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could bring us more light rain we may be a step closer to knowing what happened to five-year-old noah thomas.. as testimony in the case against ashley white begins tomorrow morning. david lovell / nicole lovell's dad "i have so many regrets. i wasn't there for her when she needed me. there's no way to roll back the time." plus... in an emotional interview with doctor phil... the father of nicole lovell opens up about the death of his daughter. and... remembering a long time friend. a veteran shares his memories of allen huddleston -- the last of the bedford boys. good evening, and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at eleven. i'm john carlin. and i'm lindsey ward. a judge will start hearing evidence in the trial against ashley white tomorrow morning. this after judge bradley finch made the unusual decision to grant a change of venue request. after the judge's decision to move the trial to another jurisdiction ... the prosecution asked for a bench trial in pulaski county instead of a jury trial.
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means judge finch will now decide white's fate. legal experts say both sides could view this as a victory.. but the lack of a jury most likely benefits the defense more. jack call / radford university if, under the law, the parents are not legally responsible, then obviously the right outcome should be that they would be acquitted, and that might be an easier judgement for a judge to make than it would for jurors. the commonwealth's attorney says he believes the facts are the facts.. and he has confidence judge finch will give both sides a fair trial. the father of 13- year-old nicole lovell opens up to doctor phil about his daughter's social media activity and struggles with bullying.. david lovell told doctor phil.. the last time he saw his daughter nicole was december 19-th. she disappeared nearly six weeks later on january 27-th. lovell told doctor phil.. he puts a lot of blame on himself and speculated on any possible motives suspects david eisenhauer and natalie keepers
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david lovell, nicole lovell's father - "a girl with self- esteem issues anyway somebody told her some good things about her of course it would be easy to seduce a bullied little girl." meanwhile... many of you have been asking about nicole's mother.. tammy weeks. tammy tells wsls 10 .. she wants to raise awareness about social media and online dangers... but right now... she just wants to grieve the loss of her daughter. police in our area offer tips to make sure children are safe while online. warning signs detectives suggest you should look out for include... spending a lot time online, especially at night. they say most children who fall victim are usually in chat rooms and spend time online after dinner or on the weekends. kids may also be using an online accounts belonging to someone else. investigators say parents should routinely check a child's computer or cell phone. lt. andy wilburn/radfor d police - "when something tragic happens in your community or you see something online and your kid talks about it, sit down and have a conversation with them, do you know how this happens lets talk about
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your social networking site that you don't know why are you friends with them?" christiansburg police plan to host an internet safety course for parents. the free training will be held tuesday, february 23-rd from seven to nine p-m at the christiansburg recreation center. the course will teach parents about popular social media sites and apps kids use. four people are taken to the hospital after an accident on route 2-20 in roanoke county. state police say they were in pursuit of a car in franklin county. they say the car crossed into roanoke county.. hit another vehicle.. flipped and caught fire. five people were involved in the accident. police are looking for the fifth person who ran away from the scene. police say the person is believed to be a man in his early 20's. the cold and windy weather we're experiencing can be dangerous for anyone... especially for those without a home. new tonight at 11.. we take a look at the impact it has on people's lives. wsls 10's brie jackson talked with a single mother living in a homeless shelter.
