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tv   WSLS 10 at 5 PM  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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east. it was cold outside on friday, but at least the winds were not all that strong. however, they strengthen big-time tonight. a wind chill advisory is in from nelson, amherst, bedford, franklin, and patrick counties and points west from 11:00pm tonight through sunday at 10:00am. tonight: mountain snow showers taper off late, skies clear after midnight. cold & turning windy with lows in the mid-to-upper teens. wind chills will be below zero in the mountains. saturday: partly to mostly sunny & blustery please bundle up! with highs in the middle 20s. sunday will see a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the mid-to-upper 20s. the winds should weaken late saturday friday both look partly sunny and dry. temperatures is deliberating a verdict. the pulaski county mother is charged with three counts of felony child abuse and neglect in connection with the death of her son ... noah thomas. closing arguments from both sides wrapped up around 3-30 this afternoon. as the day started... the judge denied a defense motion to
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after that... the defense began its case. w-s-l-s ten's bethany teague was in court all day... and says white testified... and got emotional during her time on the stand. white said ... she previously told noah not to play on the septic tank lid because she was afraid it would crack but said ... she never inspected it herself. the defense also called a health department representative to the stand. he said a childproof lid is required for the type of septic tank that was in the family's yard. the health department representative said ... the septic tank was the landlord's responsibility. white also admitted to leaving noah and his little sister home alone when taking paul thomas to work. that's because she said the kids were asleep... and she didn't want to disturb them. white also said she was on a medication at the time... to help her with her drug dependency. she says she voluntarily sought out treatment and counseling for the problem. w-s-l-s ten's bethany teague is still in court... and will bring us
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an update on nicole lovell's death investigation... we have the first look at newly released video of david eisenhauer and natalie keepers. this is video of the two suspects during their booking at the montgomery county sheriff's office. prosecutors say eisenhauer... seen here... lured 13- year old nicole lovell from her home... then murdered her. 19-year old ... natalie keepers ... is also charged in nicole's death. police say she helped plan the murder... and then helped eisenhauer get rid of nicole's body. the two suspects remain behind bars. after a year-long investigation, the martinsville police department announced today 14 people charged with dealing drugs are behind bars. chief sean dunn says all 14 of those people were indicted by a grand jury on monday on 51 charges. those include the sale or distribution of cocaine,
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says the result of the investigation is safer city to live in. lt. greg johnston, special investigations: 04:16:41 "we strongly believe that the arrests from this operation are going to make a major impact on illegal drug activity, not only in the city of martinsville, but also in our surrounding communities." dunn says the investigation was conducted primarily undercover. coming up wsls 10 at 6, we'll hear how the department worked with people in the community to catch these accused criminals. danville police investigate a shooting that sent two people to the hospital. officers responded to stonewall court just after 2 this morning. that's where they found two gunshot victims. the pair told police they were driving through the intersection of first and abbott street when they were shot. the victims were transported to the danville regional medical center for treatment. the investigation into what happened continues. the shooting comes just hours before a planned community event aimed at ending violence in danville. last friday... a vigil and walk was held at danville regional
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center in the wake of a double shooting earlier in the week. dozens of people attended. now... another event has been planned... to further those efforts... and encourage the community. coming up at six... w-s-l-s ten's south-side reporter colter anstaett will be live at tonight's vigil and walk. now on to a story w-s-l-s ten has been covering... an update on the fire at the former dan river facility. campbell county leaders say the fire has been contained... but emergency crews remain on the scene to onitor the site. the fire... which broke out around 3-30 thursday afternoon, destroyed the building. fortunately... no one was hurt. at this point... the cause of the fire remains unknown... but the investigation is on-going. the national guard armory in danville will soon be getting more crowded. the national guard readiness center in chatham is closing down... and will merge with the armory in danville. wsls 10's colter anstaett tells us what some in chatham think about the move... and what's next for the building. since 1955 this building on
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chatham has served as a staging and training area for national guard soldiers...but by early next month that will no longer be the case. cotton puryear "this was not an easy decision. the national guard is a community based forced and chatham and pittsylvania county communities have been so incredibly supportive." the 40 members of detachment 2 company a 429th support battalion that currently operate here will now be operating out of the 429th brigade battalion headquarters building in danville. cotton puryear "the fiscal realities we face now are making us look at opportunities to consolidate our forces into regional facilities when possible." virginia national guard state public affairs officer cotton puryear says because the building in danville is a battalion headquarters, it should have no trouble accommodating the extra soldiers and their equipment. some of the equipment has already been moved there. chatham's town clerk and treasurer says it's sad to see the building close, but it could
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the city. tim hammell/clerk treasurer"ther e's all kinds of interests that we have, from using it as a town hall, to parks. there's all kinds of things that we could do there." another local i spoke to said they would like to see the building become a clinic. pittsylvania county's administrator said he will likely go before the board of supervisors in march and propose that the county consider purchasing the building and using it for county offices. in chatham, colter anstaett, wsls 10. the virginia national guard says pittsylvania county paid them around 19- thousand dollars last year to help cover the building's operating expenses. the proposed route for the atlantic coast pipeline will change... thanks to a collaboration between dominion energy and the u-s forest service. dominion says it has worked with the forest service over the last few months... in an effort to avoid sensitive areas within federal forests along the route. the new route avoids cheat mountain and shenandoah mountain... and also reduces the total mileage in the forests... to 18-point-5 miles. the route will impact an extra 249 landowners... in areas like highland... bath... and augusta counties.
