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tv   Today  NBC  February 11, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. all righty. have no idea who it is but it's wines day wednesday, everybody, february 10th. >> it's ash wednesday. >> it is. that's called "wild things" by alesia carroll. >> yes. it's the first day of lent so -- a lot of people in new orleans and company -- >> they're giving something up. >> yes, they are. >> speaking of wild things, look at this hot tomale. -- tamale. >> thank you. thank you. >> fran drescher is here, more animated than ever. she'll tell us about that. >> i didn't realize it was ash wednesday. i saw somebody in the building and i didn't want to stare. i thought maybe there was something wrong with them. but now i know. so it explains it all. >> you'll see a lot of that. st. patrick's cathedral is right
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>> oh, good. >> we have this really great singer friend you're going to like. number one song on the billboard. hot country singles chart right now. his name is thomas rhett. your son, by the way -- or your daughter told me about it, but your son told your daughter. anyway, everybody loves thomas rhett. he performed last night on "fallon." he's going to join us a bit later. and then from a country cutie pie to a youtube star, pewdiepie. if you don't know him yet -- you can see i don't -- you probably should. he shot to fame playing video games. >> can you imagine that? >> 11 billion hits. >> playing video games. >> on his youtube channel. >> and people are watching him, fran. >> has a lot of time on their hands. >> exactly. >> got a lot of time. we're going to debut something phenomenal and i'm going to oversell it. >> this is going to rock your world. >> okay. this is called wine bot. >> like a robot. but a wine bot. >> we'll tell you how this is
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we'll need to you get on twitter to get ahead of it and get ready to play with us. get your phone out and have twitter ready. would you like some words of wisdom? >> dying for it, hoda. >> this came from j.k. rowling, who wrote all the "harry potter" books. this is what she says. rock bottom became the foundation on which i rebuilt my life. is that good? >> yeah. >> remember she lived in her car. >> wrote, did a lot of harry potter stuff on napkins. just incredible. she's a great inspiration. you had a big night. >> i went to the red dress awards last night, hosted by women's day. i don't think my dress was red. it looked red at the time. >> it's pink, hoda. >> there's joy, sticking her bum out. >> she has no bum. >> she doesn't. she's so tiny. that's the band perry who performed. and they were awesome. they had a song called "if i die young." i said they're not playing that.
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they were so good and thank you to all the people from women's day. if i die young >> it's american heart association, but the song was so good, it didn't matter. look at everybody loving it. all righty. >> yes. >> everybody has been talking -- not everybody. i don't think my mother cares. they'll have a new show out called "fuller house" for all the fans of "full house" years ago. the trailer is out now. >> ellen had it yesterday on her show. now we have it, because ellen always gets things first. >> we hate her. >> let's take a look. >> hello, tanner-inos. >> come on in. >> oh, geez. >> before we eat, i have something very important to say, okay? damn, we all still look good. >> that's okay. mommy's here. i'm having a tough day, too. i have three boys to count on me for everything but for the first time we're going to be on our own. >> i'm clearing my schedule and moving in with my sister. >> you need me right now. >> and you need me.
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>> kimmie, you do not need to do this. >> i agree with dj. you do not need to do this. >> it's girl's night out. i don't know if i should be tugging this thing down or pulling it up. >> do you have reservations? >> yes! i feel like i should be home with my kids. >> looks cute. >> i want to see it now. before i wasn't sure. >> looks like they're still having a good time together. how many of these have been ordered? are they just going to wait and see what the ratings are like? >> probably wait and see. >> this is nbc news, no conjecture, please. >> ellen asked the cast if they're renewed for season two and if they were, were the olsen twins make an appearance? >> who played the little girl michelle. >> they said we're not actresses anymore. >> they do fashion and other things. >> but they could get their sister, who is a wonderful actress. >> yes, they could. you're right. >> yes! >> why don't they do that? >> i don't know.
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problems. >> let's move on. >> all righty. rebel wilson. first of all, i love her. >> she's fun. >> here is the question. did you ever lie about your age? we could do wine bot now. >> i love rebel. >> we could do wine bot with that question. couldn't we? >> we could. >> let's just show you how it works. >> have you ever lied about your age? wait. is that the question? >> we'll do the other one later. we'll do them both. let's -- >> we have to do one question. >> oh, crud. >> let's save the wine bot. >> all right, hoda. >> rebel wilson did address claims that she lied about her age when she moved from australia to hollywood five years ago. everyone thought she was in her 20s, because she played a college kid in with the pitch perfect." >> i love rebel. i don't care how old she is. so there. last year, an australian tabloid discovered she was 35. >> she's going to turn 36 in march.