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biggest challenges for the family? denise marks says providing a stable environment for her two year daughter has been a challenge. after losing her job and her home...marks considered living in her car. today she says she is thankful to have found a warm place to go and get back on her feet. 10:07:00 say never, never, never give up denise marks is not giving up hope on finding a permanent home for her and her two year old daughter erin. she says they became homeless last october after marks lost her job. denise marks/ homeless 13-17 9:59:26 i was looking at the prospect of living out of my car and with the cold weather and the snow we had was not going to be an option with her. as temperatures dropped, she was grateful to find shelter at the rescue mission. she says the roof over her head and the hot meals served are helping her family get through tough times. denise marks/ homeless 10:00:28 food is very expensive especially if you are having to but food that doesn't need to be cooked. we would have
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of erin and with a child full of energy ... marks wants to make sure erin grows up in a stable home. denise marks - 10:02:47 when i was thinking about the possibility of being homeless i knew at this age it was not going to affect her as much as if she were an older child. marks says she's applied for housing and looks forward to moving into a place of their own. denise marks - 10:00:55 hopefully we are at the ending stage of the application process. i should know within the next week or two if we got approval and a move-in date for now, marks appreciates having a warm place to stay this winter. she looks forward to getting back on her feet...leaving the homeless shelter...and providing a brighter future for her family. staff at the rescue mission say they have close to 20 children staying there at this time...which is down from the same period last year. marks says she's seen other families get back on their feet and she is excited to do the same.
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roanoke city school students are raising awareness about homelessness this week. tomorrow is homeless awareness day for the school district. you can expect to see people wearing these t- shirts designed by students at patrick henry and william fleming. organizers say they wanted to have a day for people to wear the shirts and bring light to an important issue affecting roanoke city schools. justin mcleod / community relations rcps 9:54:20 we have close to 500 homeless students in roanoke city schools as of today. that number will only continue to grow. i think the most important thing is that we just want our homeless students to know we care about them and are here to help. school leaders say more than 750 shirts have been sold and nearly 8-thousand dollars raised to help support homeless families in our area. we do have some sad news to pass along tonight... by now, you likely know the story of the bedford boys -- the group of men from bedford county who suffered serious losses during the d-day invasion. new tonight at 11, we add another chapter to their story as allen
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bedford boys -- died early this morning in bedford. we take a look back at allen's life through the eyes of his longtime friend robert key. "if there such a thing as a southern gentleman, allen huddleston was that." robert key met allen huddleston back in 1946. they have been friends ever since. nats world war two d-day invasion on the day huddlston's company a stormed the beaches of normandy, he wasn't with them. he'd suffered a broken ankle just prior to the attack that changed the course of the war. :33-39 "he said if i had a broken my ankle two weeks before that, i'd probably lost my life right there on that beach that morning with all them boys from bedford that did get killed." of course bedford lost more men per capita than any other community in the united states that morning. and key says
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about missing it throughout his life. but once healed, he re- joined his company, where he recognized no one because 90-percent had been casualties on the beaches of normandy. he was later wounded in germany and sent back to england. today you can see see allen's name along with the rest of the soldiers from bedford who made significant contributions to the war effort with the bronze statue called "homage." key says the loss of huddleston, the last bedford boy is a marker in time he hoped would never come. "i would always have a short prayer with them and i say alan i already asked god early this morning to give you the strength you need today we know what we we don't want to worry about tomorrow tomorrow if you are here tomorrow i'll ask him again to get you through the next day he said that's good and don't forget me." april cheek- messier, president of the national d-day
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statement death and saying he will the memorial and by 29th division. as the presidential candidates turn their attention to south carolina... two candidates drop out of the race. carly fiorina ended her jersey governor chris christie.. who came in sixth place in yesterdays primary. as for the rest of the republican candidates..dona ld trump came in first... followed by john kasich... ted cruz.. jeb bush... and marco rubio. meanwhile on the democratic side ... bernie sanders took the top spot over hillary clinton by more than 20 points. roanoke democrats will decide their city council and mayoral candidate this weekend. but with no republicans stepping forward yet -- the
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predict the next leaders of the city's government. sherman lea says he chose to campaign in lieu of running for council. sherman lea, mayoral candidate: "unlike my opponent, who's going to be on council regardless of what happens saturday, because his term doesn't expire until 20- 18. so it's almost like it's a do or die for me on saturday at this democratic primary." the other candidate .. david trinkle.. says campaigning in a primary election is different because without polling locations or absentee voting -- you have to get all of your supporters in one place. david trinkle, mayoral candidate: "i'm hoping all the candidates like i'm doing are really out trying to drum up people to come out." a candidate forum will be held in center in the square tomorrow night hosted by the regional chamber of commerce. a man looking for medical attention.. opened fire at a hospital in northern virginia. police say the 52-year-old loudoun county man went to the reston hospital with a gunshot
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the man came to an entrance of the hospital that was locked.. and then shot at the glass door. once inside... police say another shot was fired. security guards at the hospital were able to get the man under control.. and took him to another emergency room. no one was hurt during the shooting... criminal charges against the man are being considered. virginia's house of delegates approve a bill that would allow prisons to execute inmates in the electric chair ..if lethal injections drugs are unavailable. supporters of the bill are using the impending execution of a convicted murderer to make their case for the electric chair. that state says it does not have the drugs needed to carry out that execution. virginia is one of eight states that allow electrocutions. the bill now heads to the senate. turning now to a wsls 10 follow up.. crews in botetourt county now have one of two historic slave quarters on the back of a flat-bed truck ready to be moved.
