb, march, before springtime. it's a blessing to have something like this." lindsey and i were at the kroger at cave spring we hope to bring you final totals tomorrow. in the meantime ... we want to say tomorrow.
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thank you without your generosity .. none of this would be possible. frank beamer is recognized at the state capitol for for his nearly three decade career as virginia tech's head football coach. how the commonwealth of virginia
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(man) this is where it all started. i received a call from our dispatch center. smoke was coming from a manhole, and that's not good. we entered the manhole. we discovered that the cables had been melted by the fire. we jumped in, we got to work, and in a little over eight hours, we had the power back on. hi, i'm john snyder, distribution system supervisor for appalachian power. it's my goal to keep the lights on and everything run smoothly, and no one even notices. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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we're continuing to dry things out after 1-4" of rain fell across the area on wednesday. high pressure is en route and as a result sunshine
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close out the work week and start the weekend. highs friday will be in the middle 40s under mostly sunny skies. tonight: partly to mostly cloudy with lows in the lower 30s. friday: mostly sunny and pleasant with highs in the mid 40s. saturday: a few high clouds with highs around 50. the second half of the weekend stays fairly mild and comfortable with a mix of sun and clouds. highs on sunday around 50 degrees.
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light snow as a fast moving "clipper" system crosses the air. the bigger impact with this one at this cold coming in behind it. by tuesday and especially wednesday we could rival the coldest air of the season to date. 3 degree guarantee dry things out after 1-4" of rain fell across the area on wednesday. high pressure is en route and as a result sunshine
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close out the work week and start the weekend. highs friday will be in the middle 40s under mostly sunny skies. tonight: partly to mostly cloudy with lows in the lower 30s. friday: mostly sunny and pleasant with highs in the mid 40s.
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governor terry mcauliffe proclaims today as "frank beamer mcauliffe proclaims today as "frank beamer day." he made the declaration as virginia tech came to the capitol for their annual lobby day. the virginia house of delegates honored the former hokies head football coach with a copy of the resolution .. which was passed by both the house and the senate. beamer says he's honored. frank beamer, retired hokies football coach: "i've really been treated better than i've deserved all the good wishes and i'm just overwhelmed with how carrying and how great our people are at virginia tech beamer retired at the end of the last football season after 29
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we've got hoopla to get you caught up on..the hoos moving tonight's action.. and the matmen...step into the spotlight...with some extra parry mccluer..
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malcolm brogdon/27 points vs bc:"....i've just been patient i'm trying to play with in the offense try not to four shots and when i feel like when you work hard every day when you get your skills are you working every day really work you're really work and things pay off things come together and i i think they've always come together for me and i think they'll continue to." virginia's malcolm brogdon...finishe d with 27 points last shy of his career high.. as uva won their 5th straight game last night... a 61-47 bouncing of boston college. brogdon was five of five from 3 pt range in the win. 18-4 uva travels to pitt on saturday. top of the acc w just one a half back of ncarolina for the league lead.. a half back of a louisville team..they throttled. the shocker is duke...t 8th right
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vmi in so-con action tonight... tonight they host a conference etsu.. east tenn state's head coach steve forbes is a former wichita state assistant under roanoke native gregg marshall.. vmi... it's the bucs ge'lawn guyn for 3 of his 20...... etsu with a second half lead.. vmi..trying to hang in's tim marshall for 3.. the keydets got 18 from fleming product qj peterson but it wasn't enough to hold off the bucs.. etsu the win...71- 60. coach dennis wolff and the hokies women back in acc play against georgia tech.. virginia tech breakin the press it's sidney cook for 3 of her nine... this game was tied at 20 at the half..
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katarina voot--ku-vich a jr..from serbia...she can shooti it...she had 15 to lead georgia tech.. and the jackets pull away second half...for a 51-34 win. the virginia tech women now 2-7 in the acc.. february..means winter has arrived.. but for means...the highest level arriving. wsls 10's alyssa rae has a look at standout in buena vista, who has some extra motivation this postseason on the mats. there's a clear leader on the parry mccluer wrestling team, jarrod clark is the only senior and captain of the fighting blues. his win in the glenvar highlander invitational was one of his many accolades, but there's one accomplishment he hasn't reached, a state championship. "he knows what it takes to get there and after feeling the fair two years in a row of being in the top four of the state tournament, this is your last chance. you got to give it all you got," said parry mccluer wrestling coach jeremiah brockenbrough. jarrod has been building his
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6th grade, when he started practicing with the team, all leading up to his final year. parry mccluer has a long list of individual state wrestling champions and jarrod has extra motivation, to get on the wall of champions alongside his brother kainan, who won in 2011. "it would mean a lot to me. i've been waiting for it for four years now. that's all i've wanted, to get a state championship, to get my name on that wall," clark explained. since kainan took the title 5 years ago, the competition was on. clark added, "we talk about it all the time. he teases me about needing a state championship and i tell him i've won tournaments he hasn't won. he's won tournaments i haven't won." "kainan won it early on and his brother is wanting to win. the long-short of that is, he wants to be like his brother. he wants to win a state title," said coach brockenbrough. as jarrod strives to add to his list of achievements, he listens to his brother's advice and hopes it helps him finish his career with the ultimate title, state champion. alyssa rae, wsls 10 sports.
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practiced today--with the big game creeping up on us.. x games legend dave mirra has died of an apparent suicice..he was the greatest bmx biker of all time.. he was 41 tony stewart has a fractured l1 vertabrae in his baack from the dune buggy accident in california..and will miss the start of the sprint cup season.. l-drick..the robot golfer..on the famed 16th hole in scotsdale.. and'sa hole in one. it took the robot...5 tries.. i've been playing all my life...never had one. eagles.. ace. there's always tomorrow. lite o the nite. stay with us.
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the tonight show with jimmy fallon is next.
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