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>> she talked about it on the what did she say? >> she said i just didn't mention it. we know about that in hollywood. there's a lot of things going against you, right, fran? did you ever lie about your age >> no. i try not to do that. i don't think it's good for right? >> good for you. [ laughter ] >> in fact, i have to tell you, i was looking at you and thinking how beautiful you >> see. that it is. >> your face, your hands. i thought wow! >> thank you, sweetheart. frannie and i have been friends for, speaking of age -- about 40 years, i think. >> i don't know, 40? >> now we're worried about the numbers. >> when did you first go to hollywood? >> uh, yeah. probably about -- um, yeah, 38 years ago. >> i rounded it off, fran. >> but don't round it off
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but i don't think i was being interviewed by the likes of you. >> no. we were all starting our careers at the same time. >> but it has been my whole career, for sure, once i started working. >> don't you love fran? just looking at her. >> i love her body language. >> everything. >> her cleavage. >> she's adorable. all righty. we're going to play our wine bot question now. >> it's time. pay attention. we'll show you how to do this. dad of a 12-year-old girl is making news because his daughter showed up late for school. he dropped her off late and the reason was because he was at a springsteen concert. >> with her. >> with her. he took his two daughters to that. instead of saying something else, he told the truth. >> the truth. >> and he said -- >> it lasted 3 1/2 hours. >> we're sorry. and, anyway -- so there was apparently a little bit of a blowback from the school that you're taking your kid out to a concert late and then the kid shows up late.
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the wine bot comes in. the question is, is it okay to take your kid out of school for an event unrelated to school? is it okay to take your kid out of school for an event unrelated to school? you say yes. why? make your case. >> i say yes because my parents did it for me when i was growing up. frank and i took our kids all over the world when we had an opportunity to have an experience outside the classroom that would be huge. huge! and would change their life. definitely. education doesn't just come within the school walls. >> that was a great thing. i said -- now my parents were old school, because they really didn't -- we never missed school. we used to have to go if we weren't feeling 100% great. i say look, your kids need to go to school. think about this, though. the guy took them to a concert out late that night, then they came into school so it feels like it's okay to show up late. >> that wasn't the question. >> i'm just adding to my >> you haven't made your argument. >> my argument is it's not okay.
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go to twitter. go to klgandhoda on our twitter thing. you have to #teamhoda. >> no, you don't. [ laughter ] >> what? oh, or you can #teamklg. >> whatever. >> how is this happening? >> come on, people! >> look at this. >> what happens is as you hash tag, our wine glasses fill up. come on, people! show me some love. no, we are not stopping. we are not stopping. look, why don't you go ahead and take your kid out of school for everything? maybe disney world. >> i didn't say that. >> the memory that the kid has with the parent will far exceed those couple of hours in the classroom. >> yes! >> come on, people. who has the money and means to keep taking their kids everywhere? give me some red wine! >> my parents didn't have the money. they didn't have the money but
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everywhere. >> ooh, it's so exciting. >> that almost looks like an utter. >> i so vividly remember my mom saying "let's play hookie today." we went shopping, went to the movie and had a fun day. >> who doesn't love shopping and going to the movies? >> i think i'm winning. >> i'm catching up. if you really try hard there's a slight chance i might catch up. when barbra streisand says let's do lunch, you say when and where. fran drescher dishes. and her latest projects with a lot of heart after this. >> come on, people!le! i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple,
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oh, look at that. it's so sad, hoda. >> no. we're very close. we're very close. >> close doesn't get it, as you know.
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>> says the caucuses. >> actress, activist, and author, whose is as famous as her voice. >> the flashy girl from flushing, known as the loveable fran from "the nanny." now lending her voice to "hotel transylvania 2." take a look. >> we have a present. i hope it's acceptable. >> well played. >> it's great. thank you. we just have to baby proof that. johnny, do you know where you put the rubber guard? >> baby proofing a guillotine? so you cut your finger off. it's part of the fun. [ laughter ] >> how much fun did you have doing this? >> it was a blast. i'm so glad they included me in the sequel. it's a wonderful movie. this is the second one.
