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tv   WSLS 10 at 5 PM  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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three acts of child abuse and neglect. this had not been made clear before today. during opening statements, commonwealth attorney mike fleenor said that the first two offenses occurred when ashley white left noah thomas and his six month old sister home alone while she took the children's father, paul thomas, to work. the third offense occurred when she fell asleep after returning home, leaving noah unattended. that's when the prosecution says noah ultimately died. the defense argued in its opening statements that falling asleep in your own home is not a crime. as we know already from previous hearings, noah's cause of death was ruled to be drowning with hypothermia as a contributing factor, which means he was alive when he entered the septic tank. the prosecution has presented about half of its case so far. it showed photographic evidence that suggests marijuana was being grown inside the six- month old's room. as the defense pointed out, the drug task force witness who verified this, has never actually set foot inside the baby's room to see the evidence or verify that it was
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about the testimony today that caused white to break down into tears. john...? bethany there has also been talk about tobacco use in the home. was that brought up today? yes, in fact the fbi special agent assigned to this case testified today that cigarette smoke came straight out of the door to ashley white's trailer when they entered. she said two of the fbi team members had to wear masks as they searched the home. live in pulaski bethany teague wsls 10. state police are searching for an
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they say he lead them on a chase which put four people in the hospital. the chase started last night on route 2- 20 in boones mill. state police say ... the driver refused to stop for troopers and eventually lost control... crashed... and caught fire. all four of the car's passengers were taken to the hospital. now... police k-9s and the state's aviation team are searching for the driver... who took off on foot. the 15-year old is believed to be armed with a small handgun. threat to the public. a south boston woman is believed to be in danger after she disappeared more than two months ago. south boston police are searching for angela owen. officers say owen was last seen in november ... but wasn't reported missing until last week. she's believed to be endangered partially due to the fact that she takes medication for multiple health issues. if you have any information on where she might be... please call the south boston police department. nearly a dozen washington and
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charred remains of their belongings today... after their lexington apartment was completely destroyed in a fire early wednesday morning. w-s-l-s 10's rob manch is at the building tonight. rob - how are those students holding up? i spoke with several of the students who were living here just 2 days ago, and they're actually fairing very well given the circumstances. the community has come together to donate clothes for them, and their landlord has helped them find housing. we know from fire crews that the fire began on the wooden fire escape behind the building from some discarded smoking implements. many of those students say they owe their life to this girl, washington and lee senior kaela fiutak, who was the first to notice the blaze and alerted everyone on the floor to evacuate. kaela fiutak, discovered fire10:20:49 "at that point, your mind is just, it's go, you just have to get out of there. grab some pants and, didn't even get any shoes
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apartment mate on the third floor and we tried to get everyone else out." fiutak was back on-site today searching for belongings, but all she recovered was her wallet. the landlord wes perkins says people in the community and at washington and lee have embraced these students, providing them with clothes and food. wes perkins, landlord10:24:1 6 "the whole community has embraced our students here. we as well, have offered our home for them to live in." perkins says at this point all of those students have found housing. the amazing part of this though is that all 10 students escaped safely wednesday. the only casualties were a couple of pet rats. in lexington, rob manch w-s-l-s 10. a fire in roanoke county significantly damages a home... and causes a firefighter to fall through the floor. emergency crews encountered smoke and flames when they arrived at the home on green hill drive. initial reports said someone was
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but searches found nothing. while inside the burning home... a firefighter fell through the second floor and into the basement. he was quickly rescued and is expected to be ok. investigators are still working to determine what caused the fire. snow showers have finally stopped falling in south-west virginia. but don't celebrate just yet. another round is about to start. for more on the latest storm to hit the area... let's check in with storm team ten chief meteorologist jeff haniewich... jeff? the flurries and snow showers have finally ended.for a brief time. thursday was pretty chilly but at least we saw more sunshine! however, another clipper will impact the region on friday, bringing more snow showers, especially into the mountains. tonight: clouds thicken, cold with less wind.lows in the mid-to-upper teens. friday: mostly cloudy with mountain snow showers.highs
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showers will occur in the mountains on friday, we will see a spillover of some flurries, maybe even a few snow showers farther east. we are looking at a coating-1" maybe above 2500 ft., up to 2" in the nrv and highlands, with a possible dusting in spots farther east. this will start in the morning and end in the afternoon or early evening. the weekend looks dry.but very ten political coverage... the race for the white house heats up as the two democratic candidates face off tonight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will take the stage in milwaukee for their second one on one debate. the wisconsin primary is more than a month away ... but south carolina is right around the corner. the republican candidates are down south gearing up for that primary which is february 20th.
