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roanoke as one of the premier hotels in the mid atlantic states." the transition ahead for the star city's most iconic hotel. good evening and thank you for joining us for wsls 10 at six. the father of 13- year-old nicole lovell opens up to doctor phil about his daughter's social media activity and struggles with bullying. david lovell's emotional interview aired earlier today right here on wsls 10. wsls 10's dawn jefferies joins us now live in studio with more. dawn .. you spoke to the talk show host earlier this week .. we spoke to dr. phil about sunday's interview with david lovell... including what we could expect... today we saw. david lovell shared his concerns and what he says were his regrets as he addressed a nationwide audience from the stage of the dr. phil show. nicole lovell's father david lovell tells talk show host dr. phil mcgraw he's on a mission.
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heck with the dad who lost his daughter. that's not what, i want to get out the word for the next little girl that might get into the situation or the next day that might lose his daughter." he talks about his daughter-- his little baby girl who was bullied. 19.42.14 she would talk to me about being bullied. what did they bully her about. her scar. her tracheotomy scars. and because of the medication she was a little heavier. he dscribes the impact bullying had on her. 19.44.06 "a girl with self- esteem issues anyway somebody told her some good things about her of course it would be easy to seduce a bullied little girl." lovell talked about the search for nicole and the moment he learned she was gone. 19.49.05 "how did you find out that she died? i found out. i found out on tv." he went on to describe how police made a mistake not telling him first...
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facebook massage.. posted nearly four hours before police released nicole had been found dead... was what alerted friends family... and the media at gathered at a candle light vigil outside her home. 20.11.40 if i could've killed her with my eyes i would have. lovell describes seeing natalie keepers in court as her lawyers pled for her release on bond. 20.09.33 "i was appalled at the gall of these people to even ask." he spoke of his regrets. 20.21.29 "i have so many regrets. i wasn't there for her when she needed me. there's no way to roll back the time." 20.21.42. "i put a lot of blame on myself yes. yes. if i would have been there maybe she wouldn't have went looking for acceptance from older guys." many of you have been asking about nicole's mother.. tammy weeks. she spoke out at the community vigil for nicole earlier this week
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tammy tells me she wants to raise awareness about social media and online dangers but right now... she just wants to grieve the loss of her daughter. christiansburg police plan to host an internet safety course for parents. the free training is set for tuesday, february 23-rd from seven to nine p-m at the christiansburg recreation center. the course will teach parents about popular social media sites and apps among children. a man charged with drunkenly crashing a car and critically injuring two women last october had his first appearance in bedford general district court today. 19-year-old "christian riddle" is facing two charges of maiming while driving intoxicated .. d-w-i .. and driving with a revoked license. riddle waived his preliminary hearing today and will go before a grand jury in bedford circuit court on march first. 18-year-old "ivy adkins" and a 14- year-old girl were hurt in the wreck. the 14-year-old is out of the hospital and undergoing rehabilitation.
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underwent surgery on her skull last week. she is being treated at lynchburg general hospital. the trial of a pulaski county woman charged with child abuse and neglect will still happen in will not be decided by a jury. last night .. the judge granted ashley white a change of venue -- citing widespread prejudice in her case. white's son .. noah thomas .. last year. wsls 10's bethany teague follows up. it's a case that has gripped the pulaski county community since day one.. when hundreds volunteered to search for 5- year-old noah thomas. countless people mourned when his body was found in his family's septic tank. fast forward ten months to the start of his mom.. ashley white's.. trial. that emotion from the community.. caused judge bradley finch to make a rare decision. jack call, radford university - :26-:29
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saying the same kind of thing, he decided that he wasn't going to be able to get 12 impartial jurors in pulaski county." finch granted the change of venue request from the defense.. something attorneys say has only happened in pulaski county twice in the last 50 years. roughly 60 percent of the potential jurors questioned were disqualified. finch said after hearing comments from jurors like "we've all heard about it" and "this case is common knowledge" .. he felt a jury trial should happen elsewhere. but just moments later.. the prosecution withdrew its request for a jury trial.. and asked for a bench trial. that means judge finch would decide white's fate rather than a jury. the defense agreed with that proposal. criminal justice expert jack call says he is surprised the defense said yes. jack call, radford university - when there is a jury, all the defense has to do is convince one juror that there is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. now, you're willing to place all your eggs in one basket.