2:22 am
so people can watch it at home. it has all the same vivid life to it when you go to the theaters. it's genuinely funny, as you can see. there's so many great comics in it and the writers. >> who are some of the other actors who lent their voices? >> kevin james and, of course, adam sandler. >> you're in good company? >> yeah, there's great people in it. >> how much time does it take for you to do one of those things? >> you know, i don't have such a huge part so for me basically i come in for a day. they want me there in hair and makeup because they shoot the behind the scenes. i never had the luxury of doing a voice-over and just being able to let it all hang out. so i'm very grateful. >> you had lunch with barbra streisand? >> yes. >> what was going on there? she has a foundation for women's health, right?
2:23 am
she started at seedcedars-sinai in los angeles, barbara streisand women's heart health center. she invited me to lunch to talk about it, to tell me about it. >> did she call you on the phone? >> they e-mailed me. in the subject line, you see barbara streisand, it's lightning, okay-- it's like, okay, open that. >> yeah. >> i mean, i'm all about the cancer shmancer is my organization. i'm like i'm not real -- i wasn't really as apprised on women's heart health. what's happening? >> the wine is overflowing! >> oh, my god! >> the wine is overflowing. by the way, we should point out one bottle goes into one of those cups. >> keep that stuff flowing. >> wait a minute! it's going on the floor. >> you're getting all the hash tags, kathie lee. >> you know what? #hoda. >> it's too late, hoda. >> you know, first i had to get over that i was sitting, having lunch with barbara streisand.
2:24 am
>> to the bellagio hotel in beverly hills. >> i love that hotel. >> the food is delicious. it's kind of light. everything was preset. her manicure was perfect. >> of course. >> and you can see in the picture, she looked very relaxed and light makeup. she's really lovely and very unassuming. and, you know, so once i started, you know, just getting past that, you're barbara streisand and what is that dress you're wearing and let me look at your nails and let me look at your hair and -- it looks like she did her own hair and makeup. >> i like that. >> all these things a girl thinks about when she's dining with barbara streisand. then she started to say things that resonated with me. more women die of heart failure than all cancer combined. we don't recognize the symptoms. >> you're right. >> so that's what all this is about. >> sure. >> tomorrow, i'm doing the red dress fashion show. >> you are walking the runway!
2:25 am
and i said but, you know, i'm at least like five, 15 pounds overweight. she said you're going to lose it. you have six weeks. i have not lost a thing. >> you look gorgeous. >> are you going to the floor? your dress? >> yes! we have a cute bit worked out. >> you do? >> i could spend all day long with her. wait, look, the red is overflowing too. >> no, it's not. >> mine started overflowing three minutes ago. >> "hotel transylvania two" is available in all stores now. pewdiepie has a fun new adventure for his fans. let's play after this. >> let's go over there and get some of that. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? artoo, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars,
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he is one of the biggest stars in the world. trust us if you haven't heard of him yet, your kids have. >> youtube sensation pewdiepie. >> that was beautiful. good job. >> his real name is felix kjellberg. no wonder. >> what's he doing on this youtube channel you might ask? it's been viewed over 11 billion times. >> your worst nightmare as a parent, playing video games. now he wants his fans to join him on a new adventure called "scare pewdiepie." >> takes felix through real-life situations inspired by his favorite video games. hey. >> hey! >> so people are watching you play video games. >> of course. >> did it catch like wildfire? >> no. it was very slow. it took a while for it to start out. >> how long has it been a huge hobby of yours? >> i love video games my whole life. i always love the idea of
2:28 am
i'm sure you do as well. i always wanted to do youtube. that was five years ago we started. >> are you making a good living this way? >> it's amazing. my job is to play video games, a job all the parents say will never exist. >> exactly. exactly. >> you have this new show called "scare pewdiepie." people are supposed to try to scare you? >> that's right. the thing that really started off my channel was me reacting to horror games. i play horror games and -- there we go. >> and now we're taking that to the next level with real-life horror games that i go through. >> what scares you? >> so many things. >> what's something that scares pewdiepie? >> so many things. i'm so glad it's over because it was such a terrifying month. >> if it's a huge hit you'll have to keep it up, right? >> oh, gosh, don't say that. >> where can people see this on
2:29 am
where can they find it? >> youtube. check it out. >> i don't understand all this stuff. >> sure you do. >> no, i don't. i really wish i could. do they advertise on there? how do you make any money? >> yeah. it's pretty simple. yeah. >> we're happy you have a job doing something you're doing. find something you love and figure out how to get paid for it. >> that's when my daddy used to say. >> nice to meet you, sweetie. let's play who knew, so brush up on your ballads for valentine's day.
