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tv   WSLS 10 at 5 PM  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the winter weather... we turn to storm team ten chief meteorologist jeff haniewich... jeff? a strong clipper-type system started to impact the region on monday, bringing some scattered rain and snow showers. as we turn colder tonight, any leftover precipitation will be snow showers. that said, tonight, the precipitation should be pretty isolated in nature, with perhaps more ramping up again tomorrow in the mountains. tonight: mostly cloudy with snow showers possible, especially in the mountains. pretty cold with lows in the upper 20s. tuesday: mainly cloudy with
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chilly and breezy with highs in the upper 30s. we may still have the chance for some upslope west slope snow showers lingering into wednesday. ahead of the winter weather even when we're not on air. you can find the latest warnings and watches... along with updates on school and road closures... on our website... w- s-l-s dot com. a pulaski county mother charged in the death of her son appeared in court today. ashley white's child abuse and neglect trial has officially begun. white's charges stem from her son noah thomas' death. in march... the 5 year old's body was found in a septic tank near the family home. today's hearing was dedicated to jury selection... and so far... more jurors have been sent home then seated. wsls 10's bethany teague joins us live outside the pulaski county courthouse.
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it is now after 5 o'clock, and jury selection is still going on as we speak. it began at nine this morning with 122 potential jurors. as of when i stepped out just a few moments ago, 24 jurors had been brought up, and 14 have been sent home. there will ultimately be 12 jurors and two alternates. according to the clerks office the judge will either seat 24 or 30 jurors. at first, he has not settled on a number yet, then let the lawyers have an equal number of strikes until they arrive at 14. the judge also indicated that he will continue as long as he needs to tonight to seat the final jury. as we reported earlier, white's defense did file a change of venue motion. the judge stated he will make a ruling on that after the attempt is made to see a jury.
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bethany i understand the process to select this jury is unique because of the concern for potential bias. what are they doing differently? instead of having everyone together as a group to answer the screening questions, they have divided everyone into groups of three. out of eight groups of three, only one group did not have at least one member turned away. coming up at six will talk about the reasons why these jurors are being disqualified. live in pulaski bethany teague wsls 10. police continue to gather evidence after an infant's body was found in a franklin county dumpster. according to search warrants filed in roanoke city court ... rocky mount police have searched katherine dellis' cell phone. the 24-year-old was arrested and
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concealment of a dead body. police say she gave birth to a still-born child... then put its body in a dumpster. police previously searched her home for evidence as well. now to another case we're following. the death of blacksburg teen ... nicole lovell. her father ... david lovell ... sat down with talk show host doctor phil mcgraw over the weekend. the interview will air on wednesday right here on wsls 10. wsls 10's dawn jefferies talked to doctor phil about the interview today. she joins us now live in the studio. dawn ... what was your biggest take-away? i asked dr. phil what sparked his interest in this tragedy... he said two things.. the social media aspect and the loss of life. and that's really what has so many people talking about this case. dr. phil spoke to nicole lovell's father david lovell sunday. he flew to los angeles over the weekend to tape this episode which will air wednesday. in our interview... dr. phil talked a lot about social media and the
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dr. phil/talk show host 12.07.58 "if you can tell your children the tools that a predator will use to groom them and you can make them aware perhaps you inoculate them some. so i think you have to teach them the tools of the predator and to do that you have to know what they are. but then i think you have to shadow your child on the internet and know where they're going and who they're talking to." we'll have more with our interview with dr. phil tonight a six... and also talk about something many of you have been discussing on social media... and that's suspect natalie keepers mugshot and whether that's a scar on her face. the blacksburg community honors nicole tonight. people are meeting on college avenue starting at 7-30. organizers say there will be speakers... a hymn... and a moment silence by candlelight. w-s-l-s ten's brie jackson is there now... and will have a live report tonight at 7. a former bedford police officer
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after a 10 month investigation. the bedford county sheriff's office says ... deputies arrested brian mcalexander in henry county on friday. a bedford county grand jury indicted the 54-year-old on six pornography. wsls 10's ananda rochita talks and virginia i-cac about how the police department is hoping to re-gain ananda todd foreman/bedfor d police department 13:21:42 it's very disappointing and it's upsetting. it's not a surprising reaction coming from bedford police chief todd foreman over allegations involving a former officer. 54-year-old brian mcalexander faces six felony indictments for possession of child pornography. chief foreman says trust is on the line ... which is why he let the public know about the investigation when it began last year. todd foreman/bedfor d police department
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13:17:44 we wanted to be transparent with people in the town so they knew what was going on ... southern virginia internet crimes against children task force investigated this case. lt. mike harmony with southern virginia icac says he can't release a lot of details ... but says mcalexander was the target of an investigation centered around file sharing programs. lt. mike harmony/southe rn virginia icac - 0:48 - 0:58 13:35:54 it's sad i can tell you that much. anytime that someone who is in the eye of the public and has the faith of the public betrays that it's sad. mcalexander served in the bedford police department for more than 25 years and was promoted months before he resigned over the investigation. while mcalexander has not been found guilty ...foreman says he's focused on moving forward and rebuilding trust within the community. in bedford ananda rochita wsls 10. according to bedford county circuit court, mcalexander is expected to have an arraignment tuesday morning. opposition is growing over the plan to move two historic slave
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a group is planning a sit-in protest at greenfield plantation. the protestors say ... they're being contacted by people around the state to join the effort. one of those is historian april danner in montgomery county. danner says ... she's contacting people in her area opposed to moving the buildings from where they've sat for more than 2 hundred years. april danner, montgomery county historian 00:01:18 "there's been other people from all around the state and elsewhere who look to this as a very important, just a precedent being set. so in order to really understand it, you need more voices, you need all of virginia to speak up." a person opposed to the plan says ... there may be unmarked graves near where the buildings sit. but ... the county announced today preliminary results from an archaeological study show there are no graves in the area. the county says ... the buildings should be ready to move by the end of the week. the official date will depend on weather conditions.