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homeowners are being notified the company will hold a series of open houses in early march. dozens of historical sites in the commonwealth ... including one in appomattox are getting preservation funding. according to the national park service ... five point three million dollars will go toward 17 civil war battlefields in the state. the funds primarily come from fees paid by oil and gas companies for drilling in offshore waters. the appomattox court house is one of the sites receiving the money. in your w-s-l-s ten timesaver traffic report... roads will be a concern later tonight and into the weekend for some parts of south-west virignia... but for now... they remain clear. still ahead on wsls 10 at five ... certain veterans may be at risk ... why they have a greater chance for more health problems. plus ... a handful of teachers in our area took a break from the classroom today ...
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this is a live look from our virginia tech skycam. a clipper system brought us more snow showers into the mountains,
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making it farther east beyond the blue ridge. that energy will move away from us later tonight, but through the evening we will still have the chance for some snow showers. a coating -2" is possible in the nrv and highlands even perhaps into the higher elevations of the roanoke valley, with a dusting possible in spots farther east. it was cold outside on friday, but at least the winds were not all that strong. however, they strengthen big-time tonight. a wind chill advisory is in from nelson, amherst, bedford, franklin, and patrick counties and points west from 11:00pm
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tonight: mountain snow showers taper off late, skies clear after midnight. cold & turning windy with lows in the mid-to-upper teens. wind chills will be below zero in the mountains. saturday: partly to mostly sunny & blustery please bundle up! with highs in the middle 20s. sunday will see a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the mid-to-upper 20s. the winds should weaken late saturday night into sunday. sunday night through tuesday we will be impacted by a dynamic and vigorous storm system. because the storm appears to be moving in earlier, that means the storm will have a little more cold air to work with. so, we think the precipitation will start around midnight
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morning in the form of snow and continue as snow as it moves farther east through at least midday monday. after that, we could see a switchover in some spots the mountains will likely stay snow for a longer period by sometime monday afternoon to a wintry mix of freezing rain and snow, maybe even some sleet. we think later monday night the wintry mix will changeover to plain rain for a period of time. then we could see the rain change back over to some snow before ending midday tuesday. as far as snow and ice accumulations, here's what we're thinking: roanoke, nrv, southern shenandoah: 2-5" of snow, 0.10-
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highlands: 5-9" of snow, 0.10- 0.25" of ice southside, lynchburg: coating-2" of snow, trace- 0.25" of ice spine of the blue ridge: 2-5" of snow, 0.25"+ of ice winter storm warnings will likely be issued for this event over the weekend. temperatures will reach the low-to-mid 30s on monday, climbing into the lower 40s by later tuesday afternoon. a very weak piece of energy may impact us on wednesday morning, bringing more light mountain snow showers. otherwise, we will see more clouds than sun on wednesday
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dawn i'm dawn jefferies here in the wsls 10 newsroom with a look at what's coming up tonight at 5-30. vo the bedford county sheriff's office wants the community to take charge after recent shootings. the upcoming training course to help you prepare in case of an emergency. vo plus ... a woman on a recent cruise ... is back home in
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the ship got caught in severe weather. on cam we'll hear her story ... tonight
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a new report says certain veterans are at risk for more health problems than originally thought. a u-s department of veterans affairs sponsored study finds gulf war veterans may be at an increased risk for a-l-s.
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disease... a-l-s ... is a fatal neurological disease which attacks nerve cells... leading patients to lose control of their muscles. there's no cure ... but drug treatment to slow the disease is available. at this point... the study says ... it's too early to known if gulf war veterans are likely to develop other age- related diseases. a different neurological disease is on the decline. scientists say ... they don't know why... but the rate of new dementia cases has been slowing over the last several decades. they found an average reduction rate of 20-percent at any given age. one theory for the decline is that people are living healthier lifestyles. a new virginia tech study says having parents behind bars can seriously impact children's health. the problems they're vulnerable to... and which children are most
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newsroom... ashley white has been found guilty on all three charges of felony child abuse and neglect. virginia tech researchers find a
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and incarceration. plus... hundreds of teachers are headed home.. after learning new skills. wsls ten's jenna zibton explains in tonight's education matters. jenna having a parent in jail can have long term effects. new research shows it can
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virginia tech and university of toronto researchers say men who grew up with a family member in jail or prison are about twice as likely to have a heart attack after the age of 50. vo the researchers say there is no impact of jail time for women. they said boys appear to be particularly sensitive to adverse childhood experiences. more research needs to be done about the role of how stress plays a factor--- the flight or fight hormone of cortisol. cortisol has been linked to cardiovascular disease in other studies. jenna teachers from our area.... and across the commonwealth are out of school today.. spent their second and final day at the hotel roanoke for the virginia children's engineering convention. vo nearly eight- hundred teachers are getting hands- on lessons... led by classroom teachers. it's all in an effort to experience and expand on stem-based education... and adding science, technology, engineering and math to lessons that elementary school students can get interested in. this is the twentieth year for the convention-- which provides more than
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can attend... as well as hands- on learning stations. on cam it's all in an effort to show these educators fun and exciting ways to introduce stem-learning technology into their elementary school classrooms on a daily
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pulaski county ... a judge has found ashley white guilty on all three charged on felony child abuse and neglect in the death of her son noah thomas. wsls 10's bethany teague was inside the courtroom as the judge read the verdict. bethany ... how did he reach this decision? this evening ... we're in for


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