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greenfield plantation this morning, scared the county might be trying to move the building without letting them know. they say they want to be there when it happens to show the county people oppose the decision. the man who organized the planned protest says he submitted new information to the court yesterday... highlighting the structures are on the state and national historic registers. liniel gregory, protest organizer: "these things are just like monuments or tombstones if you will to those slaves who lived, worked, played, raised families, and died right here." the county says it will not move the buildings until next week. the exact date depends on weather conditions. a new era begins at hotel roanoke... as they move from a double tree to a curio distinction in the hilton world. the hotel roanoke is now the 23-rd hotel in the world... and the first in virginia to become a curio hotel. the curio collection was added by hilton two years ago as a way to recognize hotels that
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while they move away from double tree-- that means their famous cooking is going with it. gary walton / general manager hotel roanoke "we also look to see a new initiative that will be a new initiative to guests. most likely in the lobby, in the evenings. but we want to try and introduce a local flavor into that." the cookies can still be found in the hotel... but a new guest gift will be given. the transition becomes official february 28-th. it's not too late nominate a hero. details on how you can give back to someone who has made a difference right here in the community. this friday is the deadline for
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(man) this is where it all started. i received a call from our dispatch center. smoke was coming from a manhole, and that's not good. we entered the manhole. we discovered that the cables had been melted by the fire. we jumped in, we got to work, and in a little over eight hours, we had the power back on. hi, i'm john snyder,
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it's my goal to keep the lights on and everything run smoothly, and no one even notices. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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to let the red cross know if there's a hero in your life .. as the non-profit gears up for its annual "celebration of heroes." right now .. you can nominate someone you think is going above and beyond at work or in their community. "celebration of heroes" recognizes folks who are making a difference with 10 different awards. they range from workplace hero to good samaritan. the red cross takes nominations in the roanoke and new river valleys. if you would like enter someone you know .. log on to our website for an entry form link. with wind and cold air in place, wind chills were below zero in the highlands and in the single digits in the nrv. and tonight looks to bitterly cold with wind chills 15 below zero in the
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below zero in the nrv. please bundle up and take good care of yourself and your pets tonight. tonight: any mountain snow showers end, blustery with lows in the middle teens.but with the wind, it will feel much colder than that. thursday: partly to mostly sunny and still blustery with highs around 30. another weak disturbance may impact the area on's a weak clipper system that could bring us more light rain and/or snow showers. a coating-1" would be possible in the nrv and highlands, with maybe a dusting in spots as far east as roanoke. it will be a mostly cloudy day with highs in the middle 30s. the weekend does look dry. both days looks to see a mix of sun and clouds. it, however, will be very cold with highs in the mid-to-upper 20s. early next week is looking more
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will likely move overhead on monday, bringing about another wintry mix. it looks it will mainly be snow for areas along and west of the blue ridge.farther east, it looks like it will be more of a mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and plain rain. accumulations do look likely at this point in most spots, but it is too early to specify as to how much. but, this one will likely have more of an impact than what we saw this week. the chance is there for this storm to linger into tuesday as well. tuesday should warm up a bit, so we could see the snow changeover to rain in spots before ending. temperatures on tuesday should reach the low-to-mid 40s. please stay tuned on for the latest on this developing storm. next wednesday does look dry under partly sunny skies. temperatures will likely
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place, wind chills were below zero in the highlands and in the single digits in the nrv. and tonight looks to bitterly cold with wind chills 15 below zero in the will also feel below zero in the nrv. please bundle up and take good care of yourself and your pets tonight. tonight: any mountain snow showers end, blustery with lows in the middle teens.but with the wind, it will feel much colder than that. thursday: partly to mostly sunny and still blustery with highs around 30. another weak disturbance may impact the area on's a weak clipper system that could bring us more light rain and/or snow showers. a coating-1" would be possible in the nrv and
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#7 ranked virginia took down virginia tech last night at j-p-j.. we hear from both coaches about the commonwealth clash. and the parry mccluer girls basketball team just wrapped up a fantastic regular season..
