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precipitation should be pretty isolated in nature, with perhaps more ramping up again tomorrow in the mountains. tonight: mostly cloudy with snow showers possible, especially in the mountains. pretty cold with lows in the natalie cole: 9:21 nicole i love you to death and i hope you are save up there, now at eleven ... a community united... as dozens come together to remember the life of 13-year-old nicole lovell. plus... attorneys sift through over 100 potential jurors... for the trial against ashley white. and... storm team 10 is closely monitoring a storm system impacting our region tonight. good evening, and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at eleven. i'm john carlin. and i'm lindsey ward. snow continues to fall across
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expected to continue to fall on and off over the next few days. with several areas under storm advisories tonight... we want to head right back over to storm team 10 chief meteorologist jeff haniewich. jeff-- with this storm system making its system started to impact the region on monday, bringing some scattered rain and snow showers. as we turn colder tonight, any snow showers. that said, tonight, the precipitation
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pretty isolated in nature, with perhaps more ramping up again tomorrow in the mountains. tonight: mostly cloudy with snow showers possible, especially in the mountains. pretty cold with lows in the upper 20s. tuesday: mainly cloudy with snow showers possible, mainly in the mountains. chilly and breezy with highs in the upper 30s. we may still have the chance for some upslope west slope snow showers lingering into wednesday. cloudy and cold the lower 30s. as far as accumulations through area ... we want to remind you weather app. and for a full list of school closings... delays .. and travel conditions.. make sure to tune in
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the blacksburg and virginia tech community gather tonight to remember the life of one of its own. a candlelight vigil was held for nicole lovell. as we've reported --... the last month. a few days later .. her body was found in north carolina. remain death. wsls 10's brie jackson was at the vigil tonight. brie...what are people doing to this tradegy. organizers say they wanted tonight's vigil to bring people together as one. they hope to have nicole's memory associated with building a greater sense of community. tonight they celebrated the 13 year old's life and wanted showed support to her family during this extremely difficult time. nats 9:17:45 everyday we also vow to spread just a fraction of the shining light that she was to this world these brief 13 year on this cold and snowy night. hundreds gather in downtown blackburg for a candlight vigil to honor nicole lovell.
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hearted girl who brightened their day. natalie cole / nicole's friend 22-25 9:08:02 she was kind and sweet hearted, she was loving and would care about her friends. the 13 year old's friends, family...along with virginia tech students and others in the community lit candles...sang a song and shared encouraging words. libbi hill / attended vigil 37-40 9:09:42 we'll be always praying for the family and they will always be in our thoughts members of help save the next girl - a non- profit group that helps raise awarness about safety - made this tribute to nicole. it has the color blue....a panda favorite things. tech students signed the custom-made painting to show their support for colie. at the bottom lyrics to a song dedicated to their little mountain angel...and her family 1:04-1:08 9:23:02 i cant imagine the pain her family and friends are going through right now. its important to show that virginia tech students care and the community cares through these signs of love and support...this sea of broken
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come together as one to heal. erica grant / hstng 9:23:14 a blend of all types of people from all walks of life came out to celebrate her life and to honor her, support her family and the community at this time claire kelling 1:33-1:36 9:25:30 to see so many people here for nicole's family and to say we are here for you. that was amazing people i spoke with say they hope to see an annual event to honor nicole's life. in the studio, brie jackson, wsls 10. nicole lovell's father sits down for an interview with talk show host doctor phil mcgraw. david lovell flew to los angeles over the weekend to tape the episode. doctor phil says.. the social media aspect and the loss of life sparked his interest in the case. wsls 10's dawn jefferies talked to doctor phil from his los angeles studio this afternoon about social media's impact...