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candidate will win the party's nomination... check in with washington and lee students this weekend. one of the most accurate mock conventions in the country is underway. every four years... the school attempts to predict who the party currently out of power will nominate for the presidency. over the last 100 years... washington and lee has been right more than 75-percent of the time. the event started tonight and runs through the weekend. roanoke students dress to recognize "homeless awareness day" today. many wore "help the homeless" t- shirts. they were designed by students and sold to raise money to support the school systems 484 homeless students. they've raised nearly 8- thousand dollars and made changes that are priceless. megan potter/history teacher22.29.10 "opening up conversations with our students. being able to talk about issues that are uncomfortable for some. just by nature of us
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our students how much we support we do love and support them and want to be able to help them in anyway that we possibly can." roanoke city schools have also held other events like coat drives to help homeless students. the pittsylvania county s-p-c-a has more money to help pets. the money could ultimately help lower euthenasia rates in the county. more than 13- thousand dogs and cats were euthanized in the county between 20-04 and 20-14. thanks to a new 5-thousand dollar grant from the dorris day animal foundation ... those numbers could be reduced. the s-p-c-a says the money will help cover vet costs and allow the non-profit to care for more animals for longer periods of time. traffic report... commute tonight... according to v- dot... roads are currently clear. virginia tech students brave sub-zero temperatures to climb mountains. why they made the trek... and
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this is a live look from our
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the flurries and snow showers time. thursday was pretty chilly but at least we saw more sunshine! however, another clipper will impact the region on friday, bringing more snow showers, especially into the mountains. tonight: clouds thicken, cold with less wind.lows in the mid-to-upper teens. friday: mostly cloudy with mountain snow showers.highs in the middle 30s.
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will occur in the mountains on friday, we will see a spillover of some flurries, maybe even a few snow showers farther east. we are looking at a coating-1" maybe above 2500 ft., up to 2" in the nrv and highlands, with a possible dusting in spots farther east. this will start in the morning and end in the afternoon or early evening. the weekend looks dry.but very cold. saturday will see a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the middle 20s. it will be breezy too, so it will make the temperatures
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lows saturday night will get down into the single digits in most spots, with some mountain locations getting down below zero. that's not the wind chill.that's strictly air temperature. and with the wind, it will feel colder than that. sunday looks partly to mostly sunny with highs in the mid-to-upper 20s. please bundle up all weekend long. things get interesting on monday. frankly, you
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jefferies here in the wsls 10 newsroom with a look at what's coming up tonight at 5-30. vo a local school adopts a community program to help its students learn about substance abuse prevention. why school leaders say its important for the area. vo plus ... the historic 6-11 steam locomotive is getting inspected ahead of the much anticipated spring excursions. on cam those details tonight on wsls
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it was this afternoon that it was actually colder than parts of antarctica. that's information we learned thanks to a new weather station installed on the mountain's peak. storm team 10 meteorologist jonathan kegges took on the snow covered hike... to find out more. on one of the coldest mornings of the year. nat? virginia tech meteorology students brave the elements to check on their brand new weather station ... 4400 feet above sea level. :14 - :20 "it's a good location because we
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what's going on in the lower parts of the atmosphere when we normally can't tell what's going on up here." brandon pierson. sophomore. and as you may or may not imagine nat wind conditions can be drastically different from the lower elevations of southwest virginia to the higher. stand up -- we're standing at about 4400 feet above sea level and while it's cold in the lower elevations today it's much much different to 30 degrees below zero when you get these big gusts of wind and that's exactly why these virginia tech students picked way up here to take these measurements. "a lot of people in roanoke and blacksburg don't realize the differences you see in weather and climate as you climb up to our very highest points. we have a half a foot of new snow up here." the goal is to compare computer forecasts at the 5,000 foot level to what the new weather station actually records. :49 - 1:12 "this height in particular is
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weather forecast. a difference of one degree will make the difference between snow, sleet, freezing rain,or just rain." john herrick sophomore which will all help to lead to more accurate weather forecasts down the road even if it takes a lot of work to get to the top. 1:12 - 1:25 "when we're setting up a weather station for research and climate monitoring purposes the top of the mountain is the a instructor a cost .. these students say is worth it every step of the way. in giles county jonathan kegges, wsls 10. this is just the start for these virginia tech weather stations. the students are working to install more stations on several more mountain tops in the very near future.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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aid is quickly approaching ... but filling out the forms can be confusing and complicated. in tonight's education matters... w-s-l-s ten's jenna zibton explains how local schools jenna the deadline for federal financial aid forms is coming the program provides $150 billion dollars in federal money to more than 13 million students paying for college or filing a fafsa can be complicated... and sometimes vo the virginia tech director of university scholarships and financial aid says the form has changed over the last few years. entering wrong information-- and they don't ask
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11:36:37 beth armstrong, virginia tech director of university scholarships and financial aid because of the history of that complication people have overinflated that in their minds. there's been a lot that's been done over the last two years to simplify the process and we really tried to help families ensure that they meet those deadlines for filing the fafsa. cont vo to help families cut through the confusion, virginia tech is hosting fafsa fridays this month. you don't be a current or prospective virginia tech student. live web virginia western is hosting an event saturday to help families. for more information... and things you need to do before going... head over to our website... wsls dot com. jenna zibton, wsls 10. if you have an education matters story idea for jenna... let her know! give her a call... send her an email... or find her on
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nues next.
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a new school program teaches local students about drug prevention. how it's expected to help curb the ongoing issue of addiction. plus ... the 6-11 locomotive is
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preparations ... before the spring excursions. the next chance you'll have to ride the historical steam engine. and ... "happy valentine's day. okay, that's fine high school students deliver hundreds of hand-made valentines day cards to local veterans. good evening and thanks for joining us for wsls ten at 5:30 ... i'm dawn jefferies. and i'm john carlin. we're following breaking news out of campbell county ... according to eyewitnesses in the dan river plant. here you can see flames and us by a viewer. we have a crew headed to the scene. we'll of course bring you the latest on air ... and online at wsls dot com. another below freezing day as temperatures continue to fall creating dangerously temperatures continue to fall creating dangerously cold conditions. tonight ... highs are expected


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