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this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding
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the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it. the rematch between #7 ranked virginia and virginia tech was much different than their first meeting. the hokies upset the cavaliers in blacksburg on january 4th but last night... from start to finish.. the 'hoos never gave up their lead. in front of a packed john paul jones arena... virginia silenced virginia tech 67-49. the 'hoos were sound defensively.. and
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antohny gill.. malcolm brogdon and mike tobey all scored in double digits.. but the team also got some help from isaiah wilkins who put up a career high 14 points in the win. that's so important we can get that kind of contribution from as i mentioned malcolm's benz going so well anthony in london and with another guy gives us that output on insulin is it balances i think our team and makes us more potent on offense and harder to guard i think he's been playing well i think i'm not touching their team but i think there's more productivity from top to bottom than there was when we met him last month. the cavaliers are now 20-4.. 9-3 in conference. they travel to duke on saturday. virginia tech has a little break before returning to action feburary 17th against miami. only one acc game going on tonight.. two teams sitting in the bottom four of the
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wake forest on the road in atlanta against georgia tech tonight. -loose ball in the first half.. marcus georges-hunt taking it to the hoop.. pulls up in the lane to cut the lead to 5. -deac's devin thomas underneath to take the 2 point lead before halftime. -a 4 point game with under 4 minutes left in regulation.. shot is up.. no good.. but quinton stephens is there for the put-back.. and the yellow jackets take this one 71-66. here's a look at the conference standings as of now... acc's top 10 teams will get first round bye's in the ncaa tournament. this is the top 10 as of now.. but with louisville's post season ban... they are not participating... sitting at 11 in the standings today.. is virginia tech. the parry mccluer girls basketball team lost many seniors from last year.. but the with only 3 losses.. the freshman have helped fill those shoes and are meshing well with the upperclassman. gilbert: you got to do with got
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west jen coming into the season how well he may match with the younger group but it's been a pretty flawless transition wheeler: our seniors of been really helpful teaching us all the plays and are sophomores are kind of the same age and a lot of us freshman i've been playing together for a while so i think i was playing with them has been working out really well mohler: honestly it's been more than i could've ever expected i lasalata close friends last year i mean i mean it was me a tough coming in but never expected it to be this good i couldn't ask for better team. for your not-so- light of the night.. last night at the u- k..georgia game.. one of kentucky's biggest fans nicknamed " the boogieman.. was dancing when a 10 yr old girl came to join him. he then picks her up and tries sliding down the stairs and drops her! she is okay. but do not try this at home. or anywhere.
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bear officially has a name. meet nora! the fuzzy new addition to the zoo was the subject of an online campaign to name her. people from 115 counties took part in naming the cub. nora was born on november sixth. the tonight show with jimmy fallon
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