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dr. phil/talk show host - "if you can tell your children the tools that a predator will use to groom them and you can make them aware perhaps you inoculate them some. so i think you have to teach them the tools of the predator and to do that you have to know what they are. but then i think you have to shadow your child on the internet and know where they're going and who they're talking to." you can watch doctor phil's complete interview with david lovell wednesday at four right here on wsls 10. a jury is expected to be seated in the trial against ashley white tomorrow morning. white is charged with child abuse and neglect in connection to the death of her son noah thomas. the five-year-old was found dead in a septic tank back in march. about 50 percent of the potential jurors have already been sent home. many stated they had already made up their minds that white was guilty. others say white must prove to them she is innocent, rather than the prosecution proving she is guilty, as the law
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jury selection continues tomorrow at nine a-m. new tonight at eleven... the man wanted at the center of an amber alert over the weekend turns himself in to police. the fluvanna county sheriff's office says 25- year-old james moses took his three-year-old daughter haven moses from a caretakers home friday night. police located haven last night. investigators say moses has a history of child abuse. in 2013 he was accused of raping and sexually abusing a 5-year-old girl. meanwhile -- state police issue a senior alert for 72-year-old leonard fox fox was last seen on horsepen road. green 1999 ford ranger pickup. they say fox suffers from a cognitive impairment and the disappearance poses a credible threat to his health and safety. if you see him.. call police. salem city council unanimously passes a resolution to keep catawba hospital open. general assembly take no
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to close the facility. governor terry mcauliffe called for the closure in his biennial budget. salem now joins botetourt and roanoke counties in opposing the closure. lynchburg police charge two people in connection to a string of vehicle and home break- ins. police say the break-ins happened in and around the 36- hundred block of old forest road. 18-year-old steven locke junior and 18- year-old crystalyn downey have been charged in connection to the break-ins. police say additional arrests of others is pending. anyone who may have had items stolen or their vehicle tampered with are asked to call police. the cause of a house fire in blacksburg is under investigation tonight. it happened this evening along bannister lane. the longshop- mccoy fire department says there are no signs of foul play. no one was home at the time of the fire.. and no firefighters were hurt. a-e-p was also on scene to disconnect the power. a former bedford police officer is indicted on six
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54- year-old brian mcalexander. he was arrested in henry county and is being held without bond. while mcalexander has not been found guilty ... police chief todd foreman says it's disappointing and upsetting. southern virginia crimes against children task force investigated this case and says mcalexander was the target of an investigation centered around file sharing programs. lt. mike harmony/southe rn virginia icac - "it's sad i can tell you that much. anytime that someone who is in the eye of the public and has the faith of the public betrays that it's sad." according to bedford county circuit court, mcalexander is expected to have an arraignment tomorrow morning. unfortunately .. cases like the one against mcalexander ... aren't uncommon. southern virginia i-cac says it investigates cases involving people of all backgrounds. southern virginia i-cac was one of the original task
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and today is one of 61 throughout the country that work with hundreds of local... county... and state agencies. an investigator tells us he's seen child porn cases involving teachers and clergy. he says some of the trends he's seeing now include self- victimization ... children taking inappropriate pictures of themselves ... and incest. sgt. chris edmondson/sou thern virginia icac: "i've been a police officer for over 40 years and still what i've seen in the last here amazes me. i thought in my length i've seen it all. not even close." in addition to conducting investigations, southern virginia i-cac also trains people on internet safety. with the new hampshire primary less than 24 hours away... the focus is not just on who wins ... but which republican candidate comes in second place.. and how well hillary clinton does.
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to win support from voters in new hampshire. while some may know who they'll vote for ... others remain undecided. political experts say most voters don't make up their mind until the last minute. mark murray, nbc news senior political editor - "half of them, according to the last election, ended up not deciding until they very last few days, what about the last day? almost 20 percent made up their minds on that very last day." the latest polls show donald trump leading for the republican party and bernie sanders for the democrats. while presidential candidates gear up for tomorrow's primary... this weekend.. roanoke will decide which democratic candidate will run for mayor. with no republican stepping forward... the result is even more important. for candidate sherman lea... it's all or nothing. he'll be running for mayor in lieu of a seat on city council. to get involved in what the party calls its firehouse primary... voters have to cast their ballots in-person at the berglund center this saturday. even
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different from a general election... several rules will still apply. andrew cochran, roanoke general registrar - "they will be following some of the laws that govern regular elections. they have decided that you must be a registered voter and you must have the regular id that would be required for a regular election." voters will also need to sign a pledge of allegiance to the cast a ballot. voting starts saturday at noon and runs until seven. preliminary results from an archaeological study show there are no unmarked graves at the greenfield plantation. the study comes after public outcry over botetourt county's decision to move two historic buildings that served as slave quarters. since there are no unmarked graves on site... the county says the buildings should be ready to move by the end of the week. the official move date will depend on weather conditions. a henry county man celebrates a major career milestone. still ahead -- the story behind his
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energy efficiency doesn't pick favorites. it should apply to everyone. i'm zach bacon with appalachian power. i'm an energy efficiency coordinator here in virginia. to me, it's all about being able
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this partnership with appalachian power allows us to touch more families in this region that really need it. (woman) when we first moved in, the house wasn't very livable. it had holes in the ceilings. it was very cold. they saved our house. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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a strong clipper-type system started to impact the region on monday, bringing some scattered rain and snow showers. as we turn colder tonight, any leftover precipitation will be snow showers. that said, tonight, the precipitation should be pretty isolated in nature, with perhaps more ramping up again tomorrow in the mountains. tonight: mostly cloudy with snow showers possible, especially in the mountains.