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nature of this case.. call says it could also end up being an advantage for ashley white. jack call, radford university - if, under the law, the parents are not legally responsible, then obviously the right outcome should be that they would be acquitted, and that might be an easier judgement for a judge to make than it would be for jurors. with the new trial beginning tomorrow morning.. time will quickly tell which side comes away with the advantage. in pulaski bethany teague wsls 10. sad news to pass along tonight... the last member of the bedford boys has passed away. "allen huddleston" died early this morning in bedford. huddleston was a member of the u-s army national guard 116-th infantry, 29-th division. he was not able to join the rest of his unit on the beaches of normandy on june sixth, 19-44 because he broke his ankle during training two weeks before. tonight on wsls 10 at 11 .. we'll
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and friend .. robert key. crews in botetourt county now have one of two historic slave quarters on the back of a flat-bed truck ready to be moved. protestors were on the site of the greenfield plantation this morning. they tell us they were concerned the county might be moving the building to a new location without letting them know. protestors say they want to be there when it happens to show the county people oppose the decision. roblyn brand, protester: "for the last week or two i've actually had my hat, my gloves, and my boots in my car so i could just take off whenever i'm told they're moving them, and that's what i've done today." the man organizing the protest says he submitted new information to the court yesterday highlighting the structures on the state and national historic registers. liniel gregory, protest organizer: "these things are just like monuments or tombstones if you will to those slaves who lived, worked, played, raised families,
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the county says it will not move the buildings until next week. the exact date depends on weather conditions. roanoke democrats will be deciding their city council and mayoral candidate this weekend. but with no republicans stepping forward yet -- the firehouse primary could predict the next leaders of the city's government. sherman lea says he chose to campaign in lieu of running for council .. so for him .. this weekend's election is doubly important. sherman lea, mayoral candidate: "unlike my opponent, who's going to be on council regardless of what happens saturday, because his term doesn't expire until 20- 18. so it's almost like it's a do or die for me on saturday at this democratic primary." the other candidate .. david trinkle .. says campaigning in a primary election is different because without polling locations or absentee voting -- you have to get all of your supporters in one place.
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candidate: "i'm hoping all the candidates like i'm doing are really out trying to drum up people to come out." you can hear the candidates talk about those issues publicly tomorrow night at a forum in center in the square hosted by the regional chamber of commerce. this friday is the deadline for you to let the red cross know if there's a hero in your life .. as the non-profit gears up for its annual"celebrati on of heroes." right now .. you can nominate someone you think is going above and beyond at work or in their community. "celebration of heroes" recognizes folks who are making a difference with 10 different awards. they range from workplace hero to good samaritan. the red cross takes nominations in the roanoke and new river valleys. if you would like enter someone you know .. log on to our website for an entry form link. a staple for travelers in the star city enters a new era. why the beloved double tree cookies will become a thing of the past as hotel roanoke looks to
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a major announceroanoke transitions to an elite distinction of hilton hotel's - the curio collection. currently there are only 22 curios worldwide. wsls 10's rachel lucas tells us more about the changes ahead. 03:06:34:18 "the old lady on the hill become a new member, the first in virginia of hilton's world wide and rapidly expanding new brand - curio." so far - there are only 22 other hotels that have earned the distinction - hotel roanoke will now be recognized for it's unique and historic feel the community has worked to preserve for more than a century. 03:17:58:17 18-23 what curio is all about is really finding the unique, select, independent hotels that have great stories, great history." virginia native and ceo of hilton worldwide chris nassetta says hotel roanoke being named a curio has been in the works for about eight months. 03:32:54:11 32-41
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hotel roanoke is such a unique hotel. you walk in and it has an iconic history. well over a hundred years. he says prices will remain competitive, and the name also adds hilton perks like hilton honors, and frequent travelers benefits. at the same time - it allows the hotel more freedom to use local vendors, food and even contractors that are currently working to complete a six million dollar renovation to the hotel. 03:39:10:27 1:05-1:14 "and if the cookie was your favorite tradition at the hotel roanoke, sadly that is one that will be leaving with double tree - but don't worry the chefs will have them in store someone and in the meantime the gm promises an even better amenity to hand out." 3:21:54:18 "we also look to see a new initiative that will be a new initiative to guests. most likely in the lobby, in the evenings. but we want to try and introduce a local flavor into that." hotel roanoke will finish parting ways with double tree and officially take on the curio brand on february
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rachel lucas wsls 10. ...coming up in your storm team 10 forecast. there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah!