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despite slick and snowy conditions in parts of south-west virginia... roads currently remain clear from any accidents... but drivers are urged to use caution. state and local primaries are coming up. this weekend ...roanoke voters have the opportunity to cast their ballots in a firehouse primary. how to
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this is a live look from our poor mountain skycam. a strong clipper-type system started to impact the region on monday, bringing some scattered rain and snow showers. as we turn colder tonight, any leftover precipitation
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said, tonight, the precipitation should be pretty isolated in nature, with perhaps more ramping up again tomorrow in the mountains. tonight: mostly cloudy with snow showers possible, especially in the mountains. pretty cold with lows in the upper 20s. tuesday: mainly cloudy with snow showers possible, mainly in the mountains. chilly and breezy with highs in the upper 30s. we may still have the chance for some upslope west slope snow showers
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wednesday will be mostly cloudy and cold still breezy too with highs in the lower 30s. as far as accumulations through wednesday, here's what we are thinking: west slope areas mainly in wv, including mt. rogers: 3-6"+ most of the nrv/highlands: 1-3" the higher amounts in the higher 3" possible near mountain lake, etc. roanoke: coating possible, maybe up to 1" around catawba, bradshaw, and bent mountain the higher elevations lynchburg/sout hside: no accumulation forecast thursday will finally be a dry day for everyone. we will see a mix of sun and clouds, but it will be cold with highs only in the upper 20s. during the day on friday we
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skies with highs in the low-to- mid 30s. however, we could see a quick-moving storm system impact us friday night, bringing another round of snow showers. a very light accumulation is possible in the mountains, with no accumulation expected outside the mountains. saturday should see more sun east and more clouds west with more mountain snow showers possible. we will remain cold all weekend long with highs near 30 on saturday.we could be even colder on sunday with highs in the upper 20s. sunday will be dry under partly to mostly sunny skies. we'll be watching the potential for another storm system on monday.that one could be a bit more significant for the entire viewing area. too early to make the call yet, but as of now, we are looking at cloudy skies with some snow possible. temperatures will reach the middle 30s.stay tuned for more info on this as the time draws nearer. dawn
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in the wsls 10 newsroom with a look at what's coming up tonight at 5-30. vo a henry county man celebrates 50-years with the basset volunteer rescue squad. the story behind his long-time service to southwest virginia. on cam that's tonight on wsls ten at 5-30.
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of roanoke is hosting what they call a firehouse primary at the berglund center. no republican candidates for yet... which means this preliminary election could decide who will be the next head of the city's government. with us tonight. rob - why is the election this weekend so significant, and advance? one of the candidates running for mayor this year, sherman lea, chose to do so in lieu of running for council, which means if he loses this saturday, he'll lose a spot completely in city government. for voters, there are several things to note here that differ from a regular election. first off, there is no absentee voting, you have to be there at the berglund center this saturday. voters will also be required to sign a pledge of allegiance to the democratic party in order to cast a ballot. voters will also have to abide by several rules that apply in general elections.
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registrar17:46: 52 "they will be following some of the laws that govern regular elections. they have decided that you must be a registered voter and you must have the regular id that would be required for a regular election." all of these rules are determined by the democratic party, because this is an unofficial primary that is not run through the state registrar's office. voting will get underway starting at noon on saturday and will continue until 7 pm. there will also be curbside polling booths for people's convenience. in studio, rob manch, w-s-l-s 10. during an emergency... you might not ask hospital staff a lot of questions... but there's one question advocates say you have to ask... or you could get stuck with the
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community advocates are warning seniors after medi-care mix-ups costs them thousands. the advocates are asking patients and their families to check their statuses once they've entered the hospital. despite treatment and lengthy stays... some patients are technically never admitted... which could leave them liable for costs. helen bellows' took her husband to the hospital after a dangerous fall. he stayed there for three days for treatment. after that... the bellows found out richard was technically only in the hospital for observation. according to the centers for medi-care and medic-aid services... observation patients are a type of outpatient. the technicality ended up costing the bellows' thousands in
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helen bellows / wife 3:34 - 3:45 "it's devastating for everybody. you know you go into the hospital thinking you're covered and you're not." hospitals say the decision on whether to admit a patient or put them under an observation status comes from federal guidelines. when you see news happening, we want to hear from you. call us at 1-800- see news ... or e-mail digital pictures to news-at-wsls- dot-com. you can also let us know about stories or upload photos to our facebook page ...
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a town in northern italy took part in an annual battle with ties to the middle ages. but no armor or swords were necessary... participants were armed with fruit. it's the battle of the oranges. locals throw tons of oranges at
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