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upper 20s. tuesday: mainly cloudy with snow showers possible, mainly in the mountains. chilly and breezy with highs in the upper 30s. we may still have the chance for some upslope west slope snow showers lingering into wednesday. other wednesday will be mostly cloudy and cold still breezy too with highs in the lower 30s. as far as accumulations through wednesday, here's what we are thinking: west slope areas mainly in wv, including mt. rogers: 3-6"+ most of the nrv/highlands: 1-3" the higher amounts in the higher 3" possible near mountain lake, etc. roanoke: coating possible, maybe up to 1" around catawba, bradshaw, and bent mountain the higher elevations lynchburg/sout hside: no
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thursday will finally be a dry day for everyone. we will see a mix of sun and clouds, but it will be cold with highs only in the upper 20s. during the day on friday we look dry under partly sunny skies with highs in the low-to- mid 30s. however, we could see a quick-moving storm system impact us friday night, bringing another round of snow showers. a very light accumulation is possible in the mountains, with no accumulation expected outside the mountains. saturday should see more sun east and more clouds west with more mountain snow showers possible. we will remain cold all weekend long with highs near 30 on saturday.we could be even colder on sunday with highs in the upper 20s. sunday will be dry under partly to mostly sunny skies. we'll be watching the potential for
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monday.that one could be a bit more significant for the entire viewing area. too early to make the call yet, but as of now, we are looking at cloudy skies with some snow possible. temperatures will reach the middle 30s.stay tuned for more info on this as the time draws nearer. system started to impact the region on monday, bringing some scattered rain and snow showers. as we turn colder tonight, any leftover precipitation will be snow showers. that said, tonight, the precipitation should be pretty isolated in nature, with perhaps more ramping up again tomorrow in the
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for nearly half a century now... claude cobler has been a volunteer with the bassett rescue squad ... and at 87-years- old... he says he hopes to continue responding to calls for the squad for many more years to come. cobler is getting ready to celebrate his 50- th anniversary
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found back in 19- 66. he says.. his love of helping people is what has motivated him to keep going all these years. claude cobler/bassett rescue squad volunteer - "i just enjoy helping people, especially at a time in their life when they're at their lowest." cobler is also a member of the smith river rescue squad in patrick county. football fans across the country got to see peyton manning clinch his second super bowl career win last night. now.. the number one question on many people's minds.. will manning continue to play.. or call it quits. while manning won't say what his future holds... fans say it's a no brainer. christine gauss peyton manning fan "i think most people think he's going to go, and move on with the next phase of his career." matt boje peyton manning fan "i would love to see him go out on top. so seeing him retire is probably the best for him." last night's win wasn't only manning's second super bowl
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but also his 200-th career win. the super bowl winning ments on the panthers young star signal caller. and joe gibbs racing....sets their sights on daytona...and another championship season..
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peyton manning/denver quarterback:".... kam couldn't have been nicer to me. he was extremely humble. he congratulated me, wished me the best .i told him congratulation s on his outstanding season and what a great future he has ahead of him he'll be back in that game i can promise you." peyton this morning giving the vanquished cam newton- a positive review for his behavior in defeat. the same can not be said..after cam's postgame media appearance-- his post game interview-- in his defense..denver cornerback chris harris was nearby explaining--- how they shut cam down.. comments---
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not separating the two teams for postgame. i've covered a couple of these.., and that's usually how its done. to hoops now--and uva's 5th year guard malcolm brogdon is your acc player of the week.. scoring 27 against bc..and 21 on the road at pitt in two uva wins... the cavs have won 6 straight heading into tomorow's rematch with the hokies. here's your top ten..nova...into the top spot.. uva up to 7 now... and ncarolina and west virginia..round out the top ten. faith christian hosting roanoke valley christian tonight it's rvc's dylan honaker dialing up the 3 ball .... but faith christian the feed inside to 7-2 brendan newton for the throwdown...,.. and later''it's andy waldo with
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the vaca state runnerup warriors --roll tonight...77-34 the final. nascar's 2016 season is fast approaching and today alyssa rae has more...on the team..that holds the title... we're less than two weeks away from the kickoff to nascar sprint cup season, as the drivers look ahead to the new year, they reflect on a successful 2015 that landed the team a cup title with kyle busch. busch:"just getting to lay low little bit and get to soak it all in and take it all in was a lot of fun for myself and for my wife and for a family you know looking forward to the new chapter head which is 2016 being you and being able to try to go out and repeat as sprint cup series champions." the jgr team is stacked with talent, including busch, denny hamlin, matt kenseth and carl edwards. crew chief mike wheeler joins the number 11 team this year, a group that hamlin does not think should be overlooked at daytona. hamlin:"there's no reason why we shouldn't be one of the favorites even though we haven't
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the top five i think a bunch of years three out of five or something like that in with ourselves in position." hamlin has spent his fair share of time in victory lane, but has yet to see the checkered flag at the daytona 500. hamlin:"you know one nearly every exhibition race and all the other racetracks but we haven't won the daytona 500 so it's kind of like the tony stewart syndrome dale earnhardt syndrome it will come eventually." he hopes that win comes sooner than later. he will get his chance sunday februrary 21st when nascar season officially returns. for wsls 10 sports, i'm alyssa rae. lite o the nitet. hawks, magic tied at 94 2.2 left. nik booch-uh- vich.....for the win.. my remote control.. stay with us.
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