2:30 am
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it's wines day wednesday. ready to play our weekly trivial game "who knew?" valentine's day is sunday. we thought it would be fun to have you sing along with popular love songs. >> yea! >> yea. hoda is across the street at 30 rock. ready to hand out 100 bucks to anyone who gets the questions right. and for those who don't, they get one of her signed books. here to help us, kevin. good morning. >> good morning.
2:33 am
>> i am. a little bit, yeah. >> already, ready to play. >> i am. >> all righty, hodes. >> hi, kids. what are your names? >> lynn. >> bailey. >> and where are you from? >> memphis. >> we're going to play a song called "finish the lyric." finish the lyric to this duet by the prince of soul, marvin gay. ain't no mountain high enough ain't no valley low enough ain't no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you >> that was fascinating because everybody was singing in a 2005 key. >> that's a famous song, and many people know diana ross and
2:34 am
>> next? >> kim from pennsylvania is up. finish the lyrics to the number one hit from the temptations. i guess you'd say what can make me feel this way my girl >> yes! [ ding ] >> bad day for your books, hoda. >> smokey robinson wrote that song. >> yes. >> and many people might think he wrote it with one specific woman in mind. but he's admitted that he wrote it with many women around the world in mind, including you. >> you mean all women? >> yes, all women. >> okay, hoda? >> what's your name? >> eric. >> finish the lyric to one of last year's most popular wedding songs according to spotify. here we go. honey now >> come on. take me into your loving
2:35 am
>> go! kiss me under the light of a thousand stars [ ding ] [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. >> everyone is knocking it out of the park today. >> poor hoda. they can still get her book on amazon, though. >> this song is by ed sheeran. it's on his new album. it's up for a big awards at the grammys. >> loveable. >> totally. >> and so is hoda, loveable. >> i wish we had -- maybe we would have a chance. what's your name and where are you from? >> kelly from new orleans. >> finish the lyric to this classic song, one of billboard's top ten classics of all time. go. we both i'm not what you you need and i will always love you [ ding ] [ cheers and applause ]
2:36 am
if you don't start out in the right key you're not going to make it. >> you're finished. >> dolly parton wrote that song. >> exactly, featured on her 1987 album jolene. massive hit for whitney houston, spent 14 weeks at number one on the charts. >> and "bodyguard." >> from "bodyguard," of course. >> one of the biggest sound tracks ever. >> totally. >> one more. >> we have time for one more. all right. finish the lyric. what's your name and where are you from? >> from wilkes-barre, p.a. >> you might need your mom for this one. >> finish the song from elton john's popular hit. i hope you don't mind i hope you don't mind how wonderful life is while you're in the world [ ding ] >> hoda? hoda? >> i'm so happy. >> you're supposed to let them
2:37 am
you sang every one of them. what the heck is wrong with you? get over here so i can spank you. >> oh. >> thank you, everybody. >> thank you and thank you and thank you. >> you'll love the song coming up from country cutie, thomas rhett. thank you, by the way, kevin. >> sure. and find out what happens when hoda and jenna hit the streets. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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here is one thing we know and love about our hoda woman. she has a lot of heart. apparently you and jenna bush hager warmed a few hearts in new
2:40 am
>> hopefully we did. it will be up to you when you see the piece. jenna and i thought it would be fun to show some hardworking people a little bit of love. >> new yorkers love their coffee and we're going to provide as many as possible -- >> free cups. >> first stop, 6th avenue. >> what do you want? >> large. cream no sugar. >> how much is it? $1.50? >> not today! >> awesome. >> what do you get every morning. >> a muffin. >> today it's free. >> do you wonder why we're doing this? >> i'm on the show. >> no, just to put a smile on your face. >> that's what we're hoping to do. >> after caffeinating most of mid town, we head east. >> we're going to pay for people's commute to work. >> yes. ride. ticket. happy day. happy day! >> bye, everybody.