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when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters?
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with wind and cold air in place, wind chills were below zero in the highlands and in the single digits in the nrv. and tonight looks to bitterly cold with wind chills 15 below zero in the will also feel below zero in the nrv. please
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yourself and your pets tonight. tonight: any mountain snow showers end, blustery with lows in the middle teens.but with the wind, it will feel much colder than that. thursday: partly to mostly sunny and still blustery with highs around 30. another weak disturbance may impact the area on's a weak clipper system that could bring us more light rain and/or snow showers. a coating-1" would be possible in the nrv and highlands, with
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in spots as far east as roanoke. it will be a mostly cloudy day with highs in the middle 30s. the weekend does look dry. both days looks to see a mix of sun and clouds. it, however, will be very cold with highs in the mid-to-upper 20s. early next week is looking more and more interesting. a storm move overhead on monday, bringing about another wintry mix. it looks it will mainly be snow for areas along and west of the blue
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like it will be more of a mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and plain rain. accumulations do look likely at this point in most spots, but it is too early to specify as to how much. but, 10 at eleven homelessness continues to be an issue here in the star city. what's being done to raise awareness and help families in need. that story and more.. tonight at 11. uva beat virginai tech last night in a rematch from earlier this
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we hear more from the coaches.. and the parry mccluer girls basketball team only has 3 losses as they play their last regular season game tonight.. sports
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the rematch between #7 ranked virginia and virginia tech was much different than their
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hokies upset the cavaliers in blacksburg on january 4th but last night... from start to finish.. the 'hoos never gave up their lead. in front of a packed john paul jones arena... virginia silenced virginia tech 67-49. the 'hoos were sound defensively.. and offensively the usual suspects antohny gill.. malcolm brogdon and mike tobey all scored in double digits.. but the team also got some help from isaiah wilkins who put up a career high 14 points in the win. that's so important we can get that kind of contribution from as i mentioned malcolm's benz going so well anthony in london and with another guy gives us that output on insulin is it balances i think our team and makes us more potent on offense and harder to guard i think he's been playing well i think i'm not touching their team but i think there's more productivity from top to bottom than there was when
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the cavaliers are now 20-4.. 9-3 in conference. they travel to duke on saturday. virginia tech has a little break before returning to action feburary 17th against miami. the parry mccluers girls basketball team lost many seniors from last year.. but the with only 3 losses.. the freshman have helped fill those shoes and are meshing well with the upperclassman. gilbert: you got to do with got to seniors and that was the big west jen coming into the season how well he may match with the younger group but it's been a pretty flawless transition wheeler: our seniors of been really helpful teaching us all the plays and are sophomores are kind of the same age and a lot of us freshman i've been playing together for a while so i think i was playing with them has been working out really well mohler: honestly it's been more than i could've ever expected i lasalata close friends last year i mean i mean it was me a tough coming in but never expected it to be this good i couldn't ask for better team. to news and notes..clippers
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games for punching a staff member. -mississippi's football program was cited for 13 rules violations by the ncaa. -and an acc matchup in mens hoops tonight as wake forest travels to georgia tech. tip off is at 7. 3 little words.. one big highlight... cut it out! in the utah jazz.. dallas mavericks game.. game tied with the clock running down... hayward hits the jumper at the buzzer and utah wins by 2! nbc nightly news is next. and don't forget join us back here in half an hour for our seven p-m
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tonight, shock waves. sanders score
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new hampshire, but a
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