2:41 am
our lady queen of angels school in harlem. >> here we are. >> our kindness tour has brought us here. >> next stop, some cute kids. >> come on. >> we're here! >> surprise. >> hi. >> hi, guys. who likes to read? raise your hand if you like to read. >> who wants their own cool book? >> who wants to be happy? because i'm happy >> a book of their very own to take home to help inspire some great kids. thank you. >> you made my day. >> what is happening? >> group hug. >> get over here! >> group hug! >> get over here. this is the biggest hug we've ever had. >> say cheddar cheese. >> cheddar cheese. >> the biggest hugs, the sweetest smiles from new friends. next stop, new york presbyterian hospital. >> this could be my favorite part of the day. >> oh. >> we're going to go and give
2:42 am
i can't wait. >> i can't either. >> lunch is set up in a secret location as nurses in the pediatric unit gather for what they think is a staff meeting. >> hi, guys! hi. how are you? jenna and i wanted to come and say thank you. >> thank you guys so much. >> you guys work so hard all the time. >> for the nurses here today, there is such a thing as a free lunch. >> we wish it was, you get a car, you get a car. but instead, you get a sandwich, you get a sandwich. thank you for everything you do. >> oh, come on. >> i can't believe how nice it is. >> the biggest selfie you've ever seen. as if our day couldn't get any better, just as we were leaving -- we have good news? >> in walks 18-year-old john
2:43 am
>> i'm cancer free. [ cheers and applause ] >> mom. the only person who's probably happier than him is you. i'm happy for your family. >> love y'all. >> he couldn't wait to share his surprise with the nurses who he says have become like family. >> oh, you didn't hear? >> that's amazing. >> it is, without a doubt, the most precious gift of the day. >> love, love, love that piece. >> that was one of those moments when we got to meet that young boy that you thought -- >> that was unplanned. he just walked in? >> he did. joanne just handed me this phone. not every day you get a tweet like this. >> careful what you show. >> it's not my phone, so it's okay. here it is. can we go closer? it's a tweet from tim mcgraw. >> saying what, hoda? >> he wrote nice going jenna bush and "today." stay humble and kind. he has a song that's called "humble and kind." >> why don't you pick that sometimes for an ihoda?
2:44 am
some reason something ended up happening, but we're going to listen to it as we go out. >> all righty. he's melting hearts around the country with his soulful voice. thomas rhett will sing his
2:45 am
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> 2016 is off to a great start for thomas rhett, having the very first number one country single of the year. >> with his smash hit "die a happy man," the top selling digital country single. >> can you believe that? he sang that a little earlier. now he has a platinum hit called "crash and burn." off his album, "tangled up." some of the songs were co-written by his fame dad,
2:48 am
that's you in the video. >> it is, yes. >> you did a great job in it. >> are you still pinching yourself, thomas? >> i am. >> it seems like you came out of nowhere and now everyone knows your name. >> it's crazy, and especially this song that was so personal for us, to have as much success as it did, is a special thing for us. >> people can sense the authentic feeling behind it. >> you're going to sing a new one for us. >> "crash and burn." >> carry it away. so i guess it's over baby deja vu again who'd have thought that time don't stop and somehow, girl the world keeps spinning
2:49 am
into a solitary man ain't like i'm the only one that's in the shoes i am do you hear that do you hear that i'm right back that's the sound of lonely calling do you hear that it's where i'm at it's the sound of a the tear drops falling down down a slamming door and a lesson learned i let another lover crash and burn i know that it might sound jaded and i have to say i think love is overrated but i don't like throwing it away
2:50 am
me right where i went wrong but some guys can't have all the luck if others don't sing sad songs do you hear that i'm right back that's the sound of loney calling do you hear that it's where i'm at it's the sound of the tear drops falling down down a slamming door and a lesson learned i let another lover crash and burn that's right another lover ho another lover crash and burn
2:51 am
do you hear that i'm right back at the sound of lonely calling do you hear that it's where i'm at it's the sound of tear drops falling down down a slamming door and a lesson learned a let another lover crash and burn yeah i love another lover crash and burn that's right now yeah yeah yeah yeah yee whoa oh uh-oh yes! yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> thomas, thank you. congratulations again. >> appreciate it. >> all the best. we'll be back in a moment. first this is "today" on, what, hoda? >> nbc, baby. >> that's right.
2:52 am
>> so fun. our clothes can stretch out in the wash, ruining them forever. protect your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz. ...with downy fabric conditioner... it helps protect clothes from the damage of the wash. so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes.
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hi, gang. don't forget, next tuesday we're going to give it away. five lucky viewers will win a big prize. >> might get the spanky spank. >> enter once a week. >> go to and click connect. tomorrow we have a big show. ryan reynolds. which is huge. >> sexiest dad alive. >> then we have the jenner girls, your godchildren. be here. couples who have made it through the years. god bless them. bye, everybody. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors.
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